June 23, 2013

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Toronto Maple Leafs acquire goalie Jonathan Bernier in trade with Los Angeles Kings

posted by tommytrump at 05:18 PM on June 23

Before last year, I'd have been really happy with trade - but coming off a solid season and a great post-season, Reimer did everything to show he was ready to be "the guy" in Toronto.

Now, another off-season of uncertainty, coupled by the fact as an RFA Bernier's probably going to double his salary next year, makes it an uphill climb to being the starter. Not that getting a guy like Bernier is a bad thing, but you have to wonder what this does to Reimer's confidence coming into next year and whether they're sabotaging the guy they already have by acquiring another guy ready to be a starter.

posted by dfleming at 06:08 PM on June 23

Let Bernier play a few games behind the Leafs defense and we'll see how good he is.

Reimer will be back to no. 1 in a hurry. Bernier may actually be begging him to keep the role.

posted by cixelsyd at 09:59 PM on June 23

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