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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eighteen

Don't worry ic23b, your sober picks were in time for kickoff!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eighteen

Hamilton by 3
Calgary by 21
Saskatchewan by 8
Edmonton by 7

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eighteen

Ottawa hangs on to win a tight one against the Ti-Cats to expand their division lead. Winnipeg comes up big to win late in B.C., sliding into second place in the West. Toronto hits a new low as visiting Saskatchewan pounds them into the dust, while Calgary outlasts the Als to breeze to a 13th straight win.

ResultOttawa by 1Winnipeg by 3Saskatchewan by 18Calgary by 14
Margin of Error1 to 12 to 413 to 2310 to 18

All the action's at the bottom: bender puts up 3 points but the competition is pulling away.

SpoFiteOTT @ HAMSWPG @ BCSSSK @ TORSMTL @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
rcade Saskatchewan Calgary17370
ic23bOttawa Winnipeg Saskatchewan Calgary 461
tahoemoj Saskatchewan Calgary 256
cixelsyd Calgary17255
DrJohnEvans Winnipeg 3 Saskatchewan Calgary 552
tommytrump Calgary 151
argoal 3 Saskatchewan Calgary16451
JPR 3 Calgary 250
MrFrisby Saskatchewan Calgary14448
Reever Saskatchewan Calgary14448
jagsnumberone Saskatchewan Calgary17347
Howard_T Calgary17246
benderOttawa Saskatchewan13 341

This time last year we were talking about a east-to-west crossover. Ah, the innocence of 2015.


Hamilton @ Ottawa (Friday, October 21)
I'm not one to overuse the term "must-win game", but this one counts: it's Hamilton's last shot at the division title and the much-needed first-round bye. If Ottawa wins, Hamilton's likely looking at hosting a tough Western opponent.

Toronto @ Calgary (Friday, October 21)
Calgary's won 13 straight, and Toronto just lost. To Saskatchewan. At home. I'm not sure what else you need to know.

Montreal @ Saskatchewan (Saturday, October 22)
By my math Saskatchewan has been eliminated from any sort of playoff spot, but they're on some sort of roll, and Montreal hasn't been putting up much of a fight lately.

Edmonton @ B.C. (Saturday, October 22)
Tough times in Vancouver: B.C. has lost three of their last four to fall in the standings, while Edmonton's been threatening to gain ground. An Eskimo win this week does just that, and would drop the Lions into the crossover spot. Although to be honest, wouldn't you rather go through the East?

Good luck!

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Cleveland Indians Advance to World Series

What happened to the bats?

We all asked that question in April.

And May.

And September.

And these past six days.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seventeen

UPDATE: turns out the Winnipeg @ B.C. game is tonight, not tomorrow. We regret the error.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seventeen

Hamilton by 7
Winnipeg by 3
Saskatchewan by 8
Calgary by 28

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seventeen

Saskatchewan chases Trevor Harris and then holds off Henry Burris's comeback, taking down Ottawa in OT. Winnipeg holds off the B.C. comeback to move into a virtual tie for second in the West. The Albertan teams travel east and lay waste: Edmonton shuts down Montreal, while Calgary dominates Toronto.

ResultSaskatchewan by 2Winnipeg by 2Edmonton by 20Calgary by 28
Margin of Error1 to 31 to 314 to 2620 to 36

rcade's lead has expanded to 10 points and is all but uncatchable. At the other end, bender's notched three points over the past three weeks to drop into contention for the Costanza.

SpoFiteSSK @ OTTSBC @ WPGSEDM @ MTLSCGY @ TORSPointsTotal Points
rcade Winnipeg3Edmonton Calgary 467
ic23b Winnipeg3Edmonton Calgary21557
tahoemoj Winnipeg Edmonton Calgary 354
cixelsydSaskatchewan Winnipeg3Edmonton14Calgary21753
tommytrump Winnipeg Edmonton16Calgary25 550
JPR Winnipeg3Edmonton Calgary 448
DrJohnEvans Winnipeg Edmonton21Calgary 447
argoal Winnipeg3Edmonton Calgary 547
MrFrisby Calgary24244
jagsnumberone Winnipeg Edmonton Calgary21444
Howard_T Winnipeg Edmonton16Calgary 444
ReeverSaskatchewan3 Edmonton Calgary 444
bender Calgary 138

The East is terrible. There. I said it.


Ottawa @ Hamilton (Friday, October 14)
In a game of you-take-it-I-got-it, both Ottawa and Hamilton have lost their last two games. The next two games (a home-and-home) will be pivotal for the division title.

Winnipeg @ B.C. (Saturday, October 15)
These teams are very evenly matched, and last week's 2-point difference proves it. The rematch will be a coin flip: B.C. traditionally gets a home edge, but Winnipeg is 5-2 on the road this year.

Saskatchewan @ Toronto (Saturday, October 15)
This was billed as "Guaranteed Win Night" just a few weeks ago. But Saskatchewan has won three in a row, and Toronto is in shambles.

Montreal @ Calgary (Saturday, October 15)
Calgary has not lost in a million years, and I don't think Montreal's up to stopping the streak.

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Sixteen

[This page intentionally left blank]

ResultEdmonton by 14Calgary by 19B.C. by 7Montreal by 27
Margin of Error10 to 1813 to 255 to 919 to 35

SpoFiteEDM @ WPGSCGY @ HAMSOTT @ BCSTOR @ MTLSPointsTotal Points
rcade Calgary13B.C. 7 Montreal 663
ic23b Calgary14 Montreal 352
tahoemojEdmonton Calgary17 351
cixelsyd Calgary B.C. 246
tommytrump Calgary B.C. 245
JPR Calgary B.C. Montreal 344
DrJohnEvans Calgary14B.C. 343
argoal Calgary B.C.5Montreal 442
MrFrisbyEdmonton10Calgary21 7 542
jagsnumberone Calgary14 240
Howard_T Calgary B.C.9 340
ReeverEdmonton Calgary B.C. 7 Montreal 640
bender 037

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Sixteen

My computer is fixed, and in even better news, it was covered under a recall/repair program. Hooray! Here are the Week 15 standings:

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Sixteen

Ottawa by 10
Winnipeg by 8
Edmonton by 21
Calgary by 11

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Sixteen

Technical difficulties (my computer broke) have prevented me from updating the standings, so I have no idea how many points you have. But my faithful repair shop should have me back in play by next week. Thanks for bearing with me!

This week it's the most hallowed of international traditions: Canadian Thanksgiving. You should absolutely take Monday off work for beers and football double headers. Refer your boss to me if any questions.


