January 08, 2011

Ah, sorry Tony...Here's some money...We really do like you...That Harbaugh thing was nothing: It was everything an awkward press conference could be. Gum chomping, little eye contact, and the usual hemming and hawing. But the Dolphins did keep Sparano and extended his contract.

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I like Sparano but if I was him I would resign. I don't know if it was Ross's or Ireland to go after Harbaugh but if it was Ross's and he was forced to undermine myself and my head coach, Ireland should resign as well.

How does Sparano get the players respect in Miami when he gets no respect from his GM or head coach? He needs to go and become a coordinator somewhere and wait get another chance down the road.

posted by jc at 07:57 PM on January 08

This is kind of a comment on several related threads put in this one at random, but I feel like the stars are aligning for Harbaugh to end up head coach at USC in a few years.

posted by feloniousmonk at 01:01 AM on January 09

The real problem with this is that it still provides no job security for the coach, no stability for the organization, and nothing to quell rumors. He's still on the hotseat, it's just a more expensive hotseat now.

posted by Bonkers at 01:40 AM on January 09

The sad thing about it is that it wasn't just a football move, it was in a large part a response to the Miami Heat getting all of the attention in Miami and ticket sales.

I figure if Sparano doesn't turn things around, Maverick Carter will somehow be Miami's GM in the next couple of years.

posted by jc at 03:23 PM on January 09

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