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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

You may think you love your team and hate your rivals, but would you point a musket at an 8-year-old in your own rectory room because he's going to root for the Cowboys against your Giants? If you said "Oh, fuck, of course not," congratulations, you are a functioning human being.

posted by Etrigan at 11:13 AM on October 04

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Major milestones for the NFL: first calendar month without a player being arrested since 2009 (second such month in Goodell's tenure) and first during a season since the last century.

posted by Etrigan at 11:33 AM on October 02

Toronto Blue Jays Clinch Playoff Spot, But Nobody Notices

How did you figure this out, Grum?

Goat entrails. It's always goat entrails.

posted by Etrigan at 01:31 PM on September 26

2 High School Players Intentionally Hit Referee

Assistant coach admits to telling players to take ref out, and "[s]everal players and a sideline source" have said that the ref was using slurs.

posted by Etrigan at 01:56 PM on September 23

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Matt Bonner blames his three-point dropoff on the iPhone 6. "Everybody is going to find this hilarious, but here's my theory on how I got it. When the new iPhone came out it was way bigger than the last one, and I think because I got that new phone it was a strain to use it, you have to stretch further to hit the buttons, and I honestly think that's how I ended up developing [tennis elbow]."

posted by Etrigan at 11:14 AM on September 23

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

The NFL is tracking players via RFID this season

OH MY GOD how are we not doing this with the balls yet? Slap two tags inside each one to give you precise position and orientation info, and that stupid stupid stupid "Let's check the chains" ritual vanishes.

posted by Etrigan at 10:49 AM on September 22

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Pre-season college football previewers had Louisville picked to make a major impact this year, maybe even winning the ACC.

Instead, they're now 0-3 and Petrino looks like he's ready to just get on a motorsickle and go flying down country lanes all by himself.

Petrino can be the next OC at Alabama, because some sucker is bound to think Lane Kiffin can be a head coach again any minute now.

posted by Etrigan at 01:08 PM on September 18

Eli Manning Told Running Back Not to Score

Manning also miscounted the Cowboys' timeouts, due to them calling one right before/during a penalty that got given back to them.

posted by Etrigan at 12:28 PM on September 15

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

The Seahawks began overtime with an onside kick attempt. If it had succeeded and the Seahawks scored a field goal, would the Rams be entitled to an offensive possession?


Each team must possess or have the opportunity to possess the ball unless the team that has the ball first scores a touchdown on its initial possession. ... Opportunity to possess: The opportunity to possess occurs only during kicking plays. A kickoff is an opportunity to possess for the receiving team. If the kicking team legally recovers the kick, the receiving team is considered to have had its opportunity. A punt or a field goal that crosses the line of scrimmage and is muffed by the receiving team is considered to be an opportunity to possess for the receivers. Normal touching rules by the kicking team apply.

posted by Etrigan at 09:34 AM on September 14

James Blake reportedly thrown to the ground, cuffed and detained by several NYPD officers.

NYPD officers say they mistook him for a suspect in a fraudulent credit card operation.

Are we really at the point in our society where identity thieves need to be taken down bodily if they're not even running?

posted by Etrigan at 10:53 AM on September 10

2 High School Players Intentionally Hit Referee

And now the kids are saying the official used a racial slur, and that an assistant coach egged them on before they hit him.

posted by Etrigan at 03:25 PM on September 08

2 High School Players Intentionally Hit Referee

The official is considering pressing charges.

posted by Etrigan at 09:35 AM on September 08

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Bryce Harper scores four runs and an RBI on zero at-bats. Coulda been five, but they put in a pinch hitter in the 6th while up by 13.

posted by Etrigan at 02:56 PM on September 04

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Oh, gods, this Twitter roundup. It just... keeps... going...

posted by Etrigan at 03:00 PM on September 03

Federal Judge Tosses Brady's 4-Game NFL Suspension

Goddammit, Goodell, the writing is on the wall. Resign already. I want to watch the NFL again.

posted by Etrigan at 02:30 PM on September 03

NFL Player Sends Back Young Sons' Participation Trophies

No mention here of the sport and the age group with Harrison's kids. Sometimes, the trophies are especially important because the sport is mixed gender.

According to the Wikipedia, the kids were born in 2007 and 2009, so they're 7-or-8 and 5-or-6.

posted by Etrigan at 01:17 PM on August 17

NFL Player Sends Back Young Sons' Participation Trophies

I'm sorry I'm not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned

So the boys didn't play? They didn't earn any recognition whatsoever of going to practice, showing up to games, behaving in a manner that didn't bring discredit to their team *cough*cough*?