Saskatchewan @ Ottawa (Friday, October 7)
Ottawa's hanging on to their first-place standing by the slimmest of margins. Saskatchewan may be 3-10, but they've won twice in a row - and hey, they're only 2-3 against the East.

B.C. @ Winnipeg (Saturday, October 8)
A critical game for playoff positioning. Winnipeg's lost a couple of tough ones, but B.C. hasn't exactly been putting much distance between the two teams. A Bomber win and we've got a second-place tie.

Edmonton @ Montreal (Monday, October 10)
Edmonton's cruising in the crossover spot, making themselves at home in the East. By halftime in this one the Esks will be rearranging the furniture.

Calgary @ Toronto (Monday, October 10)
Toronto is in the middle of a panicked shakeup to try to rescue the season. Will it help against Calgary? Almost certainly not.

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Blue Jays Beat Orioles, Advance to Face Rangers

I was in the stadium and can confirm: it was nuts.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fifteen

Winnipeg by 6
Calgary by 14
B.C. by 10
Toronto by 7

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fifteen

Toronto's QB woes continue, as neither pivot can do much in a thorough loss to Ottawa. A couple of late field goals pushes Edmonton over the top. Despite a huge fourth quarter, Winnipeg can't complete the comeback, as Calgary boots a time-expiring field goal to win it. And holy cow! Saskatchewan wins AGAIN.

ResultOttawa by 17Edmonton by 4Calgary by 2Saskatchewan by 2
Margin of Error12 to 223 to 51 to 31 to 3

Tough week for points, but a big nod to argoal, who nails his second Saskatchewan win in as many weeks.

SpoFiteTOR @ OTTSBC @ EDMSWPG @ CGYSHAM @ SSKSPointsTotal Points
rcadeOttawa Calgary 257
ic23bOttawa Calgary 249
tahoemojOttawa Calgary 248
cixelsyd Calgary 144
tommytrump 17 Calgary Sasktchewan 343
JPROttawa Calgary3 341
DrJohnEvansOttawa Calgary 240
jagsnumberoneOttawa Calgary 238
argoal Calgary3Saskatchewan 2 538
Howard_T 037
MrFrisby Calgary3 237
bender Edmonton Calgary 237
ReeverOttawa Calgary 234

Six weeks left to play, meaning that it might just be time to pick some underdogs and go for the big points. Although if Saskatchewan keeps winning, who knows what will happen?


Edmonton @ Winnipeg (Friday, September 30)
I'm calling this the Leg Up Bowl: both these teams have a playoff spot, but Edmonton's looking to get out of the crossover, and Winnipeg's looking to grab a home playoff date. Whose leg is bigger? That I don't know.

Calgary @ Hamilton (Saturday, October 1)
Hamilton isn't a bad team, but they just lost a heartbreaker in Saskatchewan, and Calgary has won eleven games in a row. Smart money's on the streak.

Ottawa @ B.C. (Saturday, October 1)
Ottawa has a winning record (barely) and is in the division lead (barely), but if they want to be taken seriously as a contender, putting in a good show in Vancouver would be a good start.

Toronto @ Montreal (Sunday, October 2)
The rebuild is on in Montreal, while Toronto's still in the hunt. Toronto doesn't have many teams below them in the standings, but so far they've been able to handle the few who are.

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fourteen

Ottawa by 11
B.C. by 7
Calgary by 14
Hamilton by 21

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fourteen

Montreal puts up a good fight but can't seal the deal as Hamilton wins a close one. Not so close out in Winnipeg as the Bombers pound the Argos, nor in Calgary as Ottawa gets stamped out. But some good drama out in Regina, as Saskatchewan completes the big fourth-quarter comeback, and then in OT, the unthinkable: the Roughriders WIN.

ResultHamilton by 3Winnipeg by 17Calgary by 25Saskatchewan by 3
Margin of Error2 to 412 to 2218 to 332 to 4

rcade keeps pace at the top, but the big story is at the bottom. argoal nails the Saskatchewan win to jump out of last place, putting the Costanza up for grabs again.

rcade Winnipeg Calgary 3355
ic23bHamilton Winnipeg Calgary 347
tahoemojHamilton Winnipeg Calgary 346
cixelsydHamilton Winnipeg Calgary 343
tommytrump Saskatchewan 140
DrJohnEvansHamilton Winnipeg Calgary 338
JPRHamilton4Winnipeg Calgary 438
Howard_THamilton Winnipeg Calgary 337
jagsnumberone Winnipeg Calgary 236
MrFrisbyHamilton Winnipeg Calgary 335
benderHamilton Winnipeg19Calgary 435
argoalHamilton Calgary Saskatchewan 3533
ReeverHamilton 132

What's that yeasty smell wafting around the corner? That's right, you're smelling playoffs. They're closer, and more fragrant, than you think.


Toronto @ Ottawa (Friday, September 23)
This could be a pivotal game for playoff positioning. Ottawa was riding high but has stumbled as of late. Toronto can't quite seem to get it together, but are still in the mix. An Argo win could re-ignite hopes for a home playoff date at BMO.

B.C. @ Edmonton (Friday, September 23)
B.C. has won three in a row and looks primed to host the division semi. But Edmonton has desperation on their side: another loss and they may just be out of it entirely.

Winnipeg @ Calgary (Saturday, September 24)
Some midseason trades have put Winnipeg in a much better position to play in the West. They looked great against the Argos last week. But here's some top-secret insider info: the Stampeders are probably better than the Argos.

Hamilton @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, September 24)
Hamilton, with a 6-6 record, is enjoying life at the top of a terrible division. Chances are they'll plump up their record with a win this week. But fall is coming out west, and who knows what will happen when the Regina winds start to howl?

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen

Hamilton by 14
Winnipeg by 10
Calgary by 7
Edmonton by 11

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen

Willy and Glenn will both be holding clipboards in this one

Glenn's team is 56-12 all-time against Willy's team when neither plays.

(Also I'm giving LeFevour until the second quarter to get yanked.)

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen

Montreal puts up a fight, but B.C. prevails at home. Saskatchewan loses another close one, this time in Winnipeg. Calgary holds off the Esks, while Toronto overcomes adversity (and another injury to Ricky Ray) to notch a big win over the Ti-Cats.

ResultB.C. by 11Winnipeg by 7Calgary by 6Toronto by 12
Margin of Error8 to 145 to 94 to 88 to 16

Another week, another 8-point edge for rcade. All y'all in the second-place bunch are running out of time.

