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First of all, a trivia question. What are the 11 different ways for a baseball player to reach 1st base safely? Answer at bottom of page. I'm the saddest fan of them all: Toronto Maple Leafs Buffalo Bills (but not so much since the Holy Trinity retired...Kelly, Thomas, Reed) It could be worse...I could be a Boston or Chicago baseball fan. The most memorable sporting event was a hockey game back in the late 80's (not sure exactly when). A friend of the family got me really nice Leaf tickets during the Xmas holidays. They were playing the Bruins, so I took my friend Joe who was a big Boston fan. After two periods, the Leafs were getting killed, 5-1. My friend was really laying on the taunting thick, and I was contemplating how I could kill him on the way home. Then, to start the 3rd period, Wendel Clark scored a quick goal. Hey, at least they'll make it respectable, is what I figured. And then another goal is scored. And another. Well, lo and behold, the Leafs tie it up and send the game into overtime (the last goal was scored with an extra attacker, by Wendel again). Then, with about a minute left in the overtime, Wendel Clark blows one past the goalie and the place EXPLODES with noise. I must have gone hoarse from the shouting. The stunned/saddened look on Joe's face the entire ride home was like icing on the cake. ... Trivia Answer: 1. Hit 2. Base on balls 3. Hit by pitch 4. Catcher interference 5. Dropped third strike 6. Error 7. Fielder's choice 8. Hitting a baserunner with the batted ball 9. A ball, pitched to the batter or thrown by the pitcher from his position on the pitcher's plate to a base to catch a runner, goes into a stand, or player's bench, or over or through a field fence or backstop, or is touched by a spectator. (Obscure rule 7.05(h)) 10. The third strike becomes lodged in the umpires equipment (not touched by the catcher). (Obscure rule 7.05(i)) 11. Pinch Runner

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High school coach suspended after basketball team wins by 159 points.:
"The game just got away from me," Anderson told the San Bernardino Sun on Friday. "I didn't play any starters in the second half. I didn't expect them to be that bad. I'm not trying to embarrass anybody."

posted by grum@work to basketball at 12:20 AM on January 18 - 10 comments

The Gaming Obsession of the Green Bay Packers:
Which game do the Green Bay Packers obsess over during their down time? Madden 15? Poker? Dominoes? Something a little more...nerdy.

posted by grum@work to football at 09:18 AM on January 16 - 10 comments

Four players voted into the baseball Hall of Fame:
Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, and Craig Biggio.

posted by grum@work to baseball at 02:16 PM on January 06 - 27 comments

2015 Hall of Fame ballot released:
Highlighted by the addition of Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz, this is going to be "round 2" of the Annual Ballot Crunch Time.

posted by grum@work to baseball at 08:23 PM on November 24 - 4 comments

Penny-pinching, no more!:
The Miami Marlins have signed their slugging star Giancarlo (don't call me Mike) Stanton to a 13-year, $325million contract.

posted by grum@work to baseball at 10:38 AM on November 17 - 9 comments

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Yeah, it's a commercial for GoPro, but my GOODNESS there is some serious skill on display.

posted by grum@work at 04:32 PM on January 23

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

For the 13-year-old me, Tom Brady does nothing but talk about his balls.

posted by grum@work at 03:10 PM on January 23

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

It won't stop until the parties involved come clean.

The problem with this (as is the case most of the time) is that if they have "come clean", no one will know the difference between that and "covering up/lying". If someone says "I had nothing to do with it!", how do you prove you had nothing to do with it, unless someone else comes forward and says "I did it"?

posted by grum@work at 12:35 PM on January 23

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

The only problem I have with hincandenza's essay is one number: 11.

Why did only 11 (of the 12) balls "naturally deflate"? Shouldn't all 12 of them be "deflated", if it was a natural occurrence?

posted by grum@work at 01:56 AM on January 23

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

Sure, but it should be speeding ticket punishment, not murder punishment.

What if someone was caught drunk driving, was punished, and then later on were caught sitting in their car with the keys in the ignition, with 6 empty beers beside them?

Sure, they didn't actually do anything that caused a problem (like the deflated balls probably had no affect on the outcome of the game as they were only used during the first half, and the Patriots trounced the Colts harder in the second half), but it should does look like they were caught TRYING to do something, and that should be severely punished.

posted by grum@work at 11:04 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

The Christian Science Monitor actually ran this headline yesterday: "Will Patriots be banned from the Super Bowl?"

You know the rule about headlines. If it asks a crazy question, the answer is always "no".

posted by grum@work at 11:01 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

If it happened, which seems likely but I'm not sure yet, it is somebody sticking a needle in a ball for 3 seconds because that's how how Brady likes them

You can hand wave any rule breaking like that, if you are so inclined.

"The players used only half an ounce of stick-um on their gloves, and no one would have noticed it was there if they hadn't shook hands after the game."

