November 10, 2003

Yahoo Fantasy NBA Day 14. Smooth Sam Perkins sets the pace for "the L", ATL Streetwalkers may be suffering from that other ATL team's bad luck. Crappy table and Analysis inside...

posted by lilnemo to navel gazing at 04:13 PM - 25 comments

1Smooth Sam Perkins121FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS
2mbd1s Flying Elbows96OREB, REB, BLKS
3Samurai Jackass94.5
4Rockport Rassafrass94
5fascist bully boys92.5AST, STLS
8The Show82.5
10Prime Timers69.5
1237 Push Ups65.5
12Los Perdedores65.5
14Sir Galihad54.5TO
15ATL StreetWalkers36.5

Samurai Jackass leads the league with 16 moves thus far. Last in moves is the Spacemen with 1 move, and waiver priority.
Names we've kept track of...
Early breakouts: Rashard Lewis, Baron Davis.
Good production in spurts: Michael Redd, David Wesley.
Can't possibly keep this up: Ronald Murray, Jerome Williams.
Shooting slumps: Tracy McGrady, Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd, Bonzi Wells.

posted by lilnemo at 04:41 PM on November 10

There's only one way to say it. My team just plain sucks (ATL StreetWalkers). Those that aren't injured are slumping.

posted by trox at 04:49 PM on November 10

Admission is the first step to salvation.

posted by lilnemo at 04:50 PM on November 10

what's scary is how pedestrian a team smooth sam perkins is.......and how thoroughly chuckdcash is kicking our collective asses.

posted by smithers at 06:01 PM on November 10

smithers, what do you mean by pedestrian? The season is long and there is alot of ball to be played. I'm starting to see that this league is mostly big men centered. 15pt, 10board, block guys like Jermaine O'Neal are huge in this league.

posted by chuck cash at 06:43 PM on November 10

I also think that OREB category is a little trashy; it's going to follow that (other than a 1,2 point difference) good rebounders will be good offensive rebouders as well. Those are gimme points for teams with rebounding talent.

posted by chuck cash at 06:45 PM on November 10

I certainly don't mean pedestrian in an insulting way, but if you look at your roster it certainly doesn't have a lot of what one would consider "big names"....yet you are very steady across the board. Peja has been great in Webber's absence, Lue was a great pickup, and Rashard is off to a surprising start. It seems like the majority of your guys have achieved beyong expectations to this point? Or maybe it's just me....

posted by smithers at 07:56 PM on November 10

Uh huh huh ... you said spurts. I can't believe I'm in fourth. Perhaps I should go look at my team or something.

posted by wfrazerjr at 08:35 PM on November 10

Sure have. Well said too, smithers. I assumed that pedestrian meant what it did. This being said, Rashard's numbers are going to go up all this year. He looks terrific, he did last year when they acquired Ray Allen. Is he 30 ppg terrific? No, but I'd say that he's at least 20ppg. I also think that Kirilenko was a steal; Wesley's numbers are inflated so far and Kirelenko is the only viable option in Utah, plus he can rebound and shotblock. I liked making that trade alot. Lue is a mystery to me. I can't figure out whether to try to deal him high or hold onto him. He's got game at this point. I sure could use some assists though but I'm not willing to give up much to get them.

posted by chuck cash at 08:40 PM on November 10

though but Seriously though, who with a good command of the english language does that? Sheesh. Ban that guy!

posted by chuck cash at 08:43 PM on November 10

Yeah, I'm the revolving-door team. My favorite pick-up-and-drop has been Maurice Taylor. Criminy, I could use a little more predictability. Or at least some word in advance of injured players coming back.

posted by taupe at 11:20 PM on November 10

Shooting slumps: ... Jason Kidd, Bonzi Wells. *cries* I'm starting to see that this league is mostly big men centered. 15pt, 10board, block guys like Jermaine O'Neal are huge in this league. *weeps* I'm holding on to those damn assist and steal categories all year, dammit. Just out of spite or something.

posted by Ufez Jones at 09:15 AM on November 11

Well, I couldn't get Mutombo's old age pension payments to count against the salary cap, so I had to let him go. Glass bones didn't get enough playing time.....

posted by smithers at 01:55 PM on November 11

Ahhhhh......Chuck D. Cash gets suckered into picking up Milt Palacio, who is truly terrible. The tables are beginning to turn....

posted by smithers at 01:58 PM on November 11

...and I gave up the dream team powerhouse Rafer Alston to get him too. Yup, I'm on my way straight down.

posted by chuck cash at 02:50 PM on November 11

My team is so sad, Alston Rafer would be a savior. My team is stinking up the court. We just need time to gel. I felt so good about my draft, and I still think I'll end up better than third worst, but I think it will be a while before I move up in the standings. The good news is McDyess is almost back! McDyess is almost back!

posted by dusted at 01:02 AM on November 12

Gaah! Why did Chuck bench everyone?

posted by taupe at 02:38 AM on November 13

What gives?

posted by mbd1 at 07:54 AM on November 13


posted by dusted at 09:35 AM on November 13

Thats eerie. He benched everyone on Tuesday. Is this a backhanded challenge? Is he giving up? What gives?

posted by lilnemo at 11:34 AM on November 13

Maybe in honor of Veterans Day?

posted by lilnemo at 12:59 PM on November 13

well at least he didn't release everyone like in the hockey league.

posted by catfish at 06:38 PM on November 13

Maybe chuck has spent too many of his 82 games-per-position relative to the rest of us, so he is banking a few?? (I know, I am grasping here...)

posted by smithers at 07:59 AM on November 14

Uh, actually... (see "Maximum Games") Had I actually been aware of this at the proper time, I wouldn't have benched Jim Jackson last night.

posted by taupe at 11:44 AM on November 14

I wouldn't have benched Jim Jackson last night. Hey, I went to that game last night. Jackson was the only Rocket that did anything. They put in a lackluster performance. It shut up all the damn Houston fans, though.

posted by Ufez Jones at 12:48 PM on November 14

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