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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Although it needs some "fucked it in first and gave her some Jandal!"

That was $%&!-ing awesome. Thanks for the transcription or I would have missed the best part entirely.

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Served up on a platter for SportsFilter

the fielding is usually atrocious because you are only able to move slowly and throw with one hand, because you don't want to spill your beer.

Without wanting to stereotype, they're all nerdy programmer/ engineer types working for Local Insurance Conglomerate. And they use a tennis ball. So I'm not sure how that affects things but I do have dreams of one day one-handing a blast beyond the boundary and taking Dover Cricket into the IPL.

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Can True Sports Fans Switch to a New Favorite Team?

Grew up in Hartford, so yes.

/lights YukonGold signal, sits quietly, farts out "Brass Bonanza"

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Served up on a platter for SportsFilter

That's funny. Here in cosmopolitan Dover, New Hampshire there's a constant cricket game going on next to the dog park and my one observation while ignoring the dogs is that the fielding is atrocious. That and the fact there's a giant German Shepard who appears to understand the rules and barks at anyone who runs outside the boundary.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

That World Cup ethics investigation ended just like you thought it would.

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The FSU Problem

We've recently taught my daughter the concept of "Cheers!" (along with "sálinte", "salud", "sköl", etc). It turns out this would have been better after her fine motor control showed up.

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The FSU Problem

Ha'penny place. Guess you won't want to attend the next Spofi book club meeting on Ulysses then.

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The FSU Problem

I know it's a good Charlie Pierce piece when I can't pick my favorite pull quote.

"Elsewhere in Florida," hell. This stuff didn't fly in Tombstone. They should change the name of Doak Campbell Stadium to the Tostitos O.K. Corral. The Times is careful to note, of course, that not every player on the team gets in on what apparently is the Your-First-Felony-Free program run by the local police. At least nine players have been arrested over the last three years, on charges ranging from sexual assault to being an accessory to a fatal shooting. A town's got to have standards, after all. No being involved with killing dudes, unless you're a starter, which is a mitigating factor, locally.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Deadspin has a good post on the mumps reappearance. And here I was feeling smart because I had an MMR booster at age 18.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

The most talented teams in college football history.

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Wage Lawsuit by Bills Cheerleaders Details Appalling Treatment

we need to know how many other franchises may have a similar situation happening

I assume it's fairly common. In the past year from a simple search on Deadspin: Raiders, Bucs, Bengals, Ravens. Hell, my wife and I watched the cheerleader version of Hard Knocks one year about the Cowboys cheerleaders and the treatment they showed on-camera in an NFL-sanctioned show about their premier cheerleaders was atrocious.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Masterson for $9.5m seems pretty pricey

I'm guessing it's a combination of them thinking John Farrell can get the best out of him combined with using their financial might to ensure they got him. One sidenote to this off-season/ season is the Sox have left themselves in a clever place financially: because they did not exceed the luxury tax in the last three years, the penalty for doing so is trivial (to them) and next year a number of big contracts come off the books so I think they built an intentional window here to be able to sign whomever they want and then just clean up the salary levels next year. Even with last year's terrible season, Masterson has been worth about 2.5 wins/ year over the last 5. If he achieves that, he'd be a bargain, relatively speaking.

The three pitchers the Sox have picked up are all groundball specialists who played for crappy defensive teams*. I don't know about Boegarts at SS and Ramirez at LF, but other than that the Sox are pretty solid defensively (assuming Pedroia can manage to get & stay healthy) so they may see these pitchers as undervalued though I'd like to see some more swing & miss power pitching.

* He said without checking.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Red Sox say, "Cespedes we hardly knew ye", sending him to Detroit Rock City for Rick Porcello. My new favorite game this off-season is to go to FanGraphs and click in the search box. It brings down a list of the most recently searched/ most active players. You can pretty much watch the trades (and rumors?) from that.

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Jon Lester Signs 6-Year, $155 Million Deal with Chicago Cubs

Is that a joke? He has a 0.43 career Series ERA.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

QPR gets your holidays started. Which leads to the question: "Does cancelling the Christmas party lead to an upswing in results?" Of course, 'arry is probably feeling pretty dense for not cancelling this year's Xmas Bash as it resulted in a story that included the line, "Joey Barton having to step in as a peacemaker."

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Jon Lester Signs 6-Year, $155 Million Deal with Chicago Cubs

Lester goes from being underpaid to sickeningly overpaid.

