October 19, 2005

McGill University (Montreal) scraps the rest of the football season: Citing a hazing incident, McGill University has cancelled the rest of its men's football season. School officials announced Tuesday that a four-week investigation uncovered hazing rituals performed during "rookie night" on Aug. 27. Although the investigation report will not be made public because "it contains confidential information," Masi confirmed that "despite the fact that all athletes signed commitments that they would not engage in hazing and despite warnings from the coach that inappropriate behaviour would not be tolerated, activities were planned and carried out, in clear violation of the rules."

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I live in New York and a couple of years ago we had a similar incident involving a high school football team that made national headlines. Why is sodomy so prevelent in these cases? I find it disgusting but also completly bizzare. The football players where i went to high school and college were homophobes who loved raggin' on the stoner kids and freaks for being "fags" yet the first chance the more senior members of the football squad get a chnce to ram something up someones butt they jump at it. I'm glad they cancelled the program and I hope some of these assholes get brought up on criminal charges.

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Charges need to be filed on these freakin' morons. What the hell? I played college football in the early 80's. We had 'initiation' where we made the new guys do skits or something else, but it was in no way to degrade them. Your'e supposed to be a close team. Teams with chemistry usually do better than those without. I fail to see how sexually abusing a teammate will promote anything but feelings of resentment and hate. These guys need to see some jail time. Maybe only after they become someones sexual conquest in the joint will they realize what they've done.

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Drastic, but good on them for following through post-investigation. It's too bad U of T already played McGill this season—otherwise they would've had their first win in three years automatically.

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Yep - A good move. So you wanna shove things into the rookies? Well, no more football then tough guy. Good thing that these kids aren't on schalorships - otherwise they'd be really screwed and would have to go to classes they have no intention of learning from.

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It's a shame to the athletics program there. McGill is instrumental in the history of American Football. See McGill vs Harvard, 1874 and The Origins of American Football to 1889.

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McGill was instrumental in the history of Basketball as well.

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And, apparently, a real pioneer in the art of forcible sodomy.

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Meh, it's all been done. You think players today know from sodomy? Ty Cobb'd work a broken broomstick in ways you wouldn't want to imagine.

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Eww on this whole thread.... especially the last comment

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Its often said that the most ardent homophobe is usually gay.

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Good for the school! It'd be nice if more schools did this, because it reinforces the oft-disregarded and easily forgotten notion that athletics isn't everything. Now, if something like this went down at a big-time school... that'd be fantastic. Humbling, really. As Weedy put it, be interesting to see someone on a full football scholarship suddenly forced to get by on purely academics for a year. And to see a college have the stones to forgo a profitable football program for a year, on principle.

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