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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

For some strange reason, the Celtics have a habit of throwing their warm ups on the local sideline reporter. I'm guessing he gets along with them given his recent reaction:

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Senators acquire Phaneuf from Maple Leafs in nine-player deal

Well, BB-Ref has Curry's VORP at 32.0 in 6+ seasons and Thomas at 37.5 in 13 seasons so while it was going out a limb, I guess I agree with you. Plus Curry's best year far outshines Thomas'. Wow, you were right about the Senators, guess they can book their tickets.

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Texans Owner Robert McNair: Cherokees Can't Hold Their Whiskey

Congrats to McNair, who is capable of being an asshole while stone sober. Love what prompted the response from him: "[H]e was distraught over how much swearing there was [on Hard Knocks] and joked that Coach Bill O'Brien should introduce a cuss jar. I asked McNair if he was as sensitive to other offensive language, specifically the N.F.L. team in the nation's capital's being named the Redskins."

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Martina Hingis' third act.

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NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Contest Winner: Tron7

I think this is my 3rd Costanza in the last ~9 months.

You finished behind me and I forgot to vote! Which reminds me, wasn't I supposed to do something today . . .?

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Peyton Manning Turns Super Bowl Moment into Beer Promotion

He went out doing what he loved . . . selling mediocre crap to football audiences.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

the brain that was damaged by the game was brilliant enough to make him a partner at a law firm after he retired.

What was going on with those Vikings? Alan Page made it all the way to Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

From that day forward, I swore I would never, EVER abandon a game in which I had a rooting interest.

Ha, I watched that whole thing without much of a rooting interest either way. I thought of it when Carolina got up 31-0 on the Seahawks but still stopped watching (naptime ended).

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U.S. Soccer Lawsuit Reveals Home Addresses of USWNT Players

I've seen the creepers first-hand and they are scary as fuck.

I can't decide if I want to know more or not.

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BMX Biker, X-Games Star Dave Mirra Dies

this is going to be another wave of CET victims.

My first thought as well. Came up a bunch in the (thankfully reverntial and tasteful) Deadspin comments.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Buddy Cianci died.

Yeah, it's definitely trending for me on Facebook. One of my cousins changed his background to a shot of him and The Mayor. Buddy was so Teflon I'll bet the guy he hit with a fireplace log has a touching FB post getting shared right now.

He carried on a long tradition in New England

Top 5 maybe, but he's no John Michael Curley.

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Ranking the Super Bowl MVPs

No wonder he signed Peyton. Looks like he might be a lost one of whatever Eli is.

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NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Conference Championship Round

New England by 3
Carolina by 7 - LOCK

Pick the team with the most total yards. Denver
Pick the team with the most turnovers (no bonus if there are no turnovers). Denver to give them up, New England to get them
Pick the quarterback with the most passing yards. Carson Palmer
Pick the player with the most rushing yards. CJ Anderson
Pick the player with the most receiving yards. Demaryius Thomas
Pick a player who will get a sack or partial sack. Thomas Davis
Pick a player who will get an interception. Devin McCourty

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

@hincandenza, your whole post:

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

ESPN ran a stat saying this weekend will be Tom Brady's 10th Conference Championship, which is more than 27 teams. It's also the 11th in 22 years for the Pats under Kraft after 1 in the first 40 or so.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The top comment thread in this Reddit post about an Arsenal goal contains a bunch of superhero sports GIFs like this:

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Do we blame them for that or the league?

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

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NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Week 2: Divisional Round

New England by 7 (God help me)
Arizona by 13
Carolina by 5
Denver by 9

Pick the quarterback with the most passing yards: Carson Palmer
Pick the running back with the most rushing yards: Russell Wilson (is that ok to do?)
Pick the player with the most receiving yards: Gronk
Pick a player who will get an interception: Aqib Talib

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NFL Network Airs 'Lost' Super Bowl on Friday

First I remember is the Niners and Bengals in '82 (I'd just turned 7), doubly so because I won $5 off my mom betting on the Niners. I still suspect she thought they would win too.

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49ers Hire Chip Kelly as Head Coach

why do that when you have a chance to rush back into battle with a chaotic franchise?

Yeah, recipe for success.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

January transfer window should be fun:

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49ers Hire Chip Kelly as Head Coach

Everybody said he'd be getting the next big college gig and this is pretty much the same thing.

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NFL Approves Rams Move to Los Angeles, Chargers Invited to Join

A Stallions hat could be mine for $150. Going to pass though.

The older I get, the more I agree with the English attitude toward sports teams: they are a public trust and belong to the fans no matter who owns them. The owner would have 0 interest in the team if the fans weren't there. Holding those fans hostage (and by extension hundreds of thousands or millions of neighbors who don't care about the team at all) to extract free money from a municipality is disgusting, especially when the beneficiary is already a billionaire. I think the Patriots' story under Kraft stands as a rebuke to every bare-faced bastard like Stan Kroenke who claims their current situation is a "Road to ruin". Bailing these assholes out is a moral hazard; even if his claim were true, tough shit. No one saves me if I pick the wrong stock. Kraft bought a team that was in a bad way (though improving) and after doing this dickhead dance with Providence and Hartford, stood pat (!), improved the team and then built his own stadium (after doing a bit of two-step about public financing) and now has the second-most-valuable team in the league. It's a long way from the steel bleachers of Sullivan Stadium to now and it took a fair bit of luck along the way, but it's clearly do-able.

