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Native Bostonian, with all attendant baggage still attached. Braves fan until they left for Milwaukee (yes, I'm that old), then it was the BoSox by default. Love all sports, but the favorites are baseball, hockey, football, and hoop, in that order. Used to umpire baseball at the Babe Ruth, Legion, and High School level. At my age, there are too many sports memories to really pick a favorite. Maybe it is Bill Russell's first game in Boston Garden. Another is the time when I was just back from Viet Nam and my dad took me to a Bruins game. This was in the glory days of Orr. Toronto was the opponent, they started 5 defensemen (really), and the fight started within the first minute or so.

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Montreal Canadiens Jean Beliveau dead at 83: Montreal Canadiens have reported that Hockey Hall-of-Fame member and Montreal legend Jean Beliveau has passed away at age 83. Beliveau played 20 seasons for Canadiens, winning 10 Stanley Cup Championships, 5 of them coming when Beliveau wore the captain's C. He also served as a member of the team's management, earning 7 more cups along the way.

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The Big Guys Get Their Way: The NCAA Board of Directors has given the 5 big conferences what amounts to near autonomy to set their own rules. It appears that football teams will now be ranked from Division 3 through FCS and FBS, with the largest 5 conferences in a new division called the Juggernaut Division.

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Celtics Guard, Lakers Exec Bill Sharman Dies: Bill Sharman, high-scoring guard for the Boston Celtics, and later coach and executive with the Los Angeles Lakers has died at age 87. In the championship years with the Celtics, the mantra "Russell to Cousy to Sharman", describing the Boston fast break, was the equivalent of baseball's "Tinker to Evers to Chance".

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The Bridgetown Senators?: This from Christopher Stuart Taylor of the Huffington Post tries to explain a possible bit of Canadian tax evasion on the part of Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk. The dodge involves setting up business relationships between Canada and Barbados. The businesses will then be taxed at the 2.5% Barbadian rate rather than the 30% Canadian rate. While the author leads with a Senators' connection, the actual investigation conducted by the CBC has nothing to do with the team. I'm sure Melnyk is clever enough to keep purely Canadian businesses out of the "Bajun" connection. Note: No matter which side (Canadian or Barbadian) is puling a fast one here, I'm on the bad side. My dad was from Nova Scotia, my mom from Barbados, and I still have family in both places.

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Johnny Pesky, 1920-2012: Boston Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky died today at 92 years of age. He had been associated with the team in one capacity or another nearly continuously since 1942. Pesky, nee Paveskovich, is most remembered for the right-field foul pole that bears his name in Fenway Park.

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Pace Mannion NBA Pick 'Em Contest: Week 5

Oh, there's injuries in Boston.

Thanks for the warning, nomich. I'm going to have to be more careful about the intelligence I use.

tron7, I stopped booing Kobe a year or 2 ago when my son and I were at a Lakers - Celtics game. LA was in the midst of a terrible season, the team for the most part had given up on playing, but Kobe gave it his level best while the Celtics were pounding his team into the parquet. That's when we both began to understand what Kobe had meant to his team and the league for so many years. I will be cheering, not booing him on the 30th.

posted by Howard_T at 05:05 PM on November 24

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

This morning in the locker room after my workout I was speaking with a guy who told me that his friend had attended the game and had tracked the time during which there was no on-field action due to commercial time out. In the first half alone, it amounted to some 39 minutes. If the NFL wants to slaughter the source of its golden eggs, this -- excessive stoppage of the action -- is the thing that could do it. In my case, it gave me lots of excuses to jump over the the Bruins vs Maple Leafs for updates on the score and to catch a bit of the action.

On the "inadvertent whistle", it looked like Rex Ryan was directly in front of the official and was jumping around and gesticulating wildly, thus obstructing the official's view of the play and causing the official to be watching Ryan to avoid being knocked down. True enough, there was a penalty assessed on the play because of Ryan's conduct, but the NFL ought to follow up with a heavy fine to discourage such behavior. Of course, the official never should have put the whistle in his mouth to start with. An umpiring friend of mine who also does ice hockey told me that one of the things he had been taught to do was never to put the whistle anywhere near his mouth until he was entirely sure that a call should be made. Better the whistle goes a fraction late than too early.

posted by Howard_T at 04:57 PM on November 24

Pace Mannion NBA Pick 'Em Contest: Week 5

Celtics lose Marcus Smart for a few weeks (Subluxation of the Proximal Tibial Fibular Joint, aka lower left leg injury), and C's perimeter defense does not look good against Brooklyn. In the meantime, LA Lakers continue to stumble their way through what has to be Kobe Bryant's farewell tour. Lakers' only appearance in Boston (Dec 30) is on my must see list, just to see Kobe one more time. In the meantime, here are the picks.

24 November
Atlanta by 11
Golden State by 17 with a large SLAM DUNK attached.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

posted by Howard_T at 05:16 PM on November 23

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

I watched Bruins vs Maple Leafs last night on the telly. How dare you, Toronto, hire a coach who can turn around a locker room. Mike Babcock has the Leafs playing some pretty good hockey, and they no longer can be taken as an easy 2 points. There are holes to be sure, but the quality of play is solid, there is no "I'll get my points and forget about defense" attitude, and but for Tuukka Rask and a little bit of luck, they could have walked out of TD Garden with a couple of points. Have hope, Leafs fans; it will take time, but there is a start.

posted by Howard_T at 01:22 PM on November 22

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

presenting your UND Fighting Hawks.