SpoFiteMTL @ BCSSSK @ WPGSCGY @ EDMSHAM @ TORSPointsTotal Points
rcadeB.C.10Winnipeg6Calgary 552
ic23bB.C.9Winnipeg Calgary 444
tahoemojB.C.14Winnipeg Calgary 443
cixelsydB.C.10Winnipeg Calgary 440
tommytrumpB.C. Winnipeg9 339
DrJohnEvansB.C.11Winnipeg Calgary6 735
JPRB.C. Winnipeg Calgary 334
Howard_TB.C.12Winnipeg7 Calgary 634
jagsnumberoneB.C.14Winnipeg7 6 634
MrFrisbyB.C. Winnipeg Calgary 332
bender Winnipeg8 231
ReeverB.C. Winnipeg8Calgary 12531
argoalB.C.10Winnipeg 328

It's another week, right after the last one!


Montreal @ Hamilton (Friday, September 16)
The rebuild is underway in Montreal, with the Alouettes shipping out Kevin Glenn to the Blue Bombers. Meanwhile, Hamilton is smarting from a tough loss last week and will be looking to get back into the race for first.

Toronto @ Winnipeg (Saturday, September 17)
Speaking of Kevin Glenn! Drew Willy will face his former team right off the bat, which will make for some interesting television narratives, I'm sure. But the real story is that the Argos are 0-436 against Kevin Glenn. Or at least that's what it feels like.

Ottawa @ Calgary (Saturday, September 17)
Technically, this is a match-up of first place teams. Calgary is 9-1-1 and +120. Ottawa is 5-4-1 and +7. So, there's that.

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, September 18)
Edmonton's in tough, but a win in Saskatchewan and we can start talking crossover. Meanwhile, will the Riders fall short of their 3-15 record from last year?

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twelve

Hold the phone! Ricky Ray may have a punctured lung? Dang, son.

Hat tip to argoal for the notice.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twelve

B.C. by 11
Winnipeg by 21
Calgary by 6
Hamilton by 21

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twelve

B.C. guts out a close win over the Argosand so does Ottawa in Montreal, and Winnipeg in Saskatchewan. Less close is Calgary running roughshod over the Esks, and just plain heartbreaking is the Argos blowing a 20-point lead in Hamilton.

ResultB.C. by 3Ottawa by 5Winnipeg by 3Calgary by 21Hamilton by 13
Margin of Error2 to 44 to 72 to 415 to 279 to 17

At some point when I was on vacation, rcade jumped out to a huge lead. Can he be caught?

rcadeB.C.4Ottawa Winnipeg Calgary Hamilton9747
ic23bB.C.3Ottawa Winnipeg Calgary Hamilton16840
tahoemojB.C. Ottawa4Winnipeg Calgary Hamilton17739
cixelsydB.C. Ottawa Winnipeg Calgary17Hamilton9736
tommytrump Ottawa7Winnipeg Calgary Hamilton10636
JPRB.C. Ottawa Winnipeg Calgary Hamilton 531
benderB.C. Winnipeg Calgary19Hamilton 529
MrFrisbyB.C. Winnipeg Calgary Hamilton 429
DrJohnEvans Winnipeg Calgary Hamilton10428
Howard_T Ottawa Winnipeg Hamilton11428
jagsnumberone Ottawa7Winnipeg Hamilton 428
ReeverB.C. Ottawa6Winnipeg Calgary Hamilton10726
argoalB.C. Ottawa Winnipeg4Calgary Hamilton 625

Back to a regular slate of four games this week, and no silly Wednesday/Monday shenanigans.


Montreal @ B.C. (Friday, September 9)
I've been away for a while. Is Montreal still bad? *checks* Yes. Yes, they are. But Kevin Glenn is making them seem a lot better than they are.

Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg (Saturday, September 10)
Saskatchewan has at least been making things close over the past couple of weeks. Are they due for a big second win? Probably not, but could be a sexy pick if you're trying to make a big move.

Calgary @ Edmonton (Saturday, September 10)
Okay, so Calgary hasn't lost since Week 1. So now we're playing "Beat the streak". And probably Edmonton too.

Hamilton @ Toronto (Sunday, September 11)
Meanwhile, Toronto is in free fall. Their last win was in Week 6. Ricky Ray is back, which may be a glimmer of hope? But Father Time catches us all eventually. (Except Kevin Glenn.)

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eleven

Better late than never - here are the standings heading into Week 11! Thanks to Reever for standing in.

ResultB.C. by 6Winnipeg by 14Edmonton by 8Calgary by 6
Margin of Error4 to 810 to 186 to 104 to 8

SpoFiteBC @ OTTSWPG @ MTLSSSK @ EDMSHAM @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
rcade Winnipeg Edmonton Calgary 6 540
ic23b Edmonton Calgary 232
tahoemoj Edmonton Calgary 6 432
tommytrump Winnipeg Edmonton Calgary7430
cixelsydB.C.4Winnipeg Edmonton Calgary 529
JPRB.C. Edmonton Calgary4426
MrFrisbyB.C. Winnipeg Edmonton Calgary 425
Howard_TB.C. Edmonton 224
benderB.C. Edmonton Calgary 324
jagsnumberoneB.C. Winnipeg12Edmonton 424
DrJohnEvans Winnipeg 14 Edmonton 424
argoal Edmonton 119
Reever Edmonton 119

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eleven

Winnipeg by 12
Calgary by 7
Hamilton by 10

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Ten

Ottawa by 10
Winnipeg by 14
Edmonton by 21
Hamilton by 14

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:29 PM on August 22

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Ten

Blowouts across the board! Montreal stuns Ottawa, Calgary tramples B.C., Edmonton knocks around the Argos, and Hamilton just plain embarrasses Saskatchewan.

ResultMontreal by 24Calgary by 28Edmonton by 23Hamilton by 46
Margin of Error17 to 3120 to 3616 to 3032 to 60

Tough week for spreads! If you got three points, slap yourself on the back.

SpoFiteMTL @ OTTSCGY @ BCSEDM @ TORSSSK @ HAMSPointsTotal Points
rcade Calgary Edmonton Hamilton 335
ic23b Edmonton Hamilton 230
tahoemoj Calgary Edmonton Hamilton 328
tommytrump Edmonton Hamilton 226
cixelsyd Edmonton Hamilton 224
Howard_T Calgary Edmonton 222
JPR Calgary Edmonton Hamilton 322
bender Edmonton 121
MrFrisby Calgary Hamilton 221
jagsnumberone Calgary Edmonton Hamilton 320
DrJohnEvans Edmonton17Hamilton 320
argoal Hamilton 118
Reever Edmonton Hamilton 218

"Who's going to be brave enough to pick Saskatchewan this week? Or any week, for that matter?"

... is what I wrote in Week 10 of the 2015 season, and it still applies.


