February 10, 2005

Scoreboard, Freddie...Scoreboard: 22 catches and 2 TD on the season...1 catch in the SB...imagine what he would have to say if he was any good??

posted by stofer71 to football at 11:48 AM - 21 comments

When do we find out what it is Mitchell has for Harrison? Is he going to FredEx our Rodney's Superbowl winning ring to him?

posted by Mr Bismarck at 12:27 PM on February 10

He has... an overall poor level of play? He has... an imaginary wrestling championship belt? He has... a promising future with the Berlin Thunder?

posted by selfnoise at 12:44 PM on February 10

Whoa. It must have been long and painful, his divorce from reality.

posted by Joey Michaels at 01:20 PM on February 10

I love it. He calls out Rodney Harrison, and Harrison manages twice as many catches as Mitchell.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 02:10 PM on February 10

Completely resistant to logic and reality, among other things...he is mentally divergent. Can you imagine how bad of an ass whooping that would have been without T.O. in there? FredEx: when it absolutely positively has to be delivered by a clown...

posted by chris2sy at 03:12 PM on February 10

He has... a promising future with the Berlin Thunder? My guess is even the Mighty Thunder would pass on FredEx. I love that when he talks smack he tells us the other receivers are better than him.

posted by stofer71 at 03:16 PM on February 10

Freddie... it is better to keep your mouth shut and let the world think you are a fool then to speak and prove them right

posted by McLaw at 04:06 PM on February 10

Bill Belichick, in the latest issue of SI... "All he does is talk," Belichick said of Mitchell long after the game as he sat in his locker room office, his feet propped on a desk. "He's terrible, and you can print that. I was happy when he was in the game."

posted by 86 at 04:13 PM on February 10

That's fantastic stuff. Not only is he a dick to Patriots players and staff, but also insinuates that T.O. isn't as good as the media makes him out to be and that Owens stole his thunder. At least he's an equal-opportunity shit-talker. You gotta give him that.

posted by Samsonov14 at 04:29 PM on February 10

FredEx: when it absolutely positively has to be delivered by a clown... Chris2sy wins!

posted by billsaysthis at 06:16 PM on February 10

i wonder if he can give us some names of DB's now that alls been said and done. We're waiting Freddie!

posted by Kid Vicious at 07:03 PM on February 10

Welcome, Kid.

posted by Samsonov14 at 08:30 PM on February 10

I am not sticking up for old Fred Ex, But I heard the interview when it first aired and when they replayed tonight. What I heard and what was reported were two differant things. When you concentrate on certain sound bites you twist around what the person meant. For example, from what I heard, in the context of the interview, he wasnt putting himself in from of T.O. He was reacting to the bashing he was taking about his performance in the game or lack there of. Once again, Espn got alot of mileage out of an interview that would have normally gone unnoticed. He has been appearing on "Allnight" since his days in college. He has a kind of a trusting relationship with the host. So his guard was down, he was just shooting the breeze with a friend. In other words, Freddy was just being Freddy; just like he has done numerous times before on the show. Judging by the reactions Fred Ex's comments got, ESPN struck gold once again. Radio gold via the sound-bite! That said, the best thing for Freddie to do, is go on vacation,shut up for a while. and when he does report to camp, where ever that may be, he should just shut up and play. And the Media, should just calm down. In Many way Freddy's comments were harmless. Boy am I glad that the Super Bowl is over.

posted by daddisamm at 03:18 AM on February 11

Yeah, I think Freddie's screwing around and the media takes it seriously. Michael Wilbon on PTI last night said he liked talking to Freddy in the locker room because Freddie didn't take things too seriously and had a "dry sense of humor". Wilbon then proceeded to wring his hands over this.

posted by yerfatma at 07:33 AM on February 11

When you concentrate on certain sound bites you twist around what the person meant. I work in the video industry and I can say from experience that it is very easy to do a video interview with someone...then edit that interview to make them sound just about any way you like. The 'media' seems to take advantage of this too often these days. And the Media, should just calm down Amen to that! Now...back to fueling the fire...

posted by stofer71 at 02:12 PM on February 11

okay i just want to respond to all the freddie mitchell bashing. i just want to say he is a very talented reciever. im a huge eagles fan, and watch all of their games and there were so many times where he could've got the ball but mcnabb tends to focus on t.o now that he got that prime time reciever and overlooked fred numerous times including twice in the superbowl and one of those could have very well been a touchdown grab. when it all boils down he didnt do nething in the game, but i just wish people would give it a rest. he was just tring to have a lil fun with the spot light, i wish he didnt, but its over now so lets all just move on... next topic plz

posted by big_t0ne at 05:22 PM on February 11

Hey look, Freddie got a SpoFi account. Cool! Seriously, that could have been a pull quote from the interview.

posted by pivo at 05:35 PM on February 11

mcnabb tends to focus on t.o now that he got that prime time reciever and overlooked fred numerous times including twice in the superbowl Because TO is a prime time receiver. And Freddie is not. I'd ignore him too: he doesn't catch everything thrown to him and he disappears when it counts. He's had one big game in the course of his career.

posted by yerfatma at 05:53 PM on February 11

Mcnabb and T.O both adore the spotlight thats why they are best buds to the media. Freddy is just being overlooked because of this freddy is not getting the ball thrown to him and thus gets his attention by running his mouth to the media. Freddy needs to talk to McNabb not the media about getting the ball. When he does I think he'll shut his mouth and play football.

posted by redbeamteammember at 11:31 PM on February 13

I take it back: Freddie doesn't get it.

posted by yerfatma at 08:30 AM on February 14

That's priceless, yerfatma. Freddie's an idiot.

posted by 86 at 08:44 AM on February 14

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