October 18

NFL Pick 'Em Week 7: Brett Hundley Edition : The one-defeated Kansas City Chiefs begin the NFL week at the Oakland Raiders Thursday night. There was carnage across the SportsFilter Pick 'Em. Ufez Jones holds on to first at 340, but jjzucal scores 58 to trail by a single point. Rumple falls to third. Make your picks and forget week 6 ever happened.

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October 17

Could a 32-Team MLB Scrap the Leagues?: Longtime baseball scribe Tracy Ringolsby outlines a dramatic proposal in baseball: Expansion to Montreal and Portland, dropping the AL and NL for four seven-team regional divisions, a 156-game season with 12 games against each division opponent and a playoffs with four divisional champs and eight teams in play-in games.

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October 16

October 15

October 14

October 13

Enter SportsFilter's NBA Pick 'Em: The NBA season begins Tuesday when Boston visits Cleveland on TNT. SportsFilter is bringing back the Pace Mannion NBA Pick 'Em. Choose the winner and margin for the nationally televised games each week on TNT, ESPN and ABC (around 4-8 games). There is a prize.

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Bruce Arena Resigns as USMNT Manager: Bruce Arena's second stint as U.S. Men's National Team manager has ended with his resignation. There's no mystery to the cause. Regardless, Arena asserts, "I maintain a fierce belief that we are heading in the right direction."

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October 12

NFL Pick 'Em Week 6: Undefeated Chiefs Edition: Make your picks, starting with tonight's Eagles/Panthers game. In SportsFilter's NFL Pick 'Em, Ufez Jones retakes the lead at 329 with a week-best 59. Rumple is in second at 315 and MeatSaber third at 296.

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October 11

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seventeen: Another week, another tie up top. That's five weeks in a row we've had a different player—or combinations of players—in first place. When is it my turn? Get in line and make your picks inside.

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October 10

United States Eliminated from World Cup Qualification: The United States lost to Trinidad and Tobago 2-1 Tuesday night, a result that coupled with wins by Honduras and Panama puts the U.S. out of next year's World Cup. "The most surreal and embarrassing night in US soccer history," tweets Grant Wahl.

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Saints Trade Adrian Peterson to Cardinals: The Arizona Cardinals have addressed their rushing woes since David Johnson's injury by trading a conditional pick to the New Orleans Saints for Adrian Peterson. AP had 27 carries for 81 yards this season, his first since leaving the Minnesota Vikings.

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October 09

October 08

October 07

Christian Pulisic is Pretty Good at the Soccer: The United States began Friday's qualifying match against Panama with anxious fans dreading the possibility of missing the World Cup. Christian Pulisic scored a goal eight minutes in, set up another goal on a platter for Jozy Altidore and a 4-0 victory brightens the outlook considerably. Here are the qualification scenarios with one match left.

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October 06

October 05

NFL Pick 'Em Week 5: Cam Newton's Spoiled Yogurt Edition: Week 5 of the NFL season begins tonight when New England visits Tampa Bay. SportsFilter's NFL Pick 'Em has a new leader: Rumple at 292, passing Ufez Jones at 270. Jjzucal is in third at 255. Howard_T wins the week with 85. Make your selections.

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October 04

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Sixteen: Apparently it wasn't enough to have a new leader every week: we now have multiple players tied for first. Halve your Windsors and make your picks inside.

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'It's Funny to Hear a Female Talk About Routes.': When Charlotte Observer beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue asked him a question about passing routes, Cam Newton thought it was hilarious someone with lady parts asked a pertinent football question. Rodrique later tweeted, "I spoke with him after and it was worse. I chose not to share, because I have an actual job to do today and one he will not keep me from."

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October 03

Steve Jobs' Widow Buys Big Stake in Wizards, Capitals: Laurene Jobs Powell, a philanthropist and widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, has acquired a 20 percent stake in the company that owns the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals. Ted Leonsis continues as chief executive and largest stakeholder, but Jobs owns the second-largest share and becomes one of four women in NBA ownership groups alongside Jeanie Buss (Lakers), Ann Walton Kroenke (Nuggets) and Gail Miller (Jazz). The deal requires NBA and NHL approval.

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October 02

The most important news about the NHL this season: Jagr will play!:
It wouldn't be the NHL without Jaromir Jagr.

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SportsFilter Server Move: SportsFilter has moved to a new server on Amazon Web Services. If you experience problems report them in this discussion.

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October 01

September 29

September 28

NFL Pick 'Em Week 4: I Won't Stand for That Edition: The Bears visit the pleasant 64-degree tundra of Lambeau Field tonight to face the Packers, opening the fourth week of the NFL season. Ufez Jones holds on to first with 232 points and Rumple second at 227. New in third is Jagsnumberone at 196. Jjzucal wins the week with 69 points. Make your picks.

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September 27

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fifteen: Yes, we have yet another new leader this week. Why am I not surprised? Stifle a yawn and make your picks inside.

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NCAA Coaches, Adidas Executive Face Charges: Across three complaints, two broad schemes were alleged. One involved bribing four assistant coaches -- at Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State and Southern California, all programs in the so-called Power 5 conferences of college sports -- to persuade players to send business to certain financial advisers once they turned professional. The other involved efforts to secretly funnel money from Adidas to three players and their families in exchange for the players' commitments to play at two Adidas-sponsored college programs and to later sign sponsorship deals with the company once they turned pro.

A new and a more highly recognized coach to get swept up in this scandal is Louisville's Rick Pitino.

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Join Koharski's Donuts, SportsFilter's Fantasy Hockey League: The NHL season opener is just one week away and our Fantasy Hockey league is back for a fifth season. The league has head-to-head weekly match-ups and a live snake draft Sunday Oct. 1 at 9 p.m. Eastern. Use this link and the password "sprinkles" to join.

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