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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Younger SpoFites go scrambling to google Barbie Benton

It's "Barbi".

You know, so they can search Google properly. She's a bit before my time but I know who she is because of, uh, historical print records.

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Oh, great.

Another wonderful hockey prospect thrown onto the endless tire fire that is the Edmonton Oilers, to be forgotten by the rest of the NHL.

Maybe Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, and Nugent-Hopkins can give him some pointers.

At least in Toronto McDavid would have gotten some publicity...

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Pennsylvania, California, New York, Ohio, and Alabama would be the favourites, I believe.

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NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

ATL in 5
CLE in 4
CHI in 6
TOR in 7

GSW in 4
HOU in 5
SAS in 7
MEM in 7

East scorer: L.James (CLE) - 27.5
West Scorer: J.Harden (HOU) 28.3
Ejected: J.R. Smith (CLE)
Highest Scoring Avg: 28.3

posted by grum@work at 01:29 PM on April 16

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

There's a cryptic comment in my link that suggests the Bruins got rid of Seguin because he slept with Nathan Horton's wife,

/Google: who is Nathan Horton's wife?

Goodness, gracious!

These "slept with team-mates wife" are almost like a meme now. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on it.

That's the feeling I get when I hear these things.
It's been around for as long as I've been a hockey fan.
Just on the Maple Leafs alone...

Gary Leeman supposedly slept with Al Iafrate's wife.
Shane Corson supposedly slept with Alex Mogilny's wife.
Joffrey Lupul supposedly slept with Dion Phaneuf's wife.

posted by grum@work at 04:10 PM on April 15

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Now

Canadiens in 5
Islanders in 7
Blackhawks in 6
Vancouver in 6
Rangers in 5
Red Wings in 7
Blues in 5
Ducks in 6

Goal scorer: Tavares (Islanders)

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I love it when runners burn teams that use the shift.

Especially when they do it on a big stage.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

One more time!

He's the NHL version of Rickey Henderson. One of the all-time greats who just wants to keep playing, and really doesn't care who/what/where he plays. If he hadn't played those three years in the KHL, but had stayed and had "average" years (based on the season before he left and the season after he returned), he'd be standing all by himself in 2nd place in career points.

posted by grum@work at 02:35 PM on April 13

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Tuuka Rask, Tyler Seguin, Alex Steen, and Dougie Hamilton

The Seguin pick would have been the same, but I still don't hate them going after Kessel. There is obvious scoring talent in Kessel, and he's shown that he can be dominating when necessary, and he was young when they got him. Nobody expected the Leafs to crater the year they actually dealt away their #1 pick....

The Hamilton pick might have been anyone, since it wasn't #1 or #2 overall. Who knows who the Leafs would have grabbed with that spot.

I HATED that they traded Steen away when they did, as I had this fantasy of him being the next Maple Leafs captain, almost from the beginning. That's because his dad was the model of a classy solid NHL professional/almost-star and I suspected that his son would be a chip off the old block.

Rask? He was the fourth goalie on the depth charts (behind the two they had in the NHL and Pogge), so I don't really blame them on dealing him. It's just that they then dealt him for a goalie that everyone should have known was going to be bad. Ugh.

They just need to stay the course, accept another horrifically bad season

Shanahan needs to say the hockey equivalent of "Rome wasn't built in a day", threaten to punch any reporter that even looks at him funny, and leave the press conference immediately. Anything else, and the media/fanbase are going to froth at the mouth next season.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Leafs fire GM Nonis, interim head coach Horachek, 3 assistant coaches, Director of Scouting Kasper, 18 scouts

There hasn't been a house cleaning like this in a LONG time. It is interesting to note that the whiz kid assistant GM (Kyle Dubas) was spared and is, at this point, the interim GM.

It's now all in Shanahan's...uh...hands.

The Toronto/Canadian sports media is in full feeding frenzy mode now, with speculation about all of the available positions to be filled.

My long shot speculation for coach: Dale Hunter. His brother is the director of player personnel for the Leafs, and Hunter would essentially be given the job with a clean slate of players (assuming the house cleaning in the dressing room that is expected is going to happen). He's got a hell of a track record for working magic with young players, which I suspect the Leafs will be filled with after this summer...

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Who are the "Franchise Four"?

Tony Fernandez could make the list (with Alomar, Stieb and Halladay) because he was a longtime favourite who kept coming back to the team after leaving. I think that Delgado will squeeze him out, but then never underestimate the power of a TV moment to push Carter into that list. I would be very disappointed if Stieb was the one that got bumped. He was the best pitcher in the 1980s in the AL, and he pretty much carried the team right up to their first World Series Championship (when he got injured).

