November 11, 2003

Moving A-Rod.: Texas is shopping the baseball phenom and Boston seems to be the top contender in recent discussions. Rumor is, a blockbuster 3-way trade between Anaheim, Boston and Texas (Nomar to Anaheim, Eckstein & prospects to Texas, A-Rod to Boston) has been circulating. Financially, while still carrying the Mannybucks contract and Pedro's ka-ching for '04, this doesn't make sense for Boston. Would I love to see Rodriguez knocking them into the monster seats for the home team? Yes, indeedy. Hell, I'm sitting here all smiley just thinking about it.

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A source close to Rodriguez said the idea of playing in Boston, where ownership is willing to spend to win and where the fan base is passionate, intrigues him. He also would face his former best friend Derek Jeter and the Yankees 19 times a year. It's hard to fathom that either would agree to do so, especially since Jeter doesn't like Rodriguez anymore. Former best friend? Jeter doesn't like Rodriguez? When did they have a falling out? And regardless, isn't the reporting and diction surrounding that like something you'd read in the San Dimas Junior High Gazette?

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As indifferent as I am to the Rangers (and MLB in general), this would be a phenomenol move for them. Dumping A-Rod's contract and getting some prospects is exactly what they need if they're going to do anything at all in the next 10 years. Otherwise, they may as well play in the Texas League.

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Maybe A-Rod stole Jeter's jockstrap and ran it up the flagpole while everyone else was at a pep rally.

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March 2001 story about relationship between Jeter and Rodriguez: During an interview with ESPN radio a couple of months ago, Rodriguez speculated that Jeter would not get as much money as he did, in part because Jeter is not as good defensively as Rodriguez, that he doesn't hit for power the way Rodriguez does. The Texas shortstop also guessed how much money Jeter would get, mentioning $150 million. Today Rodriguez tried to explain that away by saying he was thinking he would get a five- or six-year deal for an average salary in the neighborhood of $30 million. Rodriguez was also quoted in Esquire magazine suggesting that Jeter didn't have to be a leader, and that other teams didn't have to concern themselves with Jeter's offensive prowess when they played the Yankees; rather, they had to worry more about Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams. After hearing of this, Yankees first baseman Tino Martinez said he wondered if there was a little jealousy behind the comments. On possible trade: I would think that Boston fans would hate to see Nomar go. A-Rod's only slightly better, but not by enough to make up for the chance to regularly say "no-MAH". I mean, really, is there a better first name, phonetically, for the star of the Red Sox?

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I would think that Boston fans would hate to see Nomar go. A-Rod's only slightly better, but not by enough to make up for the chance to regularly say "no-MAH". Yes and no. I think the possibility of A-Rod is exciting enough to subdue some of the Nomar departure sadness. Nomar is homegrown, came up through the farm system and therefore I feel a certain loyalty to him. He's also a great contributer to the community. But, A-Rod is generally regarded as the best SS out of the Big 3 and has said he was less than thrilled about Texas' situation. That being said, Nomar is a southern California guy. In the last few years, it's been widely speculated that he'd want to return to the left coast. If Theo and the Trio talk to Nomar, and he expresses an interest to go west, than this theoretical move makes sense for all parties involved. Nomar goes west young man, Anaheim gets a kickass SS who is happy to be in Cali and Boston gets A-Rod. I mean, really, is there a better first name, phonetically, for the star of the Red Sox? A-Rawd.

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Nomar goes west young man, Anaheim gets a kickass SS who is happy to be in Cali and Boston gets A-Rod. and... Texas relieves itself of a heavy payroll burden, gaining Eckstein and some prospects.

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What will they do with Manny? I wouldn't think that the Red Sox could keep them both on payroll and somehow improve that staff/bullpen.

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As a Rangers fan, I hate this deal. They're only one year into Showalter's tenure as manager and only a few years until their present front office. Trading the cornerstone of the franchise for some prospects is just going to empty out that cavernous ballpark and give Texas even more money woes after 2004.

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If A-Rod made it to the Dodgers, he could teach Shawn Green and Adrian Beltre how to really hit.

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I don't understand how this possibly makes sense financially for the Sox. How do they not fall into the same money pit that the Rangers are in, eventually? And how in the hell does this fit in with a sabermetric/bang-for-your-buck approach? *shakes head*

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I thought the Sox needed pitching?

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I thought the Sox needed pitching? they do. in fact they are talking to foulke, everyday eddie and hawkins actually.

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can the Sox afford pitching and A-Rod?

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Oh, sure. The Sox make insane money. New development, from Tom Verducci:

The latest twist in the Alex Rodriguez sweepstakes is that Boston is trying to convince Texas to take Manny Ramirez in a swap of contracts with a combined $283 million remaining on them. Texas GM John Hart likes Ramirez, whom he knows from their days with the Indians, but owner Tom Hicks has to decide if it's worth saving about $75 million over the next seven years (the length remaining on A-Rod's contract) to take on Ramirez and to abandon his plan to build a winner around Rodriguez. Ramirez will welcome a trade to any team to escape Boston, but so far has given no indication that he would agree to restructure his deal.

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Technically? I suppose they could probably fund a Steinbrenneresque payroll if they wanted to. Theo and the Trio tend to be a bit more conservative than the last regime (Dan Duquette/John Harrington) The Red Sox are high revenue, and from what I've seen, national consumerism of Red Sox merchandise seems to be increasing. Oh. And of course, the $150 a pop for Monster Seats should help. Nomar makes 11.5 in 04. Trading him now, especially to CA (where he'd prefer to go) makes a hell of a lot more sense than letting him walk away at the end of 04 for nothing. I think there are some dead contracts included in the Red Sox salary for 03. I believe we owed another year to Darren Oliver, and maybe Offerman. Howry and Jones and Pearson, all of whom are gone, free up another $5m I don't know, to not-really-answer your question.

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Following up on Bryant's comment. I hate Manny Ramirez's agent.

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Manny for A-Rod, and then... you gotta move Nomah. Perhaps for the much-desired pitching. Hey, I kind of like that. Bet it won't happen, though.

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Don't like the trade...I think of Nomah as being a BoSox the way Jeter is identified with the Yankees.

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Following up JGirl's comment - I hate all agents. If I was a Boston fan I'd rather just keep Nomar. Hell, I'm a Yankee fan and I love Nomar.

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Nomar is overrated, as beautiful as he is. He has the nicest butt in baseball by far. That being said, I'd rather the mets get A-rod, of course. I understand that it's a lot of money, but clearly this is a player who can change a team's whole makeup.

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I'm not going to get into the aesthetics of shortstops, because that stuff isn't supposed to matter...but A-Rod wins. REALLY. ahem. Mets aren't going to get A-Rod... as long as they are still paying Mo Vaughn.

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I think they only have to pay mo 3 million this year, with insurance.

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I don't want A-Rod or his frosted hair anywhere near my Red Sox. Nomar may be overrated but he's still the heart of the team IMO. Is Nomar married yet?

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