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Fan of pro teams from Cincinnati, vividly remember the cold bowl against Fouts' Chargers, and hope I live to see some glory soon.

Still haven't gotten over the Whale leaving Hartford. Jumped squarely onto the NJ Devils bandwagon at that point, but just love all things hockey.

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Ray Rice Suspended for 2 Games: the Baltimore Ravens running back will be suspended for the first two games of the regular season under the NFL's personal conduct policy and fined a third game check. The ban comes in response to Rice allegedly striking his then-fiancée and now wife, Janay, unconscious in February in Atlantic City. Rice was able to avoid prosecution after being accepted into a pre-trial intervention program.

posted by tahoemoj to football at 02:42 PM on July 24 - 21 comments

NHL Re-Alignment:: The NHL announced the new alignment today, with two conferences of two divisions each. The Detroit Red Wings will now play in the Eastern Conference in the Atlantic Division, and the Winnipeg Jets will be in the Western Conference in the Central Division. Let the natural rivalries (Tampa-Toronto?) begin to take shape!

posted by tahoemoj to hockey at 02:22 PM on July 19 - 10 comments

Is there a racially motivated quarterback controversy brewing in Washington?: Skip Bayless thinks so. Bayless claims that it is human nature for white fans to cheer for white athletes; therefore, fellow rookie Kirk Cousins will be the fans' choice over #2 overall pick Robert Griffin for the starting job.

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Sports Artist Leroy Neiman Dies: Legendary sports artist Leroy Neiman died Wednesday at 91. "I've zeroed in on what you would call action and excellence. ... Everybody who does anything to try to succeed has to give the best of themselves," Neiman said in a 2008 interview.

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Should athletic scholarships come with a 4-year guarantee?: If you buy that star athletes are compensated with a valuable education, consider this complicating fact: An athletic scholarship is not a four-year educational guarantee. What few college sports fans—and not enough college recruits—realize is that a university can yank that scholarship after one, two, or three years without cause. Coach doesn’t like you? He’s free to cut you loose. Sitting the bench? You could lose your free ride to a new recruit. From Slate.com

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Does anyone else enjoy Drew Magary's "Why Your Team Sucks" series on Deadspin as much as I do? That dude cracks me up, but the fan comments leave me in stitches.

posted by tahoemoj at 11:10 AM on August 23

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Hadn't really thought about this for many a year. Glad to see it's still a righteous clusterfuck.

posted by tahoemoj at 02:28 PM on August 20

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Robin Williams never did a real sports movie

Well, this is one of my favorites of his, and it comes pretty close to a real sports movie. And that scene from Good Will Hunting was great.

posted by tahoemoj at 03:38 PM on August 13

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Bayern played the MLS All Stars last night and it ended poorly.

I couldn't help but be amused at the picture in the article, which happened to feature Bastian Schweinsteiger splayed out in agony, 'cuz that guy spent more time on the turf in Brazil than he did standing up. Poor, poor, fragile flower.

posted by tahoemoj at 03:55 PM on August 07

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Dalton is a completely different QB than Brees but don't write him off yet.

Agreed. The point of my comparison was that some quarterbacks don;t fully hit their stride for a few years. Dalton has had more success that Brees at this point, and whatever needs to click for him to win some playoff games might just click this year.

posted by tahoemoj at 02:12 PM on August 05

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle


posted by tahoemoj at 05:46 PM on August 04

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

I don't really get all of the Dalton hate (maybe doubt is a better word?). The dude took a team that was in shambles to three consecutive playoffs in his first three years in the league. Yes, I understand that he stunk the place out pretty bad on two of those three trips, but he wasn't the only Bengal to do so. His regular season numbers are inconsistent, but are spectacular when he is on.

Compare him to Drew Brees' first 3 year regular season totals (not counting 2001, when Brees started 1 game):

Brees: 42 games; 55 TD; 38 INT; 14 fumbles--Chargers record 24-24

Dalton: 48 games; 80 TD; 49 INT; 15 fumbles--Bengals record 30-18

So why does everyone doubt that Dalton has a hell of an upside entering his 4th year?

posted by tahoemoj at 04:42 PM on August 04

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

The overvaluation of QB security continues.

