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"MLB's Top 50 Free Agents"

Guardado and Hawkins would be less expensive, risky investments. Foulke is the guy they need; he's been in pressure before, he's obviously the best AL closer at this point. If they pinch pennies and go with one of the other two, I have a feeling it will catch up to them. This being said, Williamson wouldn't be bad either, he looked good in the playoffs for the most part.

posted by chuck cash at 03:42 PM on November 11

...and I gave up the dream team powerhouse Rafer Alston to get him too. Yup, I'm on my way straight down.

posted by chuck cash at 02:50 PM on November 11

"That elephant ate my entire platoon."

posted by chuck cash at 11:50 AM on November 11

Pick your most memorable sporting moments

I agree meatsaber, that was a pretty special moment right there.

posted by chuck cash at 11:48 AM on November 11

Moving A-Rod.

What will they do with Manny? I wouldn't think that the Red Sox could keep them both on payroll and somehow improve that staff/bullpen.

posted by chuck cash at 11:46 AM on November 11

"MLB's Top 50 Free Agents"

Note to Red Sox: grab Keith Foulke. Millwood would fit in mighty nice though, they could use a horse in that rotation.

posted by chuck cash at 08:45 PM on November 10

though but Seriously though, who with a good command of the english language does that? Sheesh. Ban that guy!

posted by chuck cash at 08:43 PM on November 10

Sure have. Well said too, smithers. I assumed that pedestrian meant what it did. This being said, Rashard's numbers are going to go up all this year. He looks terrific, he did last year when they acquired Ray Allen. Is he 30 ppg terrific? No, but I'd say that he's at least 20ppg. I also think that Kirilenko was a steal; Wesley's numbers are inflated so far and Kirelenko is the only viable option in Utah, plus he can rebound and shotblock. I liked making that trade alot. Lue is a mystery to me. I can't figure out whether to try to deal him high or hold onto him. He's got game at this point. I sure could use some assists though but I'm not willing to give up much to get them.

posted by chuck cash at 08:40 PM on November 10

I also think that OREB category is a little trashy; it's going to follow that (other than a 1,2 point difference) good rebounders will be good offensive rebouders as well. Those are gimme points for teams with rebounding talent.

posted by chuck cash at 06:45 PM on November 10

smithers, what do you mean by pedestrian? The season is long and there is alot of ball to be played. I'm starting to see that this league is mostly big men centered. 15pt, 10board, block guys like Jermaine O'Neal are huge in this league.

posted by chuck cash at 06:43 PM on November 10

I'm glad Matsui didn't win. While technically he falls within the limits of an MLB rook, he's had professional experience before, so I feel as if that kind of took him out of it. Isn't A, AA and AAA baseball also Pro Ball? I don't really know how the Japanese leagues compare to our AAA league, however I don't think that there's a whole lot of difference where you play pro ball; the major leagues are the big ticket and as such, any pro ball outside of that league shouldn't discredit your ability to win this award. I liked Podsednik for NL Rook of the Year but maybe that's because he held my sorry fantasy team together.

posted by chuck cash at 04:26 PM on November 10

"I should hold up a sign. My number one priority is tennis"

How do YOU know that? I don't, it's just a guess based on watching her play the top players in the world when she was at her best. They toyed with her because she didn't have strong enough groundstrokes. She could prove me wrong, but I don't think she will.

posted by chuck cash at 12:48 PM on November 10

Samsonov14 says it should be predominantly male because women know less about sports. I disagree. No he doesn't. He says that there are fewer women that interested enough in sports than men. That's different than saying that women know less than men about sports. That's a leading point you made right there.

posted by chuck cash at 12:46 PM on November 10

"I should hold up a sign. My number one priority is tennis"

This is pretty cool news if just for proving that she actually does like playing tennis more than being a model (or, at least at the same level). She'll never be the best player in the world, no, but there are alot of players on tour who have never won a tournament either and hopefully her return will be a successful one.

posted by chuck cash at 09:25 AM on November 10

The first link makes the uniforms look like they're made of satin. I certainly hope not.

posted by chuck cash at 11:41 AM on November 08