I'm not about to raise to boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best

James Harrison made approximately $28 million on his last contract with the Steelers (2009-2012) and did not win a Super Bowl in any of those four years. I guess he gave that money back.

posted by Etrigan at 06:02 PM on August 16

All 15 MLB Home Teams Won Last Night -- Setting a Record

Some lunatic in Ireland won $100,810 on a 15-team parlay. "The punter from Dublin told William Hill UK that he wouldn't have placed the bet, if he had known [that it had never happened before]."

posted by Etrigan at 03:09 PM on August 13

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

"This Deflategate. I'm not sure where the gate' comes from."
I'm not sure I trust the judgment of someone who doesn't know that reference.

posted by Etrigan at 03:07 PM on August 13

All 15 MLB Home Teams Won Last Night -- Setting a Record

Goddammit, now I have to change the combination on my luggage. Thanks, grum.

posted by Etrigan at 12:16 PM on August 12

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

August in Alabama -- must be time for Auburners to puff up their chests about how awesome they are.

posted by Etrigan at 10:03 AM on August 11

Roger Goodell Upholds Tom Brady's 4-Game Suspension on Appeal

That's an interesting point about the courts keeping their hands off of arbitration, but it surprises me that one can consider the NFL Commissioner Goodell delenda est to be an "arbitrator" in a sentence handed down by the NFL.

posted by Etrigan at 11:34 PM on July 28

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Nice of the CFL to take the redefined Dez Bryant Rule out of contention for Dumbest Football Rule Thing this week.

posted by Etrigan at 09:26 PM on July 24

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

After nine months in a coma, Jules Bianchi has died of injuries sustained in the Japanese Grand Prix. He is the first F1 driver to die as the result of a race since Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

posted by Etrigan at 08:22 AM on July 18

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Dan Connolly goes out on top. The ten-year-veteran OL was a captain of the Super Bowl championship team this year. He was signed by the Jaguars in 2005 after going undrafted out of Southwestern Missouri State, then joined the Patriots in 2007 via the practice squad. Connolly is perhaps most famous for his 71-yard kickoff return rumble against the Packers late in the 2010 season, for which he won AFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors.

He had five diagnosed concussions (one in high school), and cited health concerns as his reason for retirement.

posted by Etrigan at 11:08 AM on July 16

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Plaxico Burress fires one into Nick Saban's groin.

posted by Etrigan at 08:13 AM on July 16

What if we talked about NHL players the way the media talks about female athletes?

If a professional or college sports player gets accused (not necessary arrested) of domestic violence, now they find themselves being released or suspended...

You mean besides Jameis Winston, Floyd Mayweather, Ben Roethlisberger, Dez Bryant, Jason Kidd, and basically everyone else who did it before like last year?

posted by Etrigan at 07:05 PM on July 13

Top women tennis players balance body image with ambition

I wish I had more trouble believing it, but such is our world today.

posted by Etrigan at 01:55 PM on July 11

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

rcade, you're spending a lot of time arguing against people who aren't actually arguing against you here. What grum and I are saying (if I'm wrong, grum, let me know) is that it is possible for Schefter to face legal trouble under a possible set of circumstances that no one has actually provided proof (or denial) of, and that his status as a journalist and Pierre-Paul's status as a public figure aren't the absolute defenses that you seem to think they are.

posted by Etrigan at 10:52 PM on July 09

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

HIPAA doesn't have a public-figure exemption.

Journalists don't need one.

No, but as grum pointed out, if Schefter specifically enticed someone to violate HIPAA, he could be on the hook for conspiracy.

I was specifically addressing your apparent idea that Pierre-Paul's public standing would be a factor in the legality of this situation. If the First Amendment is found by a court to protect against HIPAA violations, it'll gut the privacy aspects of the law.

posted by Etrigan at 09:47 PM on July 09

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

he's a public figure

HIPAA doesn't have a public-figure exemption.

grum is right about Schefter likely being in the legal clear, unless he did something profoundly stupid.

posted by Etrigan at 08:49 PM on July 09

Federal Judge Orders Cancellation of Redskins Trademarks

They can go ahead and keep the name if they want, but that means ANYONE can create t-shirts/hats with the name on them and avoid legal repercussions.

I'm pretty sure the NFL wants to keep the lucrative merchandising money to themselves, so they'll lean on Washington to change it.

I would find it hard to imagine any of the big sporting-goods concerns tromping all over the newly non-trademarked name: A) they'd rather not piss off the NFL, and 2) do you really want to be the people selling a lot of Redskins apparel?

