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July 26

Baseball Hall of Fame Announces Changes to Voting Process for Recently Retired Players:
The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museumís Board of Directors today announced changes to the rules for election for recently retired players, reducing the length of stay on the ballot for players from a maximum of 15 to 10 years...

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July 03

This isn't The Onion : Championship League football owner cuts player from team because date of birth is unlucky.:
Cellino is so suspicious of the number 17 that he had the seats at his former club, Cagliari, taken out and replaced with 16B.

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June 16

MLB Hall-of-Famer Tony Gwynn has died at age 54.:
The 15-time all-star passed away from cancer. Known for his hitting (8-time NL batting champ), his greatest season (1994) was shortened by the player's strike.

He played 20 seasons with the Padres, and always had an OPS over 100+, and never struck out more than 40 times in a season.

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April 17

Chris Resop - The Most Interesting Reliever in the World.:
I went looking for these videos in search of a pattern; maybe a pattern of pitch location, or pitch type. What I found was something far more fascinating.

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January 10

Baseline Cherrypicker: lets you find out who led what stat for which time period in baseball history, so you can win those very important internet arguments. For example: Greg Maddux led all pitchers in wins between 1947 and 2013.

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December 09

Three managers unanimously elected to Baseball Hall of Fame:
At the end of the 1981 season, these three managers had a combined career managing record of 705-912, with only two winning seasons (out of 11+ seasons managing) between them. Fast forward 32 years, and a 6853-5159 record with 63 winnings seasons (out of 78+) between them, and Joe Torre, Bobby Cox, and Tony LaRussa were inducted into the HOF by the Veteran's Committee.

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November 27

Baseball Hall of Fame ballot released.:
With a maximum of 10 spots allowed on a ballot (and an average of only 6.6 spots used per ballot in last year's voting), the baseball HOF logjam begins in earnest.

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October 24

Six Degrees of Kevin Garnett: Linking baseball, football, and basketball players across sports in a "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" format.

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October 16

The most valuable "brands" in sports:
A Forbes click-through-the-pictures list of the 40 most valuable brands in sports. It's divided into 4 categories (top 10 in each): businesses, teams, events, and athletes.

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October 02

Marlins sell tickets from no-hitter...sort of.:
Did you forget to go to the baseball game on Sunday, September 29th, and miss Henderson Alvarez's no-hitter? Well, now is your chance to purchase a ticket from that game for $15.

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April 13

Tiger Woods Assessed 2-Stroke Penalty for Illegal Drop: Tiger Woods turned himself in for an illegal drop after the second round of the Masters and has been assessed a two-stroke penalty. "At hole #15, I took a drop that I thought was correct and in accordance with the rules. I was unaware at that time I had violated any rules," Woods explained on Twitter. "Their initial determination was that there was no violation, but they had additional concerns based on my post-round interview. After discussing the situation with them this morning, I was assessed a two-shot penalty." Before a 2011 rule change, such a penalty would have resulted in his expulsion from the tournament for signing an incorrect scorecard. Woods falls to five strokes off the lead.

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March 31

Louisville's Kevin Ware Suffers Broken Leg: Louisville sophomore Kevin Ware suffered a horrendous broken leg injury in the first half of a regional college basketball tournament final on Sunday, his bone protruding visibly from his skin as his teammates recoiled in horror at the sight. Duke's Tyler Thornton shot a 3-pointer from the wing and Ware ran out to defend and landed awkwardly on his right leg.

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February 18

February 07

January 20

Here stands baseball's perfect warrior. Here stands baseball's perfect knight.:
Stan "The Man" Musial passes away at age 92.

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December 13

December 09

October 31

The New Baseball Offseason System:
Fangraphs explains the new world of qualifying offers, average salaries, and what is going to happen in the next week or so.

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September 29

No-hitter thrown by worst-named pitcher to do so.:
Homer Bailey throws the 7th no-hitter of 2012.

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September 21

September 18

Steve Sabol, sports film maker, passes away at 69.:
If you've ever watched slow-motion replay of an NFL play, laughed at a ridiculous NFL blooper, listened to a coach miked up on a sideline, sat enthralled as a player does his thing on the field and gives voice to his exploits, enjoyed the game or season review of your favorite NFL team, or watched an NFL broadcast at all, you have Steve Sabol to thank for that. And if you've ever cashed a seven-figure check from the NFL, you really have Steve Sabol and NFL Films to thank for that.

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September 04

Boom goes the dynamite! Explosive book about Armstrong doping comes out.:
After reading the book, no doubt is left in the reviewer's mind as to Armstrong's guilt.

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August 14

Boston Red Sox clubhouse ready to explode.:
This isn't going to end well.

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August 06

One Race, Every Medalist Ever: Comparing Usain Bolt's 2012 gold medal to every other 100m medalist in the history of the modern Olympic games.

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July 25

Olympic Sexism: Men Fly First Class, Women Fly Coach:
The Japanese womenís soccer team and the Australian womenís soccer and basketball teams were relegated to economy while their male counterparts flew business class. This is despite the fact that the womenís teams are ranked higher and have played better in the past.

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