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Gary Bettman: Players locked out September 15th if no deal is reached: Would a second lockout in a decade be disastrous for hockey or for Bettman?

posted by dfleming to hockey at 03:23 PM on August 09 - 7 comments

According to Forbes' Fab 40: Tiger Woods still has the richest brand among athletes...and still by a very wide margin. The Yankees surpassed Man U as the richest team brand and the most valuable overall brand in sports is the Super Bowl. No word on whether the BAR (brand above replacement) advanced stats were used in this analysis.

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'Thank God It Just Popped Back In': Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo gruesomely dislocated his elbow with 7 minutes left in the third quarter Saturday night against the Miami Heat and was taken to the locker room. He returned and one-armed the entire fourth quarter of the crucial 97-81 win, bringing the series to 2-1 Heat.

posted by dfleming to basketball at 01:44 PM on May 08 - 9 comments

Memphis come back from 16 down, win in OT: Zach Randolph's 21pt/21reb performance has the upstart Grizz up 2-1 over the Thunder.

posted by dfleming to basketball at 08:55 PM on May 07 - 3 comments

Mike Kelly: of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was relieved of his duties as coach yesterday. It turns out, he's not very good on or off the field.

posted by dfleming to football at 08:54 AM on December 18 - 4 comments

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The Boston Celtics have traded Rajon Rondo to Dallas

I really doubt Nelson stays around - he specifically left Orlando to play for a contender. This seems like the kind of situation where he either gets waived or moved again. That said, the way he played in Dallas, I don't see a lot of playoff-worth teams who'll get a big upgrade by dealing assets to get him.

The first-rounder is reported to be heavily protected and very likely to be 2016 or further and there's not much chance of it being mid-round or earlier. So the likely outcome is a development player who's a couple of years from contributing heavily.

Wright's a niche player - Crowder is more or less a straight wing, with little upside at the 2. Powell's a body.

I think the way Rondo had played this year, the haul they got was more or less what they could expect. It doesn't seem like it's the kind of haul you'd get for a guy with the potential for star play that Rondo has, but a bit like Vince Carter leaving Toronto (with the added deflator of a big, recent injury), if the player isn't playing up to their potential and they're pretty publicly looking to get out, it does tie your hands a little bit.

posted by dfleming at 07:26 AM on December 19

Welcome to Middle Infielder Island

I won a bunch of defensive player awards up to college as a second baseman and I attributed it to the field right around the corner from us (we grew up in the hood) being a horrific mix of gravel, rocks and very little upkeep. My dad/friends would go with me to hit an hour a day's worth of unpredictable ground balls and one-hops.

There were a number of bloody noses from balls that bounced the wrong way, but come game time it made the traditional fields seem like carpet.

posted by dfleming at 01:53 PM on December 16

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

The current MVP odds according to those invest in their beliefs.

Sure, but the last defensive player being named MVP was in 1986 and 6 of the last 7 were quarterbacks. It's the money decision to bet on the best QB available based on who typically gets voted. There are a lot of people who question whether or not a defensive player can even get fair consideration from many voters.

Arian Foster is a top tier running back. I have a feeling Andre Johnson still has more in the tank than his quarterbacks were getting out of him.

Arian's missed 11 of the team's last 30 games - which is to say he's an elite RB 2/3 of the time. Eddie Lacy is a 24-year-old tier 2 back with 1,300 all-purpose yards and 12 TDs, which puts him near the top of the second tier, if not in the top tier.

At this point in their careers, would you take Hopkins/Johnson over Nelson/Cobb? Even with Johnson having more in the tank than he's showing, I just don't see the gap between the two pairings being that great. They're both elite pairings in the NFL.

posted by dfleming at 07:06 AM on December 16

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

If the Texans had Aaron Rodgers they would on their way to a division title.

That is crazy talk. The point differential on his own scores, scores called back due to people holding him(another last night against Indy) and the amount of energy teams spend on offence just trying to deal with him is the reason they are winning games at all.

Rodgers has more talent and health on both sides of the field in GB than he would have in Texas without Watt.

posted by dfleming at 03:09 PM on December 15

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

In the grand scheme of things, a few months of Jon Lester for one year of Rick Porcello is a heck of a deal.

Masterson for $9.5m seems pretty pricey, but at least his alternating horrible season/great season career cycle means he's due for a great year this year.

