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Fan of pro teams from Cincinnati, vividly remember the cold bowl against Fouts' Chargers, and hope I live to see some glory soon. Still haven't gotten over the Whale leaving Hartford. Jumped squarely onto the NJ Devils bandwagon at that point, but just love all things hockey.

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Martin Brodeur to Announce Retirement.: One of the all-time greats, Brodeur finishes his 22-year NHL career with a 691-397-176 record, a 2.24 goals-against average and .912 save percentage in 1,266 appearances, all but seven coming with the New Jersey Devils. He holds regular-season NHL goaltending records for wins (621), shutouts (125), games played and minutes played (74,438), and in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs he ranks first in starts (204) and shutouts (24) and second in wins (113).

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Ray Rice Suspended for 2 Games: the Baltimore Ravens running back will be suspended for the first two games of the regular season under the NFL's personal conduct policy and fined a third game check. The ban comes in response to Rice allegedly striking his then-fiancée and now wife, Janay, unconscious in February in Atlantic City. Rice was able to avoid prosecution after being accepted into a pre-trial intervention program.

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NHL Re-Alignment:: The NHL announced the new alignment today, with two conferences of two divisions each. The Detroit Red Wings will now play in the Eastern Conference in the Atlantic Division, and the Winnipeg Jets will be in the Western Conference in the Central Division. Let the natural rivalries (Tampa-Toronto?) begin to take shape!

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Is there a racially motivated quarterback controversy brewing in Washington?: Skip Bayless thinks so. Bayless claims that it is human nature for white fans to cheer for white athletes; therefore, fellow rookie Kirk Cousins will be the fans' choice over #2 overall pick Robert Griffin for the starting job.

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Sports Artist Leroy Neiman Dies: Legendary sports artist Leroy Neiman died Wednesday at 91. "I've zeroed in on what you would call action and excellence. ... Everybody who does anything to try to succeed has to give the best of themselves," Neiman said in a 2008 interview.

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ESPN laying off 100, including on-air peronslities

I see they've clipped the majority of their NHL analysis. I, for one, was shocked to hear that they had NHL analysts. You talk about a cushy job. Sit on your ass 51 weeks a year, come out to discuss (1) the latest outrage involving violence (2 days work), and (2) the winner of the Stanley Cup (30 seconds on SportCenter the evening of the clincher).

posted by tahoemoj at 02:17 PM on April 26

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Second Round

Nashville in 6 - Arvidsson

Anaheim in 5 - Perry

Ottawa in 6 - Turris

Washington in 7 - Ovechkin

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Fair enough. If you don't enjoy it, you don't enjoy it, and last time I checked, nobody had appointed me the SpoFi arbiter of taste.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

The hits and the fights in hockey make the sport too much like boxing or MMA on ice, and just turn me off.

While I certainly respect your right to hold whatever opinion you choose on hockey, I think that this particular statement indicates that you watch only selected highlights, if you watch it at all. This statement, to me, is the functional equivalent of the casual American sports fan who never watches a soccer game, and comes out of the woodwork every four years to complain about diving at the World Cup. The flow, grace, and beauty of the play, as well as the incredible skill and speed of the players, is ignored, and the focus is only on the violence. it's a tough game, to be sure, played by tough athletes, but incredibly violent (but legal) hits like the one at issue here are extremely rare.

Why are the hits okay in NHL but not international play?

That hit would have been legal in international play.

posted by tahoemoj at 01:21 PM on April 24

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

That's a gorgeous, clean, textbook hit by Keith. If Arvidsson has his head up, like they teach you from pee wees (or does checking start at bantam now?), he avoids it. I fail to see how anyone could find that objectionable. Billsaysthis, why do hits like that rub you the wrong way? Not saying your thoughts are invalid, just genuinely curious.

posted by tahoemoj at 05:54 PM on April 21

Aaron Hernandez found dead in prison; conviction will be voided

Thompson also said his office will file paperwork to have Hernandez's conviction voided once a death certificate is available, as required by court rules. He noted that Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III could challenge the motion to vacate the conviction.

No word in the story on whether Quinn would challenge the motion to vacate, or what the likelihood of any such challenge succeeding would be.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

feel free to post picks at the NHL.COM link.

I tried, but, like everything Bettman touches, NHL.com's a pile of garbage.

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NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Tonight

Ottawa in 6 +2

Pittsburgh in 7 +1

San Jose in 7

Montreal in 5

Minnesota in 6

Washington in 5 +1

Anaheim in 6 +1

Chicago in 5

Goal Scorer: Pacioretty

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National Review Takes on NFL Relocation Shakedowns

I usually flew into Las Vegas, stayed overnight, and drove the 200 miles to Tonopah the next day.

