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Native Bostonian, with all attendant baggage still attached. Braves fan until they left for Milwaukee (yes, I'm that old), then it was the BoSox by default. Love all sports, but the favorites are baseball, hockey, football, and hoop, in that order. Used to umpire baseball at the Babe Ruth, Legion, and High School level. At my age, there are too many sports memories to really pick a favorite. Maybe it is Bill Russell's first game in Boston Garden. Another is the time when I was just back from Viet Nam and my dad took me to a Bruins game. This was in the glory days of Orr. Toronto was the opponent, they started 5 defensemen (really), and the fight started within the first minute or so.

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The Big Guys Get Their Way: The NCAA Board of Directors has given the 5 big conferences what amounts to near autonomy to set their own rules. It appears that football teams will now be ranked from Division 3 through FCS and FBS, with the largest 5 conferences in a new division called the Juggernaut Division.

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Celtics Guard, Lakers Exec Bill Sharman Dies: Bill Sharman, high-scoring guard for the Boston Celtics, and later coach and executive with the Los Angeles Lakers has died at age 87. In the championship years with the Celtics, the mantra "Russell to Cousy to Sharman", describing the Boston fast break, was the equivalent of baseball's "Tinker to Evers to Chance".

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The Bridgetown Senators?: This from Christopher Stuart Taylor of the Huffington Post tries to explain a possible bit of Canadian tax evasion on the part of Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk. The dodge involves setting up business relationships between Canada and Barbados. The businesses will then be taxed at the 2.5% Barbadian rate rather than the 30% Canadian rate. While the author leads with a Senators' connection, the actual investigation conducted by the CBC has nothing to do with the team. I'm sure Melnyk is clever enough to keep purely Canadian businesses out of the "Bajun" connection. Note: No matter which side (Canadian or Barbadian) is puling a fast one here, I'm on the bad side. My dad was from Nova Scotia, my mom from Barbados, and I still have family in both places.

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Johnny Pesky, 1920-2012: Boston Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky died today at 92 years of age. He had been associated with the team in one capacity or another nearly continuously since 1942. Pesky, nee Paveskovich, is most remembered for the right-field foul pole that bears his name in Fenway Park.

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Big deals at the deadline; help or hurt?: Here is a team-by-team sampling of the in-season trades that had an effect on that year's pennant race. This year's deadline was about 15 minutes ago. Who did well, who did poorly, and who did nothing? I disagree with at least one of the author's selections, but I'll add that as a comment later.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Oh gee, Jameis Winston said some bad words, so we have to sit him for a half. Oh the humanity. Jameis Winston is such a sterling character. He is implicated in what might or might not be a rape, has shoplifted from a grocery store, and now he does an obscene performance. I guess a half on the bench is far too draconian a punishment for such an upstanding citizen. Oh well, Winston will soon go on to the NFL, where he will be free to abuse his girlfriend or spouse, take whatever he needs without paying for it, and be generally obnoxious in his conduct. Does anyone wonder where the Ray Rices and Adrian Petersons on the league come from?

posted by Howard_T at 05:39 PM on September 17

Giancarlo Stanton Hit in Face with 88-Mph Pitch


posted by Howard_T at 04:30 PM on September 16

Vikings' Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Injury

Earlier today I saw Peterson's explanation/apology for the situation. I was willing to accept that. It sounded like a man who was unaware of the seriousness of his actions and did not realize his mistake. Once it had been brought to his attention, he seemed contrite and willing to learn from the experience.

Fast forward an hour or two, and all of a sudden comes an allegation that Peterson had also whipped (or switched, or whatever) another of his sons. Now I'm not so sure of the honesty of his earlier statement. His lawyer denies that there is any truth to the story of previous corporal punishment of his other son. The lawyer's name is Rusty Hardin. Doesn't that name sound familiar? I don't know about you, but when you get a heavy hitter like Roger Clemens' old mouthpiece, you are loading up for something.

posted by Howard_T at 11:58 PM on September 15

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

I have not seen the video of Johnson's HBP, so I cannot judge. If the pitch hit his hand first, the it should have been called a foul ball. If it hit any other part of his body, including his wrist or arm, before hitting his hand on the bat, then it is a swinging strike.

posted by Howard_T at 09:10 PM on September 13

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

One other thing on a hit batsman. If the batter is hit on the hand while the hand grips the bat, and he is not swinging, he is deemed to have been hit by the pitch. As long as the batter tried to get out of the way and the pitch is not in the strike zone, he is awarded first base. If the batter is determined to have swung, the result of the pitch (fair or foul, out or reaching base) will stand, and the hand is considered a part of the bat.

posted by Howard_T at 09:14 PM on September 12

Vikings' Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Injury

Adrian Peterson Indicted on Child Injury Charge

From the pictures of the injuries, the admission that Peterson used a "switch", the age of the child (4), and that some of the injuries were to the face, it would appear this has all the makings of a child abuse charge. So if hitting our wife/girlfriend, presumably an adult but maybe not always, gets you some indeterminate suspension from a couple of games to a full season how long should this sort of thing merit? At least the team had the decency to disqualify him for Sunday's game.

