May 23

NFL to Punish Players Who Don't Stand During Anthem: Beginning in 2009, the NFL required players to be on the field during the national anthem (part of a rah-rah support the troops effort for which the league was secretly getting paid $5.4 million by the Department of Defense). Now the NFL is going a step further and forcing players to stand during the anthem unless they stay in the locker room until it is over. Does any of this feel like patriotism to you?

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May 22

May 21

May 20

Vegas Golden Knights Advance to Stanley Cup Final: The Vegas Golden Knights have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final, becoming only the second expansion team to do that after the St. Louis Blues in 1968. Vegas defeated the Winnipeg Jets 4-1 in their series with a final 2-1 victory Sunday.

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May 19

May 18

May 17

Come Watch the Warriors-Rockets Series With Us From an Expert’s Couch: I'm not a basketball fan because play seems so random, but this article and video clips made it make sense to an extent.

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May 16

The World's Oldest Basketball Court is in Canada: The world's oldest surviving basketball court is in a Canadian town of 4,400 people. The upper level of a former YMCA in St Stephen, New Brunswick, held a game of James Naismith's two-year-old sport on Oct. 17, 1893. The building's role in history was forgotten by 2010, when after a fire the owners lifted a carpet of an undamaged room and found a hardwood floor underneath. The court was 47 by 31 feet and there were heaters to dodge in the corners. "It's little wonder they didn't go flying out of the window," said local historian Darren McCabe.

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May 15

Seattle Mariners' star second baseman Robinson Cano has been suspended 80 games for drug violation.:
The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball announced today that second baseman Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners has received an 80-game suspension without pay after testing positive for Furosemide, a Diuretic, in violation of Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

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Steelers Minority Owner Set to Buy Carolina Panthers: The Carolina Panthers are going to have a new owner in the coming days/weeks, as CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported on Friday. David Tepper, a billionaire hedge-fund manager and a Steelers minority owner, is set to purchase the team. The price is set at $2.2 billion, which is less than the $3 billion price tag that present owner Jerry Richardson wanted on the NFL franchise. It is, however, significantly more than the last NFL franchise purchase of $1.1 billion, which was the sale of the Buffalo Bills back in 2014. The sale is pending a vote among the present NFL franchise owners, which is probably a mere formality. (Warning: autoplaying videos in the provided links)

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May 14

Supreme Court: States Can Legalize Sports Gambling: The Supreme Court has ended the ban that kept states other than Nevada from legalized sports gambling, overturning a 1992 law. Congress could enact a new ban, but if it doesn't New Jersey and as many as 21 other states could begin allowing facilities to take sports bets. (Eighteen states and 3 more governors sided with New Jersey on this.)

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SportsFilter Fantasy Premier League 2017-2018 Final Standings: Congratulations to our winner, Kaf Kaesque, and the other top four finishers (me, Tom Clancy, and Drew Meger). full table

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May 13

May 12

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em: Third Round: The third round of the NBA playoffs begins Sunday at 3:30 p.m. when Cleveland plays Boston. A day later Golden State faces Houston. Pick the winner of each series, the number of games required and the top and bottom scorer in each series (total points, minimum 10 minutes played). In our contest, Goyoucolts and NoMich are tied for first with 22 each.

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May 11

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Third Round: The puck drops on the third round of the NHL Playoffs tonight when Washington faces Tampa Bay. Vegas plays Winnipeg tomorrow night. Pick the winners of both series and the number of games. One bonus point for picking the top goal scorer and top point scorer in each series. In our contest for the Hartford Whalers puck, Ic23b and Cixelsyd remain tied for first at 16.

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May 10

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May 08

Detroit is Getting a PGA Tour Event: The city of Detroit is close to landing its first-ever PGA Tour event, a tournament that would begin in June 2019 at Detroit Golf Club when The National moved away from Washington D.C. with Quicken Loans as sponsor. Company founder Dan Gilbert has invested $5.6 billion in downtown development this decade and is also trying to bring in MLS Soccer.

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May 07

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May 04

Ichiro Suzuki Steps Away, Leaving Albert Pujols on the Path They Took Together: On April 2, 2001, a few hours apart in Denver and Seattle, the major league careers of fraternal twins were born. Albert Pujols made his debut that afternoon for the St. Louis Cardinals at Coors Field. Later that night, at Safeco Field, Ichiro Suzuki made his for the Seattle Mariners.

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May 03

May 02

John Dingell on Ty Cobb and Ty Cobb: There's a political element to this quote, but I'm sharing it for other reasons. Former Congressman John Dingell of Michigan tweeted, "I’ve now lived through two completely unrelated Ty Cobb retirements. The latter was infinitely more hilarious than the former. Nice mustache, pal." Cobb played his last game on September 11, 1928. The 91-year-old Dingell was two years old then -- too young to remember Cobb, but Dingell's father was a Detroit native who lived in the city all of the legendary ballplayer's 22 years with the Tigers.

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May 01

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NBA Playoff Pick 'Em: Second Round: The second round of the NBA playoffs is beginning before the first round is over. The Pelicans play the Warriors tonight at 10:30 p.m. Eastern and the Jazz face the Rockets Sunday at 3:30 p.m. Pick the teams that will win each series (+1), the number of games it will require (+1) and the top scorer in the series. When the remaining first round games are over, do the same for the Raptors vs. the Cavs/Pacers winner and Sixers vs. Celtics/Bucks victor.

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