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Air Force Football Team sucks because they have no black kids

good point maybe some need to amend that policy considering we are facing a troop shortage?

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Air Force Football Team sucks because they have no black kids

I understand the appointment angle but is that part of the "old boy network" or something else

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Game Over

It was McCarver in Detroit and I heard the error free baseball pronouncement unless lyons had a sore throat or something

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Air Force Football Team sucks because they have no black kids

anyone care to comment on my earlier post?

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"Sexuality and gender don't change anyone's performance on the court."

Not that I care but I heard on the radio this morning that she doesn't consider herself "gay" but to just be in love with this one particular woman. I personally think if true that is a silly distinction to make but I would like any info i could get on this particular angle.

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Air Force Football Team sucks because they have no black kids

while I agree that the context of the coach's comment may have been off base I wonder why it would be such a bad idea to have more players of color at our service academy programs. They would recieve a top notch education as well as training to last them the rest of their lives. I wonder if there isn't something else going on here is the reason that we have lower minority enrollment at service academies in general is a wish by some to exclude minorities from leadership positions?

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If nobody gets crippled, it'll be a miracle...

tatu swinging tatoo??? Just a thought.

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Showing some class - finally?

that's the acronyom i was lookin for

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He's disgracing my family name!

I'm from the Detroit area and before the season started I said "joey's got no more excuses." Then what do his teamates do? They decide to quit blocking, quit running, get hurt and get on dope. Seriously Joey hasn't been good at all but he has like a second and a half in the pocket, his recievers run half-assed routes and when open don't catch the ball. With the injuries they had guys that went to Saginaw Valley State or something like that were in the game for the final drive. Joey needs to improve but this WHOLE offense is FUBAR.

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Showing some class - finally?

so the nba is trying to compete with nfl for the title of No Fun League.

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A network-based ranking system for American college football


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Football for Jihadists

Again they're kidding right? If not Islam has officially jumped the shark if it hadn't already.

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Football for Jihadists

They're kidding right?

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This is why the Yankees keep losing.

I hear ya dyams but this season was a little bit crazy or was i blinded by media coverage?

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Fans BEWARE, Ron Artest vows to play "out of control"!!!!

KingKrock have you seen how buff Big Ben is?????

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Fans BEWARE, Ron Artest vows to play "out of control"!!!!

Totally conflicted I'm an enigma, wrapped in a quandrum surrounded by a big ?

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that was horrible forget a suspension BC players should be able to string the guy up and take shota at his private parts. what a classless act UVA's coach defending it makes it even worse.

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This is why the Yankees keep losing.

Seriously why not offer support to a guy that's led you the promised land multiple times? I know he's had great talent to work with but talent doesn't always get the job done. The fact that he managed to get a team with a entirely decimated pitching staff to the play offs should be commended. I love that George spends his money but he doesn't always spend it on the right people. LET BASEBALL PEOPLE MAKE BASEBALL DESCISIONS, YOU WON'T BE DISSIPOINTED WITH THIS GROUP!

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This is why the Yankees keep losing.

I love George but let the baseball people run the team and shut up until the end of the year. Public ridicule doesn't help these guys. Also I agree with Mel, not classy at all to not acknowledge your own manager for getting your team to the playoffs after a rash of injuries to the pitching staff. Just my opinion.

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anyone know where i can see tape of the cheap shot???

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Fans BEWARE, Ron Artest vows to play "out of control"!!!!

Hey I'm from From the Motor City area and I love Artest. Don't get me wrong total idiot? Yes. This guy however is entertaining as hell, NBA's ansewer to reality tv. Oh yeah and GO PISTONS!!!!!

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Martz Leaves Rams-

For the record I just have to say I smile at the fact that someone agreed with one of my posts. First time for everything.

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Yankees stay alive

Sorry a lil outta sorts today. I ment if Yankees win tonight I will be glad Red Sox were knocked out. I know they finished above .500 against them for the season but I still don't like that matchup. With the way chisox are playin it might not matter, and that assumes that they get past Angles tonight(big assumption i know)

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Yankees stay alive

if Yankees win tonight i will be glad they were knocked out though. Would rather play the White Sox although with New York's lack of starting pitching even they may be to much to overcome.

