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I'm Australian, but a Pom by birth. So, watching Australia beat up England at sport is a bit like watching a family fight.

My main reason for being here is to eavesdrop on quality discussions on sport, society and culture. I like to think I've also added a bit to the mix.

I am learning about North American sports, mainly from this site. I think I like baseball, but I have this uncanny feeling that if I start to get involved, I'll end up being a Cubs fan. Ditto for the Lions in American football. It must be a self esteem problem. I am clearly not drawn to success, as my lifelong devotion to Derby County indicates.

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The Table Never Lies: Are Brentford one of the first Moneyball-era football clubs, and can they make it work?

posted by owlhouse to soccer at 09:50 PM on February 20 - 4 comments

From Computer Game to Professional Football Analyst: One young man's gaming obsession turns into a proper paid job.

posted by owlhouse to soccer at 07:57 AM on September 29 - 1 comment

Mud and Glory: "Of a wet and thunderous sodden Saturday they couldn’t put on any lights fifty-two years ago, there weren’t any to put on. It grew much darker and blacker in vilest intensity with coagulated punch-ups going oddly unnoticed due to the annoying and most profound darkness that at least cost nothing. The dark has always been on the house I think you’ll find. Dark and mud sponsored the game of life back then before the new artificial grass authorities put the kybosh on free thinking."

posted by owlhouse to culture at 04:38 AM on September 20 - 3 comments

Tha Art of Coarse Cricket: For some of you, reading this might be akin to deciphering Linear B. But the article and the comments section are some of the funniest things I've ever read about sport.

posted by owlhouse to other at 04:38 AM on September 04 - 3 comments

How Football Transfers Work: Player amortisation, agents' fees and broken fax machines explained.

posted by owlhouse to soccer at 04:17 AM on August 25 - 1 comment

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

What the A League can learn from MLS.


posted by owlhouse at 06:43 AM on May 20

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The most valuable single match in football will be between Huddersfield Town and Reading, at Wembley on May 29th.

posted by owlhouse at 09:05 PM on May 17

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

There's been some outrage ('rage!) about this advertisement in Australia.

I actually found it funny.

Warning: features Ben Johnson (the real one) plus a few other dopes.

posted by owlhouse at 11:17 PM on May 14

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

This has been doing the rounds for a while. A few veterans from the extremely violent 1974-75 Ashes Series between Australia and England share a few stories. David Lloyd's description of being hit in a sensitive spot by a 95 mph ball from Jeff Thomson is the highlight. You don't have to understand cricket, but you might have trouble with the accents.

posted by owlhouse at 12:12 AM on May 12

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The interwebs won't let me see the Sanchez throw-in, but speaking of football incompetence, over the course of the Premier League season...

posted by owlhouse at 01:10 AM on May 11

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Just went and checked our bottle of Bombay in the cupboard.

Unfortunately/fortunately not sourced from Canada.

/Delete where applicable.

posted by owlhouse at 12:01 AM on May 06

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

My crazy idea for soccer is to count all shots on goal during the game and break ties after overtime with that stat. I get grumpy about matches where nobody seems capable of putting the ball on goal.

That might end up with teams taking random pot shots towards the end of a drawn game.

In junior knockout comps, we used to count corners.

That's probably a better way of estimating which team had more possession. However the risk is that a team ahead on corners (or shots) might become even more defensive, thus neutralising the objective of trying to get a winner on goals.

posted by owlhouse at 09:53 PM on May 03


Growing up in Sydney, the only times I played Rugby League was at school, where they had weight limits. As a skinny kid, I wouldn't have survived any other way.

Long live the Normanhurst Boys' High 7 stone 7 pounds RL Reds!

posted by owlhouse at 09:49 PM on May 03


There's a similar debate going on in Australia around both the rugby codes and Australian Rules. Sports governing bodies don't seem to get that this is the kind of thing that will eventually stop parents letting their kids play the game.

I love this line in the article:

"When the 2000s rolled around and CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) emerged as a real correlation with the game of football, the NFL and others followed the noble example of tobacco companies by falsifying research, denying all charges, and focusing on selling the product to children."

posted by owlhouse at 03:32 AM on May 03

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Rather than fines, if the club is forced to play the next game behind closed doors, the effect might be that the fans start to police the racists themselves - e.g. pointing them out to security, or telling them to shut up. Especially if a whole block of fans react the same way.

After all, you're there to watch baseball, not to have to listen to all that shit. It might work.

posted by owlhouse at 03:24 AM on May 03

Golf's Army of TV Rules Tattletales Just Lost Some Power

Same logic. Different sport.

posted by owlhouse at 10:18 AM on May 01

Golf's Army of TV Rules Tattletales Just Lost Some Power

"I'd like to point out that in the United Swansea match last night, Rashford clearly dived. Please disallow the resultant penalty and award the win to Swansea 2-1."

- A. Viewer, South Wales

posted by owlhouse at 11:35 PM on April 30

Joey Barton in trouble - again

Yes, but even then why would he personally put the bets on, and in such low amounts? Other gamblers can't see what he's doing with his bets unless he tells them, so signalling can't be the reason.

Apropos my comment above. On the other hand, maybe Barton IS that stupid.

posted by owlhouse at 02:50 AM on April 28

Joey Barton in trouble - again

I'm no fan of mixing gambling and sports, but the view that this is excessive is understandable. Barton's bets were very small, spread across lots of games, and it looks like the betting pattern of your average punter. There doesn't appear to be any evidence of trying to rig results or even spot betting.

If a footballer was involved in match fixing, they wouldn't be stupid enough to put five quid on it themselves.

posted by owlhouse at 09:52 PM on April 27

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

How to take a free throw. With Science! and stuff.

posted by owlhouse at 10:08 PM on April 25