"The team is only over the cap by $150,000, which is just over 1/10th of 1% of the salary cap. That's barely even noticeable, except for some number geeks."

and no one has ever once given a fuck about ball pressure

Obviously someone once gave a fuck about ball pressure because there was a rule about it.

posted by grum@work at 10:57 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

So the balls aren't deflated enough for a normal person to tell the difference but enough to warrant talking about losing draft picks or suspending a coach for a Super Bowl?

Like I said, it's not the balls, it's the conspiracy (and seeming recidivism) that should be harshly punished.

posted by grum@work at 10:27 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

I am amused at the juxtaposed view of Bill Bellichek being a Keyser Soze-esque genius mastermind who is so much smarter than everyone else in the NFL and who must be constantly getting away with things, but also the same schmuck who's gotten caught cheating twice as much as virtually everyone else in the NFL. How patently absurd.

You can be a brilliant cheat, but still get caught because of the number of times you've tried to cheat is simply too many to avoid detection...

I'm not saying the crime (soft balls) is what should draw the big penalty. Since that can happen accidentally, and the penalty is to make sure that teams don't let it happen accidentally, that's okay by me.

The big penalty is the for the possible conspiracy to deliberately tamper with the balls, and for the fact that they'd already gotten caught once before in a conspiracy.

Obviously, if they can't prove that they were deliberately tampered with (and given the NFL's incredibly weak investigative skills during the Ray Rice incident, I wouldn't be surprised if they find nothing) then I don't think some draconian punishment should be invoked.

But if they find someone willing to squeal and say that he was told to do that by Keyser Belichick, then drop the Super Bowl ban hammer on him (or other extreme punishment).

posted by grum@work at 10:21 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

Only if there are rules that stipulate it. Lacking that, the punishment should fit the specific violation.

I'm sure the commish can invoke the "best interests of the game" rule and throw down whatever punishment he wants. In fact, that's what he did with SpyGate, so why couldn't he do it again with P.S.I.Gate?

posted by grum@work at 09:33 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

Taking away a single high draft pick would be a significant penalty.

But that was the penalty for getting caught cheating the FIRST time they did it.
Shouldn't repeat offenders be punished more harshly?

SpyGate was eight years ago.

It's the same people in the same positions.
If a person commits fraud once, and gets punished for it, I assume that if they get caught committing fraud eight years later that the judge isn't going to say "Well, it's eight years since the last one so I'm going to give you the same penalty as last time."

The Patriots haven't been caught cheating since then. Either they didn't cut as many corners or they got better at cheating.

"I swear these are the only two times we've ever broken the rules. It's purely coincidental that you've also caught us the only two times we cheated. I guarantee that we've never attempted to circumvent the rules in ANY other case."

posted by grum@work at 09:01 AM on January 22

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

Jesus, grum, why not just kill them by firing squad and be done with it?

Well, the first punishment for cheating doesn't seem to have made a difference, the only option is to provide a strong deterrent. It also sends a message to the rest of the league that they better toe the line with regards to the rules in play.

As for losing all their draft picks in a draft, it's happened before in other sports and hasn't killed a franchise.

posted by grum@work at 11:24 PM on January 21

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

Don't you think suspending Belichick would have a much greater impact on the Super Bowl than 11 underinflated balls had on the AFC Championship Game?
Assuming he finds evidence of cheating, I think Goodell should take a draft pick from the Patriots and hit them with a big fine as soon as possible.

Isn't the point of the punishment that it is supposed to deter anyone from doing it again?

When the Patriots were caught during Spygate the punishment was:

$500,000 fine to Belichick (the maximum allowed)
$250,000 fine to the Patriots and the loss of a 1st round draft pick

Just repeating that would imply that the Patriots didn't learn any lessons from Spygate.

I think suspending Belichick for the Super Bowl would be a pretty strong statement.
If you just want to punish the team and not the coach, take away ALL of the Patriots draft picks for the upcoming draft (unless the pick has already been traded away), and make them draft dead last in every round for the next three drafts after that.

posted by grum@work at 09:47 PM on January 21

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Leafs season record with Carlyle as coach:

21 - 16 - 3 and battling for a playoff spot.

Leafs record after Carlyle fired:

1 - 6 and moving up the draft board.

The implosion of the Leafs, and the sudden struggles of the Raptors has quieted what used to be a fun task of trying to figure out how to schedule NBA/NHL home playoff games in the ACC.

(Sure, the Raptors have a LONG way to go before they miss the playoffs, but going 2-8 in the last 10 is a bit frightening.)

posted by grum@work at 12:09 AM on January 21

Seahawks Advance to Super Bowl 0x31 with 16-Point Comeback

That re-introduces the true sudden-death aspect that seems to be distasteful to people, though.

Kind of, but not really. If you have the ball and then let the other team score during your possession, why would the other team need to do anything during their own possession? I guess you could let them just kneel down for four plays in a row, and call it a game, but that seems really weird and anti-climatic.

But honestly, just let them play for the full N minute quarter and you'll solve for most edge cases automatically.


posted by grum@work at 08:33 AM on January 20