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Stop The Flop: The NBA officially adopts an anti-flopping policy, announcing a new rule that will fine repeat offenders this season.

posted by tron7 to basketball at 02:13 PM on October 03 - 10 comments

Gilbert Arenas suspended indefinitely.: Stern, not impressed by Arenas' gun play, busts out the banhammer.

posted by tron7 to basketball at 05:52 PM on January 06 - 9 comments

Chargers fine Cromartie $2,500.00 for tweeting: That's $17.86 per character.

posted by tron7 to football at 10:54 AM on August 05 - 16 comments

MMA Fantasy Draft: If every fighter in the world was suddenly declared a free agent, what order would they be selected in?

posted by tron7 to boxing at 12:56 PM on April 21 - 10 comments

Shawne Merriman suspended for steroids.: The four game suspension comes less than a week after the news of the Falcon's Matt Lehr and the Lion's Shaun Rogers receiving steroid suspensions.

posted by tron7 to football at 09:50 AM on October 23 - 33 comments

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Another excellent NBA Super Saiyan GIF

posted by tron7 at 01:13 PM on June 29

Golden State Warriors Win NBA Title

Iggy wins the MVP because the Cavs ignore him on defense for the entire series. Warriors minus Iggy have a tough time in this series, the Warriors without Curry aren't even recognizable.

Great series. I was hoping James could pull it off just for how crazy the story would have been.

posted by tron7 at 01:06 AM on June 17

Warriors Win Game 5, Need One More for NBA Championship

There really should be some mini-Oscars for GIFs

I'd watch that, but only if they pronounce GIFs correctly.

posted by tron7 at 12:30 PM on June 15

Warriors Win Game 5, Need One More for NBA Championship

I think we should be grateful that LeBron James doesn't play the cynical draw a foul game that James Harden does. LeBron had only 9 free throws in a game where he went to the rim constantly against very physical defense. If he wanted to accentuate the contact he was getting we'd be in for a much less watchable game. Though, if he was a better free throw shooter maybe he would be more interested in drawing fouls. Whatever the reason, I'm glad we don't see a parade to the stripe.

posted by tron7 at 11:19 AM on June 15

Warriors Win Game 5, Need One More for NBA Championship

I do not understand playing Mozgov for 9 minutes last night

If you have a stiff at center, sure, try going small. Mozgov has been the only dependable Cavalier out there so it's surprising to me that they decided to limit his minutes. It seems like an overreaction to Iguodala making shots last game. I'd let Iguodala shoot because if he misses his first couple he gets really tentative about shooting threes and then he becomes a liability in the half court.

On the other side of the ball, I think they need to put Curry in some PnR. Whoever Curry is guarding is the screen man and make Curry have to deal with LeBron coming off a screen.

posted by tron7 at 11:09 AM on June 15

Golden State Exposes Cleveland in Game 4 Rout

That and the fact they got entirely away from his post game

I thought Golden State did a lot better job denying post entry. It felt dangerous and a lot of effort to get the ball where he wanted it and even then they would often be left with little time on the shot clock.

The supporting cast, sans Mozgov, was horrible last night. Just abysmal. Shumpert doesn't want to shoot anymore. JR couldn't hit anything. JR is great right up to the point that you need him to be great, I've been being disapointed by JR for nearly a decade now.The fact that James Jones is getting minutes in the finals is utterly absurd.

posted by tron7 at 10:08 AM on June 12

Golden State Exposes Cleveland in Game 4 Rout

and accidentally flashing the ABC audience in a wardrobe malfunction.

Best finals ever.

posted by tron7 at 09:56 AM on June 12

LeBron James Puts Cavaliers Up 2-1 on Warriors

As good as the story is, I feel like the Warriors are one great stretch from restoring order to the universe. They'll hang 20 in a row on the Cavaliers to make a game a laugher and Stella will get her groove back.

I agree but I felt that way after games one and two as well. I'm starting to waiver on if it will come or come in time.

Whatever happens from here on out, this is going to be a memorable series. Either the series goes long or the Cavaliers pull a monumental upset. Even if the Warriors blow their doors off for three straight we'll remember the first three games stretch out of LeBron.

posted by tron7 at 01:13 PM on June 10

LeBron James Puts Cavaliers Up 2-1 on Warriors

This is getting ridiculous.

posted by tron7 at 10:48 AM on June 10

Warriors Win Game 1 of Finals Despite LeBron's 44 Points

I'm less enthused about Iguodala's happy landing in Golden State.

posted by tron7 at 03:30 PM on June 05

Warriors Win Game 1 of Finals Despite LeBron's 44 Points

Man, great game and hell of a missed opportunity for the Cavs. I would have liked to see LeBron go to the rim on the final play of regulation but when that jumper is falling I can see why he'd want to keep shooting it. No matter how hot LeBron gets he's still best when he's going at the rim, there's nothing to do but foul him or send about three guys at him.

Shumpert's prayer at the buzzer would have been the weirdest finals game ending ever and it was so close to going in.

I'm still not really sure who I'm rooting for in this series. I'll go with whoever is down in the series until I figure it out.

posted by tron7 at 11:50 AM on June 05

SpoFil NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

- Which team will win? - Warriors
- How many games will it take? - 6
- Who will win MVP of the series? Curry
- Rebounds: Tristan Thompson
- Assists: James
- Free throws attempted: James
- Steals: Curry
- Blocks: Bogut
- Personal fouls: Draymond Green
- Turnovers: James
- Which player will have the highest 3-point Percentage: Klay Thompson
- How many total technical fouls will be called?: 3
- What will be the largest margin of victory in a single game be?: 23
- How many total triple-doubles will be scored?: 2
- How many total points will the leading scorer score (come within +/- 10)?: 180

posted by tron7 at 12:02 PM on June 03

FIFA President Sepp Blatter Announces His Resignation

I was surprised last week that he could stay in power and now I'm surprised that he's resigning. There's been so many allegations I just assumed he was untouchable if he had made it this long.

posted by tron7 at 02:54 PM on June 02

Golden State Reaches First NBA Finals in 40 Years

Enjoy the conference trophy.

Warriors are -250 favorites to win the series.

posted by tron7 at 01:04 PM on May 28

LeBron Takes Cavaliers to NBA Finals in First Season Back

I don't think the trade was a mistake. The mistake was not figuring out how to properly utilize Love. It shouldn't have been that difficult to work in a player of Love's skill set. That said, Love was still a better player this year than Wiggins. Wiggins played a ton of minutes this year and put a lot of shots up, which won him a ROY award*, but he didn't play very well overall. Now, you put him on a team with LeBron and don't ask him to do much and he might have been playing all right by playoff time... or they might have struggled to make him fit in the same way that happened with Love. The highlights would be fun, though.

*Wiggin's numbers, while very similar to Durant's rookie season in Seattle, are pretty bad for a ROY winning season. Though, not nearly as bad as MCW's last year.

posted by tron7 at 02:25 PM on May 27