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In a nutshell

Go Jays. Go Sens. Go Furious George GOAT. Go rouge.

(Lose Leafs Lose.)

In our hearts forever: Andy Peters vs. Rob Ray. Okay, so it turns out that you can't watch that video anymore. Damn. In its place, I present to you Aaron Downey vs Brad Norton—the fight that changed the NHL forever.

Sara Orlesky is cute, but Patricia Boal is always in the right place at the right time.

The teams

Coming real soon.

The platform

There are certain inalienable truths in sports, at least according to me.

  1. "Intangibles" do not exist in any meaningful form. If a player brings something "intangible" to his team, that should be reflected in either his individual stats or the team's stats. If not, then his "intangibles" have no value and are not worth discussing.

  2. The NHL's regular season standings will remain inherently unfair until all games are worth the same number of points.

  3. The pitch-out is the best play ever conceived in any sport.

  4. You are not a unique snowflake: everybody here is a fan of a team. Referring to said team in the first-person possessive does nothing to strengthen your argument or make you stand out. Indeed, a comment beginning with "My Brewers" taints the comment's value by informing me that you're arguing through the blue-and-gold-tinted glasses of a Brewers fan, and not objectively as a sports fan. Be proud, but be reasonable.

  5. Winning breeds relaxation, losing breeds frustration. It is infinitely easier to get along with your teammates when you're winning lots of games. Let's stop gazing at .600 teams and talking about how they're all bosom buddies. (Feel free to do the same with .400 teams, though.)

The commendations

"... an integral part of the Sportsfilter.com experience." — NoMich

"DrJohnEvans … should be reading medicine articles if [he is] really a doctor and stop complaining so much." — LROD

"DrJohnEvans [is] only the median if you give extra weight in the direction of users who have posted more than one comment." — mexican

"... DrJohnEvans is now my new friend." — Kleptophoria!

"Where's DrJohnEvans with a cool scoring table when you need him?" — The_Black_Hand

Great moments in sports journalism

Like most discriminating SpoFites, I'm really picky about the commentators and analysts that I have to watch and listen to. Fortunately, there are a few shining stars which pop up on my television. Included with your basic Rogers Cable package up here is a scrappy small-market sports channel, The Score. Their programming's centred around their near-constant highlight/update reels. They're my favourite in terms of sports news and entertainment: they just have fun with the stuff.

Tell it like it is

Sunday afternoons feature The Score on the NFL, which keeps track of the millions of games going on at once. December 19, they were doing their usual mid-afternoon round-up. The game was Minnesota at Detroit:

[highlight reel running]

"Minnesota gets one late in the fourth quarter to go up by seven, but it doesn't matter, because Detroit marches right back to score the major with eight seconds left in the game."

[boxscore screen comes up]

"It's still 28-27 as we're just waiting for the extra point, I'm just watching it now... and THEY MUFFED THE SNAP! They muffed the snap! Amazing. Amazing. Eight seconds left, the touchdown, and they muffed the snap. Okay, hang on, we gotta get you this picture. Amazing. Amazing."

[highlight comes up]

"Okay, here is it. This JUST HAPPENED, folks. Detroit scores to nearly tie it up, and they muff the snap. Amazing. Amazing. Man. Lions suck."

I love good sports journalism.

How to call a Tampa Bay home run

From MLB highlights on The Score Tonight, Summer 2006:
TIM: Fifth inning, Johnny Gomes at the dish. Now he's a model, if you know what I mean, 'cause he does his little thing on the catwalk.

SID: On the catwalk?

TIM: On the catwalk, yeah.

SID: He does his little thing on the catwalk?

