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'So, let’s build a pro soccer team from scratch ...': Foursquare founder (and Boston Marathon cheater) Dennis Crowley founded Kingston Stockade FC this year. It's a 4th-tier semi-pro soccer team based in slightly-upstate Hudson Valley, New York, and he did it all for about $50K. He writes about why he did this, how he went about it, and how this sort of thing will end in a U.S. Men's World Cup win.

posted by Etrigan to soccer at 02:39 PM on May 09 - 2 comments

AHL Team Soaks Portland for $34M for Arena Renovations, Leaves After Two Years: The Portland (Maine) Pirates have decided to move to Springfield, Massachusetts, breaking a five-year lease on the taxpayer-funded Cross Insurance Arena after two years. Escape clauses built into the contract limit the team's payout for breaking the lease to $100,000, which is 0.3% of the cost of the renovations.

posted by Etrigan to hockey at 03:11 PM on May 06 - 1 comment

When the Nets could have become the Swamp Dragons: In the 1990s, the New Jersey Nets asked the NBA owners for permission to change their team name to the New Jersey Swamp Dragons. The vote came back 26-1 in favor, but the 1 came from... the New Jersey Nets.

posted by Etrigan to basketball at 11:16 AM on April 08 - 2 comments

Calvin Johnson retires: Nine seasons, one rule, several NFL records, and innumerable crazy catches in the service of an overall 54-90 record and two playoff one-and-dones.

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NFL Divisional Round Produces Predictable Results: The #1 and #2 seeds in both the NFC and AFC have advanced to the conference championships for the first time since the 2004-05 season. The NFC title game pits the Arizona Cardinals (the oldest team in the NFL) against the Carolina Panthers (the most recent expansion team that wasn't a replacement franchise) in each team's quest for its first Super Bowl victory after being in one apiece. On the AFC side, the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos will meet to see which first-ballot-HOF quarterback will go to Santa Clara.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

It's amazing how often one's best option isn't stabbing.

posted by Etrigan at 07:11 AM on July 25

The NBA officially pulls the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, NC

I'm always glad for these threads and their way of showing me how tenuous our grasp on civilization really is.

posted by Etrigan at 06:09 PM on July 24

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Kendra Harrison breaks 100m hurdles record, which is older than she is.

posted by Etrigan at 11:28 AM on July 23

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

the ESPYs are always on the day after the MLB All-Star that because it's the only day where absolutely nothing else is going on in the Big 4?


(The day before is the only other day of the year that no MLB, NBA, NFL, or NHL games are played, but the Home Run Derby etc. are typically held.)

posted by Etrigan at 11:58 AM on July 14

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Cuban's take was for teams not to play someone who can't hit free throws, or for players learn to make free throws. My humble (well, maybe a little humble) opinion is that free throw shooting is an NBA skill. If you don't have it, your team should suffer the consequences.

Take fouls out of the game, then. There should be a very, very small number of times when "committing a foul" or "drawing a penalty" is in any way advantageous to the team/player that's doing it (I'm okay with the occasional intentional penalty in football to back a kick up a little, for instance). Not every damn game.

posted by Etrigan at 11:57 AM on July 14

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The NBA's ineffectual anti-hacking rule will now be somewhat more effectual:

The current rule for away-from-the-play fouls applicable to the last two minutes of the fourth period (and last two minutes of any overtime) pursuant to which the fouled team is awarded one free throw and retains possession of the ball will be extended to the last two minutes of each period.

posted by Etrigan at 01:44 PM on July 13

Tim Duncan announces retirement

Nine thousand playoff minutes. That's insane; what's more insane is that LeBron is within 1000.

posted by Etrigan at 12:06 PM on July 11

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Bartolo Coln is going to the All-Star Game. So the entire world doesn't suck.

posted by Etrigan at 06:45 PM on July 08

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

There is no possible way that those two weren't "impaired" in some way.

I once woke up on the side of a highway, my car turned off, my seat belt off, the keys in the passenger seat. To this day, I have no idea why I'm not dead.

posted by Etrigan at 10:46 AM on July 07

Kevin Durant signs with Golden State

A more recent wrestling storyline version.

posted by Etrigan at 09:29 AM on July 05

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

The latest episode of Malcolm Gladwell's podcast is about why so few basketball players shoot free throws underhanded. Pretty good.

posted by Etrigan at 10:07 AM on June 30

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Florida State declares itself 2015 Florida state football champions and spends $62K on championship rings.

posted by Etrigan at 07:39 PM on June 28

Legendary University of Tennessee Basketball Coach Pat Summitt passes away at age 64.

She had one class (her last) that never went to a Final Four since the NCAA women's tournament started. One.And that class won three SEC championships.

posted by Etrigan at 07:33 PM on June 28

Lionel Messi retires from Argentina after Copa America final loss to Chile

Why Lionel Messi's "Retirement" Is Probably Just A Threat

posted by Etrigan at 09:24 AM on June 27

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

This is a "Wait a minute, strike that, reverse it" thing, right?

posted by Etrigan at 06:54 AM on June 19