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Tony Stewart Kills Driver in Dirt-Track Race

It's been many, many years since I've been to a sprint car race and I never much cared for them beyond the spectacle even then, but I do know that they are set up to go fast on slippery dirt and don't handle anything like normal cars so expectations about behavior based on your experience in a normal car don't really apply. You hit the gas to corner in them.

posted by feloniousmonk at 02:05 PM on August 11

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Wow, this story is going to get crazy if that's accurate. The local news just mentioned a possible arrest upcoming.

posted by feloniousmonk at 01:34 AM on August 10

Jason Kidd joins Bucks as head coach

This looks really embarrassing for him from the outside. It looks like he overplayed a weak hand in a power grab, lost the bet, and then only landed on his feet because a friend bailed him out via his newly acquired ownership stake in Milwaukee.

posted by feloniousmonk at 04:53 PM on June 30

Patriots Run Over Colts

Apparently no one bothered to tell Dan that fantasy season's over.

posted by feloniousmonk at 03:58 AM on January 12

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Shanahan is thinking about benching RG3 for the season. Why not just resign now?

posted by feloniousmonk at 06:10 PM on December 09

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Seems like the stage is being set for Shanahan to leave at the end of the year.

posted by feloniousmonk at 12:46 PM on December 08

New England Overcomes 24-Point Deficit to Beat Denver

NE doing a fantastic job of reminding me to go to bed early.

Expect it when you least expect it.

posted by feloniousmonk at 01:13 AM on November 25

Panthers Edge Patriots, Win Sixth in a Row

My problem with the play is that there is no consistency between the way it was officiated and the way Arrington was penalized on the Panther's drive before. It seems Gronk was fouled before the ball arrived, making the question of whether it was catchable moot because he didn't have an opportunity to be in position in the first place. The NFL has crazy rules, though, and you can't really expect it to make sense.

That said, even as a Pats fan, it's hard to get too worked up over this stuff. Just like with the helmet catch, this is what people remember but it's not necessarily where the game was actually lost.

posted by feloniousmonk at 12:50 PM on November 19


The fact that the Pats briefly signed and played Austin Collie goes to show how unsuccessful they were at replacing Welker. My primary reaction to that was "wow, I really hope this isn't how the first NFL player dies on the field."

posted by feloniousmonk at 03:48 PM on November 16

Together We Fear Football: Pop Warner Down 9.5%

I quit Pop Warner 2 years in after the 2nd consecutive coach turned out to be into doing stuff like making you complete your windsprints prior to drinking water in 100+ degree heat and having all of the small kids do one on one hitting/tackling drills with the one kid who was sized like a grown man already. I got the sense that this was pretty much the norm throughout all of the leagues I could've played in and was done with it. This was the 90s and it's hard for me to imagine the culture has changed much. It's not as if the hazards of not letting kids have water when it's hot were unknown until recently. I would advise against it at any opportunity at this point.

posted by feloniousmonk at 12:18 PM on November 14

Red Sox Write Love Letter to Cardinals

As a Red Sox fan, I hope to see the Cardinals again next year, too, so they can lose a third time.

posted by feloniousmonk at 06:52 PM on November 05

Brandon Meriweather Calls Out Brandon Marshall's Domestic Abuse

Meriweather must be making up for all of the opportunities to make stupid comments that he missed while with the Patriots.

posted by feloniousmonk at 05:20 PM on October 28

Sebastian Vettel becomes youngest driver to win four F1 World Championships

I doubt many people really care about the constructors title, but I think that's the key here. His Red Bull car almost always has some sort of edge, whether it's KERS-based pseudo-traction control or it's something more prosaic. Vettel's clearly a great driver, and it takes nothing away from him, but there are numerous examples from this year where the car just turns differently from everyone else, even including Webber (when his car hasn't mysteriously broken down).

posted by feloniousmonk at 12:47 AM on October 28

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Is the old gunslinger ready for one last battle?

posted by feloniousmonk at 12:46 PM on October 24

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Baseball really can be such an intolerably sanctimonious sport.

posted by feloniousmonk at 01:50 PM on October 19