March 28, 2013

Iggy!! Part deux?: After 16 seasons, two Rocket Richard Trophies, one trip to the Stanley Cup final, two Olympic gold medals....Jarome Iginla is a Pittsburgh Penguin.
The Calgary Flames announced late Wednesday that Iginla is headed to Pittsburgh for forwards Kenneth Agostino and Ben Hankowski and Pittsburgh’s 2013 first-round pick.

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Great move by Pittsburgh - not only adding a great leader and player, but also pulling the rug out from under Boston and driving the price of lesser players up a little.

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Jam Oil In Gear

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It's Pittsburgh?

Last night, before I went to sleep, Aaron Ward of TSN had said he was going to Boston for a conditional 1st round pick, Bartkowski, and a prospect. The hockey panel were discussing if that was enough for Iginla.

Since Gretzky, there haven't been too many Canadian hockey players who are as warmly beloved by fans across the country as Iginla. Even outside his international heroics, fans respect the kind of game he plays, as well as the kind of man he is (no personal scandals, lots of charity work, easy going with media and fans).

My favourite story about Iginla (from his wiki page):

In 2002, while in Salt Lake City for the Winter Olympic Games, Iginla struck up a conversation with four Calgarians sitting next to his table, and found out they were sleeping in their car outside of the hotel. He excused himself from the conversation, and booked them accommodations at his own expense at the hotel his family was staying in.[92]

Still, playing Iginla with Crosby can only lead to good things...

I'm a Leafs fan, but it's sad to see him move on from Calgary as he had become the face of the Flames franchise. It was like watching Bourque getting traded to Colorado.

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I'm a Bruins fan, but it's sad to see him move as well. Went to be reading about how the Bruins had sat a couple of prospects in Providence and that Iginla wasn't playing for the first time in forever and that kind of eased the sting of the shootout loss to Montreal. Some Bruins reporters had those prospects going to Edmonton in a different deal; we'll see.

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Ugh. I'm not a huge hockey fan, so I didn't hear the rumors about him going to Boston until yesterday, but I was really excited to watch him play for the Bruins. I guess it's good that he's going to a good hockey town like Pittsburgh, but it's a shame he had to leave at all.

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Adding a tough as nails skilled 2 way player to the Penguins ... look out. Would make sense he'll play on a line with Crosby a free up a bunch of ice for him just as he did in the last Olympics.

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Iggy, Crosby and Malkin? Doesn't the league block this on antitrust grounds?

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Well, I like seeing the rug pulled out from under the Bruins as much as the next guy, but I wonder if it has occurred to Iginla that, rather than Boston, he has to spend the majority of each year in Pittsburgh? Much like Lacey Underall, he must get awfully tired of having fun all the time.

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