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UMBC Beats Virginia in First 16-Over-1 Win Ever

echoing bb's take here ..

Bennett is an excellent coach who needs to become a better recruiter. No other team from the ACC plays team defense the way that Virginia does. No other coach in that conference develops players defensively better. But Virginia needs to have a player they can go to on offense when they are having difficulty scoring.

I'm not saying to sell out and become yet another 1 and done factory. There are a lot of talented offensive players who may not be 5 star recruits that would fit well. Recruit a few then focus on how to get players looks on offense.

Above all do not forget that Jairus Lyles had a game for the ages. He did not sit outside the 3 point line and hit easy 3's ... every shot he took was contested. That was a performance that brought back memories of Kemba Walker and Danny Manning. Unstoppable. Did not matter who the opponent was, he wasn't taking the L.

posted by cixelsyd at 10:25 PM on March 17

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Well, they won the play in, so they are around for at least another game.

You want painful? Watch Duke trying to execute the Syracuse zone on defense. The only thing they get right is having Bagley close to the basket and somewhat sheltered from opportunity to foul.

posted by cixelsyd at 10:41 AM on March 15

Seahawks Release Richard Sherman

With Sherman it's all just constant noise and hard to remember specific incidents. He's an over-achiever who benefited greatly from the defensive scheme he played in and some truly spectacular players he played with.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

"The committee" over values the ACC such that it's teams are assumed to have "quality wins" even if they win less than half of their conference games.

USC is similar to St.Mary's in that "the committee" isn't crazy about the conference they play in.

Other snubs are Oklahoma State and Baylor who play in a power conference which is strong top to bottom and had similar records.

posted by cixelsyd at 12:00 PM on March 12

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle


And nothing else.

ACC is weak this year and Syracuse really bad. And they were selected over a team that had a 28-5 record because that team can't get the big schools to play against it and is then penalized for their weak non-conference schedule.

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Roger Bannister has Passed Away

Nova Scotia is still beautiful. A late September visit with a drive along the Cabot Trail needs to be on everyone's list.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Smith is one of many of Lebron's whipping boys in Cleveland.

Guy isn't a superstar but would be a great add on a lot of teams.

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Man I hope this guy gets a legit shot at the NFL. Always in the right position and a proven big game player.

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LeBron James: NCAA is Corrupt

Consider a young person who comes from a situation in the lower socio-economic bracket

Exactly. It's great that some of the kids get the opportunity to attend college where they otherwise could not. But for some of these kids their parent(s) might never have an opportunity to see them play on the big stage unless they make it to the NBA. The NCAA can create TV ads that run 4 times an hour that feature the same kid in pumping it's product, but it's against the rules for his/her college to arrange for the parent(s) to see the same kid play in an NCAA game.

I don't think this is true anymore

Oh, it's true, it all depends on which program the athlete is part of. Athletes of programs that abide by the NCAA rules get nothing. Some programs have their own methods and "booster clubs" to get around the rules.

posted by cixelsyd at 12:32 AM on March 01

LeBron James: NCAA is Corrupt

The NCAA makes billions off of college athletes. They make money off of selling the rights to athletes photos, video footage, and likeness to corporate entities. The athlete becomes "owned" by the NCAA for the duration of the college career and partially owned afterwards.

Secondly, the NCAA rules and rule enforcement are a joke. High profile programs where athletes get hundred thousand dollar interest free loans (Duke) or have been proven to have created a culture of academic deception (North Carolina) and others are never punished whereas others are prohibited from participation in playoffs because their athletes overall GPA's have dipped below a threshold.

posted by cixelsyd at 10:41 AM on February 28

Jerry Jones is Not as Powerful as He Thought

Goodell deserves every penny he makes simply for having to deal with the gigantic egos of the many entitled rich owners who feel they are beyond reproach because of their wealth.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

No no no. She a much better fit as a Fox Noise caster.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

From a former coach who is often frustrated to no end by LeBron James and his "King James" attitude towards basketball I sure have a much deeper appreciation for LeBron the person for the way he responded to various issues in the past week.

posted by cixelsyd at 11:26 PM on February 19

Isaiah Thomas Traded for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance

did the Cavs get better with these deals?