So you are one of the lucky few who has been to beautiful Goldfield, Nevada (pop. 268), or at least through it on US95. Nestled midway between Reno and Vegas (and just south of Tonopah), it is a forgotten mining town somewhere close to BFE. Actually a pretty amazing boomtown story from the gold rush.

It also happens to be the county seat of Esmeralda County, Nevada (pop. 829), and the location of the Fifth Judicial District Court by and for Esmeralda County, current venue for 5 (FIVE!!) active lawsuits in which I represent a mining outfit, either as plaintiff or defendant (or real party in interest). I listen to a hell of a lot of books on tape.

there are a lot of fans here in New England, and elsewhere, who would go to one of their team's games in Las Vegas rather than another city

Possibly, but most of us here do not believe that the football game would be the reason for the visit, so much as something else to do while a visitor is here anyway.

posted by tahoemoj at 06:29 PM on April 05

National Review Takes on NFL Relocation Shakedowns

I am a long time Nevadan of 23 years, albeit a northern Nevadan, which is a wholly different animal from a Las Vegan. That said, I don't know a single person who lives here in Nevada who is happy about the city of Las Vegas bringing in the Raiders. Why? Our money should be spent elsewhere.

Schools: It's not just Las Vegas schools that are crumbling and packing children into classrooms; it is a problem throughout the state. Washoe County, home of Reno, just approved a sales tax hike to 8.25% to try to find some source of additional funds for our schools, but even that won't be enough. Our state consistently ranks dead last in education* and shows no signs of relinquishing that dubious title.

*the rankings are somewhat skewed due to Nevada's overwhelmingly rural nature, and there are some fantastic schools in Reno and Vegas, but they are the exception rather than the norm.

Tourism: Vegas is already one of the tourism capitals of America. Does anybody in their right mind think that bringing the Raiders into town will appreciably increase the number of people who come to Vegas? Instead of spending that $500 at the football game, and lining Davis' pockets, that money could be pissed away at a casino, adding to high-paying full-time jobs in the service industry* rather than part-time gigs shilling Pepsi eight weeks a year. Also, casino revenues are what keeps Nevadans from having to pay state income taxes, so keep those losing streaks going!

*Seriously. Vegas is largely a union shop, and casino dealers, bartenders, and cocktail waitresses regularly make well over $100K

Also, the article patently contradicts itself. First, it states it's crony capitalism at its worst. Then, it states This is a Robin Hood in reverse system that amounts to nothing less than socialism for sports team owners. Is it capitalism or is it socialism? Is "Robin Hood" in reverse socialism? I would think that the reverse of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor--robbing from the poor to give to the rich--is capitalism. Either way, when the money comes from the workers and is transferred to those who hold the means of production, it is most definitely NOT socialism. Maybe the NR has been screaming socialism! at anything it finds objectionable for so long that it is just an uncontrollable knoee-jerk reaction.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

It appears that the results of the March madness pool are cemented, with yours truly finishing as the bridesmaid. Which should give everyone comfort that, regardless of what happens tonight, the apocalypse is delayed at least one more day.

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NFL team owners approve Raiders' move to Vegas

Detroit and Chicago have great sports fans and deserve 1 good team in each sport.

So you're saying that Detroit SHOULD get a second NFL team?

posted by tahoemoj at 12:47 PM on March 30

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Yeah, what cix said. All the talk about Crosby playing the game "the right way" is bullshit. In the past 10 days, he has speared an opponent in the groin and slashed an opponent's fingertip off.* The force necessary to do that kind of damage through a hockey glove is pretty severe. The dude swings his stick like a punk, I don't care how skilled he is (and he is incredibly skilled), the league has to crack down on that shit. Maybe 4 or 5 games without him would encourage the Pens to have a come-to-Jesus with their captain. Ovechkin also has consistently gotten away with winding up to full speed and leaving his feet to deliver a hit. If the league sat him down a bit, Washington might encourage an adjustment to Ovi's style.

*I lost a fingertip playing hockey in high school--my fingertip was sticking out of a hole in my glove, and, I was trying to tip a nasty slap shot from the point in. I did tip the puck (did not get the goal), off of my exposed finger. Popped like a grape and shattered the phalange. Good goddamn it hurt.

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Chicago Fire Sign Bastian Schweinsteiger

Teutonic Terminator

Thanks for that (any redundancy aside)!

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Chicago Fire Sign Bastian Schweinsteiger

I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to the footballing world. However, in watching the '14 World Cup, Schweinsteiger really jumped out at me as one to engage in theatrics. (This is not intended to be one of those 'hurr durr soccer pussies' posts). Was my perception accurate - is he known for the theatrical aspect of the game? or am I way off base and influenced by small sample/large stage bias? If I am correct, how is that going to go over with an MLS/Chicago crowd? Just curious.

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