Relative to what?

"What if you set the cost of a win at $7 million, and then inflated by the customary 5%? Then given the standard half-win per-season decline, Lester would be worth about $151 million. And what if you set the cost of a win at $7.5 million? The market's been pretty crazy so far. Then you get Lester being worth about $162 million. Alternatively, what if Lester is a 4-win pitcher? Then you're more like $125 135 million."

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Jon Lester Signs 6-Year, $155 Million Deal with Chicago Cubs

Please don't let Wilbur speak for us. He's a blogger-era Dan Shaughnessy. The Sox are only "incompetent" if they really wanted Lester for the next 6 years. They know him better than anyone (though it's telling he was signed by a GM group led by Theo Epstein and a manager who faced him in the AL East) and John Henry has been on record as not wanting to give big contracts to players past their 30th birthday. Wilbur's spun this as a failure because it makes for hits and the team finished in last so the Fellowship of the Miserable will lap his garbage up, but I'm not sure how he can mention Lester's World Series ERA without considering the ownership group that got Lester's team into three World Series. No matter which side you come down on, I will admit the $70 million offer this season was a weird/ awful way to open negotiations. It's funny their final offer wound up being short by $20 million . . .

"For me, I want to be comfortable. The way I look at it is, if someone gives you $170 million and someone gives you $150 million, is that $20 million really going to change your lifestyle?" — Jon Lester
I gotta be honest with you: I won't miss Lester. He and Buchholz teamed to produce the best sleep aid this side of Ambien. There's nothing wrong with being Tom Glavine, obviously, but I can't get excited about seeing him go even if they can't readily replace him.

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Helmetless Football?

Yeah, the NFL actually banned certain "overbuilt" facemasks recently to try to address that issue.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Great story Howard. Reminds me a bit of the tales of Atari optimization in Racing the Beam. Even though I ostensibly work in the same field, it's all way beyond me.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Robbie Keane fulfills his boyhood dreams of winning the MLS Cup and playing for the Ivory Coast.

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Tide-Buckeyes, Ducks-Noles

So it should be Harvard, Florida State, and then any two also-ran one-loss teams.

By your logic shouldn't it be Fair Harvard, Yale, Army and Toledo?

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

defending his players after one of them exposed himself to a female reporter in the locker room

"What do the Iraqis have in common with Lisa Olson? They've both seen Patriot missiles up close." There's so much to love about that comment in its spectacularly tone-deaf "You mean this isn't the Friars Club in 1959?" tone-deafness.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

We weren't quite Man & Wife back then. It was like the '90s man. Things were different.

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Texans' Andre Johnson Takes At-Risk Kids on Toys 'R Us Shopping Spree

I'd say this brought back this memory for me but with our daughter's first "real" Christmas (she was born last November) upon us, it's been stuck in my head for a week. Every year I dreamed of being in one of the Toys 'R Us sprees. Nerd that I was, I remember casing the joint on the rare occasions we got to go to figure out the plan of attack. I suppose if I'd ever won it would have become a full-blown Oceans 11-style caper.

Johnson seems like what you want to see in an athlete. Pretty sure he does a Thanksgiving turkey thing and a scholarship program as well.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Unforgettable moment in radio history: my wife used to work at a very small radio station here in NH. I'd drive up each Friday to visit and leave on Monday mornings. One Monday as I was driving out of town she started reading the news but stopped abruptly in the middle of the story about an old woman being run over. On the golf course by a cart backing up. She hit the cough button in time, but I could hear the laughing in my head all the way down Route 16.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Nice to see that while Paul Harvey didn't make it to the 2010's, his spirit has.

You missed 4 pauses in that sentence . . . by my count.

"Hello Americans. Stand by for . . . news."

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

When did Deadspin start posting "news" like "Take vacuuming off your to-do list with this discounted Roomba" on the front page?

It's a Gawker-wide thing where they want me to look at some discounted crap I don't need on Amazon daily. The other one I like are the very subtly Promoted Posts where there's this long homespun tale about fond memories of tailgating and then it turns out the whole thing is actually an ad for Knob Creek. Emphasis on "Knob" I suppose.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

if he was empaneled and is tweeting this bullshit, the trial process is cooked and they'll have to regroup with new jurors.

