April 08, 2014

UConn Wins National Championship: Led by 22 points from Shabazz Napier, 14 points from Ryan Boatright and strong defensive games from both, the Connecticut Huskies defeated the Kentucky Wildcats 60-54 in the NCAA college basketball championship. UConn entered the tournament as a seventh seed but left with the school's fourth national title since 1999. They never trailed in the game, but Kentucky narrowed the lead to one point with 8:13 left. They are the highest seed to win it all since eight seed Villanova in 1985.

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UConn just won the men's NCAA BB championship. Congrats to the Huskies whose run to greatness started way back when they stole a coach from my alma mater, Northeastern University's Jim Calhoun. Now the undefeated Lady Huskies take their shot at making this a double when they face the undefeated Notre Dame ladies. Should be a good one. I believe it is the first time that 2 undefeated teams have met in the women's final.

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If both UConn teams win (again), the roadside pride signs they put up for travelers to admire as they cross the state line on the interstate are going to be conspicuous.

And the signs won't be tarnished by carrying the signature of a soon to be disgraced governor as they were 10 years ago.

Kevin Ollie does not have a lot of coaching experience, but he does have presence and determination. He played 13 years in the NBA for 15 teams (including Magic twice and Sixers three times). He went year to year on a series of one year contracts. The last one paid him the league minimum. No one handed him anything.

Except Calhoun, who handed him the reins to the men's program after only two years as an assistant. I love what has happened since, because it must be driving boosters and administrators who dream of legacy, empire, and orderly succession at places like UNC crazy.

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I'm a UConn basketball fan (father and brother are alumni and my college had no div 1 team) and we're all pretty thrilled and stunned. After the near loss to St. Josephs in the first round, I was just happy to see them make it to the sweet sixteen... And then the elite eight... And then... Well suffice to say they busted my Bracket in the best possible way. Just thrilled.

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Yahoo bracket contestant fails to pick winner, costs himself $100,000. And he's a UConn fan.

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That sounds like the kind of UCONN fan I know.

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My fellow SpoFi members, since the turn of the century, my favorite teams have been doing very, very well. The Red Sox, the Patriots and the UConn men and (just now) women have won their championships several times each. I am never, ever allowed to complain about how any of my teams are doing again. I will, but I'm not allowed to do it and deserve whatever shit I get when I do.

Link me here the next time I whine.

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