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Tokyo 2020 Committee Releases Short List of New Sports: Eight sports are in line for addition to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: baseball/softball, bowling, roller sports, sport climbing, squash, surfing, wushu, and karate. Tokyo 2020 organizers will make their recommendation this September, with the IOC making its final decision next August. The list of non-recommended sports was a vast one: air sports, bowls, bridge, chess, dance sport, floorball, flying disc, football, korfball, netball, orienteering, polo, racquetball, sumo, tug of war, underwater sports and waterski and wakeboard.

posted by Etrigan to olympics at 02:13 PM on June 22 - 7 comments

Patriots crush Colts in the rain: Foul weather didn't slow down Tom Brady and the Patriots as they beat Andrew Luck and the Colts 45-7 (the second worst drubbing in AFC Championship history). This will be the Pats' 8th Super Bowl trip, tying them for the record with the Steelers and the Cowboys; and Brady's and Bill Belichick's 6th, tying them with Mike Lodish (player) and Don Shula (coach).

posted by Etrigan to football at 10:36 PM on January 18 - 14 comments

Ducks v. Bucks in Arlington: The post-BCS era started with a firm (if unintentional) repudiation of the BCS, as defending national champion Florida State was embarrassed by perennial bridesmaid Oregon and defending-minus-one (and -minus-two) champ Alabama was beaten by perennial SEC victim Ohio State.

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Tide-Buckeyes, Ducks-Noles: It's official -- the participants in the College Football Playoff will be the four power-conference champions that played a conference championship game. #2 Oregon takes on undefeated defending national champions #3 Florida State in the Rose Bowl, while Nick Saban's #1 Alabama faces Urban Meyer's #4 Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. #5 Baylor and #6 TCU are left out, handicapped by being in the 10-team Big 12.

posted by Etrigan to football at 12:53 PM on December 07 - 30 comments

MLB Pace-of-Game Committee Suggests Six New Rules: The Arizona Fall League will test out six new rules intended to speed up baseball this year.
1 -- Hitter must keep one foot inside the batter's box (except for fouls, wild pitches, time outs granted by the umpire, etc.).
2 -- Manager can signal an intentional walk rather than have the pitcher throw.
3 -- Maximum break of 2:05 between innings, hitters in the batter's box by 1:45. Umpire can call a strike on slow hitters and a ball on slow pitchers.
4 -- Maximum of 2:30 for pitching changes, including during inning breaks (clock starts when reliever enters the field).
5 -- Three "timeout" mound conferences per game.
6 -- 20 seconds to pitch after receiving the ball (Salt River only). Clocks will be posted in dugouts.

posted by Etrigan to baseball at 04:21 PM on October 01 - 58 comments

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Holy shit, Bob Costas

posted by Etrigan at 07:59 AM on June 27

Pete Rose bet on MLB games while an active player in those games.

I didn't realize that US Postal Inspectors had such dynamic crime fighting capability and initiative.

It was a long time ago, but in the Wild West days, the postal inspectors were the only federal police force. People would rob general stores that had postal annexes in them, draw a line in chalk around the postal annex, and write "DEAR POSTAL INSPECTORS -- WE NEVER CROSSED THIS LINE.", because that way it would only be the local sheriff looking for them instead of the Feds.

posted by Etrigan at 09:03 AM on June 23

Golden State Warriors Win NBA Title

You have to come up with some weird rational not to give it to the obvious most valuable player in the Finals (James).

Iguodala (like Kawhi Leonard last year) kept the best player in the game from winning the championship. The Warriors were down 1-2 (2 straight, remember, after Kyrie Irving's injury) when Kerr started him. They won the next three games by 42 combined points.

International counterexample: Diego Forlan winning the Golden Ball at the 2010 World Cup. Uruguay came in third in that tournament.

The Golden Ball is for the entire tournament -- the NBA Finals MVP is expressly for the best player in the 4-7 games played between the winners of the Western and Eastern Conferences.

Ditto the regular-season MVP award -- it can absolutely be said that a player on even a non-playoff team was still the most valuable to his team (or the league as a whole), elevating them from a 10-72 crapstack to a .500 team.

But giving the MVP of the championship series to a player from the losing team doesn't make a lot of sense -- if Lebron had injured himself in the first minute of Game 1 and sat out the rest of the Finals, the result is still a Warriors championship.

posted by Etrigan at 02:48 PM on June 17

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The Giants get their fourth no-hitter in four seasons off an 11-strikeout, 0-walk, 3-plonk performance by Chris "You Damn Dirty Mets" Heston. It's the first time a no-hitter has featured three HBPs.

posted by Etrigan at 07:09 AM on June 10

A bit of history

Before the race, I did my usual thing of watching this video about Secretariat at Belmont, just to remind me that there still hasn't been another horse like him since.

Jeremy was right: greatest athlete of the 20th Century.

posted by Etrigan at 07:41 AM on June 08

Warriors Win Game 1 of Finals Despite LeBron's 44 Points

Concession stand prices at the NBA Finals.

posted by Etrigan at 08:32 AM on June 05

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

UAB "taking steps" to reinstate football seven months after killing it.

posted by Etrigan at 06:28 PM on June 01

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I spent about a year in Huntsville one summer back in the '90s, and it amazes me that anything around it could ever be considered a heat sink.

posted by Etrigan at 02:26 PM on May 26

NFL Moves PAT Kicks Back to 15-Yard Line

Yes, but everything needs a Flutie dropkick.

posted by Etrigan at 08:09 PM on May 20

Kraft Says Patriots Won't Appeal DeflateGate Punishment

I think that Kraft knows that either A) they did it, or B) there's no way in hell it can be proven that they didn't do it.* So if he appeals, the best result for him is that it gets overturned on some form of technicality, which weakens Goodell (delenda est), and Kraft genuinely believes that a strong Goodell (delenda est) in the Commissioner's Office is better for the league in the long run, which is better for the Patriots in the long run than a presumably low-first-round pick would be.

* -- Not to any standard that would make the average NFL fan say, "Oh, okay, that makes sense. They didn't do it."

posted by Etrigan at 09:21 PM on May 19

NFL Moves PAT Kicks Back to 15-Yard Line

Washington and Oakland voted against this. Sebastian Janikowski hasn't missed a PAT since Dubya was President; Kai Forbath, Graham Gano, and Shaun Suisham combined to miss five in time.

posted by Etrigan at 09:13 PM on May 19

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

RIP Garo Yepremian.

posted by Etrigan at 08:56 AM on May 17

NFL Announces Punishment for Patriots' Deflated Balls

It doesn't count! You changed the outcome by observing it!

posted by Etrigan at 09:09 PM on May 15

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

I dislike the NCAA's rules generally on transfers, but three schools in three years seems a little excessive.

posted by Etrigan at 03:41 PM on May 13

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

If you find yourself thinking What has the FBI done for me lately?, you at least have this to thank them for: Sepp Blatter won't come to the U.S. for fear of being arrested.

posted by Etrigan at 08:06 AM on May 13