TIM: That's correct.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 17: The turkey leftovers are nearly finished, which means that we're past the final quarter pole and into the home stretch. Four weeks remain in this weird and wild 2014 season. argoal stands alone at the top this week, but who will it be next week? Grab your crystal balls and make your picks inside.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 16: The crazy times continue: the East wins out again and our rankings turn upside-down. JPR and argoal take over the top spot, which means they're bringing the maple turkey on Monday. That's right, it's Canadian Thanksgiving, so grab your hoser hats and make your picks inside.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 15: Six weeks to go and absolutely nothing is even close to being decided. Calgary and Saskatchewan, early favourites, now have no quarterbacks. Montreal and Hamilton, left for dead, are winning games by magic. And we have four players tied for second place. Blink twice and make your picks inside.

posted by DrJohnEvans to fantasy at 05:44 PM on October 01 - 14 comments

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 19

Hamilton by 10
Calgary by 10
Edmonton by 5
Montreal... by .... 8

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:46 AM on October 30

Giants Win World Series

Also, I wonder what happened in the parallel universe where Ned Yost doesn't bunt the runner over. Bumgarner was struggling with location against those first few batters, and giving up an out there seemed to make it easier for him to get out of the inning.

On edit, what rcade said.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:19 AM on October 30

Giants Win World Series

dfleming is correct. The "most effective" rule only applies if the lead is gained during the starter's short outing as per 10.17(b), or if the technical relief pitcher or record is deemed ineffective:

10.17(c) The official scorer shall not credit as the winning pitcher a relief pitcher who is ineffective in a brief appearance, when at least one succeeding relief pitcher pitches effectively in helping his team maintain its lead. In such a case, the official scorer shall credit as the winning pitcher the succeeding relief pitcher who was most effective, in the judgment of the official scorer.

Regardless - what a performance by Bumgarner. Something for the ages.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:16 AM on October 30

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 19

Ottawa makes some noise on an emotional night, but Montreal hangs on for the win. Kerry Joseph and Bo Levi Mitchell suit up for an old-fashioned shootout in which Calgary prevails. Toronto gives up an early lead, but comes back in the end to send Hamilton's fans home in tears. Winnipeg hangs tough, but a strong fourth quarter from the Lions catapaults B.C. into the playoffs.

ResultMontreal by 6Calgary by 13Toronto by 2B.C. by 5
Margin of Error4 to 89 to 171 to 34 to 7

JPR has a strong week but misses on the Toronto win, which could be costly: argoal hits the Toronto margin to pull ahead by two points.

SpoFiteMTL @ OTTSSSK @ CGYSHAM @ TORSBC @ WPGSPointsTotal Points
argoalMontreal Calgary9Toronto3B.C. 669
JPRMontreal7Calgary B.C.4567
cixelsydMontreal Calgary B.C.7464
Howard_TMontreal7Calgary Toronto B.C. 563
rcadeMontreal Calgary13 Toronto B.C. 663
ReeverMontreal8 B.C.7462
owlhouseMontreal Toronto B.C. 358
tommytrumpMontreal Calgary16Toronto B.C. 556
goddamMontreal Toronto B.C. 355
ic23bMontreal Calgary B.C. 355
DrJohnEvansMontreal Calgary B.C. 353
benderMontreal B.C. 246


Here's a count of teams that have clinched a playoff berth, by division. West: four, East: zero. Should be an interesting couple of weeks.

Hamilton @ Ottawa (Friday, October 31)
After a tough loss in Toronto, Hamilton needs to win both of their last two games in order to secure a playoff berth. Fortunately for them, playing Ottawa is a good way to start a winning streak.

Winnipeg @ Calgary (Saturday, November 1)
Winnipeg's lost eight in a row and is looking for answers for 2015. Calgary's cruising with the division wrapped up and a four-game win streak to boot. Maybe TiVo this one and fast-forward through it later.

B.C. @ Edmonton (Saturday, November 1)
This is interesting: if my math is right, B.C. is still in the mix for a home playoff game. But they need to win this game by at least seven points to keep that dream alive. It's young upstart Mike Reilly against wiley veteran Kevin Glenn. Should be fun!

Toronto @ Montreal (Sunday, November 2)
More jostling for position: a Toronto win would move them into a tie with Montreal for first place. But the vivid memories of an uninspired Argos loss at the hands of the Alouettes two weeks ago haven't faded, and a Montreal win this week would seal the division race in their favour.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:21 AM on October 29

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 18

Montreal by 10
Calgary by 8
Hamilton by 7
B.C. by 14

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:15 AM on October 23

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 18

It was messy, but Hamilton wins ugly against Ottawa to stay in a tie for first. Also ugly: Toronto's offence, which can't find the end zone all night as they drop the game, and first place, to Montreal. Calgary survives a late scare to clinch the division with a win over Winnipeg, while Edmonton's sittin' pretty in second with a win over Saskatchewan.

