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Air Force Football Team sucks because they have no black kids

good point maybe some need to amend that policy considering we are facing a troop shortage?

posted by fade2244 at 07:41 PM on October 26

Air Force Football Team sucks because they have no black kids

I understand the appointment angle but is that part of the "old boy network" or something else

posted by fade2244 at 07:26 PM on October 26

Game Over

It was McCarver in Detroit and I heard the error free baseball pronouncement unless lyons had a sore throat or something

posted by fade2244 at 07:24 PM on October 26

Air Force Football Team sucks because they have no black kids

anyone care to comment on my earlier post?

posted by fade2244 at 06:55 PM on October 26

"Sexuality and gender don't change anyone's performance on the court."

Not that I care but I heard on the radio this morning that she doesn't consider herself "gay" but to just be in love with this one particular woman. I personally think if true that is a silly distinction to make but I would like any info i could get on this particular angle.

posted by fade2244 at 06:49 PM on October 26

Air Force Football Team sucks because they have no black kids

while I agree that the context of the coach's comment may have been off base I wonder why it would be such a bad idea to have more players of color at our service academy programs. They would recieve a top notch education as well as training to last them the rest of their lives. I wonder if there isn't something else going on here is the reason that we have lower minority enrollment at service academies in general is a wish by some to exclude minorities from leadership positions?

posted by fade2244 at 06:33 PM on October 26

If nobody gets crippled, it'll be a miracle...

tatu swinging tatoo??? Just a thought.

posted by fade2244 at 06:42 PM on October 21

Showing some class - finally?

that's the acronyom i was lookin for

posted by fade2244 at 11:50 PM on October 18

He's disgracing my family name!

I'm from the Detroit area and before the season started I said "joey's got no more excuses." Then what do his teamates do? They decide to quit blocking, quit running, get hurt and get on dope. Seriously Joey hasn't been good at all but he has like a second and a half in the pocket, his recievers run half-assed routes and when open don't catch the ball. With the injuries they had guys that went to Saginaw Valley State or something like that were in the game for the final drive. Joey needs to improve but this WHOLE offense is FUBAR.

posted by fade2244 at 05:53 PM on October 18

Showing some class - finally?

so the nba is trying to compete with nfl for the title of No Fun League.

posted by fade2244 at 05:33 PM on October 18

A network-based ranking system for American college football


posted by fade2244 at 07:49 PM on October 16

Football for Jihadists

Again they're kidding right? If not Islam has officially jumped the shark if it hadn't already.

posted by fade2244 at 09:36 AM on October 16

Football for Jihadists

They're kidding right?

posted by fade2244 at 09:25 AM on October 16

This is why the Yankees keep losing.

I hear ya dyams but this season was a little bit crazy or was i blinded by media coverage?

posted by fade2244 at 07:18 PM on October 12

Fans BEWARE, Ron Artest vows to play "out of control"!!!!

KingKrock have you seen how buff Big Ben is?????

posted by fade2244 at 06:42 PM on October 12