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Fantasy Premier League, Gameweek 21

He fizzled out at Liverpool but looked great at Swansea. His drop in form seems to have coincided with their drop in form so it's hard to say which is the chicken or the egg.

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Fantasy Premier League, Gameweek 21

I see two as well.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

one of the coaches had a designated assistant who was essentially the Challenge Caller

Definitely seen teams with that. I like the Belichick approach: he has the flag in his sock so it forces him to take a couple of extra seconds to think about throwing it. In a sport where most of the head coaches are passionate, "Tackle 'em all and let God sort it out" types, a little reflection goes a long way.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

throwing challenge flags on calls that have no chance of being overturned, I agree.

Speaking of that, the Minnesota attempt to challenge the spot of the ball early in 2nd quarter was both a terrible challenge (replays seemed pretty conclusive it was a first down for Seattle plus the minuscule chance of winning the challenge made the expected value so low) and a clear way to signal to your team, "I am nervous as hell and scared we can't win." Coaches should employ a staffer just to stand behind them for the first half saying, "Don't do that."

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

From Peter King's MMQB column today as a "Tweet of the Week":

So when the league manufacturers a controversy about Brady it's news, but when they don't manufacturer a story about Manning & HGH it's a fan conspiracy. Got it.

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Steelers Coach Should've Been Flagged for Being on Field

Their key players have proven once again they cannot handle the pressure of big games and self destruct

Especially Andy Dalton.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Not to beat this dead horse too long, but Billy's article "Unknown Guys In Liverpool Shirts Draw With Random Lower League Team In FA Cup" originally said Liverpool won and was only corrected after multiple commenters pointed it out. I don't ask for a ton in my sports blogs, but basing your #HotTake on the actual results of the event seems like a small request.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

I have 0 idea what to expect from KC v. New England. As a Pats fan it feels like a lot of it comes down to how the Patriots' offensive line plays.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

I attribute the lack of Manning reaction here to the unusual path the story has reached the public.

That's my complaint though: how much of the lack of outrage about Manning is because the league and the media organizations beholden to NFL money aren't reporting it so fans think it's no a big deal? CBS' lead announcer has already said he doesn't see a story in it and wouldn't deign to address it during a game (whether that's because he and Peyton are friends no man can say). Compare and contrast with a still-developing and incorrectly reported story that NBC discussed throughout the Super Bowl.

It gets old. I wish the league would just take away the Patriots' first-round picks in perpetuity and then let them get on with whatever nefarious deeds they feel like doing.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Chad Finn asks why the media doesn't care about Peyton Manning and HGH while his colleague trolls Pats fans for asking the question a day before.

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Play SportsFilter's NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Contest

Kansas City by 7
Cincinnati by 3
Seattle by 10 - LOCK
Green Bay by 5

Pick the quarterback with the most passing yards - Russell Wilson
Pick the running back with the most rushing yards - Giovani Bernard
Pick the player with the most receiving yards - Antonio Brown
Pick a player who will record a sack or partial sack - JJ Watt

If elected, I will refuse Gregggg's book and you can send it to a needy orphan.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Can anyone explain Deadspin?

Etrigan basically explained it, that all Gawker sites cross-post to try to drive traffic. In addition, Deadspin has a couple of side blogs, "Adequate Man" and "The Concourse" where the sports writers post on non-sports topics. Neither of which bothers me. What's killing me about Deadspin (especially now that Grantland is dead) is the new wave of writers there. Deadspin always seems to change writers in waves and maybe it's just a "Get off my lawn" thing but I cannot stand the new approach where every article is an attempt to coin a new phrase, create a nickname and generally act the fool. Not to pick on a particular writer (except I hate him with the heat of a thousand suns), but Billy Haisley has (almost) single-handedly made their soccer coverage unreadable. He tries to make every MLS story into something about how the MLS sucks, even when the story isn't about the MLS, his headlines make me want to icepick my own eyes and he's just so goddamn Millenial (somehow seeing David Moyes' comments supporting LvG as an Moyes excusing his own failures when there's 0 excuse for failing at ManU of course). Just in general there is a lot more 'he's also gotta be like "Daaaamn, that's the sweetest stroke I've ever seen"' then I'd prefer in a sports page.

Christ, Screamer (Deadspin's soccer coverage) loves Everton and even that drives me nuts with the constant attempts to refer to Everton's starlets as "Yung Cock So-and-So". It's a group of high school kids who have no idea they're not the coolest kids in school.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

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Baseball Hall of Fame adds "The Kid" and the catcher in 2016.