Just wait until the PETA people get hold of this. "Fighting Hawks" creates images of illegal bird fighting. Another consideration is that most species of hawk migrate south for the winter, so the UND hockey teams will suffer for lack of a mascot. Sounds like a bad choice all along. A friend of mine worked for a while near Minot, ND. He claimed there was a girl behind every tree there.

posted by Howard_T at 08:21 PM on November 19

Bill Belichick Refuses to Be NFL's Fashion Model

Bill Belichick wanted to wear a suit and tie on the sideline, a la Tom Landry, Hank Stram, and other coaches of that era. The NFL told him that he had to wear "official: NFL team logo gear. In his own inimitable manner, Belichick went with the letter of the law, thus the Hoodie. It's just another way that he rubs the NFL's noses in it.

posted by Howard_T at 08:14 PM on November 19

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 11: Nobody Knows Anything Edition

Running late as usual on a Thursday night. Last week it paid off with the lock on Carolina. What will happen this week. I'm glad I was not the only one making funny noises with my finger on my lips after looking at last week's scores.

Jacksonville by 12
Chicago by 7
Tampa Bay by 14
Atlanta by 10
Miami by 3
New York (American Conference) by 4
Detroit by 6
Baltimore by 15
Carolina by 19 The LOCK factory in Charlotte is still working.
San Diego by 3
Seattle by 15
Minnesota by 14
Arizona by 13
New England by 3

posted by Howard_T at 08:07 PM on November 19

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

McHale was fired after a particularly bad loss to former teammate Danny Ainge's Celtics. As suggested by some, perhaps Kevin was being nice to Danny in hopes of getting a different job?

posted by Howard_T at 04:13 PM on November 18

Pace Mannion NBA Pick 'Em Contest: Week 4

18 November
New Orleans by 6
Chicago by 14

19 November
Cleveland by 19 SLAM DUNK
LA Clippers by 5

20 November
San Antonio by 12
Golden State by 15

posted by Howard_T at 04:10 PM on November 18

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Coughlin just has Belichek's number

Don't forget that Belichick was the NYG defensive coordinator when Coughlin had the offense. They know each other well, have their teams try to play the same way (physical, grinding football when possible), and both are very detailed in their preparation. It's not a surprise that the two teams have such close games.

posted by Howard_T at 05:15 PM on November 17

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Howard T is the only one I saw that got his with Carolina over Tennessee

Another sign of my pure genius (yeah, right). Too bad I missed the spread; it might have mitigated the near disaster of this week.

J J Watt says the "Red Rifle" became a Red Ryder BB Gun, and Andy Dalton cries that Watt lacks integrity. Integrity?

posted by Howard_T at 05:10 PM on November 17

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

some of the calls Ed Hochuli made during the game

At one point in the second half the TV cameras were on Belichick as he was quite heatedly engaging Hochuli in conversation. I don't know what was being said, but I did notice that the calls began to get a bit more even afterwards. I know that referees are supposedly immune to the diatribes that are often directed their way, but the coincidence causes some question in my mind.

posted by Howard_T at 03:06 PM on November 16

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

I turned to the Jets-Bills contest(?), and immediately did not know who was playing. I am actually red-green color blind, but not to the extent that I could not distinguish which team was which. (To this day I swear that there are no numbers hidden in those dots--a belief that might have cost me a full Navy ROTC ride to the college of my choice in 1958.) For a while I was afraid the Jets would disappear against the background of the grass.

The colors were such that I thought the whole thing was an early Christmas promotion. This would actually be a pretty good idea for a game around Christmas Day. It would need to be embellished a bit. I'm thinking the referee would dress in a red suit trimmed in white fur, black belt and boots, red tassel cap, and a full white beard. The rest of the officials would wear green leotards with short jackets. Pointy shoes for them would be a must. Other ornamentation would include using rope tinsel instead of a chain for the first down markers, throwing mistletoe instead of yellow flags for penalties. The offending players would be required to kiss an opposing player of the referee's choice (indicated by holding the mistletoe over the head of the player selected), with the alternative being ejection from the game. Reindeer, sleighs, and other artifacts of the secular, commercial holiday would be included.

posted by Howard_T at 09:33 PM on November 14

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 10: David Tyree Edition

What is there about Thursdays that gets me so busy that I have to race to get the picks done? Today was frantic; workout this morning, had to pick #1 Son up at the train station. He was returning from a business trip to NYC, and it meant about 2 1/2 hours of driving from NH to MA and back. Son has been in the new job (market researcher for the Business-to-Business Group at for a whole week, and they send him to a trade show to do some market research. Then I had a couple of minutes to sit down, but had to get going on dinner. I have about half an hour, so here goes.

New York (American Conference) by 12
St. Louis by 9
Pittsburgh by 10
Tampa Bay by 7
Philadelphia by 15
Green Bay by 17
Carolina by 22 and LOCK THIS UP
New Orleans by 8
Oakland by 10
Denver by 6
New England by 3
Seattle by 14
Cincinnati by 17

posted by Howard_T at 08:03 PM on November 12

Pace Mannion NBA Pick 'Em Contest: Week 3

Whoops, better get going on the picks. Would have been going to Celtics vs Pacers tonight, but in honor of Veterans' Day, the Cs encourage season ticket holders to donate them to military member. So I did, and will watch on the telly, saying a sincere thanks to those who served and especially those who gave all.

11 Nov

LA Clippers by 10
San Antonio by 15

12 Nov

Golden State by 18 Serve a SLAMBONI sandwich with this one.
Phoenix by 6 (second game of a back-to-back might work against the Clippers)

posted by Howard_T at 05:12 PM on November 11