Much better. They purged a bunch of aging all-stars who never fit and were in Cavs uniforms only because they were LeBron's buddies and they got rid of IT who LeBron didn't approve of.

I think the question is not how long it takes them to gel but rather whether Lue can prevent them from being tainted by the situation in Cleveland for at least the next 3 months. They would have an excellent chance in the East playoffs and they have a solid roster to build on once LeBron is gone.

posted by cixelsyd at 01:17 PM on February 12

Isaiah Thomas Traded for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance

I suppose from a business/financial standpoint it could be a good move for the Lakers even if they never make the playoffs during LeBron's term.

posted by cixelsyd at 06:31 PM on February 09

Isaiah Thomas Traded for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance

If the Lakers were anywhere near a playoff caliber team with a strong nucleus and another star player or 2, like both the Heat and the Cavs were, it makes sense. You can rest the old guy during the season and save him for a deep playoff run. But the Lakers aren't anywhere near that. Their best players, Ingram/Hart/Ball, are just entering the NBA and won't reach their potential for another 2 or 3 years.

posted by cixelsyd at 03:40 PM on February 09

Isaiah Thomas Traded for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance

Wonder why?

Good point.

Maybe LA has such a huge fixation on LeBron as a player that they ignore everything else just to sign him. They also ignore the fact that they would be tying the future of their franchise to a 34 year old aging star player and the previous similar experiments with Karl Malone, Steve Nash, and Gary Payton. Not to mention their experience with Kobe where they never made the playoffs in the 4 years after he turned 34 and never seriously challenged for a championship after he was 31.

I think they go hard after Paul George and go hard on a few RFAs. Hell, event Kevin Durant makes a whole lot more sense than James.

But wouldn't it be great as Celtics fan to have the Lakers end up holding the Queen of Spades.

posted by cixelsyd at 11:00 AM on February 09

Isaiah Thomas Traded for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance

So, the Lakers will have Thomas and Ball as their point guards?


LeBron is working on a deal to get all of the Ball brothers into Cavs uniforms for the 2019 season, at the same time working a major network deal for a team based prime time reality show.

Then he plans to run for US President in 2020.

posted by cixelsyd at 05:25 PM on February 08

Isaiah Thomas Traded for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance

LeBron runs Cleveland - he decides who the coach is, who they trade for, who they draft. He also decides what plays they run and when he wants to play defense. He is an immense talent but has become an uncontrollable monster due to the way he has been handled in Cleveland and nobody wants to play with him there.

Would LA be able to erase all of the fringe drama and get James to simply focus on playing the game hard in a team environment? I really doubt it.

Does Paul George sign with the Lakers if he knows LeBron is going there? I doubt that also.

posted by cixelsyd at 02:33 PM on February 08

Isaiah Thomas Traded for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance

Things worked out well for Thomas.
IT is free of the LeBron's "me" show in Cleveland and can be a big part of a young rebuilding team in LA.

The move also confirms that the Lakers have no interest whatsoever in James as a free agent which will allow James to take his unique set of "talents" elsewhere.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Patriots now canvassing Cape Cod taverns searching for a new DC in the Patricia tradition

The Patriots had a DC?

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Super Bowl 0x34

I listened to the first 3 quarters on Westwood One with Harlan, Boomer, and Mike Holmgren. Fabulous coverage and commentary.

I watched the 4th quarter and yes, Collinsworth doesn't ever seem to have a clue what is coming out of his mouth until it's actually been delivered ...

posted by cixelsyd at 11:13 PM on February 04

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Super Bowl 0x34

Eagles by 17 **LOCK** +10

FIRST FG: J. Elliot (PHI) +5

FIRST TD: Blount (PHI)




SACK: Barnett (PHI)


OOPS: Brady (NE)

MVP: Foles (PHI) +5


posted by cixelsyd at 12:05 PM on February 02

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle


posted by cixelsyd at 09:08 PM on January 28

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

The Pats offense gets too many soft calls. Yes. It seems every big comeback the Patriots are involved in begins with some bogus call like that one.