B.C. @ Ottawa (Thursday, August 25)
Two would-be contenders coming off tough losses. Someone's gotta bounce back, and Trevor Harris is getting the start for the Redblacks.

Winnipeg @ Montreal (Friday, August 26)
Kevin Glenn's career renaissance continues as he faces off against his former team. Okay, to be fair, EVERY team is Kevin Glenn's former team.

Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Friday, August 26)
See above.

Hamilton @ Calgary (Sunday, August 28)
Hamilton is one good week away from grabbing the division lead. All they have to do is beat the league's leading offence. And defence. In Calgary. Yeah.

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Nine

Ottawa by 10
B.C. by 7
Edmonton by 17
Hamilton by 20

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:29 PM on August 18

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Nine

Montreal keeps it interesting, but Edmonton outlasts the Alouettes for the win. Toronto's done in by turnovers as Winnipeg cruises to the win. Saskatchewan makes a game of it, but penalty troubles give the game away to the Stamps, while B.C. comes out on top in a good ol' fashioned barnburner.

ResultEdmonton by 11Winnipeg by 17Calgary by 9B.C. by 7
Margin of Error8 to 1412 to 226 to 125 to 9

rcade keeps the momentum going with another five-point week, despite Ottawa not playing.

SpoFiteMTL @ EDMSWPG @ TORSCGY @ SSKSHAM @ BCSPointsTotal Points
rcadeEdmonton9Winnipeg Calgary B.C. 532
ic23bEdmonton8 Calgary10 428
tahoemojEdmonton Winnipeg Calgary B.C. 425
tommytrumpEdmonton Calgary 224
cixelsydEdmonton9Winnipeg13Calgary B.C. 622
bender B.C. 120
Howard_T Calgary B.C. 220
MrFrisby Calgary B.C. 219
JPREdmonton Winnipeg Calgary B.C. 419
jagsnumberoneEdmonton Calgary 7317
argoalEdmonton Calgary11 317
DrJohnEvansEdmonton8Winnipeg Calgary 7517
Reever Calgary8B.C. 316

We might see some shifting in the West divison standing this week. But not the East. The East standings will remain the same forever.


Montreal @ Ottawa (Friday, August 19)
It's back to the Henry Burris Career Watch, as he's slated for the start on Friday. Montreal isn't exactly contending, but their defence has challenged even the best QBs this season.

Calgary @ B.C. (Friday, August 19)
Is B.C. for real? This is the week they can answer that question. A win puts them into first place in the West, for the first time in who knows how many years.

Edmonton @ Toronto (Saturday, August 20)
Either of two teams that could put together a nice run, if only they could get out of their own ways. But hey, someone's gotta win this week, and I would probably give the slight edge to the team with an actual starting QB.

Saskatchewan @ Hamilton (Saturday, August 20)
Hot stat: the Roughriders have lost their last 3 games by a combined score of 95-28. Who wants to bet against the streak?

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:41 PM on August 17

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eight

Edmonton by 8 - a two-score pick!
Winnipeg by 10
Calgary by 21
Hamilton by 7

posted by DrJohnEvans at 04:54 PM on August 09

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eight

After a big ol' rain delay, Winnipeg rushes out to a 34-0 lead and doesn't look back. Montreal hangs in there for a few quarters, but B.C.'s 15-point fourth seals the deal. Much the same story in Calgary, as the Stamps outscore the Riders 16-0 in the fourth to put it away. Things in Ottawa are a little more nerve-wracking as the Redblacks narrowly edge the Esks.

ResultWinnipeg by 26B.C. by 20Calgary by 20Ottawa by 3
Margin of Error18 to 3414 to 2614 to 262 to 4

Here's a trend: An Ottawa win puts rcade on top. Coincidence?

SpoFiteHAM @ WPGSBC @ MTLSSSK @ CGYSEDM @ OTTSPointsTotal Points
rcade B.C. Calgary20Ottawa4627
ic23b Calgary Ottawa 224
tommytrump B.C. Calgary19Ottawa 422
tahoemojWinnipeg B.C. Calgary20Ottawa 621
benderWinnipeg Ottawa 219
Howard_T B.C. Calgary Ottawa 318
MrFrisby B.C. Calgary18Ottawa 417
cixelsydWinnipeg B.C. Calgary14Ottawa 516
JPR Calgary 3215
jagsnumberone Calgary 114
argoal B.C. Calgary Ottawa4414
Reever B.C. Calgary 213
DrJohnEvans B.C. Calgary21Ottawa 412

[insert witty description of week here]


Montreal @ Edmonton (Thursday, August 11)
What a weird season for Edmonton - every game has been close, but they're still 2-4 and in a distant fourth place. Montreal hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire, but their defence is solid, and I'm not sure a low-scoring game plays in Edmonton's favour.

Winnipeg @ Toronto (Friday, August 12)
Winnipeg has been anything but consistent so far, and it's tough to make them a favourite. But I'm also not putting any money on Logan Kilgore—yet.

Calgary @ Saskatchewan (Saturday, August 13)
With a (relatively) healthy Darian Durant back at QB, Saskatchewan did not expect to be the division doormat for a second straight year. But they're 1-5 and hosting the division leaders. Wipe your feet before entering, I guess.

Hamilton @ B.C. (Saturday, August 13)
Rumour has it that Zach Collaros will make his much-anticipated return this week, which is good for the Ti-Cats, because Jeremiah Masoli ain't winning in Vancouver.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 05:23 PM on August 08

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seven

Alright! Week 7 standings are below. And due to the rain delay in Winnipeg, I got 'em in just in time!

The corrected Week 6 standings are available here.

I've double-checked all previous weeks and everything else is good. So some cut-and-paste wonkiness just happened last week, I guess. Thanks very much for bearing with me.

The new names start to connect in Winnipeg, as the Bombers dispatch the Eskimoes. In a bilingual shocker, Saskatchewan gets completely roughed up in Montreal. Calgary rides a huge 22-point fourth quarter to overtime, and edges the Lions in OT, while Toronto remains undefeated on the road.

