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Former Rams Receiver Jack Snow Dies

A lot of NY Giants from the late 70's-80's have had, and or died of cancer. Some think it had something to do with playing in the Meadowlands stadium.

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Former Rams Receiver Jack Snow Dies

I have send me emails upon celeb deaths because i'm an editor in a tv site and this helps to update profiles.

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Why do the Lions always play on Thanksgiving day?

I thought they put crappy games on for Thanksgiving because you are too sleepy from the turkey dinner to care about watching a game that matters.

posted by evil empire at 09:26 AM on November 24

Angels down yankees

What was with Bubba starting every game ? He rode the bench most of the year and suddenly he's in the line up like he'll be some kind of savior. Sheffield had a hammy yet played every game in the field. Why not use Bernie in the field and stick others in the dh ? I don't know but it seems weird to me .

posted by evil empire at 11:20 AM on October 11

Angels down yankees

I'd wanna see how Torii Hunter comes back from that bad injury before trading for him. ESPN's site says Hunter has put his house up for sale thinking he will be traded.

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Angels down yankees

During a Yankee game this season they were talking about the farm system. They said look to the AA club for the hot prospects and AAA is now mostly for older players who won't get much more than a taste of the big league.

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Angels down yankees

That's funny, yesterday they asked what we thought the Yanks pitching staff would look like next season. I had completely forgot Pavano exsisted, he was gone so long on the DL.

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Angels down yankees

I wasn't too confident going into the game with Mussina vs. Colon, but when Colon left injured I saw a moment of hope. Then they manage to let me down scoring just 1 run, having 2 on and no outs with a cold pitcher coming in. But then Torre blew it big time. Why let 5 runs score before switching pitchers, they had a bunch of arms available? It's not like there was a 3-run homer breaking the game open , just slow torture 1 run at a time. As soon as the game was tied at 2 they should of had Randy Johnson warming up, you could see Mussina was struggling. And the Cano interference call really broke the Yanks hopes.

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Yankees stay alive

From what I heard , Randy Johnson didn't like the way Jorge calls a game.

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Yankees stay alive

true, evil. but they have to resign Matsui, who's also a free agent (as is Gordon, but it's doubtful they will take him back). jeebus, what am i doing? can't think about next year yet. Looking at the list of their free agents, I'd think the can dump a lot of payroll. They gotta sign Matsui, but I don't think that'll be too hard seeing how it was the Yanks he came here to play for. Gotta bring back Flaherty and likely Gordon but he will need to take a pay cut. * Kevin Brown, RHP * John Flaherty, C * Tom Gordon * Tino Martinez, 1B * Felix Rodriguez, RHP * Rey Sanchez, 2B * Ruben Sierra, OF * Bernie Williams, OF * Al Leiter, LHP * Hideki Matsui, OF * Alan Embree, LHP

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Yankees stay alive

evil, they're not really dumping Brown and Bernie. they're free agents after the season so their salaries are coming off the books anyway. Yes I stated that wrong , but I meant the are cutting the cord of those two and moving onward. And a huge chunk of the enormous payroll will be freed up.

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Yankees stay alive

I don't see Johnny Damon picking NYY. Me either , but I didn't think Randy Johnson or A-Rod ever would accept a trade to Yanks either.

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Yankees stay alive

I think they will keep Wright but he will be injured half the year , keep Small as long relief and take Wright's spot . Brown won't be back . I actually saw where they will dump Brown and Bernie Williams to free up serious payroll and go after Johnny Damon.

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Yankees stay alive

Johnson, Mussina, Chacon, Wang and Small.

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Yankees stay alive

And another thing, when Yankees win a Championship you always hear how the bought it. It sounds like the broke a rule or something. Last I knew it wasn't against the rules to pay players what they want to. Sometimes they go way overboard and pay a player way too much and he under performs, but who was hurt more, the Yankees or baseball? Usually it's the GM that takes the heat for that. But if Yanks win this year it'll be from good moves such as bringing up Cano to replace the awful Womack , and trading for Chacon and finding Small.

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Yankees stay alive

the Yankees have won enough WS, and mostly - it was due to them being able to BUY the best me, they (and the Red Sox for that matter) need to look at how THEIR payroll effects how other teams can (or CAN'T) compete with them It gets tiring to here people complain over Yankees buying Championships. This orginization has been the single most successful in history, way before King George came on the scene, way before free agency and it wasn't from buying players. Yes they have had the highest payroll year after year now but that hasn't guaranteed wins, just check this years standings . It wasn't till the next to last game that they even made the playoffs. Secondly, there's no written rule that only the Yankees can buy players. Any team can and if the can't "afford it" because of being a small market , then why don't they bring in another part owner and add more spending money to the team. Steinbrenner only owns a majority of the team but isn't sole owner... why don't others follow this example?