I just escaped the process here in NH and that was definitely on the list of Don't F'in Do It, so it would be surprising if real. I'd assume "Im am double parked in a handicap spot out side this court house in a 450k car with a registered pistol" would get someone's attention, but it's Arizona, which is like a snow-free New Hampshire, so never mind. Also: go fuck yourself.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Coughlin nails?

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Richard Sherman uses cardboard cutout to send NFL a message

Fining Lynch $100,000 over a disagreement about press availability is pretty harsh.

In no way am I defending the NFL but the report is a little misleading: I believe Lynch was fined $50,000 but also had to pay the $50,000 fine the NFL suspended last year during Super Bowl media week.

Grow the fuck up and abide by your employer's wishes

Hope you didn't post that on company time.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Looks like I should have left the kid at day care to catch the end. I could have asked Gervinho to sneak her home so my wife didn't notice.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Man City, needing a win to have any hope of staying in the Champion's League, just managed to concede a free kick goal to 10 man Bayern Munich.

EDIT: make that 2.

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Red Sox Sign Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez

I'm going to guess it's a radio host saying that. You'll be shocked to know our local sports savants lack a bit of perspective.

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Red Sox Sign Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez

One talking head -- a particularly annoying one

Is this Mazz? I look forward to the day my hearing goes enough that I can't understand anything in that frequency. Then I'll have to keep an eye on the tilt of the dog's head to know I should change the channel.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

I drank both, though I preferred MD.

I always appreciated the Hawaiian "flavor" since it looked like either Mogen or David had wound up with a crate of Aqua Velva they couldn't get rid of. The best & worst wine experience of college (it was more hard liquor and beer than wine) was splitting a 3 liter bottle of Concord Grape Manischewitz with a friend during Passover. We started around 2am on a Tuesday morning and by the time the sun rose we could read each other's minds. Not much of a trick at that point I suppose. I couldn't finish my last glass so Rob did it for me and that was the only time I ever saw him get sick from drinking. When I told the story to another friend he explained the problem: last glass was supposed to be saved for Elijah.

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Blind-sided: Blue Jacketsí Jack Johnson is bankrupt; who led him there is biggest shocker

About Rod. "One of the things that has separated our great country from the rest of the world is our citizens have always had hope and belief for a better tomorrow". Yup, that's the rest of the world, just hoping for things to get shittier. "What do they know of England who only England know?"

The only bright spot in this story would appear to be some great reporting done by The Dispatch.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Boone's was pretty common in my college days (Rochester, NY in the mid-90s) but the one I was always impressed by was Night Train: not only did Guns & Roses sing about it, but we once forgot a bottle in the freezer of our microfridge over a week-long break. Came back and it still wasn't frozen. I think it was avgas.

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Blind-sided: Blue Jacketsí Jack Johnson is bankrupt; who led him there is biggest shocker

I don't know if I'm more angered at the parents for doing it or for being so stupid: "Tina Johnson borrowed at least $15 million in her son's name against his future earnings, sources told The Dispatch, taking out a series of high-interest loans perhaps as many as 18 from nonconventional lenders that resulted in a series of defaults."

You have power of attorney on a seven-year annuity that will pay out $30.5 million dollars. There are approximately 1 zillion white-shoe firms that will arrange for a low-interest loan against that or pay you something close to the present value of the annuity. You don't need a goddamn loan at all. Assuming a US real interest rate of 2% and the contract is paid in seven installments of US$4.35 million, if you signed it today that's a present value of $28 million. Someone will gladly give you $25 million or more today. In your hand. And all legal like without any lowered voices, broken knees or having to duck down an alley.

It's criminally stupid the teams and players' unions don't do more to educate players about finances. And it would probably help if half the agents were defrocked. This is a great example of why kids with bad parents should seek out a significant other who hates their parents.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

MLB Roster Lineage

Ken Ryan → Heathcliff Slocumb → Derek Lowe → Craig Hansen → Jason Bay → Brandon Workman/Anthony Ranaudo

And I had such high hopes for Ranaudo. Someone needs to do a George Washington and chop that tree down before it poisons the Fenway bullpen permanently.

Man, Ken Ryan was The Next Big Thing: local kid from Pawtucket who dominated AAA like no one I can remember (he had some amazing scoreless streak where he went like 30 innings, as a reliever, without letting the ball out of the infield). Ah, who am I kidding, I can remember Tomo Okha and a bunch of other Never Wases.

