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"Give 'em the works, Cubby! We ain't got a minute to lose!": Back before Super Bowl media week was a circus, Dick Schaap conspired with Fred Dryer and Lance Rentzel to turn it into a circus. "We came into the shop as guys from Southern Cal and left as 1920s reporters. Scoops was the ace reporter. Cubby was the cub. I was the mentor; he was the protégé."

posted by yerfatma to football at 03:51 PM on January 28 - 3 comments

Playing with the Big Boys (and Girls): How Koko, Beans and Flash, some color-coordinated socks and coaching are changing the face of grade-school basketball in Springfield, Illinois.

posted by yerfatma to basketball at 10:58 AM on January 20 - 1 comment

Moving Toward a Unified Theory of the As Offseason: FanGraphs thinks Billy Beane is trying to assemble a larger pool of lesser talents; Grantland mostly agrees and suggests it's an impressive piece of resetting forced by Oakland's salary constraints.

posted by yerfatma to baseball at 01:19 PM on January 13 - 2 comments

Served up on a platter for SportsFilter: the question of which is the superior sport, cricket or baseball?

posted by yerfatma to culture at 10:37 AM on December 17 - 9 comments

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

The league has proof that a rule was broken. By a repeat offender.

Doesn't "repeat offender" rely on your first statement? And isn't your first statement begging the question given the League hasn't revealed anything?

posted by yerfatma at 03:33 PM on January 30

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

I'm not aware of any other team admitting to playing with footballs outside of the required inflation. But if any did, none were caught.

So you're only concerned with inflation shenanigans and not other ball malfeasance? The Vikings were caught on camera (FF to 3:00 mark).

posted by yerfatma at 10:32 AM on January 30

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

"Blandino said he couldn't get into many details with the investigation ongoing. . . . [he] added that the specific air pressure in each football, which is required to be between 12.5 and 13.5, is not documented. The balls are simply either approved or disapproved pre-game."

I love the idea they're basically quoting half-remembered stuff from Law & Order as though the NFL looking into something needs to be treated like a criminal investigation. I wouldn't let myself inflate waiting for this crack squad to uncover a smoking gun.

posted by yerfatma at 09:11 AM on January 30

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

That's begging the question though, isn't it? What rule was definitely broken? And does this mean you're in favor of similar penalties for the Packers and Giants and any other team that's openly admitted to doctoring the footballs? How about the Panthers and Vikings?

posted by yerfatma at 08:45 AM on January 30

Crowd Catch

Oof. Having had my thumbnail bent back 90° by a slash in lacrosse, that brought back awful memories.

posted by yerfatma at 02:55 PM on January 29

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

It looks like the "stats guru" who exposed the Patriots fumble rate anomalies may not be such a guru.

posted by yerfatma at 09:31 AM on January 29

"Give 'em the works, Cubby! We ain't got a minute to lose!"

I will be at my desk shouting "Punch it up" for the next hour while bemoaning the fact the world gets a little more buttoned-up every day.

posted by yerfatma at 03:52 PM on January 28

Martin Brodeur to Announce Retirement.

Leetch also would have been in there

He never looked right in anything but an Avon Old Farms jersey to me.

posted by yerfatma at 11:13 AM on January 28

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Still showing up at about 1"/hour here. Apparently Nashua's approach to snow clearing is a bit different from Dover's, where they usually wait until it all stops to plow and sand in honor of Charles Darwin. That said, they've been at it since early last night and I don't envy them. You know how once a decade or so you spout a quip worth keeping (maybe it's more often for you all)? When I first moved to this state I said to my wife, in reference to a coworker with man troubles, "Never have a baby with a plow guy. Between the two of them you'll never get a decent night's sleep again."

posted by yerfatma at 06:54 PM on January 27

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

The Hall of Fame case for Larry Walker (why do we even need one?)

posted by yerfatma at 04:22 PM on January 27

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I did have to replace the drive shaft which just gave up the ghost one incredibly cold morning a few years back. Of course they don't make the part anymore so the recommended replacement was some "adjustable" shaft from a lawn tractor that pretty much works. Unless you liked having reverse. At some point I should probably fix that too.

posted by yerfatma at 03:33 PM on January 27

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

By way of penance, let me heartily endorse the work of the good folks at Ariens. I've had the poor bastard snow blower for 9 years, I dunno if I've changed the oil once and I've eaten a ton of rocks (one of our two driveways* is untamped stone) and three walkway lights. None of it has stopped that champ. Today was only the second time I ever could have used a snorkle as I almost stalled it out going too far under a drift. And that was just the pre-game prep so I can get everybody out of the house so I can do the proper cleanup as time allows.

And now it turns out I wasted some time opening the front walk to the street as the state has cancelled postal delivery. So much for that promise. Thanks Obama. (In reality I spent most of the day wondering what the hell the point would be unless it was Social Security check day and even then the banks are closed and you wouldn't want those old codgers trundling down the drifty sidewalks.)

* The other one is shared with the neighbor, it's not like it's a palatial estate or something.

posted by yerfatma at 03:31 PM on January 27

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

For once a storm lives up to its billing. This has to be the most snow I've seen in one go in the 15 years I've lived here (I suppose you'd call this "Wednesday" back in Rochester where I spent 3 decades over the course of 4 years) and it's not supposed to quit until tomorrow morning. I'm starting to question my personal philosophy of always forgetting to tune/ change the oil on the snowblower because it's June and who cares?

posted by yerfatma at 02:12 PM on January 27

New MLB Commissioner: We May Ban Defensive Shifts

Grantland also did a nice job covering why this doesn't make sense. The graphs are a pretty neat confirmation of just where you would expect groundballs to turn into hits versus outs.

posted by yerfatma at 02:09 PM on January 27

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

sports reporters are one thing and sports talking heads are quite another. The responsible reporter . . .

It's one of the really unfortunate aspects of The Death of Print (and yet another place where sports shine a light on a larger cultural issue) that forces me to disagree with my learned colleague from New Hampshire. I think to feel like you still have a job as a "sports reporter" you need to be conversant with sports yelling, be a huckster and self-promoter and know how to generate page views. Other than a guy like Charlie Pierce who straight Does Not Give a Fuck and can write whatever/ wherever/ whenever he wants because he's old enough and made enough of a name during the good days of print, everybody needs to do some yelling and get their face on TV so they can jump ship to ESPN or the in-house TV channel of the sport they cover. And who could blame them? It's got to be a heck of a thing to have young kids and not know if your job will exist when they're about to go off to college. So reporters work spurious sources and report anything they can glean without doing much fact checking because there's no time for fact checking when there are a hundred other reporters on the same story and someone in that group has fewer ethics than you so it becomes a race to the bottom to publish the most salacious rumor or the story that best satisfies the predisposition of the majority of your audience.

There was a great article/ book review in The Economist a couple of weeks ago about how we "debate" issues in the US:

"Lots of other countries debate such issues as the death penalty, abortion, gun control or global warming in parliament, allowing partisans to admit when they are advancing emotional or religious arguments. From its earliest days American law courts and congressional hearings have rung to the noise of impassioned partisans, hurling facts (and, all too often, confected para-facts) at one another in a bid to prove the other side wrong."

posted by yerfatma at 06:52 PM on January 23