...and the New England run defense just got a lot better.

posted by Howard_T at 09:03 PM on September 12

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

I have never heard of a strike being called on a pitch that hit the batter

The rule is that if the pitch hits the batter while or after the pitch has entered the strike zone the ball is dead, no runners may advance, a strike is charged to the batter, and he is not awarded first base. Similarly, whether or not the pitch is in the strike zone, if the batter is deemed to have swung at the pitch, it is a strike, and the same rules apply. The plate umpire did the correct thing to confer with the base umpire to determine whether or not the batter had swung. It is unusual to have a strike called on a hit batsman, not so unusual to have the pitch called a ball but the batter ordered to stay at the plate because the batter did not attempt to get out of the way. To have two hit batsman and a strikeout during the same at bat is unheard of, at least to me.

posted by Howard_T at 05:22 PM on September 12

Giancarlo Stanton Hit in Face with 88-Mph Pitch

I truly hope Stanton recovers both physically and emotionally. The latter may be more difficult. Two names from the Boston Red Sox are mentioned in this piece by Tony Massarotti, Tony Conigliaro and Bryce Florie. One an excellent young hitter, the other a swing man/middle reliever, neither was ever quite the same after being struck in the face by a baseball. Herb Score is another example. The only salvation from this whole thing is that there has not yet been another Ray Chapman.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

FIFA 15 has it all:

Goal celebration notwithstanding, that's the way I get out of bed most mornings.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 12

I'm slipping into a tie with the omniscient owlhouse. Must concentrate and aim the pun gun more accurately. Let's see if any of these can help.

Montreal at Edmonton: Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted. Alouettes walk int Eskimo country. They too are assaulted. Edmonton by 14.

Toronto at Calgary: A man carrying a slab of asphalt under his arm walks into a bar. He says, "Give me a beer, please, and one for the road too." Argonauts walk into Calgary and try to get one on the road. Rampaging large quadrupeds misunderstand and give them a sound thrashing. Calgary by 17.

Winnipeg at BC: "Doctor, I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home'".
"Hmm, that sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome, but don't worry, "It's not Unusual".
It is a bit unusual to have what appears on paper to be a rather even match. I'll go with the home team. BC by 6.

Saskatchewan at Hamilton: Two man-eating tigers are eating a clown. One says, "Say, does this taste funny to you?" A large group of Rough Riders will eat some Tiger Cats this weekend. It won't taste funny at all, but the Hamilton fans will have indigestion. Saskatchewan by 9.

posted by Howard_T at 10:52 PM on September 11

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle will make Penn State as a whole look better? I'm guessing not.

I'm not expecting that at all. If anything it might make certain persons who are involved look a lot worse. There are one or two people who have tire marks from the bus all over them who might just come out of this looking a lot better. This is based on Freeh's admission that he was denied access to all of the relevant evidence that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had because a criminal action was underway. He wrote the report anyway, but neglected to state that it was based upon incomplete data at that time. Had he done so, the actions taken by the NCAA and the Big Ten might have been different, but no less severe regarding the university.

posted by Howard_T at 03:30 PM on September 09

Area Man Buys Bills for $1B

The Pegula family also kicked in the money to build a new ice hockey arena at Penn State (his alma mater) and to fund the upgrade of the hockey team from club status to a varsity sport. The funding also included money for women's varsity ice hockey. At the time the Pegulas funded the Penn State hockey program, his net worth was said to be around $4.5B. I'm guessing it is somewhat north of that in order to purchase both the Sabers and Bills. Here's hoping the guy makes money off the teams and is able to build them back to respectability.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Penn State bowl ban lifted effective immediately.

This coming about 2 or 3 weeks after Louis Freeh, the author of the report on the Penn State handling of the Sandusky matter, was involved in a single-vehicle accident in Vermont. Was this something more than a coincidence? Sorry, guys, the accident report says Freeh just fell asleep at the wheel and put his SUV into a tree. I do have the feeling that the NCAA just might be having some second thoughts about the ban. Once the trials of Penn State former president Graham Spannier, the VP emeritus and then head of security Gary Schultz, and then Athletic Director Tim Curley begin, a lot more of the story will be revealed. Could be that a lot of people who were absolutely certain of where the guilt should lie just might have to eat a bit of crow.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Geno Auriemma hit with a secondary violation

It's not like he was trying to hide this. Very likely the NCAA knew what happened all along and initially did not choose to do anything. It took a complaint by another university to prompt the violation decision. Sounds like a competing coach trying to gain an edge save his job for the 2019 (or thereabouts) season.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

This play is really nothing more than an improvement on stuff that has been run before. I can remember Tim Tebow as a Denver Bronco running a similar pull-up-and-toss play against New England. It went for a completion and good yardage, but only because the linebacker, whose responsibility was coverage on the back coming out of the backfield, instead came up to stop the potential run. With conventional coverage schemes, the safeties, corners, and outside linebackers will need to have clearly defined responsibilities for this play. They will also need to be able to read the play and adjust responsibilities as it unfolds. There seems to be a tendency developing in which teams will use corners who tackle like safeties and safeties who cover like corners. Add to this outside linebackers who can pull and cover as well as a safety and the ability to disguise coverage, even after a play has begun, is enhanced.

To make a long story short, there's really nothing new under the sun, and defensive coordinators will just have to stay up a bit later at night.

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