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Yankees waste no time taking control

Yanks win, BoSox lose (14-2 woo hoo)....all's well in the baseball universe .

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Peyton and Kenny ... did they break Renee's heart?

This made me laugh so hard. My fiance' is a huge Kenny fan and I've said many times he acts gay. Now this article pops up, I'll have fun with this with her for awhile . Thanks wfrazerjr for the fuel.

posted by evil empire at 03:32 PM on October 03

Worthless Baseball Card Collection

The pics are bad enough to give ya a chuckle, but the write-up's are great. This one had me rolling aroung laughing... Chris Codiroli's photo shoot with Topps ran nearly 4 hours until he finally landed the perfect pose while bending down to pick up a partially smoked cigarette butt.

posted by evil empire at 03:52 PM on September 22

Coordinator First In Line for Vikings' Blame

Maybe they will do like the Texans did and fire their "offensive" coordinator after 2 games, like that'll improve things.

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Skip Bayless denounces Stoops's punishment of Peterson

I know this getting off the topic but... Have you ever noticed it's always the male athletes that have academic problems? I've never heard of any woman athlete who was dismissed for academic reasons or suspended for skipping classes. They must have the same workloads as a male athlete. Must be they don't play the prima donna like the top (and some bottom) level male athletes. ok, now go out of the way to prove me wrong, **laughing** I know someone will try.

posted by evil empire at 05:19 PM on September 16

Skip Bayless denounces Stoops's punishment of Peterson

Have you ever been around high-level college athletics? Consider not only the three-hour practices each day, but the time in the weight room, in training sessions, team meetings, travel and everything else that goes along with being a top team athlete. This is what I read that made me write that post uncle toby. And as for mentioning Tim Green , it was just an example of what can be accomplished while in college. It's a matter of how much work you want to put in and what goals you want to accomplish. It seems to me that these student *cough* athletes are selling themselves short.

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Skip Bayless denounces Stoops's punishment of Peterson

I don't understand this thinking that a football players time is so consumed by his sport that he has no time for classes. What about those who excel on the field and in the classroom, do they not have the same load to carry? Case in point , Tim Green was an all-American in football, was a Rhodes scholar, became a pro football player, teacher, lawyer, novelist and NFL commentator . Seems to me he, among many others, found time for academics as well as sports. So please stop with this crying about how tough it is to be a student athlete.

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Skip Bayless denounces Stoops's punishment of Peterson

No wonder they stuck Skippy on Cold Pizza, the remedial class of sports programs. I wonder if he rides the short bus to work?

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Another KC Chief behind bars

Damn it!!! I had him on my fantacy team! Me too , and Javon Walker on another fantasy team.

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Javon Walker out for the season , Torn ACL

Do you think Green Bay will negotiate with him in good faith while he sits on the sidelines? His next negotiations will have the term injured knee come up , his chance at a big contract is finished (at least in Green Bay). There maybe some team who will over pay him and then label him a bust down the line.

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Notre Dame #10 in AP poll!

ND has looked like they made a turnaround but I hope the top 10 ranking came from beating Michigan, cause beating Pitt seems like no big feat . Pitt lost to Ohio and didn't even score an offensive TD, thats PITT-iful.

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One-time Giants QB Jesse Palmer

Somebody should have made a reality show about Ricky Williams. Can anyone suggest a title? Where's Rickey?

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"I've talked with a lot of people

Puff, puff, pass!!! Are you crazy? This is the New England Patriots you are talking about here. They are not going to go 1-4 to start the season. The Pats won't likely go 1-4 at any point of the season but they played enough close games that they could have easily had been 10-6 last years instead of 14-2. Now they are without their defensive leader this season , so we'll see .

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Orioles Void Ponson's Contract

Just imagine , San Diego actually WANTED him in a trade for Nevin. What were they thinking (or smoking ).

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OLN Could Be Seeking To Add MLB And Pro Lacrosse