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

So, the Winnipeg Jets make the NHL playoffs

That's awesome. I hope they do that for every win in the playoffs as well. Create the "White Mile" to go along with the "Whiteout".

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Well, that one hits you right in the feels.

It's reminds me of this picture, spiritually:

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Who are the "Franchise Four"?

Other discussion points:

Who do you pick as your #4 Boston player (behind Young, Yaz, and Williams)? Ortiz or Martinez?

The top 5 players in career WAR not listed any where on any ballot:
1) Roger Clemens (8th in WAR)
2) Alex Rodriguez (17th)
3) Phil Niekro (34th)
4) Wade Boggs (42nd)
5) Gaylord Perry (43rd)

The lowest player in career WAR (in the top 1000) who appears on a ballot: Rollie Fingers (983rd in WAR). There are some active players who currently have less WAR (Melvin Upton, for example).

Total number of active players on the lists: 33
Ortiz, Crawford*, Kazmir*, Longoria, Price*, Shields*, M.Upton*, Zobrist*, Bautista, Mi.Cabrera, Verlander, Gordon, Mauer, Trout, F.Hernandez, I.Suzuki*, A.Beltre, Hamilton*, Stanton, Wright, Rollins*, Utley, Zimmerman, Braun, Fielder*, Pujols*, Goldschmidt, C.Gonzalez, Holliday*, Tulowitzki, A.Gonzalez*, Peavy*, Posey

*indicates not playing for the team where he's listed on the ballot

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Who are the "Franchise Four"?

Let's get some silliness out of the way:

1) Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, and Manny Ramirez do not appear on any of the lists. Pete Rose, however, appears on the Reds list.

2) Multiple franchise appearances (not including the 3 other categories) for Barry Bonds, Frank Robinson, Gary Carter, Vlad Guerrero, Randy Johnson, Steve Garvey, and Nolan Ryan.

3) The Negro Leagues, Pioneers, and Living Legends lists are probably the toughest votes. With the Living Legends, I could easily vote for the four OF, but then it would be criminal to leave out the two pitchers.

4) If Jeter or Rivera gets one of those four Yankee spots, I'll lose my mind. They are up against Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra, and Ford. The first 5 in that list are leagues ahead of the modern stars.

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Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

So you'd support an NBA team drafting a 16-year-old?

16-year-olds are not adults. If the NBA wants to have a "legal adult" requirement, then there isn't anything wrong with that.

posted by grum@work at 02:52 PM on April 08

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

From the NBA's perspective there isn't much reason to be drafting 18 year olds.


If drafting 18-year-olds is a bad idea and the NBA wants to stop teams from doing it, simply let them keep drafting those players and learn that it's a bad idea. The market will correct itself pretty quickly.

What the NBA/NCAA should do is allow a player to declare for the NBA draft, and if they are not picked/signed, still allow them to attend college without ruining their NCAA eligibility.
That should apply for high school students and active college students.

The draft: players are forced to move wherever they are drafted with no real recourse.

Rookie scale contracts: players make far less than they are worth on the open market.

Max contracts: players make far less than they are worth on the open market.

Restricted free agency: team controlling where you work and your only recourse is to take a one year deal (risky and cheap) or continue to live/play where you don't want to.

The first two screw the incoming players without them having any say, while the last two are at least negotiated by the people they are affecting.

posted by grum@work at 01:04 PM on April 08

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Liked this tweet about a pitcher I'd never heard of, John Hiller "one of two pitchers with an 8 WAR year without starting a game". That's is quite a 1973 season and a pretty nifty career.

I couldn't guess the other guy, so I looked it up.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

One of the new rules in MLB this year is that a batter must keep one foot in the batter's box between pitches (if no contact is made on the previous pitch).

Veteran Texas Ranger Adrian Beltre forgot about that rule...and then remembered it.

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Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

A newspaper could require a college degree as a hiring requirement even though some applicants would be fully capable of doing the job without one.


But the NBA doesn't require a degree or work experience.

All players must be at least 19 years of age during the calendar year of the draft, and a player who completed basketball eligibility at an American high school must also be at least one year removed from the graduation of his high school class.

That's it. There isn't anything that says they have to go to college or play in Europe. There is nothing except an age requirement.

I'm pretty sure that's codified age discrimination, agreed upon by a union that is determining employment for adults who aren't even part of their union.

posted by grum@work at 10:44 AM on April 08

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

That just sounds like a job qualification to me. I can't operate on patients until I earn a degree from medical school either.