ResultHamilton by 10Montreal by 8Calgary by 10Edmonton by 5
Margin of Error7 to 136 to 107 to 134 to 7

It's tooth and nail for the top two: JPR nails the Hamilton game to threaten, but argoal hits three margins to keep pace and stay on top.

argoalHamilton13 Calgary12Edmonton6663
JPRHamilton10 Calgary Edmonton7662
cixelsydHamilton10 Calgary Edmonton 560
Howard_THamilton Calgary9Edmonton 458
ReeverHamilton Montreal Calgary10Edmonton 658
rcadeHamilton 8Calgary12Edmonton6657
owlhouse Calgary Edmonton 255
goddamHamilton Montreal Calgary 352
ic23bHamilton 8Calgary Edmonton 452
tommytrumpHamilton Calgary Edmonton 351
DrJohnEvansHamilton Calgary10Edmonton 550
benderHamilton 144


Some interesting playoff scenarios shaping up. If you're in the East, replace "interesting" with "horrifying" as a crossover looms.

Montreal @ Ottawa (Friday, October 24)
Nobody is more surprised than Montreal to find themselves tied for first, and with a short trip down the 417, they could take another step towards securing that first round bye. Ottawa's toast, of course, but beware the youth? Maybe?

Saskatchewan @ Calgary (Friday, October 24)
How the mighty have fallen. With Winnipeg's loss, Saskatchewan has clinched a playoff berth, but will an out-of-retirement Kerry Joseph carry them far in November? For that matter, can he even win a single game against a resting Calgary squad? I guess we'll find out this week.

Hamilton @ Toronto (Saturday, October 25)
Ouch: Toronto's fallen off the pace for the East division lead, and find themselves potential crossover victims. But Hamilton's the team they're chasing, and they shocked the Ti-Cats a couple weeks back. That said, Toronto's been lucky if not good, and if they want to stay alive they'll need to switch that up a bit.

B.C. @ Winnipeg (Saturday, October 25)
Winnipeg extends their losing streak to seven in a row. If they make it eight, B.C.'s got themselves a playoff berth.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:56 AM on October 22

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 17

Hamilton by 21
Toronto by 12
Calgary by 10
Edmonton by 9

posted by DrJohnEvans at 02:14 PM on October 16

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 17

In Toronto, the Argos barely show up for most of the game, heading into the 3-minute warning down 13 points. But Ricky Ray and Chad Owens connect for a massive comeback to shock the Ti-Cats and preserve Toronto's share of first place.

Elsewhere in Vancouver, Montreal, and Edmonton, the Redblacks, Roughriders, and Bombers had the exact same plan, but forgot about the comeback.

ResultToronto by 1B.C. by 38Montreal by 31Edmonton by 32
Margin of Error1 to 127 to 4922 to 4022 to 42

Mostly a push this week, but argoal and JPR differed on the Hamilton-Toronto game, leaving argoal alone in first place - but just barely.

SpoFiteHAM @ TORSOTT @ BCSSSK @ MTLSWPG @ EDMSPointsTotal Points
argoalToronto B.C. Montreal Edmonton 457
JPR B.C. Montreal Edmonton 356
cixelsydToronto B.C. Edmonton 355
Howard_T B.C. Montreal Edmonton 354
owlhouseToronto B.C. Edmonton 353
ReeverToronto B.C. Montreal Edmonton 452
rcadeToronto B.C. Montreal Edmonton 451
goddamToronto B.C. Montreal Edmonton 449
tommytrumpToronto B.C. Edmonton 348
ic23b B.C. Montreal Edmonton24448
DrJohnEvans B.C. Edmonton 245
benderToronto1 343


Into the home stretch with something to play for: with four games remaining, nobody has been mathmatically eliminated yet, and it's all divisional play from this point on.

Ottawa @ Hamilton (Friday, October 17)
Wait, even Ottawa's not eliminated yet? It's true! Although they will be with a loss, or a Toronto win. But they're going up against a decent Hamilton team that's coming off a crushing loss and looking to get back in the saddle, so maybe this ain't the Redblacks' year.

