November 30, 2004

Pacers to face charges: No word on whether Marty Mcsorley will be employed to represent them in court.

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posted by DrJohnEvans at 03:25 PM on November 30

Make it McSorley for the prosecution. That way, it's Artest vs. McSorley. Think what the cable companies could pull in if that was on pay-per-view.

posted by roberts at 04:46 PM on November 30

This is good news. The question now becomes, will there be any charges filed against the fans actively involved?

posted by Nyssia at 08:51 PM on November 30

Nyssia: they have identified the chair thrower and will be prosecuting him and others. That's been clear all along.

posted by tieguy at 09:18 PM on November 30

very good news

posted by daddisamm at 01:00 AM on December 01

Ironically, though, Johnny Chairthrower and Jimmy Punchalot in the stands will likely have this affect their lives. Is there any doubt that Artest/Jackson/O'Neill will just plea bargain out and get on with their millions? I don't say this to side with one or the other, it just seems like reality.

posted by Ufez Jones at 01:32 AM on December 01

That's about it. What is the saying ... Justice is blind except when it involves a pro athlete, then justice lifts its blindfold and winks.

posted by roberts at 05:19 AM on December 01

maybe so ufez, but they may not get so lucky with the civil suits that are bound to come along.

posted by goddam at 10:22 AM on December 01

Well, I think Ron Artest must be planning on an insanity defense, but that won't help him in the civil suit where even the crazy can be liable. I could not believe the criminal records of the cup thrower/puncher and the chairtosser either, damn, long sheet...even for Detroit. AND they are season ticket holders too right?

posted by chris2sy at 01:56 PM on December 01

chris2y: link on the rap sheets of the tossers?

posted by tieguy at 02:08 PM on December 01

Here's the one on Green the cup thrower/puncher... And here is an article on Jackson, the winner who threw the chair...referencing a portion of his priors.

posted by chris2sy at 02:20 PM on December 01

I could not believe the criminal records of the cup thrower/puncher and the chairtosser either, damn, long sheet...even for Detroit. Is this supposed to imply that every Detroiter has some sort of criminal record? I know we get a bad rap on the national stage, but come on. I won't even start on your assumption that their records should keep them from buying season tickets... As for the insanity defense for Artest, he can claim that just off the pictures and video of what looks like him squaring up on Rick Mahorn. No judge in the tri-county area would call him sane after seeing that...

posted by MeatSaber at 02:34 PM on December 01

Lighten up, it was a joke...don't get so defensive...I know only saints and angels live in Detroit. I didn't say, or assume, their records should keep them from getting season tickets or anything...truthfully all anyone needs to get those is enough money, not a pristine past. They got banned today anyway, at least Green did, so they aren't ticketholders of anykind as of today. But, based on their records, the two of them are exactly the type of guys you'd expect to pour gasoline on a fire if something starts and that is pretty much what they did. Yeah, the thing with him squaring off on Mahorn is definitely exhibit A in proving his insanity.

posted by chris2sy at 02:58 PM on December 01

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