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I'm not an uber passionate fan; I try and remain even-keeled and keep a level head. As for my most memorable sporting event I attended in person, that would have to be my school's football victory over Louisville in 2003. Not only was I there for my school's biggest victory ever (how many people can say that?), but I got to present the colors to start the game, so it was quite an experience for me. Favorite sports- College Football, Pro Football, Boxing, baseball, basketball, hockey, and many, many more.

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Johnny Football is now Johnny Heisman: Johnny Manziel becoms the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy.

posted by Bonkers to football at 09:06 PM on December 08 - 3 comments

Lights Out at Monday Night Football: The Monday Night Football game in San Francisco between the 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers has been delayed twice because of a power outage at Candlestick Park. A transformer explosion caused the first outage before the game. Another began at approximately 9:30 p.m. Eastern with the 49ers leading 6-0.

posted by Bonkers to football at 09:58 PM on December 19 - 15 comments

The Shame of College Sports: A litany of scandals in recent years have made the corruption of college sports constant front-page news. We profess outrage each time we learn that yet another student-athlete has been taking money under the table. But the real scandal is the very structure of college sports, wherein student-athletes generate billions of dollars for universities and private companies while earning nothing for themselves. Here, a leading civil-rights historian makes the case for paying college athletesand reveals how a spate of lawsuits working their way through the courts could destroy the NCAA.

posted by Bonkers to culture at 09:13 PM on September 25 - 39 comments

The Shame of College Sports: The Atlantic on some of the legal problems with the NCAA's amateurism rules.

posted by Bonkers to other at 11:04 AM on September 15 - 1 comment

And so he leaves...: Terrelle Pryor is leaving Ohio State.

posted by Bonkers to football at 06:22 PM on June 07 - 19 comments

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter died.

As always, the real story is much more complicated than the Hollywood movie.

posted by Bonkers at 07:24 AM on April 22

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

The Notre Dame Subway Guy is returning to boxing.

posted by Bonkers at 07:35 PM on April 03

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Meanwhile the Rockies cut a bunch of seats (I can't seem to find how many) to put in a rooftop bar (AKA the Party Deck or Poop Deck depending on who you're talking to).

Having been to a game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, I'm a fan of bars and bar areas at baseball games. I actually think it's a format that works really well in baseball, since, brutally honestly, there are large stretches of the game where not much happens (the back third of the roster coming up to bat being a good example), thus giving you opportunities to go to the bar and have a few while still watching the game on TVs.

I don't know that it would work well in other sports venues, though (although Buccaneer Cove at Ray-J would seem to be an exception, I'd argue it's only an outlier).

posted by Bonkers at 11:33 PM on April 01

"The Krafts Are the Worst Owners in the League"

Isn't every town in RI just one town away?

From my time here in Newport...yes.

Unless it's across a bridge, which is also all of them, apparently.

posted by Bonkers at 10:09 PM on March 27

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Perhaps "obtained" would be a better word choice.

I like "scavenged" myself.

Though to be fair, he would only still only be the second-worst QB on the Raiders right now, and I could see him out-performing Matt McGloin easily. I don't think he can match Darren McFadden's strong performance, however.

posted by Bonkers at 03:39 PM on March 21

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Dayton and Harvard win. There goes my Billion.

And probably lots of other peoples' as well.

Warren Buffet's money is looking safer and safer.

posted by Bonkers at 11:38 PM on March 20

What is the best possible season a player could have?

That was a fascinating (if stat-heavy) article.

posted by Bonkers at 11:03 PM on March 17

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Wonder how that will work out for him?

Probably not as good as it will for his TV show, though.

posted by Bonkers at 10:10 PM on March 13

How Cities Fared After the Olympics Left Town

I've not been back to Korea since 1989, and there was no evidence of any positive or negative change in Pusan.

I was last there in 2009. Biggest change would be that the Russians are a lot more involved in the region since the fall of the wall (Pusan is a pretty big port for imports for them and exports to them). Also, the Russkies have opened up a retirement home for old prostitutes somewhere around Texas Street, judging by the street walkers.

They always know how to welcome sailors (and the liberty buses still drop us off there, too).

posted by Bonkers at 07:58 PM on February 25

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Watching the Lenny Cooke documentary on Showtime right now. Any documentary that starts off with Shook Ones Part II is doing it right in my opinion. And the movie isn't bad either.

posted by Bonkers at 08:23 PM on February 17

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

I like the new obstacles added to the moguls this year.

And they're playing the Biathlon for keeps.

posted by Bonkers at 10:09 PM on February 13

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

This could be a useful indicator in the next UN Human Development Report.

One of my personal indicators and my dividing line on being a civilized society or not is the ability for that society to form an orderly line for things.

posted by Bonkers at 10:53 AM on February 08

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

It is the first time we have had a game with that score. See rumple's post.

My comment was sarcastic. I was trying to get grum's goat again (though what one should do when one has gotten another's goat is up for debate).

Also, more from RHCP, who may end up being talked about for this night far more than the game will (at least that's what the Broncos are hoping...)

posted by Bonkers at 09:11 PM on February 04

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

Man, that was a weird score for a football game! Des anyone know if this is the first time we've had a game with that score?

Also, during halftime, I managed to cast most of the future Red Hot Chili Peppers movie.

Justin Long=Anthony Kiedis (this one needs some serious 'roids to make happen).

Will Ferrell=Chad Smith

Michael Balzary=Flea

I'm just missing a John Frusciante.

posted by Bonkers at 11:20 PM on February 03

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Everyone's favorite player Mr. Derrick Brooks announces that he's made the HOF. Way to blow the news.

posted by Bonkers at 06:48 PM on February 01