Montreal @ Toronto (Saturday, October 18)
Battle for first! Montreal, Toronto, and Hamilton are in a three-way tie for first. But Toronto has an actual quarterback, while Montreal has... a lovely stadium and a decent ground game. Montreal's had a nice comeback run, but I don't think they have the fuel to sustain it.

Calgary @ Winnipeg (Saturday, October 18)
Oh, Winnipeg. Remember July? Yeah, me too. But you've lost six in a row now, and Calgary's coming to town. The Stamps can clinch the division with a win, while likely eliminating the Bombers from contention.

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, October 19)
Here's the money game of the week. It's pretty much down to these two to host the division semi-final, and guess what? They play each other twice before the season's out. The Riders have fallen on tough times in the post-Durant era, while Edmonton's clawed its way into second place. Edmonton's got the edge until Saskatchewan can find its offence again, but should be a fun one regardless.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:38 AM on October 16

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 16

Hamilton by 8
B.C. by 10
Saskatchewan by 7
Edmonton by 16

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:16 AM on October 09

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 16

More shocking East division dominance! Ottawa spanks Winnipeg, Toronto edges Edmonton, and Hamilton comes back against the Lions. Meanwhile out West, Calgary rides away with a win to clinch a playoff spot and extend their division lead to three games.

ResultOttawa by 22Calgary by 7Toronto by 1Hamilton by 2
Margin of Error15 to 295 to 91 to 11 to 3

We're all over the place this week. But JPR and argoal are at least headed in the right direction: twin five-point weeks jump them into a tie for first.

SpoFiteWPG @ OTTSCGY @ SSKSEDM @ TORSBC @ HAMSPointsTotal Points
JPR Calgary7 Hamilton3553
argoalOttawa Calgary8Toronto Hamilton 553
cixelsydOttawa Calgary Toronto Hamilton 452
Howard_TOttawa Calgary Hamilton 351
owlhouse 050
Reever Calgary7Toronto Hamilton 548
rcade 047
goddamOttawa 145
tommytrumpOttawa16Calgary Toronto 445
ic23bOttawa Calgary Hamilton 344
DrJohnEvans 043
benderOttawa Hamilton 240
Ying Yang Mafia 028


Heading into Thanksgiving weekend, every single East Division team has a winning streak. Just like we all predicted back in August, right?

Hamilton @ Toronto (Friday, October 10)
It's the revenge of Zach Collaros: cut loose by the Argos, he's found a niche with Hamilton and is making things interesting. With Hamilton leading the division by a game, this is a key game for Toronto heading into the home stretch.

Ottawa @ B.C. (Saturday, October 11)
All of a sudden, Ottawa has a win, and B.C. has lost three in a row. What universe is this? Still: Vancouver is Vancouver and that turf is tough on visitors.

Saskatchewan @ Montreal (Monday, October 13)
I don't even know what to think anymore. Saskatchewan had a chance to grab the division but lost it when Durant went down. Meanwhile Montreal has strung together a couple of wins and is very much in the mix for a home playoff game. What do you think: is Jonathan Crompton the man to bring glory back to Montreal?

Winnipeg @ Edmonton (Monday, October 13)
Edmonton pretty much has to win out if they have any hope of unseating Calgary for the division. But if that's your plan, hosting a struggling Winnipeg team isn't a bad way to start.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:39 PM on October 08

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 15

Edmonton by 8 B.C. by 12

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:48 PM on October 04

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 15

Defence rules the day! Montreal hangs tough in Ottawa, while Edmonton bags an impressive shutout against Saskatchewan. Hamilton hangs on tight to beat Winnipeg, and Calgary's defence help 'em get their mojo back against the Lions.

ResultMontreal by 8Edmonton by 24Hamilton by 5Calgary by 14
Margin of Error6 to 1017 to 314 to 710 to 18

The tie is broken! owlhouse notches four points to jump into sole posession of first place. And is that a four-way tie for second place I see?

