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In a nutshell

Go Jays. Go Sens. Go Furious George GOAT. Go rouge.

(Lose Leafs Lose.)

In our hearts forever: Andy Peters vs. Rob Ray. Okay, so it turns out that you can't watch that video anymore. Damn. In its place, I present to you Aaron Downey vs Brad Norton—the fight that changed the NHL forever.

Sara Orlesky is cute, but Patricia Boal is always in the right place at the right time.

The teams

Coming real soon.

The platform

There are certain inalienable truths in sports, at least according to me.

  1. "Intangibles" do not exist in any meaningful form. If a player brings something "intangible" to his team, that should be reflected in either his individual stats or the team's stats. If not, then his "intangibles" have no value and are not worth discussing.

  2. The NHL's regular season standings will remain inherently unfair until all games are worth the same number of points.

  3. The pitch-out is the best play ever conceived in any sport.

  4. You are not a unique snowflake: everybody here is a fan of a team. Referring to said team in the first-person possessive does nothing to strengthen your argument or make you stand out. Indeed, a comment beginning with "My Brewers" taints the comment's value by informing me that you're arguing through the blue-and-gold-tinted glasses of a Brewers fan, and not objectively as a sports fan. Be proud, but be reasonable.

  5. Winning breeds relaxation, losing breeds frustration. It is infinitely easier to get along with your teammates when you're winning lots of games. Let's stop gazing at .600 teams and talking about how they're all bosom buddies. (Feel free to do the same with .400 teams, though.)

The commendations

"... an integral part of the Sportsfilter.com experience." — NoMich

"DrJohnEvans … should be reading medicine articles if [he is] really a doctor and stop complaining so much." — LROD

"DrJohnEvans [is] only the median if you give extra weight in the direction of users who have posted more than one comment." — mexican

"... DrJohnEvans is now my new friend." — Kleptophoria!

"Where's DrJohnEvans with a cool scoring table when you need him?" — The_Black_Hand

Great moments in sports journalism

Like most discriminating SpoFites, I'm really picky about the commentators and analysts that I have to watch and listen to. Fortunately, there are a few shining stars which pop up on my television. Included with your basic Rogers Cable package up here is a scrappy small-market sports channel, The Score. Their programming's centred around their near-constant highlight/update reels. They're my favourite in terms of sports news and entertainment: they just have fun with the stuff.

Tell it like it is

Sunday afternoons feature The Score on the NFL, which keeps track of the millions of games going on at once. December 19, they were doing their usual mid-afternoon round-up. The game was Minnesota at Detroit:

[highlight reel running]

"Minnesota gets one late in the fourth quarter to go up by seven, but it doesn't matter, because Detroit marches right back to score the major with eight seconds left in the game."

[boxscore screen comes up]

"It's still 28-27 as we're just waiting for the extra point, I'm just watching it now... and THEY MUFFED THE SNAP! They muffed the snap! Amazing. Amazing. Eight seconds left, the touchdown, and they muffed the snap. Okay, hang on, we gotta get you this picture. Amazing. Amazing."

[highlight comes up]

"Okay, here is it. This JUST HAPPENED, folks. Detroit scores to nearly tie it up, and they muff the snap. Amazing. Amazing. Man. Lions suck."

I love good sports journalism.

How to call a Tampa Bay home run

From MLB highlights on The Score Tonight, Summer 2006:
TIM: Fifth inning, Johnny Gomes at the dish. Now he's a model, if you know what I mean, 'cause he does his little thing on the catwalk.

SID: On the catwalk?

TIM: On the catwalk, yeah.

SID: He does his little thing on the catwalk?

TIM: That's correct.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fourteen

Ottawa by 9
B.C. by 30
Montreal by 3
Calgary by 12

posted by DrJohnEvans at 11:03 AM on September 21

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fourteen

Last week's scores were updated here.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 11:01 AM on September 21

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fourteen

Order is restored to the world as the Riders snap the Ti-Cats' two-game winning streak, although maybe not perfect order since the Argos upset Edmonton in a solid victory. Speaking of streaks, Calgary's keeps going in convincing fashion, while Ottawa gets back in the win column in a big way.

ResultSaskatchewan by 8Toronto by 8Calgary by 14Ottawa by 18
Margin of Error6 to 106 to 1010 to 1813 to 23

This week's hero is Howard_T, who nails the Calgary spread to score seven points and grab first place.