Allen Webster and Rubby De La Rosa seem joined at the hip - they were traded to Boston together, and are now heading to Arizona together.

posted by dfleming at 05:39 PM on December 11

Jon Lester Signs 6-Year, $155 Million Deal with Chicago Cubs

And Lester is a postseason ace?

3-0 and one earned run allowed in three World Series starts and 21 innings. No slouch for sure.

posted by dfleming at 06:47 PM on December 10

Jon Lester Signs 6-Year, $155 Million Deal with Chicago Cubs

Lester isn't going to bring the additional 17 wins the Cubs need to make the post season even if he has a career year.

Lester, Montero, Hammel, Joe Maddon and a stable of young, talented, and growing players is a damn good way to close the gap, anyways.

Put another way - outside of your completely arbitrary two-year deadline on his effectiveness, at least two of the real contenders for his services - the Giants and Dodgers - were guys it was going to be easier to hurdle for a wild card spot with him than against him. If Lester's a 4.0 WAR pitcher next year, you gain 8 games on the potential outcome that he signs with one of them.

posted by dfleming at 12:19 PM on December 10

Searching for Balance: The NBAs Lopsided Conference Problem

I don't really get what the restructuring will do - there's a salary cap in place, and a bunch of big money team in the East who seemed plagued by front-office incompetence. That won't last forever - well, for the Knicks, maybe it will.

In the West, the last two decades have involved foundational players - Kobe, Dirk, Duncan/Ginobli/Parker, Durant/Westbrook, etc - who stayed in one place and were a foundation to build on. In the East, for whatever reasons, players seem more fluid - LeBron, Bosh, Howard, etc. There are obvious exceptions, but the teams who've been good in the West for a while have been stable, and there haven't been a lot of stable Eastern teams recently, with the exception of the big 3 on the Celtics, the Pacers to some extent, and the dream team Heat.

posted by dfleming at 07:23 AM on December 03

0-16 Philadelphia 76ers Two Games from Worst Start in NBA History

76ers regular season wins this season


Flyers match penalties this season

posted by dfleming at 07:12 PM on December 01

Toronto Blue Jays trade Brett Lawrie, 3 others to Oakland As for Josh Donaldson

I think Lawrie might be one of those guys who gets healthy once he's out of Toronto - he plays the game hard, hits the deck often, and on the turf in Toronto that's a recipe for being continually banged up.

posted by dfleming at 08:23 AM on November 30

Toronto Blue Jays trade Brett Lawrie, 3 others to Oakland As for Josh Donaldson

Especially with team control for years, totally. The Blue Jays built a stable of young arms and Nolin was buried for the foreseeable future behind other guys.

posted by dfleming at 05:02 PM on November 29

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

The legend of Masai Ujiri continues - getting Lowry back on an insanely reasonable deal allowed them to pick up Lou Williams and James Johnson to deepen the bench despite Landry Fields' dead weight contract.

posted by dfleming at 09:11 AM on November 23

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

The Blue Jays get Russell Martin for 5 years, $82m. Martin's 5.5 WAR was third behind Jonathan Lucroy and Buster Posey last year among catchers and he finished 13th in NL MVP voting.

Despite on face value seeming like crazy money for a 31-year-old catcher, the way he seems to call games with piecemeal, young pitching staffs just might be the wisest thing the Jays could've done with that money on the market right now.

posted by dfleming at 01:59 PM on November 17

Penny-pinching, no more!

I've read there is an opt-out in 2019 or 2020 in the deal, which makes oodles of sense getting this deep into bed with Jeffrey Loria. If his end goal was the money, he got there, but if consistently being on a competitive team matters to him, he's perhaps got the leverage to make that happen.

It's hard to imagine with Loria's track record he's going to consistently have someone behind him in the lineup that strikes enough fear for teams to consistently give him eminently hittable pitches.

This also makes Mike Trout's deal even more of a steal for the Angels, considering he's a better player on a similar arbitration-avoiding deal for about $1m/year less til 2020, when in theory they both could be free agents.

posted by dfleming at 11:15 AM on November 17

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

13 years, $325 million for Giancarlo Stanton. The annual value is 52.5% of the Marlins' total 2014 team salary.

posted by dfleming at 07:51 PM on November 14