That's the same Randy Winn.

I know, I just always find the bottom of the ballot perplexing. I never once saw him take the field and felt like I needed to figure out whether he had my HoF vote or not.

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Baseball Hall of Fame adds "The Kid" and the catcher in 2016.

Please send this to the 3 writers who did not vote for Griffey.

How I'll remember Mike Piazza.

Same! I treat "New York Catcher" as his full last name.

Is the "Randy Winn" listed there someone other than the guy I remember?

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Tide open as TD favorites vs. Tigers

a box of habanero suppositories

I brought this beer (among other options) to a New Year's Party and realized fairly quickly I could cure my drinking problems by swapping over to it exclusively. Not just a clever name.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

On the plus side, it gave us some amazing responses. We were driving through the interior of New Hampshire this weekend and saw some Carly signs and all I could think was, "Why?"

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

It's Kobe Bryant's last game in Boston, and TD Garden will be sold out.

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Final 2015 MLB 40-man payroll totals are released.

The correlation coefficient between wins and payroll amount is 0.28457, which means there is barely any trend/connection between payroll size and wins.

It could also indicate teams are crap at identifying future results and/ or long-term contracts tend to be albatrosses that block teams from replacing players with superior options. I wonder if we'll see teams start to drop players while still paying them lots of dough or some kind of Bobby Bonilla solution*.

* Which does not involve soaking a Bonilla in brine overnight.

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Ranking all 30 NBA court designs

Lowe's rankings are always a bit weird to me because he is clearly not a graphic designer. Neither am I, but having worked with them for so long I am, in Brendan Behan's words (about theater critics), "A eunuch in a harem: they see it performed every night but are unable to do it themselves". He lets a lot of bad type work go and gives credit for some things that look horrendous to me (the new Bucks logo? Really?).

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NFL Pick 'Em Week 15: I Miss the Big Sombrero Edition

Oops yes, please LOCK Seattle for me.

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NFL Pick 'Em Week 15: I Miss the Big Sombrero Edition

Tampa Bay by 6
N.Y. Jets by 15
Houston by 12
Minnesota by 9
New England by 14
Carolina by 14
Buffalo by 7
Jacksonville by 5
Kansas City by 3
Green Bay by 10
Seattle by 17
Pittsburgh by 3
Miami by 3
Cincinnati by 4
Arizona by 12
New Orleans by 6

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Ranking all 30 NBA court designs

Yeah, Lowe did one a few months back.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Plausible deniability. Kobe got the same punishment for the same word a few years back so as long as they can claim it was simply a word he uses as an insult and not intentional hate speech they're going to. Also, how would it have worked if the ref didn't come out? "We suspended Rondo for 10 games because reasons"?

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Pedro Martinez: Clinton to Obama

You mean Mariano Rivera, right?

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

I think the suspension was announced before the ref made his announcement.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle


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NFL Pick 'Em, Week 14: Not So Hotlanta Edition

That's ok, can I use your dupe from last week as my picks? After two weeks off (this ADD is why I gave up on most fantasy sports) I need a little bit of a comeback here:

Arizona by 13
Washington by 7
Cincinnati by 4
San Francisco by 12
Kansas City by 9
Detroit by 6
N.Y. Jets by 3
Buffalo by 10
Tampa Bay by 5
Carolina by 12
Indianapolis by 6
Seattle by 14
Denver by 10
Green Bay by 13
New England by 3
Miami by 6

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Apropos of nothing, just me venting: remember how awful Brian Scalabrine was playing basketball? He's far worse talking about basketball.

"Tommy can't work road games anymore boss."
"Ok, how about we get that screamer with the speech impediment that kept the bench from floating away for a few years, he was white, right?"

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Larry Bird took $160 off of Dan Shaughnessy in a free-throw shooting contest.

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Coldplay Chosen for Super Bowl 0x32 Halftime

He would have been seemed except

I think I had a stroke there.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

I know it's Marchand and thus doesn't count, but Prust should at least get another fine for saying that.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

He bungee jumps off the light poles before games.

Meh, the monks at my old school get higher than that.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

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Coldplay Chosen for Super Bowl 0x32 Halftime

I've never seen them in concert

Well I know it's not cool to say this, but I have. In the interests of reclaiming my coolness, it was the first US tour and I'd been listening to a Napster'd copy of Parachutes for months. I couldn't tell you what they're like in concert now but they were pretty low key and Chris Martin was definitely still getting comfortable being on stage. He would have been seemed except the tour got postponed due to illness which meant the opener changed from Grandaddy (whom I loved) to Joseph Arthur (who I liked and, just to really date things, was Entertainment Weekly's Album of the Year winner). Joseph Arthur was the single worst performer I've ever seen. He had negative stage presence. Never seen anything close to that level of stage fright in my life.

In sum, hopefully Chris Martin doesn't drag "Special Guest" Joseph Arthur out on stage for the Superbowl or he will combust.

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NFL Pick 'Em, Week 13: Brock and Roll Edition

Green Bay by 4

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

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