ResultWinnipeg by 7Montreal by 38Calgary by 3Toronto by 3
Margin of Error5 to 927 to 492 to 42 to 4

Points are tough to come by this week, and not just because I can't do math. But bender and rcade both scrape out 3-point weeks to stay in contention.

ic23b Calgary 122
rcadeEdmonton Montreal Calgary 321
tommytrump Montreal Calgary 218
benderWinnipeg8Montreal 317
tahoemoj 015
Howard_T Montreal Calgary 215
jagsnumberone Montreal Calgary 213
MrFrisbyWinnipeg Calgary 213
JPR Calgary3 313
Reever 3 111
cixelsyd Montreal Calgary 211
argoal Calgary 210
DrJohnEvans Calgary 18

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:40 PM on August 03

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Six

Corrected standings:

ic23bCalgary12 Hamilton6 Toronto10721
rcadeCalgary 6 Toronto10418
tommytrumpCalgary12 Toronto 316
tahoemojCalgary12 Hamilton6 Toronto10715
benderCalgary Saskatchewan Toronto10414
Howard_T Toronto14213
jagsnumberone Toronto11211
MrFrisbyCalgary11 Hamilton5 411
Reever 6Toronto 210
JPRCalgary Toronto 210
cixelsydCalgary Hamilton Toronto 39
argoalCalgary Toronto 29
DrJohnEvans Hamilton 17

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:17 PM on August 03

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seven

Hamilton by 10
B.C. by 13
Calgary by 21
Ottawa by 6

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:54 AM on August 03

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seven

Our intrepid Pick 'Em accounting department is still double-checking the corrections to the standings, which means they're not quite ready for publication yet. But soon! In the meantime, here are this week's games, so y'all can submit your picks in a manner more timely than yours truly.


Hamilton @ Winnipeg (Wednesday, August 3)
Another Wednesday game? Who are they trying to fool here? Maybe Winnipeg is trying to fool Hamilton into not showing up on time and losing by forfeit. That might be their best chance at winning.

B.C. @ Montreal (Thursday, August 4)
Good news: Montreal won another game! Bad news: it was against Saskatchewan. Montreal is still bad, and despite their (surprising) league-leading defence, I suspect they'll have their hands full with the Lions in town.

Saskatchewan @ Calgary (Thursday, August 4)
Speaking of bad teams, Saskatchewan is one, and Calgary is not.

Edmonton @ Ottawa (Saturday, August 6)
I'm not quite sure what to make of Edmonton. On one hand, they've played exactly to their Pythagorean record. On the other, they've been in every game they've played - they haven't won or lost by more than a touchdown. A bad team staying in it? Or a good team waiting to break out? Henry Burris will find out for us.

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Six

Update: so I did accidentally delete Week 3 (or accidentally swap Week 3 and 4? I can't tell) but in my spreadsheet the standings and points after Week 6 are correct. Where I got the total figures above, I have no idea.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Six

Saskatchewan by 8
Calgary by 7
Ottawa by 10

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Six

Ohhhh it's even worse than I thought. Instead of copying my Week 3 spreadsheet, I overwrote it with Week 4. No wonder nothing adds up.

I'll have to recreate it. May take a couple of days but I'll get the standings corrected in time for next week.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Six

Hmm, this is a bigger issue than I thought. It looks like I copied over the "last week points" column incorrectly - 2 weeks ago. Fixing.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Six

Whoa, yeah, it looks like I mixed up some usernames on last week's standings. Somehow I switched around ic23b, bender, and Howard_T.

This week's standings are correct. But I'll fix last week's and post an update in that thread.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Six

Bo Levi Mitchell looked like his old self as the Stamps cruised to victory over the Bombers. Mitchell Gale looks promising as the 'Riders just barely squeak by the Redblacks. A huge comeback in Edmonton: down 31-6 in the third quarter, Hamilton scores 31 unanswered points to shock the Eskimo faithful. Here in Toronto, a swirling 5 km/h wind gave the kickers fits (0/5 combined) as Toronto overcomes some early nerves to get the job done.

ResultCalgary by 15Saskatchewan by 1Hamilton by 6Toronto by 13
Margin of Error11 to 201 to 14 to 89 to 17

How 'bout this: TWO seven point weeks. ic23b jumps into first place, while tahoemoj jumps right into contention.

ic23bCalgary12 Hamilton6 Toronto10715
rcadeCalgary 6 Toronto10414
benderCalgary Saskatchewan Toronto10413
tommytrumpCalgary12 Toronto 312
tahoemojCalgary12 Hamilton6 Toronto10710
Howard_T Toronto1429
jagsnumberone Toronto1128
Reever 6Toronto 28
cixelsydCalgary Hamilton Toronto 38
MrFrisbyCalgary11 Hamilton5 48
argoalCalgary Toronto 26
JPRCalgary Toronto 26
DrJohnEvans Hamilton 14

It's Simcoe Day and a long weekend, but apparently somebody told the CFL that the holiday Monday was last week. Ol' J.G. must be spinning in his chapel.


Winnipeg @ Edmonton (Thursday, July 28)
Winnipeg came into the season as a sexy pick to come out of the west, but have not lived up to their billing. They're going to have to win a couple of games to get out of DrJohnEvans' Underdog Doghouse (DUD). Okay, maybe the acronym is a bit harsh.

Saskatchewan @ Montreal (Friday, July 29)
Battle of the basements! Saskatchewan has been bad. Montreal has been awful: they're averaging fewer than 15 points a game. That's not going to get it done in the CFL.

B.C. @ Calgary (Friday, July 29)
An early tilt for the division lead. Both team's QBs have been rounding into form: Bo-Levi Mitchell is throwing well for the Stampeders, and apparently the Lions' quarterback is named "Jonathan Jennings", which is obviously a witness-protection pseudonym.

Toronto @ Ottawa (Sunday, July 31)
Speaking of quarterbacks, are you excited for the heavyweight matchup of Brock Jensen vs Logan Kilgore? Hooooo boy.

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Five

Winnipeg will never win again.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Five

Winnipeg by 8
Ottawa by 3
Hamilton by 10
Montreal by 10

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Five

Last week was all about comebacks. Toronto jumps out to a big lead, but fades away quickly at the Redblacks complete the comeback. Edmonton is shut out in the first quarter, but elbows their way back into it to edge the Bombers. Hamilton is also held pointless for the first fifteen, but then scores a whole bunch, while B.C. weathers a tough first half and comes back in style.

ResultOttawa by 10Edmonton by 4Hamilton by 24B.C. by 13
Margin of Error7 to 133 to 517 to 319 to 17

rcade and Howard_T both miss the Thursday games, but then nail the B.C. win to hang on. ic23b was threatening, too - one fewer Lions rouge and you're laughing all the way to the bank1.