SpoFiteSSK @ HAMSEDM @ TORSBC @ CGYSOTT @ MTLSPointsTotal Points
Howard_TSaskatchewan6 8Calgary14Ottawa 750
Reever Calgary 148
jagsnumberoneSaskatchewan6 Calgary10 448
ic23bSaskatchewan7 Calgary Ottawa 447
jjzucalSaskatchewan Toronto Calgary10 447
JPRSaskatchewan Calgary Ottawa 346
argoal Calgary 143
tommytrumpSaskatchewan Calgary15Ottawa18 343
DrJohnEvansSaskatchewan Calgary Ottawa 342
tahoemojSaskatchewan10 Calgary18Ottawa 342
cixelsydSaskatchewan9 241
rcadeSaskatchewan10 Calgary17 439
bender 8Toronto9 333

Into the final third of the season and nothing is decided. Well, Calgary is good. But apart from that, nothing.


Ottawa @ Winnipeg (Friday, September 22)
Ottawa's put together a nice little run to regress more closely to their Pythagorean mean. But three of their four recent wins have come against the East, and their next four games are all Western opponents.

Hamilton @ B.C. (Friday, September 22)
B.C. is playing flip-flop with Saskatchewan for fourth place (and a likely crossover) in the division. With the Ti-Cats in town, the Lions will be out for blood.

Montreal @ Toronto (Saturday, September 23)
Honestly I don't even know with these two anymore.

Calgary @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, September 24)
Don't look now, but Saskatchewan's only four points out of a home playoff spot. Of course, they have to beat Calgary to stay there, which seems unlikely.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 11:36 AM on September 20

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen

Yup, in my original draft, I had Montreal winning by 23 and assigned points accordingly. I noticed my mistake, fixed the game column and the "Totals" column, but forgot to fix the "Points" column.

Corrected standings below:

SpoFiteMTL @ BCSSSK @ WPGSHAM @ OTTSCGY @ EDMSPointsTotal Points
ReeverB.C. Winnipeg Calgary 347
jagsnumberoneB.C. Winnipeg17 Calgary3 644
ic23bB.C. Calgary 243
JPRB.C. Winnipeg 4Calgary4543
jjzucalB.C.18 3343
Howard_TB.C.16Winnipeg Calgary 443
argoal 042
DrJohnEvansB.C. Winnipeg Calgary3 539
cixelsydB.C. Winnipeg Calgary 339
tahoemojB.C. Winnipeg Calgary 337
tommytrumpB.C.2Winnipeg19 Calgary 537
rcadeB.C. Calgary 235
bender 030

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:11 PM on September 18

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen

Yeah, I finished the whole standings before I realized that I accidentally had Montreal winning by 23, so I had to redo a bunch of stuff. I probably missed some fixes. I'll double-check and post updated standings.

My picks:

Saskatchewan by 19
Edmonton by 9
Calgary by 3
Ottawa by 12

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:27 PM on September 15

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen

The Lions score 41 points in Montreal, which is a bit more what we expected. Winnipeg stabilizes things against Saskatchewan, tucking away a decisive win. Hamilton shocks the Ottawa faithful with their second win of the season, while Calgary shocks nobody to sweep the home-and-home.

ResultB.C. by 23Winnipeg by 20Hamilton by 4Calgary by 3
Margin of Error16 to 3014 to 263 to 52 to 4

Reever's hanging on, but jags scores a healthy six points to jump into second place. Beyond that, we have a nice healthy four-way tie for third.

SpoFiteMTL @ BCSSSK @ WPGSHAM @ OTTSCGY @ EDMSPointsTotal Points
ReeverB.C. Winnipeg Calgary 247
jagsnumberoneB.C. Winnipeg17 Calgary3 544
ic23bB.C. Calgary 143
JPRB.C. Winnipeg 4Calgary4443
jjzucalB.C.18 3143
Howard_TB.C.16Winnipeg Calgary 243
argoal 042
DrJohnEvansB.C. Winnipeg Calgary3 439
cixelsydB.C. Winnipeg Calgary 239
tahoemojB.C. Winnipeg Calgary 237
tommytrumpB.C.2Winnipeg19 Calgary 337
rcadeB.C. Calgary 135
bender 130

It's another week, right after the last one!


