September 17, 2012

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle:

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The replacement refs called a penalty for a hit on this play, but it wasn't Golden Tate going helmet to head on an unsuspecting Sean Lee. They flagged a Cowboys defender for a mild push to the runner as he was going out of bounds.

posted by rcade at 01:21 PM on September 17

The replacement refs also made a total hash of the Washington-St. Louis game. It's hard to tell who benefited most from their incompetence, or how the game might have gone were it not for their constant delays and miscalls. I guess hapless is better than corrupt, but not by very much.

posted by Hugh Janus at 01:30 PM on September 17

The refs called a pass interference in the end zone on the Lions on a play where time had expired in the first quarter before the snap.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 03:45 PM on September 17

If I'm not mistaken, YYM, I'm pretty sure there was a play a few snaps before that where the play clock expired and the 49ers weren't flagged, either.

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I haven't really noticed a difference. I mean, other than not getting to see Ed Hochuli's gun show.

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At yerfatma's request... MLS pics. RBNY vs. Columbus Crew

I'll refrain if self-links in the huddle are frowned upon. Or if they get annoying

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Kinda more fumbling around (getting out of players' ways, during and after plays; and some hesitation on calls), but yeah, they don't seem to be significantly worse than the regular refs. But games do seem to be going longer (Eagles-Ravens took forEVER, and wasn't a good enough game to make up for it).

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Toronto Blue Jays' Yunel Escobar triggers online uproar over anti-gay slur

posted by tommytrump at 07:12 PM on September 17

The replacement refs gave the Lions an extra time out at the end of the Rams game last week. It makes a mockery of good time management when you can't predict what will really happen with the clock. I guess it depends on what games you are watching, but the Rams/Redskins game was horribly officiated. I don't know how far apart the NFL and the refs are, but I think they have shown their worth these last two weeks.

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Escobar's time in Toronto was likely up, as Adeiny Hechavarria is now with the big club, but his lackadaisical playing style, subpar numbers and now this make me feel a lot less like the Alex Gonzalez trade was a steal than I did a year ago. What a tool.

posted by dfleming at 08:02 PM on September 17

That was the most oddly officiated quarter of football I've ever seen.

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Toronto Blue Jays' Yunel Escobar triggers online uproar over anti-gay slur.

Here's the thing. I've heard someone say that the phrase wasn't proper Spanish.

It says on his eye-black:

"Tu ere maricon"

They say it should be:

"Tu eres maricon"

That seems to be indicating that he didn't write it, and that someone with a less academic grasp of the language put it on his eye-black as a joke.

Maybe he wore it as a retaliatory "Oh yeah? Screw you!" to the person who did it, not realizing it was a bad idea to play the whole game with it.

Or maybe Yunel is just an asshole and that's how he conjugates the verb.

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Or maybe Yunel is just an asshole and that's how he conjugates the verb.

I've found that asshole and largely illiterate are intersecting circles in english-speaking society; I am sure that's also true for spanish folks as well.

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goddam: posting here is fine by me. Also, you sit behind the goal every game?

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Also, you sit behind the goal every game?

Yeah. That's our club's section. It's where we were in Giants Stadium as well.

posted by goddam at 12:33 PM on September 18

Blue Jays suspend Escobar for 3 games.

posted by tommytrump at 05:13 PM on September 18

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