I did not see the game but was listening on the Pats radio network. Even the Pats radio announcers commented on that call and a missed PI call on Chung that ended a Jags drive in the 4th.

Really, they are good enough to earn it.

but he's a viable choice for the Jags in 2018 Bortles is a QB who can be a good game manager in the right offense: strong running game and short play action passes. For whatever reason the Jags abandoned that in the 2nd half and focused on trying to throw the ball downfield. Ended up being weakness vs weakness with the Pats secondary prevailing.

This is more of a knock on the play calling than Bortles as you can't expect he'll suddenly turn into Aaron Rodgers mid-game. Hell, even Green Bay would run the ball more if they had LF.

posted by cixelsyd at 12:24 PM on January 22

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Conference Championship Round

JAX by 9

Minn by 5






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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Amazed at the Steelers' apparent lack of preparation from coaching and all the way throughout the roster. That game was over before it started. Bortles pass completion percentage is near single digits beyond 12 yards in the best of conditions but the Steelers let the Jags run the short play action pass all day. Why in hell were they lining up the corners 15 yards off the line of scrimmage? You have a huge quarterback but run draw plays on 3rd and 4th and less than a yard? On-side kick because you are facing a team and a quarterback with no playoff experience .. at home?

Good for the Jags. They earned it.

posted by cixelsyd at 01:58 PM on January 15

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Divisional Round

Philadelphia by 9 LOCK

New England by 4

Pittsburgh by 13 LOCK

Minnesota by 10 LOCK

The quarterback with the most passing yards: BIG BEN (PIT) +5

The player with the most rushing yards: Bell (PIT)

The player with the most receiving yards: A.Brown (PIT)

A player who will get a sack: D.Morgan (TEN)

The team that will score the most points: Pittsburgh

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

The thing that impressed me about Saban was that once he made the decision he stuck with it. The kid played far from what would be considered a clean and disciplined game but made more plays than mistakes in the end.

Georgia's coaching staff, on the other hand, essentially shut Fromm down with what I would call a prevent offense: they decided not to try and win but to try not to lose. Running the ball every down in the 2nd half and only attempting passes on 3rd and long when you are at a distinct disadvantage on both sides of the line makes no sense, especially when all of Georgia's offensive success came from Fromm's ability to hit receivers which opened up the play action run game.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Be interesting to see the entire list of free agent values and would bet it would be heavily skewed towards the negative. Outside of maybe an absolute ace starter in his prime a free agent is really just an expensive way of plugging a hole created by a deficiency in an organization's development system.

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Play SportsFilter's NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Contest

True, but the Patriots are playing Mariota who can have his moments.

Steelers, on the other hand, drew Bortles who must have been drafted because of his prowess at the shot put.

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Play SportsFilter's NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Contest

KC by 7 LOCK

Rams by 9

JAX by 10

NO by 8

QB: Brees +5

RB: Gurley

WR: Jones (ATL)

INT: Bouye (JAX)

PTS: Rams

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NFL Pick 'Em Champion: Tron7

Congrats tron, and thanks again rcade.

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Buffalo Bills Make Playoffs

Winter can be great if you find ways to enjoy it WPG 2018. Biggest gripes up here are not enough snow and temperatures during the winter season that melt the snow prohibiting winter activities.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Interesting .. and I get your angle ... BUT

Mount Union actually was allowed to compete for the National Championship of the league they played in based upon their on field performance. Not because of the conference they are in or how much gate or merchandise revenue they haul in.

DivIII has 32 teams playing for the championship. No doubt there are probably a few non-merit based berths each year but the entire format is not bastardized like CFP is.

posted by cixelsyd at 06:34 PM on January 02

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Huge money schools will never schedule lesser known schools with good programs and thus are selected on reputation alone.

