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Stop The Flop: The NBA officially adopts an anti-flopping policy, announcing a new rule that will fine repeat offenders this season.

posted by tron7 to basketball at 02:13 PM on October 03 - 10 comments

Gilbert Arenas suspended indefinitely.: Stern, not impressed by Arenas' gun play, busts out the banhammer.

posted by tron7 to basketball at 05:52 PM on January 06 - 9 comments

Chargers fine Cromartie $2,500.00 for tweeting: That's $17.86 per character.

posted by tron7 to football at 10:54 AM on August 05 - 16 comments

MMA Fantasy Draft: If every fighter in the world was suddenly declared a free agent, what order would they be selected in?

posted by tron7 to boxing at 12:56 PM on April 21 - 10 comments

Shawne Merriman suspended for steroids.: The four game suspension comes less than a week after the news of the Falcon's Matt Lehr and the Lion's Shaun Rogers receiving steroid suspensions.

posted by tron7 to football at 09:50 AM on October 23 - 33 comments

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NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

C = Cavaliers or C = Celtics?

Not sure. He must mean the team with the 'C' sound.

posted by tron7 at 10:59 AM on April 17

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

Hawks in 5
Cavs in 5
Bulls in 5
Raptors in 7

Warriors in 4
Rockets in 5
Spurs in 6
Grizzlies in 6

East Leading Scorer: Irving
West Leading Scorer: Curry
Ejected: Blake Griffin
Moneyball: 30

posted by tron7 at 12:42 PM on April 16

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

Sure, but I don't care about Cavaliers fans.

posted by tron7 at 02:54 PM on April 08

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

I think that there might be.

The teams have reason to draft them if they are available, the league really doesn't. All of those players would be there at age 19. It's not like their rookie seasons were so great that you'd miss them if they weren't there.

What the NBA/NCAA should do is allow a player to declare for the NBA draft, and if they are not picked/signed, still allow them to attend college without ruining their NCAA eligibility. That should apply for high school students and active college students.

I could get behind this if there were somewhere for the players to play while they're still not good enough to pull significant NBA minutes. I don't want some 17 year old sitting on my NBA team's bench even if he might be the next LeBron/Jonathan Bender. So an expansion of the D-League or some sort of understanding with the NCAA but I have no idea what that would entail.

posted by tron7 at 02:25 PM on April 08

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

Then use journalism as an example.

Can you imagine a journalism or doctor draft? Pro sports is on a different planet from other occupations so I don't know how useful it is to compare them.

From the NBA's perspective there isn't much reason to be drafting 18 year olds. There are so few of them that are ready to play but teams still feel the pressure to take chances on them for the small chance that these seeds turn into superstars. So, the NBA takes a way that pressure and gives teams an extra year to see what those players are about before drafting them with the added bonus of controlling their rights further into their primes.

I don't like the age restriction from a fairness standpoint but there are a lot of things unfair about the NBA CBA. The draft: players are forced to move wherever they are drafted with no real recourse. Rookie scale contracts: players make far less than they are worth on the open market. Max contracts: players make far less than they are worth on the open market. Restricted free agency: team controlling where you work and your only recourse is to take a one year deal (risky and cheap) or continue to live/play where you don't want to. I would probably tinker with all of those before I would mess with the age restriction.

posted by tron7 at 11:13 AM on April 08

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I hope this NCAA championship is remembered for the officiating travesty that it was. I don't have much invested in college basketball and I only casually root for Wisconsin but I found that second half infuriating. Ticky-tack calls, no calls, blatantly wrong calls, anything that could be considered controversial went Duke's way. Nothing in sports bothers me more than officials ruining contests.

posted by tron7 at 01:54 PM on April 07

Yahoo Tourney Pick'em Pool

It was the only bracket I filled out this year and I can't find my picks anywhere. Oh well, I don't follow college ball much anymore so I was basically just guessing.

posted by tron7 at 11:15 AM on March 20

Yahoo Tourney Pick'em Pool

I ahhh... apparently didn't save my bracket. Do I win the Costanza or have I failed too hard even for George Costanza?

posted by tron7 at 10:11 AM on March 20

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

2015 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team

posted by tron7 at 04:26 PM on March 08

Curt Schilling Declares War on Twitter Trolls Abusing His Daughter

Twitter trolls versus Twitter mobs... I have no idea who to root for.

posted by tron7 at 06:34 PM on March 02

Patriots Win Super Bowl 0x31 After Epic Last-Second Interception

Have the goal posts been moved so far that now we're having a "whose better Montana or Brady" conversation instead of the "Manning or Brady" conversation?

It's a Super Bowl thread tradition to test the upper limits of the Super Bowl winning quarterback's place in history. Not that I don't think Brady is up there but this happens literally every year.

posted by tron7 at 10:32 AM on February 04

Patriots Win Super Bowl 0x31 After Epic Last-Second Interception

(Of course the 538 peeps disagree with me but there ya go.)

Excitement index is one factor but it's not the only factor. The context of '07 and the ridiculousness of the helmet catch put that super bowl on top for me. Then '97 for personal reasons. This Super Bowl probably ranks third for me. The '08 and '12 Super Bowls are next in line. I found myself penalizing the games decided by a late field goal. It's a lot more exciting for me when offenses and defenses make the deciding plays.

posted by tron7 at 12:13 PM on February 02

Patriots Win Super Bowl 0x31 After Epic Last-Second Interception

Chris Matthews was the intended receiver - what Superbowl folklore he would've been had he caught that ball.

It feels like we are going to forget about Chris Matthews because of the result of the game but what a crazy story. He was the entire Seattle offense in the first half.

posted by tron7 at 10:57 PM on February 01

Patriots Win Super Bowl 0x31 After Epic Last-Second Interception

The win probability graph for this game is damn sexy.

posted by tron7 at 10:52 PM on February 01

Stats Guru: Patriots Hold Onto Ball Far Better Than Any Other Team

This reminds me of the Serial podcast in that once you have the implication of guilt, even pretty normal things look dodgy. If you would have learned that the Pats were 2nd in fumbles before all this started you wouldn't have thought anything of it but now it's supposed to mean something. You can barely notice the difference in PSI but now it determines fumbles, passing, and who knows what else.

I was a little annoyed by this story to start with but now I'm hoping it lasts til Sunday. Honestly, it's more entertaining than the standard Super Bowl coverage. I will watch the opening snap of the Super Bowl and wonder, for the first time in my life, what PSI that ball is at. Then I will drink a beer and never think about it again.

posted by tron7 at 11:19 PM on January 25