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Playing with the Big Boys (and Girls): How Koko, Beans and Flash, some color-coordinated socks and coaching are changing the face of grade-school basketball in Springfield, Illinois.

posted by yerfatma to basketball at 10:58 AM on January 20 - 1 comment

Moving Toward a Unified Theory of the As Offseason: FanGraphs thinks Billy Beane is trying to assemble a larger pool of lesser talents; Grantland mostly agrees and suggests it's an impressive piece of resetting forced by Oakland's salary constraints.

posted by yerfatma to baseball at 01:19 PM on January 13 - 2 comments

Served up on a platter for SportsFilter: the question of which is the superior sport, cricket or baseball?

posted by yerfatma to culture at 10:37 AM on December 17 - 9 comments

The FSU Problem: 'The Florida State football program has become the Florida Man of college sports. Any story that begins "A Florida State player " is liable to end almost anywhere except, remarkably, in jail.'

posted by yerfatma to football at 08:54 AM on December 16 - 9 comments

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11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

sports reporters are one thing and sports talking heads are quite another. The responsible reporter . . .

It's one of the really unfortunate aspects of The Death of Print (and yet another place where sports shine a light on a larger cultural issue) that forces me to disagree with my learned colleague from New Hampshire. I think to feel like you still have a job as a "sports reporter" you need to be conversant with sports yelling, be a huckster and self-promoter and know how to generate page views. Other than a guy like Charlie Pierce who straight Does Not Give a Fuck and can write whatever/ wherever/ whenever he wants because he's old enough and made enough of a name during the good days of print, everybody needs to do some yelling and get their face on TV so they can jump ship to ESPN or the in-house TV channel of the sport they cover. And who could blame them? It's got to be a heck of a thing to have young kids and not know if your job will exist when they're about to go off to college. So reporters work spurious sources and report anything they can glean without doing much fact checking because there's no time for fact checking when there are a hundred other reporters on the same story and someone in that group has fewer ethics than you so it becomes a race to the bottom to publish the most salacious rumor or the story that best satisfies the predisposition of the majority of your audience.

There was a great article/ book review in The Economist a couple of weeks ago about how we "debate" issues in the US:

"Lots of other countries debate such issues as the death penalty, abortion, gun control or global warming in parliament, allowing partisans to admit when they are advancing emotional or religious arguments. From its earliest days American law courts and congressional hearings have rung to the noise of impassioned partisans, hurling facts (and, all too often, confected para-facts) at one another in a bid to prove the other side wrong."

posted by yerfatma at 06:52 PM on January 23

Don't hit me in the mouth, I gotta play tonight

Looking forward to reading this, Ufez. More hard bop indeed.

posted by yerfatma at 06:40 PM on January 23

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

I hate to throw another Roger under the bus

But why? The league is so incredibly tone-deaf it's almost a joy to watch now. They've let this spiral so far out of control you had a press conference yesterday where one reporter said his colleagues were rougher on Tom Brady than they were on Ray Rice. It's awesome. Look at that statement: 2 paragraphs of all the investigators and tools at their disposal and then a third paragraph that basically says, "Of course, this could all be nothing and just a misunderstanding. We will let you know."

My current working theory is that this is a desperate ploy to increase NFL ratings. You laugh, but wait until you turn on the TV this Sunday and hear, "Our regularly scheduled Pro Bowl has been replaced with 3 hours of ex-players crying about the sanctity of football. You know, the sport they usually brag about biting and clawing in piles and all sorts of misdeeds. After the break, Night Trane Lane and Deacon Jones will be comforted by Cowboy Bob Orton and Roddy Piper!"

You leave Roger Goodell to dog-sit for two hours, expect to come back to a house on fire and a litter of puppies.

posted by yerfatma at 02:25 PM on January 23

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

Former Bears ball boy on ball prep:

" . . . occasionally inflating or deflating the balls a very small amount, which I believe is legal to a degree. Quarterbacks are very particular about the way a ball feels in their hand, and we worked meticulously to match their particular preferences," Kester said.

Two hours before kickoff, he would bring the balls to the referees' locker room for inspection.

"I recall them having a pressure gauge in the locker room, but most often they just squeezed the balls, turned them over in their hands a few times each, and inspected the laces. I don't recall them ever rejecting one of our balls," he said.

"My thought process was, 'Let's get the balls exactly the way our quarterback wants them, and if the refs reject one or two before the game, no big deal. But there's no harm giving them our ideal balls and hoping they make it through inspection.'"

posted by yerfatma at 11:00 AM on January 23

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Phil Mushnick is very upset at the NFL inaction on the big controversy. You know the one, Marshawn Lynch's crotch.

posted by yerfatma at 09:48 AM on January 23

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

a former NFL referee said that when the balls for both teams were checked at halftime only the New England ones were deflated.

This is another piece I don't entirely get: was Gerry Austin in charge of checking the balls at halftime? His Wikipedia page says he's been out of the NFL since 2007 and that he now works for ESPN in some capacity. I guess the implication is he has a source among the officiating crew.

posted by yerfatma at 09:31 AM on January 23

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

The very idea we are supposed to believe Belicheck, the most controlling image in NFL football, knew nothing about this, is ridiculous.