Like holden says, that would mean something if the best "doctor" in the world hadn't skipped "medical school", so trying to equate the professions is a bit silly.

posted by grum@work at 11:07 PM on April 07

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

I'll bet Coach K would rather have four years to shape a player and person and not have to constantly and frantically reload to keep up with the Kentuckys.

Then pay the players some share of the immense wealth Duke/NCAA make off of them, and maybe they'll stay there for longer and finish their degree.

posted by grum@work at 02:56 PM on April 07

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

There is no argument for it, really,

"Removing unnecessary restrictions for employment" seems like a good reason.

The NBA/Players Union have negotiated away the ability for an 18-year-old basketball player from joining the NBA (like Lebron James) by forcing him to play a year at university (or Europe/Asia) before being drafted (another restriction on employment).

The fact that we let those two entities have control over the rights for a person who isn't yet part of either group is interesting enough, but to suggest that they should be forced to stay out of the NBA for even more time....that's crazy.

posted by grum@work at 02:52 PM on April 07

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

The refs were crafty last night. They waited until the second half to start working their special brand of Blue Devil magic.

Is the assumption that Duke will always get support from refs?
If so, what is the explanation for them losing in the first round in 2012 and 2014?
Sometimes it's hard to keep track of which teams the refs are supposed to be favouring, since it always seems to be the team that wins.


I tried to watch the game, but it was tough.
Here in Canada, we had a different broadcast team than what you got in the US.

I LOVE listening to Dan Shulman broadcast any sport. Silky smooth voice, smart, and gets excited when required (but not Gus Johnson-esque*).

I HATE listening to the late-career Dick Vitale, who is simply just shouting catch phrases and bizarre praises at this point (with a voice that sounds like he's on the edge of death).

*Side note: I typed "announcer who shouts a lot during football games" and Google gave me the "Gus Johnson" wikipedia article as the first result.
For fun, I typed the exact same thing into Bing. It gave me some mish-mash of unrelated stuff.
Google still rules the roost.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Betts was the one player the Red Sox fans were definitely NOT willing to trade for Hamels. Pretty much anyone else in the farm system they would have shipped off (Swihart (before Vazquez got hurt), JBJ, Bogaerts, Brentz, Cecchini, Barnes).

Of course, the Phillies would have demanded that Betts be part of the deal...

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LA Dodgers set MLB payroll record.

Someone has also pointed out that this does not include the two Cuban players they have signed.

Hector Olivera (6 years, $62.5million) was signed in the last couple of weeks, while fellow teammate Alexander Guerrero (7 years, $32million) was signed last year.

Neither of them will see time in the majors this year unless the current second baseman (Howie Kendrick, $9.5million in his final year under contract) is injured/implodes, as they are both listed at that position.

Move them to shortstop? Sorry, but that position is also taken (Jimmy Rollin, $11million, final year of contract).

So they have approximately $12.25million in contracts for their Cuban signings just wallowing in AAA.

posted by grum@work at 12:39 PM on April 06

LA Dodgers set MLB payroll record.

Unnecessary trivia time!

The combined salaries of the 2014 NL All-Star team was LESS than that for the LA Dodgers in 2015.

Salaries in $millions, rounded to 3rd decimal.
Lucroy 2.000
Goldschmidt 1.100
Utley 15.000
Ramirez 16.000
Tulowitzki 16.000
Gomez 7.000
McCutchen 7.250
Puig 3.714
Alvarez 0.525
Blackmon 0.501
Baumgarner 3.750
Carpenter 1.000
Castro 5.000
Chapman 5.000
Clippard 5.875
Cueto 10.000
Frazier 0.600
Freeman 5.125
Gordon 0.515
Greinke 26.000
Harrison 0.513
Hudson 11.000
Kershaw 4.000
Kimbrel 7.000
Mesoraco 0.525
Molina 15.000
Montero 10.000
Murphy 5.700
Neshek 1.000
Pence 16.000
Rizzo 1.250
Rodriguez 3.250
Ross 1.980
Samardzija 5.345
Simon 1.500
Stanton 6.500
Street 7.000
Teheran 0.800
Wainwright 19.500
Watson 0.519
Zimmerman 7.500
Total: 257.837

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LA Dodgers set MLB payroll record.

