July 04, 2013

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle:

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Feminist Jose Bautista (Tumblr)

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Please to explain joke, Ufez.

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Dallas Stars/Boston Bruins with 7 player swap

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Dallas Stars/Boston Bruins with 7 player swap

This is a partial salary dump for Boston. Seguin (5.25M) and Peverly (3.75M) are gone, and Eriksson (4.25M) is aboard. The minor league players exchanged do not have significant cap hits. This gives Boston the cap room to sign Rask to a deal this year, and will give them some maneuvering room for next year when Bergeron's deal is up. One could say that they are giving up too soon on Seguin. Possible so, but Eriksson is more of a defensively responsible wing, Bruins style player, than Seguin. My opinion of Seguin is that he needed a couple of years of maturity and about 4 pounds of muscle to really make an impact in the NHL. Maybe the trade is a wake up call.

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Yeah, I assume Seguin will come back to haunt the Bruins, but this is probably a good move both short- and long-term.

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NoMich I can't explain it but I like it.

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