I disagree (but reserve the right to withdraw that comment when the guaranteed vs. incentive-based numbers are released). I think Dalton is more than a "secure" quarterback. The Bengals are a franchise that has been on the rise consistently since Dalton joined the team. Yes, his playoff numbers are bad at this point. But when he was drafted, who would have predicted that he would have led the team to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons, winning the division twice? I think the contract tells him that the job is his for the foreseeable future, but doesn't lock the Bengals into a bad deal if he continues to trip over his dick in the playoffs.

posted by tahoemoj at 11:20 AM on August 04

Ray Rice Suspended for 2 Games

Do we know why the DA is letting him off? I think that bugs me more than the length of the NFL suspension

I think the contents of the videotape that has not been released to the public will answer your question. My guess would be that it will provide Rice with a self defense claim that the DA didn't think he could overcome. The law doesn't differentiate between male and female aggressors when it comes to striking someone in self defense. That means that the only question in a court room would be whether the force used by Rice was a reasonable response to the aggression he was responding to. And that's a tough sell for an overworked DA to make against a seasoned defense attorney, which Rice would no doubt have.

Now, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, concepts of honor and decency would lead me to believe that only the imminent use of a deadly weapon against Rice could justify him striking her in such a way to knock her out. But that's not the law.

posted by tahoemoj at 11:32 AM on July 28

Ray Rice Suspended for 2 Games

The NFL didn't really suspend Pryor for anything

That's a discussion for a different thread. If you don't like that example-- here. Take your pick.

posted by tahoemoj at 11:42 AM on July 25

Ray Rice Suspended for 2 Games

grum's answer was less depressing.

posted by tahoemoj at 05:57 PM on July 24

Ray Rice Suspended for 2 Games

I have to admit to posting this mostly so I could vent about it. Ray Rice, who knocked his fiance unconscious in an elevator, was suspended for 2 games. Josh Gordon, who failed a drug test after smoking pot (I understand that he is a repeat offender), was suspended fore the entire season. Terrell Pryor, who traded some OSU swag for a tattoo, was suspended for 5 games (thanks Deadspin commenter).

The Ginger (Nerf) Hammer apparently thought the punishment fit the crime after viewing more of the security tape than any of us has seen to date. What could possibly be on that tape that would justify a professional athlete striking a woman at all, let alone so hard that it knocked her out? Unless she pulled a gun on him, I can't see any justification for it; and if she did have a gun, he shouldn't be suspended at all. So how does the NFL justify the mentality that smoking pot is worse than beating on a woman?

posted by tahoemoj at 02:49 PM on July 24

Blackhawks Sign Toews, Kane Through 2023

Dynamic duos, all. And throw in Gretzky and Messier. First, I still think each one of those teams was pretty deep top to bottom. Second, with the exception of the tail end of the Yzerman/Lidstrom Wings, those were all duos that played in a different era.

The nature of today's game is such that to be a "cup contender," a team has to roll four balanced lines, or at the very least, three top lines and an "energy"or "grind" line. Look at the teams that have made the finals lately--LA, Boston, NYR, Chicago--they are all deep teams that roll 3 or 4. Maybe two or three all-stars with a supporting cast can get you to the playoffs, but that's not the same thing as a "cup contender." I point to the Crosby/Malkin Penguins as an example. And the whole point of this article is that with so much locked up in Kane and Toews, it might make it difficult to have the quality throughout the lineup that a Cup victory requires.

posted by tahoemoj at 01:48 PM on July 13

Blackhawks Sign Toews, Kane Through 2023

The article starts with this premise: likely ensuring the Hawks will be Stanley Cup contenders for the next decade or so....

...before spending the rest of its ink describing the problems the Hawks will have keeping their nucleus of talent together.

I don't necessarily think that these signings are a bad move, but I sure as hell don't think that having two players around, any two players, ensures that a team will be Cup contenders.

posted by tahoemoj at 06:06 PM on July 10

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

"Chad Johnson has fallen a long way upward since playing approximately 15 snaps for the Patriots back in 2011

posted by tahoemoj at 11:14 AM on July 09