The Dodgers' payroll, up from $234 million at the start of last season, includes $43.8 million for 2015 to cover the costs of Brian Wilson and Dustin McGowan, who were released; Matt Kemp, Dan Haren and Dee Gordon, who were traded; and Chad Billingsley, who was owed a buyout when his option was declined.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

I remember that Slate piece, and laughing just as hard now as I did then.

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Really bad MLB prediction thread!

AL East: Toronto Blue Jays
AL Central: Chicago White Sox
AL West: Seattle Mariners
Wild Card #1: Detroit Tigers
Wild Card #2: Los Angeles Angels
AL Pennant Winner: Toronto Blue Jays

NL East: Washington Nationals
NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals
NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Card #1: San Francisco Giants
Wild Card #2: Chicago Cubs
NL Pennant Winner: Washington Nationals

World Series Winner: Washington Nationals

AL MVP: Jose Abreu
AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez
AL Rookie of the Year: Aaron Sanchez
AL Manager of the Year: Robin Ventura

NL MVP: Bryce Harper
NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw
NL Rookie of the Year: Kris Bryant
NL Manager of the Year: Joe Maddon

(Can we bookmark this thread some how? I want to see just how bad this prediction is at the end of the year.)

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

MLB announces three rulings in a row today. That's called a Friday News Dump.

Josh Hamilton - No problem!
Jarred Cosart - Small problem!
Ervin Santana - BIG problem!

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Yeah, Miller's injury reminds me of another one I remember quite vividly as a kid.

Borje Salming as "Scarface"

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

The funny thing is I forgot to add a comment in my weekend round up of my visit to Columbus for the NCAA tournament saying that in the middle of the second game on the first day, I had the epiphany of noticing that nobody on the lineup cards for any of the 8 teams had a 6/7/8/9 in their digits (after frantically scanning the program to confirm it). I made the assumption that it was for the hand signals, and I'm glad I was right.

What the article doesn't mention is that a team can have a "0" or a "00" on their roster, but not both.

posted by grum@work at 09:51 PM on March 31

Australia bowls out New Zealand on 183

18. Rod Marsh & Ian Botham.
In an Ashes match Botham arrived at the wicket to a bit of cheek from the Aussie keeper.
Marsh : "So how's your wife and my kid's?".
Botham: "Wife's fine. Kid's are retarded".

Probably apocryphal, as I've heard that used in movies before, but still awesome.

posted by grum@work at 08:39 AM on March 31

Tiger Woods Falls Out of Top 100 in Golf

It seemed for a while there if you weren't long off the tee and aggressive with your irons you weren't typically in contention very often because the courses were getting longer, and pin placements more ridiculous.

There was a term they used when they changed the courses like that:


I think the issue right now is that he simply can't hit the ball properly, regardless of the length of the shot. He's seems to be a physical mess, and he's trying to overcompensate and it's turning him into an emotional mess. It would be like a former-fastball pitcher who now has a minor injury, and then deciding to alter his mechanics so he can still throw the ball hard. More often than not, it's going to lead to more injury and more adjustments and eventually you aren't doing anything right.

posted by grum@work at 09:40 PM on March 30

Tiger Woods Falls Out of Top 100 in Golf

This is like watching the end of Steve Carlton's career. One of the greats of all time struggling mightily with the end of his career, and refusing to go quietly into the night while chipping away at the legacy he built.

I would love for Tiger to be "Tiger" one last time at the Masters (redemption/recovery stories are so hot), but I'm not holding out hope.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

If/when an undefeated elite NCAA men's basketball team loses it's first game of the season, do the 1975-76 Indiana Hoosiers uncork some champagne and celebrate in the manner of the 1972 Miami Dolphins?

P.T.I. had one of the players from that team on for a brief interview (I forget which one) and asked him just that. He said they don't do any celebration, and in fact it wouldn't diminish their accomplishment one bit if someone else pulled it off. He said the Hoosiers would still be undefeated champions, and he'd be happy to see other kids have a chance to relish that opportunity.

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Australia bowls out New Zealand on 183

Help this North American figure out what is going on in the article:

"Sending off" usually means a batter has been bowled/run/caught out. What is it that the Aussies were doing that was controversial?

"Sledging"? Can I get a quick definition for that?

posted by grum@work at 09:52 AM on March 30

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

grum's brief review of his visit to the NCAA Round 2/Round 3 games in Columbus, Ohio:

  1. Columbus, Ohio is a really nice city. They have a lot of nice touristy things to look at, some nice old buildings in the downtown core, and crazy-good shopping choices on the outskirts. My dad (who I went with) is probably going to plan a visit with my mom and sister as part of a shopping trip.