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Lisa Saxon, the woman who helped change sports writing forever.

Thanks for this.

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Wigan owner makes controversial comment about Jews

Happy crap, this is after he allayed the concerns of Wigan MP Lisa Nandy by stating, "She's not a Wigan lass, so she doesn't understand football. But we can try and give her some help." Who knew Malky's texts would work out as a resume and cover letter?

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

The assumption he doesn't have a grandson is framing too.

Right, but that's me being a dick here in the forum and nothing to do with how he ought to feel. Legislate it however you like and I'm open to the idea you're more frustrated with the overblown backlash (Wilbon on PTI suggested his 90 year-old father would have "kicked the Saints' fan's butt" if he'd been at the stadium). My take is completely informed by the warping Catholic school gave me: it doesn't matter whether the woman was "owed the catch". The Bengals fan doesn't enter in to it. All that matters is the guy's intent and what he perceived the situation to be. If he honestly thought a Bengals player was running to that particular space in an away stadium to give a ball to anyone who wanted it, then he's in the clear.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Why should an adult fan who has caught a football tossed into the stands feel obligated to give it to another adult fan?

That's one way of framing the question. Another would be to mention a player from the visiting team was trying to get a souvenir to a fan of his team and this guy jumped between. He shouldn't feel obligated to return it but he should feel like a dick and I feel like the story about his grandson in a different section is a ret-conned Canadian Girlfriend tale.

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Penny-pinching, no more!

Not old enough but I still remember he was called "The Boston Strangler" for the same reason.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Haven't even finished the article yet but I knew I had to link this for the embedded video showing some cool stats related to a Jason Heyward grab. Why can't ESPN's odious "Sports Science™*" be more like this.

* Does not contain actual science but science-like extruded polymer product not shown to cause cancer in most** laboratory rats.
** Before you ask about R or P values, we had our sports scientists handle the study's controls.

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Penny-pinching, no more!

Surely it was written by Bruce Dickinson, not Coleridge. At some point I need to finish Richard Holmes two-volume bio to see if Dickinson gets a mention.

I highly recommend Holmes' The Age of Wonder to all you nerds

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Martin has had two great years, but 5 years for a pair of knees that have caught more than 8,000 innings seems like a lot. You have to go back to 2007/ 2008 for another pair of years where Martin performed like he has the last two seasons.

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FIFA Goal of the Year nominees

Escape To Victory

To match the target market's enthusiasm, it was Victory! in the US.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Looks like you wanted this link. Interesting to see he played up in New England which makes his hitch-hiking in Field of Dreams way more accurate than I would have guessed.

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Joe Hart prevented a goal

That's what I was wondering when I looked up the rule for this post. If the ref was right to allow the re-kick the current rule should be changed to be consistent with playing the advantage. Hart's double-tap shouldn't prevent a goal.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Real Sociedad to bring the excitement of rainy nights in Stoke to La Liga.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

I think yerfatma meant to link here.

You're so far down in the cricket hole you think he's a household name in the US?

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Until we have EPV readily available, there's Hollinger's PER or the advanced stats in the game's box score. One takeaway from the box score: the Celtics should cut off Evan Turner's hands for an easy improvement.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

The secret to Sachin's success: lettuce walls.

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Despite Vehement Public Claims of Innocence, A-Rod Admitted to DEA He Used Steroids

even drew blood from him in the men's room of a South Beach nightclub

I'm struggling to come up with a scenario where that is both necessary and sensible. Dr. Nick Riviera would blush. The timing on these revelations is pretty handy for baseball and the Yankees.

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Giants Win World Series

he plays against the data for an entire season which gets them to game 7 in the World Series

That is certainly one way of looking at it. Another would be: he stops touching the stove right before his hand gets burned badly.

he earned the win on the strength of Troy O'Leary's home run.

Your memory is going: Troy O'Leary's two homes runs (generating 7 RBI).

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Giants Win World Series

Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nastï

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Giants Win World Series

this poor Chevy executive is the World Series LVP (Least Valuable Pitchman)

Erin Andrews is staring a hole in Rikke Wilde*, thinking, "If he would just listen to me about probiotics!"

* Is that his Chippendale's name or something?

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Does size matter? Apparently so at White Hart Lane.

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Denver Broncos Fan Disappears During Game

Wasn't that a Glenn Campbell ditty?

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