Saskatchewan @ Hamilton (Friday, September 15)
Says here that Hamilton's won two games in a row. Huh! That's all well and good against the East, but I'm not quite ready to make them a favourite against the Riders.

Edmonton @ Toronto (Saturday, September 16)
In a similar vein, Edmonton's lost four in a row, but all against tough West Division opponents - including two losses to Calgary. Toronto has been surprisingly okay this year, but probably still decent pickings.

B.C. @ Calgary (Saturday, September 16)
The Lions have been stumbling, and it's a bad time to visit Calgary.

Ottawa @ Montreal (Sunday, September 17)
I had a big long screed written about this being a meanignful game for playoff ranking tiebreakers, but then I remembered that Ottawa has a tie and thus an odd number of points, which makes a head-to-head tiebreaker extremely unlikely. So basically Montreal needs to start winning more if they want to make the playoffs. Which seems unlikely.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:32 AM on September 13

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twelve

What the heck happened there? I posted the standings right after posting the post. Timestamps don't lie.

Anyway, here are my picks:

B.C. by 12
Winnipeg by 7
Ottawa by 19
Calgary by 3

posted by DrJohnEvans at 11:48 AM on September 08

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twelve

Ottawa's cleaning up nicely and they sure cleaned the mat with the Als. Kevin Glenn continues his renaissance as the Riders poke holes in the Bombers' plans. Calgary's plans remain intact as they solidify their division lead, while Hamilton holds off a late Toronto surge to notch their first win of the season.

ResultOttawa by 28Saskatchewan by 14Calgary by 21Hamilton by 2
Margin of Error20 to 3610 to 1815 to 271 to 3

Reever picks Hamilton, and it pays off: he leapfrogs argoal to grab first place.

ReeverOttawa Calgary Hamilton3444
argoal Saskatchewan Calgary 242
ic23bOttawa Saskatchewan Calgary 341
jjzucal Saskatchewan15Calgary 340
Howard_TOttawa Saskatchewan Calgary 339
jagsnumberoneOttawa Saskatchewan Calgary 338
JPR Saskatchewan Calgary 238
cixelsyd Saskatchewan Calgary 236
DrJohnEvansOttawa Saskatchewan Calgary 334
tahoemojOttawa Calgary20 334
rcadeOttawa 133
tommytrumpOttawa21Saskatchewan18 Hamilton 532
benderOttawa Saskatchewan18Calgary15 530

With our Labour Day hangover behind us, it's full speed ahead into the home stretch.


Montreal @ B.C. (Friday, September 8)
So this may seem like a cross-country match of bottom-dwellers, but Montreal could be playing for their playoff lives: if the season ended today, they'd lose out on the playoffs with a west crossover.

Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg (Saturday, September 9)
Saskatchewan climbed up out of last place, and has their eye on a divisional playoff spot. If they can sweep this home-and-home they're right in the conversation.

Hamilton @ Ottawa (Saturday, September 9)
Ottawa is good now! Hamilton is probably still bad.

Calgary @ Edmonton (Sunday, September 9)
Remember when Edmonton was a point out of first place? If they can't muster a better show against Calgary this week, that dream will be long gone.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:12 PM on September 07

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eleven

Ottawa by 19
Saskatchewan by 9
Calgary by 3
Toronto by 9

posted by DrJohnEvans at 07:41 PM on August 30

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eleven

Montreal fights back to send it to overtime, but the Bombers prevail in the extra frame. Once-mighty Edmonton is reeling as they give up 54 points to the Riders. The tide seems to be turning for Ottawa: the spread goes their way in a tough win against the Lions. And in unsurprising news, Calgary remains good.

ResultWinnipeg by 3Saskatchewan by 23Ottawa by 7Calgary by 16
Margin of Error2 to 416 to 305 to 911 to 21

Watch out argoal! Reever nails the Ottawa game to jump into a tie for first.

SpoFiteWPG @ MTLSSSK @ EDMSBC @ OTTSTOR @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
argoalWinnipeg Ottawa Calgary 340
ReeverWinnipeg Saskatchewan Ottawa7 Calgary 640
ic23bWinnipeg Ottawa Calgary18438
jjzucal 3 23 Calgary 337
JPRWinnipeg3 Calgary 436
Howard_TWinnipeg Ottawa6Calgary21536
jagsnumberoneWinnipeg Calgary14335
cixelsydWinnipeg Calgary18334
rcadeWinnipeg Ottawa6Calgary18532
DrJohnEvansWinnipeg Ottawa Calgary19431
tahoemojWinnipeg Calgary16431
tommytrumpWinnipeg Ottawa Calgary16427
benderWinnipeg Ottawa 225

Lay down your hammers and pick up your phones - it's time for the Labour Day Classic.