  2. The Nationwide Arena is great. It's a nice "new" building, with wide concourses, LOTS of food concession options with reasonable prices (including Tim Hortons, which my dad loved), and the sightlines for the upper areas are still great for basketball. The area around the arena has lots of "hip" eateries to enjoy if you come down for a game and make a night of it.

  3. The first half of the Dayton (11)/Providence (6) game was probably the worst half of basketball I've seen from two Division I teams in my life. At the 10 minute mark, the score was 9-5 (for Dayton). Both teams were just jacking up bricks from everywhere, or simply grabbing the ball and taking three big steps towards the basket and hoping for a foul call. After the first couple of times, the defenders simply let them pass. This created the ugly situation of a player who was completely out of control trying to make an off-balance layup/shot, leading to more bricks. This might have been the result of an insane start time for the game (10:53pm) and tired players taking the floor.

  4. Speaking of which, those "timeout on the floor" TV breaks (every four minutes of game time) are just awful and can really drag out a game. In the Dayton/Providence game (already starting late because of the previous evening game taking so long) there was a TV timeout 17 seconds after a full timeout. The worst sequence was late in the second half: in 51 seconds of game time, there were 4 team timeouts (two of which were "full" timeouts), a TV timeout, and a video review.

  5. Video reviews! Please, for the people that shelled out some big bucks to watch the games live, throw us a bone and tell us WHAT YOU ARE FUCKING REVIEWING! We sat there a few times over the two days in complete bewilderment as to the reason for the video review. Whether the review overturned something or not, they NEVER told the crowd what was happening. Just put something up on the board saying why the review is happening.

  6. Oklahoma had the best cheerleaders (both routine and looks), but the Dayton band was by far the most entertaining.

  7. Dayton may as well have been playing home games (like their First Four game against Boise St.) because 75% of the crowd was from Ohio for their games. When they had the lead (by 7) late against Oklahoma, the place was just rocking. Alas, they choked it away and lost (thus ruining my bracket a little more as I had them upsetting their way to the Sweet 16 like last year).

  8. Maryland player Melo Trimble suffered a head injury in the second half. He got kneed in the head by his own teammate after stumbling to the ground. He was on the ground for a long time, and was obviously in a lot of discomfort. The training staff did NOT come out to look at him until a couple of team mates called them over. Then, they simply stood him up and walked him back to the bench. He sat there for the rest of the game, alternating between holding his head in his hands, and leaning forward with a towel over his head. The training staff made NO effort to take him into the back for any sort of concussion exam, and instead kept talking to him...which must have been difficult since he was seated RIGHT NEXT TO THE UNIVERSITY BAND!. I can't think of many things worse for a head injury than having someone pound on a base drum only 10 feet away. It was appalling that there wasn't any attempt to get him some relief (or medical attention) until after the game was over.

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The 2015 Cricket World Cup moves on to the knock-out stage

There is a 30-minute "highlights" show that pops up in the late hours on the Sportsnet channels (Canadian). The actual games are PPV/subscription to watch, so that's not an option for me, but I've been enjoying some of the highlights.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

The "Richard Riot" was 60 years ago today. The Globe and Mail has some archival photos from that time.

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Yahoo Tourney Pick'em Pool

Name: SpoFi
Pool #: 160458
Pass: spofi2k15

The scoring system is called "Seed Difference Bonus".
The normal scoring is counted:
1 point for a correct round of 64 pick
2 points for a correct round of 32 pick
4 points for a correct round of 16 pick
8 points for a correct round of 8 pick
16 points for a correct round of 4 pick
32 points for a correct final winner

As well, bonus points are awarded for upsets, equal to the seed differential.
So if a #12 upsets a #5, you get 7 bonus points (regardless of the round it happens).
If a #1 beats a #16, you don't get any bonus points.

This will reward riskier picks that are right.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

This morning:
Video of Wayne Rooney being knocked out whilst boxing in kitchen is released on a newspaper website.

This afternoon:
Wayne Rooney scores for Manchester United and then gives everyone an awesome goal celebration.

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Your 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament bracket.

Puns on Sportsfilter?

Some things will never change...

posted by grum@work at 10:07 PM on March 15

Your 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament bracket.

I'm going to Columbus to watch the games there on Friday and Sunday. Unfortunately, we didn't get any of the big name teams.

I'm hoping that Dayton makes it out of the play-in game, because they had a REALLY nice run last year, knocking off Ohio State, Syracuse, and Stanford. They'll essentially be playing another "home game", as the First Four is in Dayton, and their next series would be in Columbus.

