October 16, 2012

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

A place to discuss the sports stories that aren't making news, share links that aren't quite front-page material, and diagram plays on your hand. Remember to count to five Mississippi before commenting in anger.

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Just a note that the standings table for the MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em is now posted in the LCS thread.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:49 AM on October 16

Will Ireland's resignation lead to Trap's firing?

posted by yerfatma at 11:40 AM on October 16

Football Outsiders' DYAR rating by quarter for last night's game.

Peyton Manning : 3, -15, 76, 67 Philip Rivers : 50, 29, -40, -120

posted by Mr Bismarck at 11:54 AM on October 16

Wait, wait. WHAT? I just found out the Nats benched Strasburg for the playoffs. *facepalm*

posted by ursus_comiter at 04:02 PM on October 16

The ownwers made an offer. Sounds acceptable. Pucks in your zone players.

posted by Debo270 at 07:47 PM on October 16

The owners made an offer. Sounds acceptable. Pucks in your zone players.

Or more appropriately, Bettman realizes that the owners caused the whole mess in the first place, and if he doesn't somehow salvage a full season his ass is grass.

Big of the owners to offer to actually honor the contracts they signed, none the less. But nothing presented that will prevent the 2017 lockout / walkout.

posted by cixelsyd at 12:22 AM on October 17

I dunno. I think that whole "AHL players count against the cap" clause is a showstopper for the players, and reasonably so.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:45 AM on October 17

My co-worker who has Sharks season tickets said after he saw the offer he called the team and said "Refund now, please."

posted by billsaysthis at 08:53 PM on October 17

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