Mike "Doc" Emrick, a 25-year veteran hockey broadcaster, was hired as the lead play-by-play announcer for OLN, which will televise NHL games beginning in October. Emrick, the voice of the New Jersey Devils since 1993, has also called NHL games alongside analyst John Davidson, a former New York Rangers goalie, on ABC. This season, NBC will be the league's national broadcast partner. NBC's announcing team hasn't been disclosed. "The addition of 'Doc' Emrick to our team is the first step in bringing fans first-rate hockey coverage on OLN," said Marc Fein, OLN's director of programming and production. " 'Doc' set the standard in this industry." ESPN declined a $60 million option to continue its NHL coverage after the league missed the entire 2003-04 season because of a lockout. Emrick, 59, will be part of OLN's broadcast team for its games on Monday and Tuesday nights. Terms of his contract were not disclosed Additional announcers will be named at a later date, the network said. "I will be happy with whomever because I have the distinct feeling that they will be going for good analysts and announcers," Emrick said in a telephone interview. Emrick is a member of the NHL's Hockey Hall of Fame selection committee. With several rules changes approved for the upcoming season, including a shootout to decide tie games, Emrick said he is anxious to see how much the changes will affect the sport. "This is the first year that I've looked forward to preseason games," he said. "We just don't know what to expect. It looks like the changes are going to be radical." Emrick will continue broadcasting Devils games under a three- year contract he has with Madison Square Garden network.

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OLN Could Be Seeking To Add MLB And Pro Lacrosse

MLL on the OLN wold be a good fit for both of them. I'm sure they can get the MLL cheap seeing how they don't pay the players huge contracts and must have little overhead . They could give MLL the chance to suceed that ESPN never would . I hope this works out for them , I'd love to see lacrosse get big/bigger in years to come . Its huge where I live , near Syracuse (23 consecutive appearances in the ncaa tourney).

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Pass the plate for Peerless?

If Price lands somewhere (which I don't see why he won't and I think the best move out there would be for the Eagles to grab him) as long as he is the number 2 reciever, he will put up big numbers again. Especially if he is opposite T.O. Thats a great idea. I'd think it would be a perfect fit .

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Pass the plate for Peerless?

I don't understand what happened to his career . When he was in Buffalo he and Moulds were 1 and 2 in the AFC in receptions and he was first in yards receiving . That was with Doug Flutie at QB. Price wanted more money so the Bills sent him to Atlanta, who had a new QB by the name of Michael Vick , giving away a number 1 draft pick . They never clicked in the 2 seasons there and now he's out of a job . That's a quick fall from glory.

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OLN Could Be Seeking To Add MLB And Pro Lacrosse

I just notice the link needs a sign up , here's the article ... OLN, the Comcast subsidiary that recently acquired the rights to NHL telecasts, may be seeking to expand its coverage of team sports. The cable channel, which before the hockey deal had focused on hunting, fishing, bull riding and bicycle racing, is reportedly trying to add major-league baseball and indoor lacrosse to its programing mix. OLN reaches about 64 million homes in the United States. MediaWeek reported that OLN is seeking to wrest Sunday and Wednesday baseball games from ESPN when ESPN's contract to televise the games ends after this season. An OLN spokeswoman declined to comment on the report. She did, however, confirm a MediaWeek report that OLN is evaluating a proposal from the National Lacrosse League for the TV rights to its games. The Philadelphia Wings are members of the NLL. "We have a proposal in to OLN along with some other cable networks, and we hope to finalize our cable package by the end of September," said Doug Fritts, vice president of communications for the NLL. "With the synergy of our existing NHL partnerships - six of our 11 teams are owned or operated by NHL teams - OLN would be a great partner for us," Fritts added. NBC carried the NLL all-star and championship games last season, although the league purchased the time.

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OLN Could Be Seeking To Add MLB And Pro Lacrosse

Maybe they will create an OLN2.

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Clarett will be released by Broncos

Clarett's a good example of what can happen when you start believing your own press clippings. I think that problem started by listening to his agent back in high school (the days he showed up).

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McNabb and T O

Snart floot grumma whalt McNabb. Owens spliner garble flammer rinka asshole, garnflamminarina. I was right with you till you said asshole .

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Clarett will be released by Broncos

Hey Clarett, I bet you wish you had that college degree or even a high school education to fall back on now huh . Good luck you fool .

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Seattle's Top Tier Secondary

I'm not sure how much pull this will have in here but im in 5 fantasy football leagues , not 1 team has seleted seattle for a defense (most of us have 2 defenses chosen). Their over all ranking is 25th among defenses .

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McNabb and T O

McNabb and Harrison hooked up for 2 glorious seasons at Syracuse . Ah, those were the days .

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The bloody sock, however, is not for sale.

How about auctioning off the sweat soaked handkerchief McGwire used wiping off his brow while stammering through his Congressional speech.

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You're not wearing that shirt in this house!

Are they also going to ban the chants ... YANKEES SUCK YANKEES SUCK , in fenway .... or BOSTON SUCKS BOSTON SUCKS in yankee stadium ?

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The bloody sock, however, is not for sale.

Did ty Cobb's false teeth get sold??? aaahhh , if those teeth could talk the stories they could tell .

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Griffey is back! Should he be traded?