I assume that there will be an official SpoFi bracket contest...

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Formula E Racing Comes to U.S.

The changing cars halfway through just proves that electric cars will never work unless you have a regular car also.

Drive your local commutes everyday but if you want to take a trip forget it.

That's the kind of thing that buggy owners said about gas-powered "automobiles" over 100 years ago. If you really think this is the be-all-end-all of battery tech, then you're probably going to be very surprised in the (near) future.

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"Why not go for 70?"

Watching the Atlanta player flip out on the bench was great.

I understand the need for professionalism, but sometimes you just get so caught up in the amazing that it is okay to become a fan for a long as you accept the punishment later.

posted by grum@work at 03:57 PM on March 13

The NFL free-agency period begins with a slew of major moves

The Eagles traded Nick Foles to the St. Louis Rams on Tuesday in a perplexing move that brought former No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford to Philadelphia after two major knee injuries and also required the Eagles to surrender their 2016 second-round pick.

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Baseball's fight with fatigue

So does someone want to try and explain how amps weren't "performance enhancing", and the fact that all of their favourite baseball heroes of the 1950s/60s/70s/80s that used them weren't "cheating"?

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Well, Phaneuf is the captain, and that role comes with a target. And Kessel is the highest paid and most talented Leaf, so that also comes with a target.

The fact that the media attention is negative is strictly because of the team results. When the Leafs were winners, players like Doug Gilmour were lauded like gods among men by the media.

Hockey in Toronto (and Montreal) is unlike any other club sport in any other city in the world, except maybe football in Dallas. You're talking about the nation's most popular sport, in the nation's most populous city, without any other competing team. You also have quite a few media empires that are centered around Toronto (Bell, Rogers, Sun, Star) and now you have to produce infotainment to fill those eyes/ears/bits. When the team stinks, it's easy to write a new article every day that explains how they stink, why they stink, who should be blamed for the stink, and how you think it should be fixed. Who do you blame?

Coach, GM, captain, star..those are the easiest choices.

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Curt Schilling Declares War on Twitter Trolls Abusing His Daughter

Yeah, this (naughty language) comic from 2004 pretty much explains it.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Hard to imagine how it could be 5 times worse ...

Punching a woman in the face while not talking to the press.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

More rumours about athletes getting in trouble, Josh Hamilton has flown to NY to have a disciplinary hearing with MLB.

The top speculative reason is that he used cocaine a few months back, voluntarily admitted it to MLB, and is expecting to be punished for it (as he's a multiple-time offender when he was in the minors). However, because he voluntarily came forward, the belief is that he'll be treated as a first-time offender by MLB (minimal suspension, if any). It does seem that MLB can bring down an 80-game suspension on him, or even longer (as there was speculation that he was under some previous special agreement with MLB because of his earlier drug history, and there might not be any wiggle room).

In summary, Hamilton probably did cocaine, admitted it, and will either get a small suspension or miss most of the season.

(All we do know is that it definitely isn't PEDs.)

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Hard to imagine how it could be 5 times worse that the Ray Rice hit without someone ending up in a full length file drawer at the morgue.

Punching 5 women in a row?

Punching a small girl in the face?

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Igor Larionov reflects on playing for Red Army, and what is wrong with North American hockey

I think people need to give it some time still.

If you watch the game being played now compared to the 80s (which was incredibly high scoring), you'll see that the individual skill on display now is greater (on average) than back then. And it's greater than it was in the 90s, and probably greater still than the 00s.

You see plays now that were considered "amazing" back then (reverse passes when going behind the net, or between-the-leg passes/shots), becoming commonplace.

The age of Youtube is going to bring out even more creativity from young players.

I mean, watch these kids play!

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Love to know where they think the State of RI is going to come up with money to build a new stadium for them.

Whatever they do, they shouldn't ask a certain Red Sox alumni to be the pitch man for some public Rhode Island funds...

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

"[Pawsox owner] Ben [Mondor] was a giant among men who saved baseball for the State of Rhode Island," Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino 2010

Obviously their love of Ben Franklin overrides their love of Ben Mondor.

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Chargers, Raiders Pursue Shared Stadium in Los Angeles

LA Chargers? LA Raiders? LA Rams?

From zero teams to three teams in the blink of an eye?

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Revealed: the ghost game bet on around the world ... that never actually took place.

How much of a degenerate gambler do you have to be to bet on a friendly match between Belarussian squads?

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Cartoonist's take on the EPL's new five billion pound TV deal.

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