December 13, 2007

A Rod breaks another record:: Alex Rodriguez set another record for baseball's highest contract, finalizing his $275 million, 10-year agreement with the New York Yankees on Thursday.

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I'll go back to what I said in a prior thread -- his new contract (putting aside the potential bonuses), adjusted for inflation, is not larger than his old contract. And Titanic is not the most successful film of all time. But reporting the nuances of these measures would require some work on the part of the journalists involved and don't make for as good of copy as "Biggest contract ever!" or "Biggest box office success of all time!" See also this.

posted by holden at 12:06 PM on December 13

Good point, Holden. While his contract may not be a true record setter, it's still alot of freakin money. And anybody that earns $275,000,000.00 over ten years shouldn't be worried about the value of a measly buck.

posted by BoKnows at 04:59 PM on December 13

Just think how many Cy Young votes Curt Schilling would have to get in order to make that kind of money! Almost 200,000,000 I'll bet.

posted by THX-1138 at 09:21 PM on December 13

Just a mind-boggleing amount of money to play the game of baseball.And I take it that is not including endorsements,etc.Just wondering how someone making that much money gets paid,weekly? monthly?Either way,he doesn't have a financial worry in the world.

posted by Ghastly1 at 12:25 PM on December 14

Arod = 10 more years with Yankees Yankees = 10 more years without a World Series

posted by graymatters at 04:47 PM on December 14

Arod = 10 more years with Yankees Yankees = 10 more years without a World Series graymatters = 10 more years of spurious connections If you honestly think that ARod doesn't help a team make the playoffs (which, if I remember correctly, is a prerequisite for winning the World Series)...

posted by grum@work at 07:18 PM on December 14

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