Think of all the new stuff they can sell with the new name!

This is why Dan Snyder is the dumbest rich guy in America (yes, even more so than Trump) -- he would make a fucking mint off all the new stuff, but somehow he's tied up his ego into a name that's 25 years older than he is and 66 years older than his ownership of the team.

posted by Etrigan at 12:25 PM on July 08

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

After his victory last year, he dropped to one knee and proposed to his longtime girlfriend. They have since broken up.
That's cold, ESPN. Cold.

Also, Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas has lost the last two on the distaff side. The old guard is on its way out.

posted by Etrigan at 04:17 PM on July 04

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Holy shit, Bob Costas

posted by Etrigan at 07:59 AM on June 27

Pete Rose bet on MLB games while an active player in those games.

I didn't realize that US Postal Inspectors had such dynamic crime fighting capability and initiative.

It was a long time ago, but in the Wild West days, the postal inspectors were the only federal police force. People would rob general stores that had postal annexes in them, draw a line in chalk around the postal annex, and write "DEAR POSTAL INSPECTORS -- WE NEVER CROSSED THIS LINE.", because that way it would only be the local sheriff looking for them instead of the Feds.

posted by Etrigan at 09:03 AM on June 23

Golden State Warriors Win NBA Title

You have to come up with some weird rational not to give it to the obvious most valuable player in the Finals (James).

Iguodala (like Kawhi Leonard last year) kept the best player in the game from winning the championship. The Warriors were down 1-2 (2 straight, remember, after Kyrie Irving's injury) when Kerr started him. They won the next three games by 42 combined points.

International counterexample: Diego Forlan winning the Golden Ball at the 2010 World Cup. Uruguay came in third in that tournament.

The Golden Ball is for the entire tournament -- the NBA Finals MVP is expressly for the best player in the 4-7 games played between the winners of the Western and Eastern Conferences.

Ditto the regular-season MVP award -- it can absolutely be said that a player on even a non-playoff team was still the most valuable to his team (or the league as a whole), elevating them from a 10-72 crapstack to a .500 team.

But giving the MVP of the championship series to a player from the losing team doesn't make a lot of sense -- if Lebron had injured himself in the first minute of Game 1 and sat out the rest of the Finals, the result is still a Warriors championship.

posted by Etrigan at 02:48 PM on June 17

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The Giants get their fourth no-hitter in four seasons off an 11-strikeout, 0-walk, 3-plonk performance by Chris "You Damn Dirty Mets" Heston. It's the first time a no-hitter has featured three HBPs.

posted by Etrigan at 07:09 AM on June 10

A bit of history

Before the race, I did my usual thing of watching this video about Secretariat at Belmont, just to remind me that there still hasn't been another horse like him since.

Jeremy was right: greatest athlete of the 20th Century.

posted by Etrigan at 07:41 AM on June 08

Warriors Win Game 1 of Finals Despite LeBron's 44 Points

Concession stand prices at the NBA Finals.

posted by Etrigan at 08:32 AM on June 05

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

UAB "taking steps" to reinstate football seven months after killing it.

posted by Etrigan at 06:28 PM on June 01

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I spent about a year in Huntsville one summer back in the '90s, and it amazes me that anything around it could ever be considered a heat sink.

posted by Etrigan at 02:26 PM on May 26

NFL Moves PAT Kicks Back to 15-Yard Line

Yes, but everything needs a Flutie dropkick.

posted by Etrigan at 08:09 PM on May 20

Kraft Says Patriots Won't Appeal DeflateGate Punishment

I think that Kraft knows that either A) they did it, or B) there's no way in hell it can be proven that they didn't do it.* So if he appeals, the best result for him is that it gets overturned on some form of technicality, which weakens Goodell (delenda est), and Kraft genuinely believes that a strong Goodell (delenda est) in the Commissioner's Office is better for the league in the long run, which is better for the Patriots in the long run than a presumably low-first-round pick would be.

