September 29, 2008

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, Elimination Playoff Edition: It's technically the 163rd game of the regular season, but for SportsFilter's purposes the MLB post-season begins RIGHT NOW. Pick the winner of Tuesday's one-game playoff between Minnesota and Chicago, and get a leg up on the pick 'em competition.


Minnesota Twins (Blackburn, 11-10) at Chicago White Sox (Danks 11-9).

First pitch is scheduled for 7:30.


Pick the AL Central Division winner, and the margin by which they will win the one-game playoff.


Pick the player who will score the game-winning run. (NOT the game-winning RBI, but the player who actually crosses the plate.)

posted by DrJohnEvans to fantasy at 08:23 PM - 21 comments

Chicago White Sox win by 2 runs.

Orlando Cabrera crosses the plate to give me the lead in the post season pick'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets go you Cubbies win win win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Folkways at 09:41 PM on September 29

Twins by 3 Mauer scores the winning run.

posted by BoKnows at 10:07 PM on September 29

The Minnesota Twins by 2. Denard Span scores the winner.

posted by boredom_08 at 11:45 PM on September 29

Sox by 4

Alexei Ramirez

posted by holden at 12:06 AM on September 30

Twins by 1 Mauer scores

posted by Monica Poland at 12:50 AM on September 30

White Sox by 3.

Orlando Cabrera.

posted by owlhouse at 02:05 AM on September 30

Minnesota by 4. Mauer.

posted by yerfatma at 07:16 AM on September 30

Ah man, I didn't see this until now. Are points from this edition carrying over to the regular playoff edition? If so, how many points in total?

posted by NoMich at 08:18 AM on September 30

Oh wait, the game isn't until tonight. Whew! I'm really out of touch with things right now. Sorry.

Gotta go with the Sox in this one. Sox by 5 and Paul Konerko crosses the plate for the winning run.

posted by NoMich at 08:23 AM on September 30

Twins by one game. (What, that wasn't what you meant by margin?) Oh, well then 4 runs.

posted by apoch at 09:08 AM on September 30

And Punto ftw.

posted by apoch at 09:13 AM on September 30

Twins by 4 Morneau crosses the plate.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 11:00 AM on September 30

ChiSox by 1. Rookie Ramirez across the plate.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 11:05 AM on September 30

Twins by 3 Casilla comes across

posted by chris2sy at 11:36 AM on September 30

Twins by 1 Mauer game winning homerun

posted by skydivemom at 01:09 PM on September 30

Twins by 1. Mauer game winning home run.

posted by trox at 01:55 PM on September 30

Great minds think alike!

posted by trox at 01:56 PM on September 30

I got the Twins by 3, Morneau with the winning run.

posted by mbd1 at 02:30 PM on September 30

Chicago by 1, a walk-off solo by Ramirez.

"You can put it on the booooooaaaaarrrrd. YES!!!"

posted by Howard_T at 05:33 PM on September 30

We are all miserable pick 'em-ers.

posted by BoKnows at 11:40 PM on September 30

dammit all, it's true, Bo.

posted by boredom_08 at 12:15 AM on October 01

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