1. The Bank of First Place in Week 5 of a No-Money CFL Pick 'Em

SpoFiteOTT @ TORSEDM @ WPGSHAM @ MTLSBC @ SSKSPointsTotal Points
rcade Hamilton B.C.13 414
ic23bOttawa Edmonton 4 B.C.12614
tommytrump Edmonton Hamilton B.C.15413
Howard_T Hamilton B.C.13 411
bender Edmonton 110
jagsnumberoneOttawa Hamilton B.C. 39
JPROttawa Edmonton3 B.C. 48
tahoemojOttawa7 Hamilton B.C.1258
Reever Edmonton Hamilton 28
MrFrisby Edmonton Hamilton B.C. 37
argoal Edmonton3Hamilton 37
cixelsyd Edmonton 16
DrJohnEvansOttawa12 Hamilton 36

The dart-throwing schedule monkey has granted Toronto a full eleven days between games. I hope they're not playing on Tuesday in Week 6.


Calgary @ Winnipeg (Thursday, July 21)
Calgary's in a holding pattern, relying on their defence while waiting for their offence to kick in. But Winnipeg? They just haven't been getting it done. Dropping to 1-4 could mean a whole new set of changes for them.

Ottawa @ Saskatchewan (Friday, July 22)
Saskatchewan isn't as bad as they were last year. But so far, they're still pretty bad.

Hamilton @ Edmonton (Saturday, July 23)
Here's a nice one. Two teams playing slightly under expectations, looking to grab a share of first with a win. Bonus for Hamilton: a first win outside the division would go a long way to establishing their credentials.

Montreal @ Toronto (Monday, July 25)
Montreal is bad. Even Toronto should be able to beat them. So, expect a nailbiter.

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Four

Ottawa by 12
Winnipeg by 3
Hamilton by 14
Saskatchewan by 7

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Four

Winnipeg rides a big first half to the win as the Ti-Cats continue to struggle at home. Toronto rides their defence to a gritty win out in Vancouver. Edmonton needs overtime to do it, but they pile on the points to edge the Riders. Out in Ottawa, overtime settles absolutely nothing, as the Stamps and Redblacks wrestle their way to the all-too-rare tie.

ResultWinnipeg by 4Toronto by 11TieEdmonton by 3
Margin of Error3 to 58 to 140 to 02 to 4

With a tie, two underdog wins, and everybody getting points for EDM/SSK, this was a weird week. A strong four points for Reever, while rcade takes advantage of the confusion to slip into first place.

SpoFiteWPG @ HAMSTOR @ BCSCGY @ OTTSSSK @ EDMSPointsTotal Points
rcade Toronto Edmonton 210
bender Edmonton 19
tommytrump Toronto8 Edmonton 39
ic23b Edmonton 18
Howard_T Edmonton427
jagsnumberone Edmonton 16
ReeverWinnipeg3Toronto Edmonton 46
cixelsyd Edmonton 15
MrFrisby 314
argoal Edmonton 14
JPR 4 Edmonton 24
tahoemoj Edmonton 13
DrJohnEvans Edmonton 13

"We'll get a new stadium," said the Argos, "and then we'll be forever free of weird scheduling constraints."


Ottawa @ Toronto (Wednesday, July 13)
The return of Trevor Harris! Formerly Toronto's much-vaunted super-backup, he escaped to Ottawa to become their... much-vaunted super-backup. But with Henry Burris on the shelf, Argos fans will get a chance to see Harris's zany yet effective playmaking once more.

Edmonton @ Winnipeg (Thursday, July 14)
I don't know what to think about this game. Both of these teams are probably better than they've been playing? Winnipeg home edge I guess? Yeah, let's go with that.

Hamilton @ Montreal (Friday, July 15)
That loud, wet smack you heard was Hamilton hitting the basement floor. They should probably beat Montreal, but there's a lot of "shoulds" in their rear-view mirror.

B.C. @ Saskatchewan (Saturday, July 16)
Speaking of early-season stumbles, Saskatchewan's in last place and keeps getting late-night texts from 2015. If they want to move on they'd better start winning — but first-place B.C., with their division-leading defence, is a tough place to start.

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Three

A tie indeed! But don't worry, the Pick 'Em witnessed the last one.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Three

Hamilton by 6
B.C. by 8
Ottawa by 14
Edmonton by 10

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Three

Things got a little weird in Montreal, but Trevor Harris puts together a solid game for the Ottawa win. Toronto finally finds their offence out in Saskatchewan. Hamilton completely loses the handle at home in a blowout loss to the Lions, while Winnipeg's new look comes up short again, this time in Calgary.

ResultOttawa by 15Toronto by 13B.C. by 25Calgary by 14
Margin of Error11 to 209 to 1718 to 3310 to 18

Movement at the top already! rcade nails the Argos win, and bender's lucky coin does the job, as they tie for the lead.

SpoFiteOTT @ MTLSTOR @ SSKSBC @ HAMSWPG @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
benderOttawa16Toronto9B.C. 58
rcadeOttawa Toronto13 Calgary 58
ic23bOttawa Calgary1037
tommytrump Toronto Calgary1736
Howard_TOttawa Toronto Calgary 35
jagsnumberoneOttawa12Toronto Calgary 45
cixelsydOttawa Calgary1334
MrFrisby Calgary 13
argoalOttawa Toronto Calgary 33
JPR Calgary 12
tahoemoj Toronto Calgary 22
ReeverOttawa Calgary 22
DrJohnEvansOttawa Calgary 22

Continuing a grand CFL tradition, the third week of the season is the one that follows the second.


Winnipeg @ Hamilton (Thursday, July 7)
Both these teams added significant pieces in the offseason but have yet to gain traction with them. Hamilton's coming off an embarrassing performance at home, but the real pressure's on winless Winnipeg.

Toronto @ B.C. (Thursday, July 7)
B.C.'s strong start has them at the top of the West, while Toronto's still putting the pieces together - and Vancouver is always a tough place to play. But the Lions haven't scored nearly as many points as they would've liked, and the Argos have proven to be road warriors in the past.

Calgary @ Ottawa (Friday, July 8)
So far Ottawa's strategy has been "Give up a million points, but score a billion points", and so far it's working. How far can Trevor Harris throw the ball on a gummy Ottawa summer evening?

Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Friday, July 8)
Early bye weeks have both these teams looking for their first win. Who's got the edge? If I knew, I wouldn't be running this little pick 'em, I can tell you that much.

Good luck!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Two

Ottawa by 10
Saskatchewan by 8
Hamilton by 6
Calgary by 3

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Two

Toronto opens the season in their new digs, but Hamilton plays the unwelcome guest with a blowout win. Winnipeg fêtes their new faces, but it's Montreal who brings the party and the win. The Grey Cup rematch is an old-fashioned barnburner, and it's Trevor Harris who seals the deal, while B.C. gets off on the right foot with a tight win over the Stamps.

ResultHamilton by 22Montreal by 8Ottawa by 8B.C. by 2
Margin of Error15 to 296 to 106 to 101 to 3

Not many points handed out with three road wins, but rcade's new favourite team pays him some dividends with a spread nailed.

