November 15, 2005

Pujols takes home the NL MVP hardware: This guy may end up being one of those players that you bore your grandchildren talking about. Also, I can't believe that Andruw Jones has been in the league ten years...when did I get so damn old?

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10 years has it been that long??? Wow, How time flies.. Congrats to Albert!

posted by daddisamm at 01:51 PM on November 15

The crazy thing is that Andruw is only 28. I'm sure Mariner's fans are hoping that in 10 years people are saying they can't believe that Felix Hernandez has already been in the league 10 years. On the MVP voting, congrats to Pujols, someone I (as a Cardinals fan) will definitely hope to bore my children and grandchildren with in the future. I think it's a joke that Andruw got second over D. Lee (and a great case could have been made for Lee to win it), but put that one in the category of voters love RBIs, HRs and winning teams.

posted by holden at 02:16 PM on November 15

Yep - Lee at least deserved some credit and gotten the second place spot. His year was way better than Jones' - and I thought Jones was going to win it in August. For god's sake, Lee can't pitch - doesn't seem right that the Cubs pitching staff loses Lee the MVP. That said, Pujols is staggeringly awesome. I'll never understand how a guy who produces immediately like him slips so low in the draft. Can they just not see it?

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:49 PM on November 15

What a year for Latins this has been: Ozzy (Manager of the year), Colon (CY), Alex (MVP), Albert (MVP), Vizquel (10th GG), Abreu(HR Champ All Star - GG), Ortiz (Big Papi :))..... Just wow!

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I'll never understand how a guy who produces immediately like him slips so low in the draft. Can they just not see it? Those hidden gems in the draft... Congrats to Pujols. One day he'll take the Cards to the promised land himself. As for Andruw Jones, I can't believe that he's been in the league 10 years either. Unfortuntely he doesn't have the world titles he should have with the Braves. He might have to play elsewhere to get them.

posted by tadley86 at 03:10 PM on November 15

Congrats to Pujols. Although it pains me to say so; he's a stud and will plague the Cubs for years to come. I'm really surprised Derek Lee only picked up 1 first place vote - - thought it would be much closer between all of them, not just Jones (.263 BA?!) and Pujols. -Snare

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Pujols is an incredible player. I only hope he eventually plays for a team (or with other players) who can actually produce when the pressure's on. I'd hate to see him load up on stats his whole career, never play for a team that could win it all, then have to listen to all the "He never got the team over the top" talk. The Cards are the softest team I've ever seen run away with a division two years in a row.

posted by dyams at 03:36 PM on November 15

it's not fair, i mean Jones over Lee. What has Major League Baseball come to these days!!! i mean i even thought derrek lee was going to win it! WAS I VERY WRONG!!

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For god's sake, Lee can't pitch - doesn't seem right that the Cubs pitching staff loses Lee the MVP. But it's okay for the Houston hitters to lose Clemens the Cy Young? /snarky

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Ortiz (Big Papi :)) I like the idea that's an award in and of itself. Especially because no one's wresting that crown away, regardless of who signs with the Mets next year.

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Congrats to Pujols. I had hoped D Lee would get it being a cub fan but the cubs as a whole (not just pitching) did not back him up. I am also surprised he got so few first place votes. I knew it would be close but thought Lee would be alittle closer to both Jones and Pujols.

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when did I get so damn old I was thinking the same thing at lunchtime as I bought Springsteen's 30th anniversary edition of Born to Run. Ten years, feh, that's nothing. I've got socks on today that are older than that!

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This, on the Feast of St. Albert... As a St. Louisan, I get to watch AP every night. How do scouts miss guys like this? Too much time at the College World Series, I guess. My fear was that, with the re-emergence of Bonds, and the many rising names in the league, Albert's only moment in the sun would come with his HOF nomination. Lee and Jones are flat out studs, and are true MVP candidates. The Cubs WERE contenders: no Sammylove and a question mark for a bull-pen, yet Lee TORE US UP each time we saw him. The Braves have a good young club, one that may grab many more Division flags, led by Jones, who has altered, not only his swing but, his approach to the game. Give Pujols his moment. Forget the stats and the comparisons to Ruth, Williams and Mantle. You won't see his name in the tabs, punching out a drunk Mets fan at an after hours bar. He shows up early, gets his cuts (good or bad), goes home to the family and comes back tomorrow, looking to a new day. You'll see no contract renegotiation disputes, tirades with management or shouting matches with the media. He may be surly at times, but media types need to understand...sometimes, there just isn't anything to say. To Albert Pujols...Long may you run!

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Wow, Thumper, that's some nice piece of writing there!
...Long may you write!

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Yeah. I've got Neil Young going through my head now.

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All I have to say about Albert Pujols The Man... The Myth... The Legend

posted by mcstan13 at 09:06 AM on November 17

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