I'd doubt any contender would give up pitching to get an oft-injured outfielder no matter what kind of season he had . If he went to either Yanks or White Sox i'd see him in a dh role even though Yanks need a center fielder . I know Yanks have no pitching prospects to give , I'd think Chicago would be in better shape to acquire him .

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You're not wearing that shirt in this house!

As a Yankees fan I don't see how or why it should be banned . And believe me i've seen Red Sox suck shirts too. Theres even a shirt with a little boy taking a piss on the Boston insignia , Just like there is for the Yankees insignia too . That seems worse to me . Looking up shirts available I see ... Boston still sux .... Yuck the Fankees ....Yankees Suck Ass ...Boston Sucks Our Big Johnson ... Jeter Sucks ... Jeter Swallows ....Shut Up Schilling .... Jeter Sux Arod . looks like plenty of hatred to go around between the two teams and their fans .

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Griffey is back! Should he be traded?

Griffey has said in the past he would never play for King George because of the way they treated his father when he played for the Yanks .

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Robinson:Erase stats after failed drug tests! nhl hockey player admits using a form of steroid to make the team .

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Milk it does a body...

i saw jeremy giambi give the clubhouse kid in vegas last year 300 dollars to drink the grease catcher from the george foreman grill. the kid did it but yacked all over the place 10 minutes later Grease , it does a body good . Can you say clogged arteries ?

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Robinson:Erase stats after failed drug tests!

One day after Washington Nationals manager Frank Robinson said Rafael Palmeiro's records should be erased because of his failed drug test, Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling told WEEI radio's Dennis & Callahan show on Wednesday he agreed. When asked if he would just erase the statistics, Schilling said: "Yeah. I read something the other day about his career, his career numbers and how a lot of his career numbers coincide with certain dates and he obviously sat next to me in Washington [before Congress] and lied, so I don't know there's any way to prove that anything he did was not under the influence of performance-enhancing drugs."

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So far, the awards go to...

(aka "Bernie Williams: The Later Years") I'm a member of the Bernie Williams should retire club. Call it a career before you embarrass yourself anymore . Not much risk of getting injured seeing how he doesn't bust his ass like he used to .

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So far, the awards go to...

I'm not sure why A-rod is being compared to GRAIG Nettles other than they both played 3rd base for the Yankees but stat wise I'd want A-rod . Nettles had a great glove but lifetime he committed 13.4 errors / season , so far A-rod has had 13 in his first year at third and 10 this season . Looks like a wash there . Batting stats , is clearly in A-rod's favor . Nettles was a career .248 hitter w/ 390 hr's in 22 years ... A-rod is a career .306 hitter w/417 hr's in 12 seasons . He may not make sparkling plays at third but who has since Nettles ? Does this mean no Yankee third baseman can ever win MVP without playing with comparable skills of Nettles ? So now how about comparing Manny to ..... Ted Williams , I mean both have played outfield for Boston , right ?

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So far, the awards go to...

I blame Éric Gagné for this closer madness. IMHO, closers are a dime a dozen, and shouldn't even be considered for Cy Young awards. I don't get your point here , theres been 9 closers to win the Cy Young dating back to '74. Eckersley's numbers are comparable to Gagne when he won back in '92 . Why blame Gagne ?

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So far, the awards go to...

Are you kidding me??? He's standing in the shoes of Craig Nettles, and it's a poor fit. Graig Nettles

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Robinson:Erase stats after failed drug tests!

I wish I could find the article I read yesterday talking about steroids in sports . In this piece was a quote by Jim Haslett who said in his days as a player many used steroids , it was common , and he believes that every lineman used them . This being said the writer asked , does this mean we need to smash the busts of all HOF players from that era , including all the Steelers from the 70's Super Bowl teams . You can't change history but you can fix the now and the future .

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Dwight Gooden is wanted by the police!

Or...Officer, I was speeding home so I can throw up and sleep off my drunkenness .

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Dwight Gooden is wanted by the police!

Sounds like he didn't run , he kinda just drove off in a drunken state . It was nice of him to leave his license behind with his address on it . Why didn't the cop just follow him ? Didn't sound like he had been speeding when they stopped him , just driving erratict . Unless he sped away after being stopped.

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Huggins Given Ultimatum

i'll take resign then .

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Former NFL Star Wanted By Police

i didnt write the article just posted it lol

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49ers Lineman Dies After Game

Korey Stringer died of heat stroke which was ruled out in this case . I hope it wasnt from ephedra . Although Stringer didn't show any traces of it in his body he had a few bottles of supplements in his locker at the time of his death . Herrion was a big guy , I wonder if he was trying to shed some pounds fast . Tragic anyway you look at it though .

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