SpoFiteHAM @ TORSMTL @ WPGSOTT @ EDMSCGY @ BCSPointsTotal Points
ic23bHamilton Montreal10Ottawa 44
tommytrump Montreal Ottawa B.C. 33
benderHamilton Montreal Ottawa 33
rcade Ottawa8 33
MrFrisby Montreal7 22
Howard_T Montreal B.C. 22
cixelsydHamilton 11
jagsnumberoneHamilton 11
JPRHamilton 11
tahoemoj 00
Reever 00
argoal 00
DrJohnEvans 00

It's the Canada Day long weekend, so make sure to get your picks in long before you fire up your barbeques.


Ottawa @ Montreal (Thursday, June 30)
The Redblacks, fresh off a 45-point game, take a drive down the 417. But Montreal's just flexed their defensive muscles, so something's gotta give.

Toronto @ Saskatchewan (Thursday, June 30)
Toronto looked pretty rough for long stretches in last week's game. But Saskatchewan looked pretty rough for all of 2015. Damien Durant is back after missing most of the last two seasons, and you can be sure all eyes will be on his reconstructed tendons and ligaments.

B.C. @ Hamilton (Friday, July 1)
The Lions are looking to redeem themselves after a lacklustre 2015 season, and put up a good show last week. But Hamilton will be a true test: they're one of the better all-around teams in the league

Winnipeg @ Calgary (Friday, July 1)
Two teams, both with high hopes after being reworked in the offseason, both coming off tough first-week losses. Something's gotta give. Unless they tie. Anyone gonna pick the tie?

Good luck!

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The 12th Annual chicobangs Memorial SpoFi CFL Pick 'Em

Toronto by 4
Winnipeg by 18
Edmonton by 10
Calgary by 9

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The 12th Annual chicobangs Memorial SpoFi CFL Pick 'Em

Lets get it on for the new CFL braggin' rights.

And a game ball! See above.

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The 12th Annual chicobangs Memorial SpoFi CFL Pick 'Em

Yes! There is a prize this year, courtesy of rcade and Sportsfilter!


Wilson has been the official game ball of the CFL since 1995. Hand crafted in Ada, Ohio the CFL game ball has an exclusive Wilson CFL pattern for top performance and double laces for added texture and control. Every CFL game ball is personally inspected by DrJohnEvans and must pass the same specifications as those used on the field.

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The 12th Annual chicobangs Memorial SpoFi CFL Pick 'Em

THE PICK 'EM - What we do

Maybe you're a Canadian hockey fan. Or maybe you're a Pacers fan. Or maybe you live somewhere like Drufus, Newfoundland, and your rabbit ears pick up only Icelandic public-access television. Whatever the reason, you haven't seen a meaningful sports game in ages, which means that the CFL's 2016 season is ripe for your picking. Literally. We pick games. We pick each and every single professional Canadian football game that will be played, in Canada, on 110-yard-long fields, with 25-yard end zones*, from now until the end of time. So why not join us?

* Some restrictions apply. THANKS TFC.

THE SEASON - When we do it

The season kicks off this Thursday night and runs for 20 weeks through the summer. There are generally four games per week, mostly running from Thursday to Sunday.

If you're in Canada, you'll find the games on TSN. If you're in the States, the CFL has a long-term deal with some random network called ESPN. And if you're somewhere else, you'll have to resort to SiriusXM on the satellite radio dial (which is a two-way switch with one of the options crossed out).

THE RULES - How we do it

Here's how she works. You pick who you think will win, and by how much. You then get points based on the result:

  • Picked the winner? You get 1 point.
  • Picked the winner, and a spread within the Margin of Error? You get 2 points.
  • Picked the winner, and you nailed the spread right on? You get 3 points.
  • Didn't pick the winner, but nailed the spread right on? You get 1 point.

What's the Margin of Error?

It's a window around the spread that's defined as

spread - round(0.3 * spread) <= Margin of Error <= spread + round(0.3 * spread)

So you can get rewarded for being close to the spread even if you're not spot-on. The bigger the spread, the bigger the margin of error, so you don't have to be as accurate when predicting a blowout as you would when predicting a close game. Here are some examples:

Actual Spread Margin Starts at Margin Ends at

So if you picked Toronto by 15, here's how you'd fare given certain outcomes:

OutcomeYour score
Toronto by 202 points (winner + spread within MoE)
Toronto by 101 point (winner only)
Toronto by 153 points (winner + nailed spread)
Hamilton by 151 point (nailed spread only)
Hamilton by 430 points (and deservedly so)

Any questions?

THE GAMES, WEEK ONE - Where we start

In lieu of attempting to sum up each team's status in a single sentence, for this opening week I'm just linking to season preview pages for each of 'em.

All times are EDT.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Preview) @ Toronto Argonauts (Preview) - Thursday, June 23, 7:30pm

Montreal Alouettes (Preview) @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Preview) - Friday, June 24, 8:30pm

Ottawa Redblacks (Preview) @ Edmonton Eskimos (Preview) - Saturday, June 25, 7:00pm

Calgary Stampeders (Preview) @ B.C. Lions (Preview) - Saturday, June 25, 10:00pm

Good luck!

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CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Final Standings

Ottawa jumps out to a big lead in the first quarter, but Edmonton scratches and claws their way back over the next two. Both offences seemed primed to pop, but plummeted nearly as quickly as the mercury. In the end, Edmonton puts together a big fourth-quarter drive, including two pass interference calls (upheld on command centre review!), and punches the ball in to become your Grey Cup champions.

OTT @ EDMMVP BonusO/U Bonus
ResultEdmonton by 6ReillyUnder
Margin of Error4 to 8

Everybody gets two points! Which means argoal takes the cake. Congratulations!

As for those of us who didn't get two points, cixelsyd made picks in every week and came away with only three points total. A well-deserved Costanza. Congratulations!

SpoFiteOTT @ EDMSMVPO/UPointsTotal Points
argoalEdmonton Reilly 29
ic23bEdmonton Reilly 27
tahoemojEdmonton Reilly 27
jagsnumberoneEdmonton Reilly 26
owlhouseEdmonton Reilly 26
rumpleEdmonton Reilly 26
tommytrump 04
jjzucal 04
rcade 04
DrJohnEvans 03
cixelsyd 03

Thanks again to everyone for playing. See y'all in June!

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CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Grey Cup Edition

Ottawa by 3
Ellingson (subject to change)

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CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Grey Cup Edition

Some barns got burned this weekend! With perfect weather at both ends of the country, the QBs took advantage and piled up the points. Hamilton plays catch-up to Ottawa the entire game, managing to tie in with under 90 seconds left in the fourth quarter. But a miracle Burris toss on 2nd and 25 leads to a 93-yard touchdown and the game.