Mark Brunell, who has otherwise been Very Disappointed with the Pats, said today in his 17 year NFL career he never once had a head coach ask him how he felt about his balls. So there's that on one side and your begging the question on the other side. Which should win out? If no one cared about Mark Brunell's balls, should we really assume Bill Belichick is obsessed with Tom Brady's balls? This ball pressure sucks.

But to properly apply Gay-Lussac's law . . .

That, and Howard's posts are why this site is so awesome.

one would expect the pressure loss to be found in all 12 balls tested, not 11 out of 12.

Bill Belichick vows "swift justice" for whoever failed to deflate 12th football

posted by yerfatma at 09:58 PM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

Two things you can never trust: Cheaters and liars.

Well, who is telling the truth around here and what reporting are we supposed to believe? Remember how this all started, with D'Qwell Jackson's hands? He doesn't. This is clearly all a conspiracy to bring down the Patriots for breaking with the Illuminati. Tom Cruise is informed and Oprah's couch is ready.

posted by yerfatma at 07:50 PM on January 22

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Ukranian footballer will not receive call up.

posted by yerfatma at 11:52 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

Harbaugh said they never touched the Patriots offensive balls* but Glazer says the Ravens did tip the Colts off which makes the whole "Colts noticed it earlier this year" thing weird.

One of the reasons the Patriots have an enduring image problem is because Goodell destroyed the Spygate evidence. That should have never happened.

This is an interesting myth-- at the press conference announcing the penalties the SpyGate footage was shown on a loop for the media, leading Rich Eisen to comment, "This is the first time ever that a journalist is watching a video in a hotel but doesn't have to pay $9.99 an hour for it." I am hoping regardless of what happened this does blow up in Goodell's face, possibly like Tom E. Curran envisions:

[I]f the league suspected the Patriots were using underinflated footballs and thought that would impact the game, why would even allow a chance that the game would be compromised? If the answer is that the NFL wanted to "catch" the Patriots Belichick in particular red-handed, then they risked the Patriots gaining a first-half advantage over Indianapolis in the AFC Championship to do so. Which, to me, would show just how deep the enmity for Belichick and the Patriots run at the league level. They would rather set him up than ensure the game isn't compromised.
* I've given up on trying to phrase this stuff in non-sophmoric terms.

posted by yerfatma at 11:49 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

Simple solution. Recheck all videos to see at what point 5 or 6 coaches were surrounding the ball bag, blocking the camera view. I'm sure someone somewhere has a video of this.

Not sure where I read it, but someone pointed out the sheer number of cameras at a playoff game would make this unlikely. NFL Films alone had 47 cameras. If we assume 23 of those are on the Pats' side of the field, plus the CBS cameras, plus the All 22 camera and a zillion still cameras, you'd have to be pretty sly or pretty stupid to try something like on the sidelines.

posted by yerfatma at 09:38 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

starting with the Super Bowl, Wilson will convey all game balls and K balls directly to the refs

Kid has enough responsibility with trying to QB one of the teams, I don't see how this evens things up.

That said, is this 19th century cricket and we're assuming something like "sportsmanship"? Why are teams allowed to handle the object? Gaylord Perry would plotz.

are there really a lot of NFL fans who hate the Patriots without a clear reason to do so

As a Pats fan I can no longer tell. I spent too much time at deadspin where any Boston-related thread is filled with comments like they're from descendants of people who got bussed into the city back in the '70s and didn't totally enjoy the situation.

posted by yerfatma at 08:40 PM on January 21

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

I saw Mark Brunell on ESPN holding balls two PSI apart

The one athlete on Twitter who seemed very insistent on what a Big Deal this is was Danny Kannel and all I could think was, "The fuck do you know about throwing an NFL football?" He probably thinks he could have been an MVP with a ball deflated to college size.

posted by yerfatma at 07:15 PM on January 21

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

I have little to offer here and this story has depressed the crap out of me all day because if it's true, it takes a decade and a half of enjoyment and throws it out of whack like if Pedro turned out to have been on some East German swimmer regimen. Even if everyone else does it (AND THEY DO-- sorry, Pats fan) that's not the point, the point is why the hell are you doing it*, doubly so against a team you are murdering. The refs replaced the balls at halftime and the Pats beat them worse after the half, so it was pointless. All that said . . .

I also lack a direct knowledge of how much different 2 psi feels.

This. Are D'Qwell Jackson's hands marked "VALID FOR TRADE"? How is he noticing this right after making a huge play when he's probably shaking with adrenaline and the refs didn't notice for 30+ offensive plays before that? And why are teams still bringing their own balls to the yard? Do they have orange slices too?

* Unless it's just that the league/ refs only care when it's the Patriots because of previous transgressions

posted by yerfatma at 07:13 PM on January 21

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

I heard it was Belichick.

posted by yerfatma at 03:55 PM on January 21