Ottawa @ Montreal (Thursday, August 31)
Unlucky versus plucky: the pluck stops here. I'm counting on Ottawa's luck continuing to turn around.

Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, September 3)
Saskatchewan's last-place 4-4 record would have them in a tie for first were they in the East. Of course, if Saskatchewan was in the East, entire elements of Canada's national psyche would have to be re-evaluated, starting with the phrase "bunny hugs".

Edmonton @ Calgary (Monday, September 4)
Oof! Edmonton has lost two in a row and has slipped to third place. Fortunately for them, a win this week puts them back up top. Unfortunately for them, that win will have to come against Calgary.

Toronto @ Hamilton (Monday, September 4)
Toronto has been not-great, but Hamilton has been utterly dismal: winless, last in the league in both offence and defence, poor hiring decisions. But it's Labour Day so who knows.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 11:47 AM on August 30

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Ten

Back online and catching up. Here are last week's results and standings. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

Winnipeg puts in the time and hands Edmonton their first loss of the season. Ottawa piles on the points to make sure Hamilton's streak remains intact. B.C.'s defence makes a game of it, keeping Bo Levi Mitchell out of the end zone, but Calgary grinds out the tough win. Back home, Ricky Ray finds a touch of the old magic, airing it out as the Argos wallop the Als.

ResultWinnipeg by 7Ottawa by 19Calgary by 4Toronto by 32
Margin of Error5 to 913 to 253 to 522 to 42

argoal grinds out a couple of extra points to widen his lead to three, over a fresh three-way tie for second.

SpoFiteEDM @ WPGSOTT @ HAMSCGY @ BCSMTL @ TORSPointsTotal Points
argoal Ottawa Calgary4 Toronto 537
ic23b 7Ottawa Calgary 334
ReeverWinnipeg Ottawa Calgary Toronto 434
jjzucal Ottawa13Calgary Toronto 434
JPRWinnipeg Ottawa Calgary5 432
jagsnumberoneWinnipeg Ottawa Calgary Toronto 432
cixelsydWinnipeg Ottawa Calgary 331
Howard_TWinnipeg8Ottawa Calgary Toronto 531
DrJohnEvans Ottawa Calgary 227
rcadeWinnipeg Ottawa13Calgary 427
tahoemojWinnipeg Ottawa18Calgary 427
benderWinnipeg9Ottawa Calgary 423
tommytrump Ottawa21 Toronto 322

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:45 PM on August 27

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Ten

Is that a "cottage" like those once owned by the multi-millionaires in Newport, RI?

No road access; no electricity; no cell signal; no plumbing? No problem!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:02 PM on August 27

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Ten

Winnipeg by 12
Edmonton by 12
Ottawa by 12
Calgary by 19

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:29 AM on August 22

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Ten

I'm headed off the grid to the cottage, so this week's post is a little early. Full standings and updates when I return. Thanks for your patience!


Winnipeg @ Montreal (Thursday, August 24)
Winnipeg put its division on notice with a convincing win over Edmonton. Montreal has looked stronger as of late, but a true Western contender will dominate its Eastern road trips. Is Winnipeg there yet?

Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Friday, August 25)
Saskatchewan is looking to break their lose-one-win-one streak, and coming off a bye week, Kevin Glenn's aching bones will be nicely rested. Unfortunately for them, they're playing Edmonton.

B.C. @ Ottawa (Saturday, August 26)
Ottawa finally booked win #2 and finally has a positive point differential. Still a pretty lousy record, though. They have a tough road ahead, but perhaps it starts with a B.C. team that's gone a little cold lately.

Toronto @ Calgary (Sunday, August 28)
Toronto never seems to do too well in Calgary. This is likely because Calgary is very good, and Toronto is \_(ツ)_/.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:39 AM on August 19

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Nine

JPR's picks were emailed to me:

Win 4
Ott 5
Cal 5
Mont 4

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:35 PM on August 17