Out West, Mike Reilly straight outguns Bo-Levi Mitchell, as Edmonton pumps in five touchdowns to book their ticket to Winnipeg.

ResultOttawa by 7Edmonton by 14MitchellHamilton
Margin of Error5 to 910 to 18

Points are scarce as both bonuses go to the losing teams, but that's why you hedge your bets. argoal adds another point to his lead and is going to be tough to beat.

SpoFiteHAM @ OTTSCGY @ EDMSOWC BonusDWC BonusPointsTotal Points
argoalOttawa8Edmonton 37
ic23bOttawa6 25
tahoemojOttawa Edmonton 25
tommytrumpOttawa 14
rumple Edmonton17 24
jjzucalOttawa Edmonton 24
rcadeOttawa Edmonton 24
owlhouseOttawa Edmonton18 34
jagsnumberoneOttawa Edmonton Hamilton34
Ying Yang Mafia 03
bender 03
DrJohnEvansOttawa MitchellHamilton33
cixelsydOttawa Edmonton 23

Here's one reason (the only reason?) to go to Winnipeg in November:


Ottawa Redblacks (12-6) @ Edmonton Eskimos (14-4) (Sunday, November 30)

This is the matchup that nobody saw coming. Edmonton was a favourite until the fourth quarter of Week One, when QB Mike Reilly blew out his knee. The backups put together a decent enough 6-3 record in his absence, but the division looked lost to Calgary — until Reilly's return. Nine straight wins later, here they are, facing the upstart Redblacks with a wily veteran in Henry Burris. He may be forty years old, but he's proven that he can still find the end zone. Sunday's forecast is a pleasant -3 degrees Celsius with no hint of snow, so let's sit back and enjoy what should be a good ol' fashioned shootout.

Of course, now that I've written that, the final score is sure to be 16-9. Grey Cup Preview »

MVP Bonus

Pick the MVP of the Grey Cup.


The points-scored O/U for the Grey Cup is currently set at 50.5. Will the total points scored be over or under that total?


Pick the total yardage thrown by all quarterbacks in the Grey Cup. This is worth no points and will be used only in case of a tie.

Example pick: Ottawa by 21, Ellingson, Over, 500.

Good luck!

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CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Division Finals Edition

Ottawa by 14
Calgary by 7

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CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Division Finals Edition

The Argos and Ti-Cats play a tight game to the end, but a fatal Argo trip and the big boot of Justin Medlock sends the Ti-Cats to the Eastern final. Out west, Calgary clamps down hard on the Lions, holding them to three field goals while notching a handy 35 points.

A windy day in the Hammer means Medlock takes the kicking crown, and despite Calgary's best efforts to score 100 all on their own, we come in under the O/U.

TOR @ HAMBC @ CGYKicking BonusLVP Bonus
ResultHamilton by 3Calgary by 26MedlockUnder
Margin of Error2 to 418 to 34

argoal finally gets his breakthrough, although he needs a score reset to do it! A healthy four points puts him in sole possession of first place.

SpoFiteTOR @ HAMSBC @ CGYSKickingLVPPointsTotal Points
argoal 3Calgary MedlockUnder44
ic23b Calgary MedlockUnder33
Ying Yang Mafia Calgary18 Under33
tommytrump Calgary18 Under33
tahoemoj Calgary MedlockUnder33
benderHamilton4 Medlock 33
rumpleHamilton Under22
jjzucal Calgary Under22
rcade Calgary Under22
owlhouse Calgary 11
jagsnumberone Calgary 11
cixelsyd Calgary 11

Cold enough for ya? Just wait 'til we get to the:


Hamilton Tiger-Cats (10-8) @ Ottawa Redblacks (12-6) (Sunday, November 22, 1:00pm ET)

Just like they drew it up: the Redblacks host the Eastern Final in just their second year of existence, and are the favourites to win. Henry Burris leads the league in passing yards by over a kilometer, and Ottawa easily handled the Ti-Cats in the last two weeks of the regular season. But no guarantees: last week Hamilton showed that it can make points happen with its team of backup QBs, and they still have the best defence in the division. Eastern Final Preview

Calgary Stampeders (14-4) @ Edmonton Eskimos (14-4) (Sunday, November 22, 4:30pm ET)

Calgary's got revenge on their minds: they sat atop the West Division for most of the season, at least until Edmonton got QB Mike Reilly back and rattled off eight wins to finish the season. But for timing, these two teams have been pretty evenly matched. The snow should hold off, so look for some big throws on what should be a clear, sunny, bitterly cold Edmonton day. Western Final Preview

Offence Wins Championships Bonus

Pick the quarterback who will throw for the highest yardage on Sunday.

2015 Passing Stats

Defence Wins Championships Bonus

Pick the team whose defence will register the most sacks on Sunday.

2015 Sacks Status

Example pick: Hamilton by 21, Calgary by 14, Masoli, Edmonton.

Good luck!

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CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Semi-Finals Edition

Toronto Argonauts (10-8) @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats (10-8) (Sunday, November 15, 1:00pm ET)

Somehow it always seems to come down to these two teams (although in a nine-team league, maybe not so much of a surprise). The Ti-Cats are 3-0 against the Argos this year. BUT: each of those games came earlier in the year, with Zach Collaros at QB for Hamilton and Ricky Ray on the sidelines for Toronto. Now Collaros is out for the season, and Ricky Ray is back and looking just about like the Hall of Famer that he is. How much is a quarterback worth? Eastern Semi-Final Preview

B.C. Lions (7-11) @ Calgary Stampeders (14-4) (Sunday, November 15, 4:30pm ET)

On paper, this is a mismatch. Calgary was just edged out for the division title, and was easily the second-best team in the league this season. B.C. was lucky to fend off a crossover challenge and just barely snuck into the playoffs. But anything can happen in one-game elimination. And even better: half a foot of snow is scheduld to drop on Calgary this Sunday. Western Semi-Final Preview

Yes, I'm re-using last year's bonus names. But intentionally! Just look at that fish!

Swayze Waters River Salmon Bonus

Pick the kicker who will score the most points this weekend. That includes place-kick field goals, drop-kick field goals, PATs, singles, and fake field goals thrown for touchdowns.

2015 Kicking Stats

Las Vegas Posse Memorial Bonus

The combined over/under on total points scored for both games is 100.5. Will the actual number of points scored this weekend be OVER or UNDER that total?

Example pick: Hamilton by 21, B.C. by 14, Leone, Over.

Good luck!

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