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Yankees stay alive

naw man I have no real interest in how rival teams do except for the impact it may have on a match up with my team.

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Yankees stay alive

isn't linked my bad

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Yankees stay alive

I see. So cause I'm new I couldn't possibly have a valid opinion? Also I understand that pro football's parity is directly linked to the salary cap(free agency, injuries ect.) but i most certainly plays a role.

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Martz Leaves Rams-

In that divison sure. Plus without Martz's bone headed challenges, ill timed time outs and pretty horrendous play calling they might actually be better off.

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Yankees stay alive

Not a Bush lover!!!!!!!and how exactly did it "work" in other sports. NFL style mediocrity opps sorry parity did nothing but water down the the league. And a cap sure hasn't stopped dynasties from developing in hoops either . Baseball has revenue shareing it's call a luxury tax. Sorry I just happen to favor excellence rather that a league full of .500 ball clubs. Soooo actually fuck you very much.

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Yankees stay alive

always blows my mind how American sports fans love commie idea of salary csp.

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<<<<has numerous typos will try to improve

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way to come to your sense jerseygirl GO YANKEES!!!!

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go chi sox only if angels happen to do the improbable and beat Yankees. At which point I'm all about go Bronx Bombers.

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Yeah Joey would love to see Lion, Tigers and UofM hoops sweep post seasons don't see it happening so i rag on the people that happened to have the good fortune to experience it.

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White Sox: splendid work. Hang onto that most excellent El Duque. The boy's money in the bank. quite right El Duque is a for real big money pitcher.

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yeah i know i just ment in general>

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Pat Tillman, Our Hero.

God's speed Yankee on making it home. Got family overthere myself and want to see and end to this thing as soon as possible. My solution arm the kurds and shites to the teeth and let the sunnies reap the whirlwind.(just an opinion) As for the criminals.. opps i mean administration, i know it'll never happen, but i would seriously love to see there a#%#! thrown into prison.

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Reasonable Red Sox fans what's this i see? Surely I must be dreaming.

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out first???? Manny for sure.

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lol rcade

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Is this in the best interests of all of baseball?

ok I'm new here but as a Yankees fan I have to say I derive pleasure from Boston losing to anyone. Also I think it would be especially sweet for them to lose to chi. since everybody had already decided rematch was a forgone conclusion. Just an opinion>

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Tigress Wie.

yeah she's hot but 15 will get ya 20.

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Monday Night Football's pigskin poet.

Why do you hate America? lol

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Being good or being hot?

playoff baseball you need a front loaded pitching staff, solid closer, clutch hitting, good defense and luck. Gee i think i just named almost all the factors required to win a game sorry.

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Yanks angry at Showalter for pulling stars vs. Angels

the fact that the yankees "buy " their victories is nonsense. countless teams have tried to copy their model and have broken the bank for high priced losers that ended up dragging their team into the cellar and the balance sheets into the red. Big ups to the yankees for spending the cash it takes to put a high quality team on the field and for having the good sense to know on whom to spend that cash.

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O.J. Signs Autographs at Horror Convention

the chick from cabin fever is way hot didn't she play on that saturday morning tv show hang time where the girl plays on the boys basketball team. seeing her in a topless shot, pre teen dream come true.

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O.J. Signs Autographs at Horror Convention

oj killed nicole jon benet's parents killed her CIA killed kennedy and MLK osama is at your local 7 eleven elvis is dead there were aliens at roswell the greenhouse effect does exsist god created life and the reason we are here is to PARTY

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Eight division titles in a row for the Bronx Bombers.

We finished over .500 shirts funniest idea of all time. Since I'm in detroit though wouldn't mind having one of those shirts.

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Despite bringing his father back into camp

Jones was the best pound for pound in the world for so long it's unreal. Time catches up with all of us.

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