February 22, 2008

March Madness: Yahoo Fantasy League. Join up!! League name is: Spofi Password is: sportsfilter

posted by BoKnows to fantasy at 11:11 AM - 31 comments

Here's the link. League name is: Spofi Password is: Sportsfilter

posted by BoKnows at 11:15 AM on February 22

Group ID is: #3451

posted by BoKnows at 11:20 AM on February 22

I'm in... Heels in the Hood.

posted by trox at 02:13 PM on February 22

In. And the password is actually 'sportsfilter' (not 'SportsFilter' or 'Sportsfilter') - case matters!

posted by mbd1 at 03:12 PM on February 22

Thanks Bo. I got in also, Pick These.

posted by jojomfd1 at 03:29 PM on February 22

I'm in (I think) Blah, blah, yadda, yada, smack talk, taunt, and all that good stuff.

posted by tahoemoj at 03:52 PM on February 22

I don't see you in there Tahoe.

posted by BoKnows at 04:02 PM on February 22

I dunno. I got to the assign a bracket page, accepted terms and conditions, named a bracket (something about shots in the dark) and thought I was in. Now I see nothing. I'll worry about it later tonight.

posted by tahoemoj at 04:52 PM on February 22

geez, February isn't even done yet. Nor have the conference tournaments even started. i'm in, but this is early. I'm Terrapin's Guesses in case you didn't guess.

posted by scully at 05:08 PM on February 22

What the hell, I got nuthin' else to for um... well... March

posted by Folkways at 05:11 PM on February 22

but this is early. Sorry. But, um, Fantasy baseball threads/signups started two weeks ago. Just figured it's never too early.

posted by BoKnows at 05:13 PM on February 22

OK, there it is. p.s. my real name isn't melissa, my sbc account is apparently under my wife's name!

posted by tahoemoj at 05:25 PM on February 22

Aw, no way! Your name is Melissa now! AHAHAHAHAHA! And won't that be confusing when you get home.

posted by chicobangs at 05:36 PM on February 22

I am in.

posted by skydivemom at 07:21 PM on February 22

The Costanza Bracket is in. I thought about using "My name isn't Melissa!" but figured tahoemoj had dibs if he wanted it.

posted by apoch at 08:24 PM on February 22

Too late apoch. I bought it on Go Daddy for $1.99.

posted by hawkguy at 09:18 PM on February 22

You overspent. And I hate having a girls name again.

posted by tahoemoj at 03:50 AM on February 23

And I hate having a girls name again. Again? What was your first girls name?

posted by BoKnows at 09:43 AM on February 23

I'm in. Squeak Squeak Squeak Swish!

posted by grum@work at 10:13 AM on February 23

Again? What was your first girls name? I'd rather not say, but it made life at an all boys high school a living hell. The emotional scars to this day are really deep, despite hours and hours of intense psychotherapy. So keep it up if you want me naked in a bell tower with a high powered rifle, laughing hysterically and lobbing feces at passers-by.

posted by tahoemoj at 01:13 PM on February 23

So keep it up if you want me naked in a bell tower with a high powered rifle, laughing hysterically and lobbing feces at passers-by. Gosh. The whole Nickleback thing and now this. You can fill in your tourney bracket after each game is over, we don't need any more anger unleashed. You win. Hands down. Or hands up if you want.

posted by BoKnows at 01:39 PM on February 23

I'll think about it. Twitch, twitch

posted by tahoemoj at 01:57 PM on February 23

tahoemoj u sound hot!!!!1!! Wanna chat sometime :)

posted by HATER 187 at 02:08 PM on February 23

Maybe we could text-date. Just don't call me Melissa!

posted by tahoemoj at 02:38 PM on February 23

Squeak Squeak Squeak Swish Squish! There ya go Grum, fixed it for ya.

posted by Folkways at 02:49 PM on February 23

The Grand Collapse is in. And timesofaninferno = boredom_08, just for clarification's sake. Time to go miss every pick again like I did in the NFL playoffs.

posted by boredom_08 at 10:43 PM on February 25

I changed my bracket to Crescendo of Voices.

posted by apoch at 02:41 AM on February 26

I'm in

posted by Jeffwa at 07:48 AM on February 28

Spitz Picks are in.

posted by Spitztengle at 01:05 PM on March 05

Upside Down Pineapple Cake is in.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:03 PM on March 05

Admins, could you move this up in the locker room or should I repost? I posted this too early and I don't want it to get lost.

posted by BoKnows at 05:59 PM on March 05

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