SpoFiteMTL @ OTTSSSK @ EDMSHAM @ WPGSBC @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
owlhouseMontreal7Edmonton Calgary 450
Howard_T Edmonton 14248
JPRMontreal7Edmonton Hamilton Calgary 548
argoalMontreal Edmonton Hamilton6Calgary 548
cixelsydMontreal9Edmonton Hamilton7Calgary10748
rcadeMontreal Edmonton Calgary14547
goddamMontreal6 Hamilton 344
DrJohnEvansMontreal7 243
Reever Edmonton Hamilton7 343
tommytrump Edmonton Hamilton 241
ic23b Hamilton Calgary18341
bender Edmonton Hamilton Calgary13438
Ying Yang Mafia 028


Insert snappy week description here.

Winnipeg @ Ottawa (Friday, October 3)
Finally, we get a true battle of the basement! Expansion Ottawa has lost nine straight, but has looked better lately. Winnipeg started strong but have fallen flat, losing four straight. Who's worse?

Calgary @ Saskatchewan (Friday, October 3)
The two Western thoroughbreds, both without their startign QBs. Calgary's up by two wins with five weeks to play, but between now and season's end, they play Saskatchewan twice. They can all but clinch by winning this week, but that's no easy task in Regina.

Edmonton @ Toronto (Saturday, October 4)
Is there life in Toronto? A win in B.C., followed by a much-needed bye to rest the wounded, followed by an Edmonton team that's been inconsistent. But part of that inconsistency involved shutting out Saskatchewan last week, so Ricky Ray's gotta be on his guard.

B.C. @ Hamilton (Saturday, October 4)
Verrry interesting. You'd think that B.C. should get the edge, but the Lions are coming off a couple of tough losses, and a resurgent Hamilton's undefeated in their new digs. Hmmm.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 05:45 PM on October 01

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 14

Montreal by 7
Saskatchewan by 3
Winnipeg by 9
B.C. by 8

posted by DrJohnEvans at 04:01 PM on September 26

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 14

Toronto surprises everyone with a rare win in Vancouver, while Hamilton comes from behind to beat the Esks. Montreal shocks the bookies with a big win over Calgary, and even Ottawa makes it close against Saskatchewan.

ResultToronto by 17Hamilton by 2Montreal by 16Saskatchewan by 3
Margin of Error12 to 221 to 311 to 212 to 4

Tough week for points given the surprises on the scoreboard, but argoal puts together a nice four-point week to move into a tie for third.

SpoFiteTOR @ BCSEDM @ HAMSCGY @ MTLSOTT @ SSKSPointsTotal Points
Howard_T Saskatchewan 146
owlhouse Saskatchewan 146
JPR Saskatchewan 143
argoalToronto Hamilton3 Saskatchewan 443
rcade Hamilton Saskatchewan 242
DrJohnEvans Saskatchewan 141
goddam Hamilton Saskatchewan 241
cixelsydToronto Saskatchewan 241
ReeverToronto Saskatchewan 240
tommytrumpToronto Hamilton Saskatchewan 339
ic23b Hamilton Saskatchewan 238
bender Hamilton2 334
Ying Yang Mafia Hamilton3 Saskatchewan 328


Back to divisional play this week, so maybe the world will make a little more sense.

Montreal @ Ottawa (Friday, September 26)
Who would've thought this game could be intriguing? A resurgent Montreal could move into first with a win, and even Ottawa is looking competitive these days.

Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Friday, September 26)
The West just got close again. Steady Edmonton can tie the Riders for second with a win, but Saskatchewan can tie for first if they can steal two points at Commonwealth.

Hamilton @ Winnipeg (Saturday, September 27)
Two teams going in opposite directions: Winnipeg has lost their early-season shine and three in a row to boot, while Hamilton's won two in a row to get to the top of the East. Is there enough time in the season for another change in fortune?

B.C. @ Calgary (Saturday, September 27)
Calgary looked like world beaters with Mitchell at the helm, but so far Drew Tate hasn't been able to keep that momentum in place. Are they vulnerable? The visiting Lions will be a good test.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 12:56 PM on September 25

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 13

Edmonton by 9
Calgary by 11
Saskatchewan by 21

posted by DrJohnEvans at 04:24 PM on September 20