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The best sports related moment I had was when Syracuse U. won the basketball national championship after losing twice in my lifetime .

Worse moment(s) was Buffalo Bills losing 4 straight Super Bowls (the first to ny giants was the worst , wide right , nooooooooooooooooo) .

I love my Yankees , havn't missed many games since '76 so i've seen alot .

I also keep track of former syracuse athletes in the pros .

I play way too many fantasy sports , including nascar which I don't even follow . but i've been succesful so I keep coming back with more teams each year .
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Former Rams Receiver Jack Snow Dies: Jack Snow, former star Rams wide receiver and current team broadcaster died after coming down with a staph infection. Five members of the team developed drug-resistant infections after sustaining turf burns, and two or three members of the San Francisco 49ers developed infections after playing the Rams early that season. The outbreak was the subject of an article last year in the New England Journal of Medicine. The players were not identified. Jack was also the father of baseball player J.T. Snow.

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Tony Dungy's Son Found Dead: Breaking news from ESPN.

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Javon Walker out for the season , Torn ACL: This is a guy who held out in training camp for a new contract , came back in good faith and now has a devestating injury. Green Bay financially came out lucky but lost their star reciever . Walker came out of it without a new contract and a torn ACL.

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Csonka One Of Six Rescued From Bering Sea: 10-12 hours trapped in a boat during a violent storm . There must be an easier way to spend your retirement years.

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Orioles Void Ponson's Contract: Sidney Ponson was released Thursday by the Baltimore Orioles, who contend the pitcher's conduct and problems with alcohol the past nine months give them grounds to void his contract. He went from number 1 pitcher in the rotation to out of a job by his own bizarre behavior .

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Former Rams Receiver Jack Snow Dies

A lot of NY Giants from the late 70's-80's have had, and or died of cancer. Some think it had something to do with playing in the Meadowlands stadium.

posted by evil empire at 10:32 AM on January 10

Former Rams Receiver Jack Snow Dies

I have deathpager.com send me emails upon celeb deaths because i'm an editor in a tv site and this helps to update profiles.

posted by evil empire at 09:45 AM on January 10

Why do the Lions always play on Thanksgiving day?

I thought they put crappy games on for Thanksgiving because you are too sleepy from the turkey dinner to care about watching a game that matters.

posted by evil empire at 09:26 AM on November 24

Angels down yankees

What was with Bubba starting every game ? He rode the bench most of the year and suddenly he's in the line up like he'll be some kind of savior. Sheffield had a hammy yet played every game in the field. Why not use Bernie in the field and stick others in the dh ? I don't know but it seems weird to me .

posted by evil empire at 11:20 AM on October 11

Angels down yankees

I'd wanna see how Torii Hunter comes back from that bad injury before trading for him. ESPN's site says Hunter has put his house up for sale thinking he will be traded.

posted by evil empire at 10:51 AM on October 11

Angels down yankees

During a Yankee game this season they were talking about the farm system. They said look to the AA club for the hot prospects and AAA is now mostly for older players who won't get much more than a taste of the big league.

posted by evil empire at 09:49 AM on October 11

Angels down yankees

That's funny, yesterday they asked what we thought the Yanks pitching staff would look like next season. I had completely forgot Pavano exsisted, he was gone so long on the DL.

posted by evil empire at 09:43 AM on October 11

Angels down yankees

I wasn't too confident going into the game with Mussina vs. Colon, but when Colon left injured I saw a moment of hope. Then they manage to let me down scoring just 1 run, having 2 on and no outs with a cold pitcher coming in. But then Torre blew it big time. Why let 5 runs score before switching pitchers, they had a bunch of arms available? It's not like there was a 3-run homer breaking the game open , just slow torture 1 run at a time. As soon as the game was tied at 2 they should of had Randy Johnson warming up, you could see Mussina was struggling. And the Cano interference call really broke the Yanks hopes.

posted by evil empire at 08:19 AM on October 11

Yankees stay alive

From what I heard , Randy Johnson didn't like the way Jorge calls a game.

posted by evil empire at 05:45 PM on October 10

Yankees stay alive

true, evil. but they have to resign Matsui, who's also a free agent (as is Gordon, but it's doubtful they will take him back). jeebus, what am i doing? can't think about next year yet. Looking at the list of their free agents, I'd think the can dump a lot of payroll. They gotta sign Matsui, but I don't think that'll be too hard seeing how it was the Yanks he came here to play for. Gotta bring back Flaherty and likely Gordon but he will need to take a pay cut. * Kevin Brown, RHP * John Flaherty, C * Tom Gordon * Tino Martinez, 1B * Felix Rodriguez, RHP * Rey Sanchez, 2B * Ruben Sierra, OF * Bernie Williams, OF * Al Leiter, LHP * Hideki Matsui, OF * Alan Embree, LHP

posted by evil empire at 10:42 AM on October 10

Yankees stay alive

evil, they're not really dumping Brown and Bernie. they're free agents after the season so their salaries are coming off the books anyway. Yes I stated that wrong , but I meant the are cutting the cord of those two and moving onward. And a huge chunk of the enormous payroll will be freed up.

posted by evil empire at 10:04 AM on October 10

Yankees stay alive

I don't see Johnny Damon picking NYY. Me either , but I didn't think Randy Johnson or A-Rod ever would accept a trade to Yanks either.

posted by evil empire at 09:53 AM on October 10

Yankees stay alive

I think they will keep Wright but he will be injured half the year , keep Small as long relief and take Wright's spot . Brown won't be back . I actually saw where they will dump Brown and Bernie Williams to free up serious payroll and go after Johnny Damon.

posted by evil empire at 09:35 AM on October 10

Yankees stay alive

Johnson, Mussina, Chacon, Wang and Small.

posted by evil empire at 09:29 AM on October 10

Yankees stay alive

And another thing, when Yankees win a Championship you always hear how the bought it. It sounds like the broke a rule or something. Last I knew it wasn't against the rules to pay players what they want to. Sometimes they go way overboard and pay a player way too much and he under performs, but who was hurt more, the Yankees or baseball? Usually it's the GM that takes the heat for that. But if Yanks win this year it'll be from good moves such as bringing up Cano to replace the awful Womack , and trading for Chacon and finding Small.

posted by evil empire at 08:38 AM on October 10