It made no difference if UCF went undefeated this year. They could go undefeated again next year but with the current selection algorithms have already been eliminated from any chance of competing for the "CFP Championship". Auburn, who UCF just beat, and Mississippi State both lost 4 games this year but are already in the running and likely a lock next year even if they both lose 2 games.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

UCF has completed an undefeated season by beating Auburn. Auburn beat both of the teams that will be playing in the big-money schools championship.

The winner of the money-game will be declared the CFP Champion.

UCF is the clear National Champion.

posted by cixelsyd at 12:20 PM on January 02

NFL Pick 'Em Week 17: All the Marbles Edition

Detroit BY 7 LOCK

Indianapolis BY 3

Minnesota BY 14 New England BY 9 LOCK

Washington BY 4

Philadelphia BY 6

Pittsburgh BY 3

Carolina BY 4

Kansas City BY 6 LOCK

Jacksonville BY 3

San Francisco BY 4

Buffalo BY 10 LOCK

L.A. Chargers BY 3

Seattle BY 9 LOCK

New Orleans BY 10 LOCK

Baltimore BY 9 LOCK

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Upside to this is he won't be able to continue a $5K per day blow and champagne habit on a CFL salary.

That is IF he can actually cut it in the CFL.

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NFL Pick 'Em Week 16: Gene Steratore's Index Card Edition

Baltimore 13 LOCK

Minnesota 3 LOCK

Chicago 4 LOCK

Detroit 4

L.A. Rams 10 LOCK

Kansas City 4 LOCK

New England 3 LOCK

New Orleans 7 LOCK

L.A. Chargers 13 LOCK

Washington 3 LOCK

Carolina 10 LOCK

Jacksonville 7 LOCK

Dallas 3

Arizona 4

Philadelphia 6 LOCK

Pittsburgh 7 LOCK

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NFL Pick 'Em Week 15: Concussion Protocol Edition

Denver by 4

Chicago by 4

L.A. Chargers by 6

Jacksonville by 3

Miami by 4

Baltimore by 17 LOCK

Minnesota by 8 LOCK

New by 10 LOCK

Philadelphia by 4

Washington by 7

Carolina by 3

L.A. Rams by 4

Pittsburgh by 10 LOCK

San Francisco by 2

Dallas by 7 LOCK

Atlanta by 4 LOCK

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

So Jefferson plays in Seattle where EVERY single opponent gets something thrown at them. He also gets paid well to do what he does because there are fans in the stadium.

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NFL Pick 'Em Week 14: Get Better Ryan Shazier Edition

Buffalo 6

Cincinnati 10 LOCK

Green Bay 7 LOCK

Oakland 6

Dallas 4 LOCK

Tampa Bay 3

Minnesota 4

Houston 4

N.Y. Jets 6

Tennessee 3

L.A. Chargers 8 LOCK

Philadelphia 6

Seattle 6 LOCK

Pittsburgh 4

New England 10 LOCK

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

It has been reported that Gronk is appealing the suspension. He did at least admit to the offense in question.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Gronk should miss some time over this late hit cheap shot

Up 23-3 late in the 4th on a play that meant nothing except for the Patriots padding their stat line.

Precedent indicates textbook 2 games. I'd be very surprised if the NFL gives him yet another pass being that this was a targeted head shot .. from behind .. to an opponent laying on the field.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

It will take a season where Alabama is clearly not one of the top 4 teams before they expand to 8, and then likely it will happen the very next year. Even then less lucrative undefeated teams like UCF and Boise State teams will probably never get a shot.

Big money programs in NCAA Basketball also always get favorable seeding in March ... but they do have to play the lower ranked small schools that they avoid playing otherwise.

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NFL Pick 'Em Week 13: With the First Pick the Giants Take Edition

Washington by 7

Minnesota by 3

New England by 8 LOCK

San Francisco by 2

Green Bay by 3

Houston by 3

Miami by 3

Kansas City by 4

Jacksonville by 7

Detroit by 3

L.A. Chargers by 9 LOCK

Oakland by 10 LOCK

New Orleans by 4

L.A. Rams by 7 LOCK

Philadelphia by 4 LOCK

Pittsburgh by 4 LOCK

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New York Giants bench Eli Manning, start Geno Smith

There's no shortage of teams who could use him

The short list would be teams that would not consider him.

posted by cixelsyd at 12:20 PM on November 29

New York Giants bench Eli Manning, start Geno Smith

Eli has proven he can win Superbowls on a team with inferior talent and decent coaching .. just ask Brady and Belichick.