* -- Not to any standard that would make the average NFL fan say, "Oh, okay, that makes sense. They didn't do it."

posted by Etrigan at 09:21 PM on May 19

NFL Moves PAT Kicks Back to 15-Yard Line

Washington and Oakland voted against this. Sebastian Janikowski hasn't missed a PAT since Dubya was President; Kai Forbath, Graham Gano, and Shaun Suisham combined to miss five in time.

posted by Etrigan at 09:13 PM on May 19

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

RIP Garo Yepremian.

posted by Etrigan at 08:56 AM on May 17

NFL Announces Punishment for Patriots' Deflated Balls

It doesn't count! You changed the outcome by observing it!

posted by Etrigan at 09:09 PM on May 15

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

I dislike the NCAA's rules generally on transfers, but three schools in three years seems a little excessive.

posted by Etrigan at 03:41 PM on May 13

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

If you find yourself thinking What has the FBI done for me lately?, you at least have this to thank them for: Sepp Blatter won't come to the U.S. for fear of being arrested.

posted by Etrigan at 08:06 AM on May 13

NFL Announces Punishment for Patriots' Deflated Balls

Yeah, I could think of Akron and Pottsville, but I wasn't sure whether it was Pittsville, and I needed a good third anyway.

posted by Etrigan at 05:27 PM on May 12

NFL Announces Punishment for Patriots' Deflated Balls

I'm simply suggesting that the league goes to the teams and says, "On gameday, it is your responsibility to give us X footballs for kicking and X footballs for your offensive plays. You may do whatever you want to them short of adding anything to them that is not air, but once you turn them over to us before the game, they are in our custody, and we will put them in play at the appropriate time." How simple is that?

Even simpler for the league to say "We will provide balls from now on. They will be inflated to X psi on the sidelines one hour before kickoff. We will rotate them on each offensive series and reinflate each one to X psi on the sidelines when it comes out of circulation, and then again at halftime."

Hell, if you want to make it interactive, tell the teams that if they can agree on X, that'll be it; otherwise, the league standard will be 13 or whatever.

I can see why teams need to provide equipment when it's a scrappy bunch of part-timers out of Akron and Duluth and Pottsville. I can't see it when it's a multibillion-dollar corporation.

posted by Etrigan at 03:46 PM on May 12

NFL Announces Punishment for Patriots' Deflated Balls

The rule on the proper inflation of the balls was there for a reason.

As is the punishment for violating it, which doesn't include suspensions or draft picks.

posted by Etrigan at 11:58 AM on May 12

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

"We're going to have the greatest player of his generation not involved in the play! They'll never expect it!"

"Yeah... there's probably a reason they won't, Dave."

posted by Etrigan at 11:56 AM on May 11

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

It is now illegal to get a college athlete suspended in Georgia.

posted by Etrigan at 08:11 PM on May 10

NFL Investigator: Patriots Probably Deflated Balls on Purpose

Does anyone else feel the NFL is trying to base the upcoming punishment on public sentiment? Doesn't that feel weird?

Not since the Rice thing.

posted by Etrigan at 06:22 PM on May 10

NFL Took Millions from U.S. Government to Salute the Troops

By the way, has anyone else read "Billy Lynn's Long Half-time Walk"? A great novel.

Agreed. And soon to be an Ang Lee joint, screenplay by the guy who did Slumdog Millionaire.

posted by Etrigan at 12:13 PM on May 10

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

First ever 4-5-4 triple play. That can't be right, can it (or, for that matter, that 4-4-5 has only ever been done once)?

posted by Etrigan at 10:15 PM on May 09

NFL Took Millions from U.S. Government to Salute the Troops

Fuckin' Guard, I swear...

posted by Etrigan at 10:13 PM on May 09

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Various people are reporting that he doesn't have a signed contract but did sign an injury protection waiver that more or less forces Jacksonville to negotiate in good faith, but there's one tweet that confuses me a bit:

15 years ago Jags would have to consider letting Fowler re-enter draft next year due to recovery time & cost. Won't impact him now.
Is that because of the injury protection waiver, which is newer than 15 years old?

posted by Etrigan at 07:03 PM on May 08

Bill Simmons Out at ESPN

ESPN (or at least its President) believes that Simmons isn't the main draw for Grantland anymore. From the lead NYT story:

"It long ago went from being a Bill Simmons site to one that can stand on its own," Skipper said.

posted by Etrigan at 06:30 PM on May 08

NFL Investigator: Patriots Probably Deflated Balls on Purpose

Heck, the Pats are pikers on the Your Team Cheats scoreboard.


TEAM: The Detroit Lions

SEVERITY: 1.5 cameras

SUMMARY: Alex Karras, an All-Pro defensive tackle for the Lions, was forced to sit out the 1963 season, suspended by NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle for betting on NFL games and associating with gamblers. Karras had placed at least a half-dozen $50 to $100 bets.

Far as I'm concerned, Karras redeemed this one in full on his first game back. He was, of course, still a team captain, and came out for the coin toss. The ref asked him to call it, and he said, "I'm sorry, sir, I'm not permitted to gamble."

posted by Etrigan at 08:17 PM on May 06