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Charles Barkley: Rick Carlisle should bench Rajon Rondo permanently.

Oh what a dream it will be to coach Kobe and Rondo on the same squad.

posted by cixelsyd at 02:44 PM on April 22

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Sooner or later, one or more of these players will move to a stronger team in a more noticeable city, and then the recognition will come

Many of the best NHL players play in smaller Canadian and US markets and don't get the media play others do. True hockey fans know who the best players are and could care less about what share of media attention they get. Stamkos plays in Tampa, Benn in Dallas, Tavares for the Islanders, Giardano in Calgary .. none of whom get a lot of ink until they visit a big market and scorch their opponents. They make great money and play for highly competitive teams.

As for "strong teams in more noticeable city" - teams like Chicago, Pittsburgh, and the Rangers are already struggling with cap issues and can't possibly sign any of the Oilers young stars. Detroit may be the only location that fits your criteria.

posted by cixelsyd at 04:39 PM on April 20

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Oilers have a wealth of skilled young offensive players and McDavid only adds to that. They are in great position now to deal a highly valued player and obtain a few NHL level defensemen and defensive minded forwards to round out their squad. RNH and Hall would fetch top value but the Oilers would be stupid to deal RNH.

McDavid in Toronto? Good god, couldn't be a worse place for a young player to begin a career. Especially with the current Leafs roster filled with older overpaid players who only show up on pay day. Leafs haven't even begun rebuilding. They have a less than stellar record identifying young talent in the draft and trade away any decent young players that fall into their lap. They are at least 4 years behind where the Oilers currently are in building a competitive team.

Leafs will have a great shot at the 2016 draft lottery. Oilers won't.

posted by cixelsyd at 10:08 AM on April 20

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

He might even trade Phil Kessel back to Boston for a couple of bags of pucks

Nonis already made that offer to the Bruins in an attempt to get rid of the associated contract but the Bruins passed.

posted by cixelsyd at 06:14 PM on April 15

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Now

If Spofi had a pickem lottery similar to the NHL draft lottery I'd be first up, so here goes ...

Ottawa in 6

Washington in 6

Chicago in 6

Calgary in 7

Rangers in 5

Tampa Bay in 6

St.Louis in 7

Winnipeg in 7

Goal scorer: Monahan (Calgary)

posted by cixelsyd at 12:25 PM on April 15

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Leafs fire GM Nonis, interim head coach Horachek, 3 assistant coaches, Director of Scouting Kasper, 18 scouts

Leafs need to somehow rid themselves of 4 or 5 players Nonis signed to high priced long term contracts with few or no interested parties.

The verdict is out on Horacek. Poor guy was brought in with a mandate and simply did what he was told.

The Leafs have drafted poorly for a long time. When they have managed to select a future all-star they have traded the player away. One wonders what the Leafs might look like with Tuuka Rask, Tyler Seguin, Alex Steen, and Dougie Hamilton on the roster instead of Kessel and Phaneuf.

Randy Carlyle certainly had a much better take on the Leafs when he was there than anyone else in the organization ... I wonder if he would consider a GM position.

posted by cixelsyd at 10:21 AM on April 13

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

NCAA Men's Basketball Officiating Constitution clearly states:

Duke until proven otherwise

Duke games are normally painful to watch because of the preferential calls they receive. Trust me, last night's game was not as bad as most are, probably because Wisconsin is an experienced squad who doesn't place themselves in many situations that give officials opportunities to blow the old Blue whistle.

If you don't believe me watch a Duke home game next year against a decent opponent. Standard fare to need to score 20 more points than Duke from the field to be close at the end of the game.

posted by cixelsyd at 05:11 PM on April 07

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

One and Done dilutes college ball but is also killing the NBA. Teams are forced to invest heavily in players who have talent but can't really play. Many of these college "one and dones" become "three years on the bench and dones" .. done meaning they are playing in some foreign country without a college degree.

I have no issue with the LeBron James / Kevin Garnett / Kobe Bryant type players who step in and play immediately. Last night we watched 2 likely lottery picks, Okafor and Winslow, get dominated by less talented experienced college players. These "lottery" players are nowhere near ready and much more likely to fail than players who have developed their game in college.

I hope young players start to approach the likes of Darius Miller, Deandre Liggins, Doron Lamb, Marquis Teague, and others who have been sold on and then spit out of the "one and done" factories for advice before committing to these types of programs.

posted by cixelsyd at 04:11 PM on April 07

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

For Duke to be in the double bonus roughly halfway through the second half against a seasoned, veteran team that doesn't foul is rather eye opening

The calls Duke received during their comeback were huge. But Duke always gets more calls than their opponents. From my vantage point there were a few that could/should have gone the other way, but this game wasn't your typical contest where Duke benefits by 20 more free throw attempts than their opponent (I submit the win over Michigan State as a clear example of that).

Here in Canada, we had a different broadcast team than what you got in the US

Oh yeah. There was a time 15 years ago when Vitale added the slightest bit of wisdom about what was going on for the seasoned fan but that tank is empty. Throw in the TSN resident basketball/golf/soccer/curling/lawn bowling experts' take during commercial breaks and halftime and it makes the entire event painful to watch.

posted by cixelsyd at 12:43 PM on April 07

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Interesting NCAA Final last night. Wisconsin and Bo Ryan did a great job of limiting Duke's strengths, specifically Okafor and Winslow, and was dictating exactly the game they wanted midway through the second half. The Badgers defense also was forcing the ball away from Tyus Jones and to what would be considered the 4th or 5th option on the floor for Duke. Grayson Allen won that game for Duke. He carried them back into contention and forced the Badgers out of their defensive game plan resulting in better opportunities for Jones and Okafor at the end.

Amazing - 16 points in 21 minutes in the championship for a guy who averaged slightly over 1 basket and 9 minutes during the season.

Proves there is still some value in having "4 and done" players like Allen around.

posted by cixelsyd at 11:13 AM on April 07

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

I'd much rather have similar missed calls in the championship rather than the officiating in the earlier game. 26 free throws to 9 for some reason is considered normal fare in a Duke home game but in a regional final? Michigan State was not given a chance to compete.

What a wonderfully coached ball club the Badgers are

Bo Ryan really knows his squads and is a great game coach.
However there is a pattern of opposing coaches shining in big games against Kentucky's current coach.

posted by cixelsyd at 10:26 AM on April 06

Yahoo Tourney Pick'em Pool

joined .... automatically grabbed my entries from Yahoo Best Bracket pool and duplicated them in Spofi. No worries.

thanks grum!

posted by cixelsyd at 03:51 PM on March 18

Your 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament bracket.

Admittedly saw more of Harvard in the previous 2 seasons and not 2015. That UVa game was a total beat down.

posted by cixelsyd at 04:56 PM on March 16

Your 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament bracket.

Who better than Harvard to school UNC ...

Harvard is an incredibly hard team to play against and well coached. Carolina has NBA size and talent but doesn't appear to know how to use it against tough well coached opponents. Harvard could win this game. But if Carolina finds itself it could win the Championship.

posted by cixelsyd at 01:36 PM on March 16

The NFL free-agency period begins with a slew of major moves

Murray made Romo look like a serviceable QB and Dallas a playoff team. Guess the Cowboys plan to revert to old ways ... sling 40 to 45 passes a game and hope for more TDs than Ints. And the Eagles brutal run defense gets a boost by only having to face Murray in practice ..

posted by cixelsyd at 04:59 PM on March 12