McAdoo has proven he isn't the coach Coughlin was.

This is the best, from Marshawn: "The @Giants benching Eli Manning for Geno Smith is almost as crazy as not running the ball on the 1 with a Super Bowl in the line"

OK, so McAdoo isn't the worst NFL coach ...

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

And UCLA gets a whole lot of smoke.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle


Somebody is actually watching the Giants play the Redskins. Field condition is probably the most interesting facet of that contest.

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CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Grey Cup Edition

Toronto by 4




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NFL Pick 'Em Week 12: Turkey Leg Award Edition

Minnesota by 4 LOCK

Dallas by 7 LOCK

Washington by 8 LOCK

Atlanta by 7 LOCK

Cincinnati by 3

Tennessee by 4

Kansas City by 4

New England by 10 LOCK

Carolina by 3

Philadelphia by 17 LOCK

Seattle by 4 LOCK

Oakland by 3

L.A. Rams by 4

Jacksonville by 4 LOCK

Pittsburgh by 13 LOCK

Baltimore by 4

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Pete Carroll had another acid flashback last night. Fourth and 4 with 7 seconds left no timeouts and trailing the team you need to beat for wildcard positioning, why not run a fake field goal where you hand the ball off to Luke Willson for his first running attempt of the season (? his career) whom you've chosen because he is the slowest player on either team who isn't an offensive lineman.

Yes, everyone was fooled.

posted by cixelsyd at 10:51 AM on November 21

ESPN: NFL On Brink of Civil War

Sure. Get rid of Goodell and bring someone in who will just yield to the 2 owners who feel they and their players are entitled to special treatment and are therefore above any form of league enforced punishment.

The NFL doesn't need to spend large sums of money, or create any "law enforcement branches", if it is allowed to enforce it's rules. It does if it needs to defend itself against the few franchises that feel they are above the rules that all others abide by.

posted by cixelsyd at 03:06 PM on November 17

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Division Finals Edition

Saskatchewan by 7

Edmonton by 9



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NFL Pick 'Em Week 11: Jerry Jones is Detrimental Edition

Pittsburgh by 7

Jacksonville by 9 LOCK

Detroit by 4 LOCK

Baltimore by 3

Tampa Bay by 3

L.A. Rams by 4

New Orleans by 7 LOCK

Kansas City by 7 LOCK

Houston by 9 LOCK

Buffalo by 6

Cincinnati by 3

Oakland by 4

Philadelphia by 9 LOCK

Seattle by 3

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Big week for the Ball brothers .. Lonzo with a triple double and LiAngelo leading UCLA in steals.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

The Niners won a game?

Jed York will be busy this week increasing ticket prices AND purging the roster and coaching staff of individuals earning close to or above league average salary.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

but I'd love to see Goodell and his lousy leadership gone

And if he gets pushed out because of Jones, who is only worried about money and griping currently because of the Elliot situation, who will the NFL get to replace Goodell?

Think about it. If Jones and Kraft have enough power to influence or overrule every decision that the individual who supposedly is in place to ensure and enforce league integrity makes then why even bother having such a position. If the goal is only money then eliminate the ability of the league to fine or suspend for cheating or conduct detrimental to the league.

If the "situations" exposed by Goodell were not tied to Dallas or New England Jones and Kraft would be applauding the commissioner.

I expect that rich guys like NFL owners make threats to sue all the time to throw their weight around

NFL owners AND players who have been advised by their lawyers that they may be better off by challenging decisions legally rather than accepting responsibility for their actions. Owners are typically businessmen who are successful because they used any means possible to crush their opposition including litigation. This does not work for athletes.

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