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NFL Pick 'Em, Week 12: Inadvertent Whistle Edition

For some reason, I have not been able to access SpoFi today until now. For what it's worth, I had tried to predict

Detroit by 10

Carolina by 7 (just underway)

The rest:

Green Bay by 17

Minnesota by 10

Cincinnati by 20

Oakland by 10

Tampa Bay by 3

Kansas City by 10

N.Y. Jets by 3

N.Y. Giants by 6 Jacksonville by 3

Houston by 2

Arizona by 20 LOCK

Seattle by 3

New England by 24

Cleveland by 3

posted by tahoemoj at 04:35 PM on November 26

Bill Belichick Refuses to Be NFL's Fashion Model

I hate camo anything, even when I'm wearing it

How can you tell?

posted by tahoemoj at 08:11 PM on November 19

CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Division Finals Edition

Ottawa by 10

Edmonton by 6



posted by tahoemoj at 04:21 PM on November 19

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 11: Nobody Knows Anything Edition

Jacksonville by 10
Indianapolis by 13
Chicago by 6
Oakland by 13
Miami by 10
Tampa Bay by 6
Carolina by 3
St. Louis by 6
N.Y. Jets by 3
Kansas City by 10
Minnesota by 12
Seattle by 20 Locker McLockington
Cincinnati by 10
New England by 17

posted by tahoemoj at 11:07 AM on November 19

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Was anyone able to nail this week's LOCK for the NFL scores?

I haven't looked yet, but I picked the Bengals. And there's no way in hell that they lost to the Texans last night, right? RIGHT?

posted by tahoemoj at 11:10 AM on November 17

CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Semi-Finals Edition

Toronto by 6

Calgary by 17



posted by tahoemoj at 12:47 PM on November 12

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 10: David Tyree Edition

This is why my wife has imposed a permanent moratorium on me gambling on all sports, particularly football.

Buffalo by 7
Green Bay by 24
Carolina by 10
St. Louis by 6
Philadelphia by 13
Pittsburgh by 2
Tampa Bay by 6
New Orleans by 6
Baltimore by 3
Minnesota by 7
Denver by 17
New England by 20
Arizona by 3
Cincinnati by 20 LOCK THAT SHIT DOWN, YO

posted by tahoemoj at 08:17 PM on November 11

Colts Out of Luck as QB Suffers Lacerated Kidney

You just know that Luck looks longingly to the east down I-74 toward Cincinnati, ruefully gazing at the offensive line, running backs, and receivers surrounding Andy Dalton Then he coughs up a little bit of blood, lies back in his bed and presses the morphine button with the goal of dreaming happy dreams that don't involve 300 lb men running after him unmolested.

posted by tahoemoj at 07:20 PM on November 10

CFL Pick 'Em, Final Standings

Jags, you lucked into the birth of my daughter, which prevented me from making my final week picks. I have no doubt that I would have put up a 20 point week and snatched victory from you when you believed it assured. Nonetheless, well, played fellow rookie.

DJE, I appreciate your effort putting this together, even if you changed my name in the process.

posted by tahoemoj at 10:17 AM on November 10

NFL Pick 'Em, Week Nine: Blaine Gabbert Edition

Bold moves must be made if I am to leave the relegation zone

Cincinnati by 27

Buffalo by 10

St. Louis by 6 New England by 30

New Orleans by 24 - LOCK

New York Jets BY 10

Pittsburgh by 7

Carolina by 10

Atlanta by 17

New York Giants by 6

Denver by 13

Philadelphia by 10 Chicago by 6

posted by tahoemoj at 12:44 PM on November 05

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Basically, "Yeah, it's offensive. ... So?"

Well, at least it's less disingenuous than their previous "honor" bullshit.

posted by tahoemoj at 06:29 PM on November 03

NFL Pick 'Em, Week Eight: Waitin' All Week for Sunday Night

Falcons by 10

Cardinals by 13

Rams by 14

Giants by 10

Vikings by 13

Chargers by 6

Bengals by 4

Texans by 13

Jets by 10

Seahawks by 20 LOCK

Packers by 17

Colts by 10

posted by tahoemoj at 12:20 PM on November 01

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Nineteen

BC by 14

Calgary by 10

Hamilton by 7

Edmonton by 13

posted by tahoemoj at 09:49 PM on October 30

NFL Pick 'Em, Week Eight: Waitin' All Week for Sunday Night

Dammit. Its 7-0 Pats. Can I say Miami by 6?

posted by tahoemoj at 08:38 PM on October 29

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eighteen

Toronto by 7

B.C. by 4

Winnipeg by 7

Edmonton by 24

posted by tahoemoj at 05:32 PM on October 22

NFL Pick 'Em, Week Seven: Don't Snap It, Griff Edition

Seattle by 9

Buffalo by 17

Detroit by 4

Atlanta by 24 - One, two, three, o'clock, four o'clock, LOCK

Indianapolis by 6

Kansas City by 5

Cleveland by 6

Miami by 10

New England by 2

Washington by 9

San Diego by 17

Dallas by 3

Carolina by 10

Baltimore by 7

posted by tahoemoj at 08:35 PM on October 21

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Assuming you're right, then Whitworth and other athletes' belief that a locker room is no place for reporters and/or cameras is correct. My previous comment addressed only the idea that gender is or should be irrelevant to an individual's discomfort in being seen unclothed.

And the harassment angle of it arises when that discomfort becomes a prerequisite to getting a paycheck.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:59 PM on October 21

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

The sex or sexuality of the reporters and other people around shouldn't enter into it.

In that sexual harassment is generally defined by a situation that causes unreasonable discomfort in the work place, why on earth not? Are you suggesting that there should reasonably be no more discomfort appearing naked in front of a person of the opposite sex than there is in front of members of one's own? Does that enlightened stance apply equally to female athletes and male reporters? I sense dissonance.

I know that female reporters are only doing their jobs when they enter locker rooms populated by male athletes; whether or not someone is "just doing their job" by being in the locker room reporting is completely irrelevant to the self-consciousness of the naked athlete in question. I like to think we've moved pretty far as a society beyond the cretin "girls can't report sports" mentality, which has no bearing on this issue. A man's discomfort with undressing in front of a female reporter has absolutely zero to do with her competence as a reporter.

posted by tahoemoj at 10:50 AM on October 21

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Could NFL players argue that the requirement to do media interviews while changing in the locker room is sexual harassment?

I think there is a legitimate argument to be made. Being mandated to allow camera crews, reporters of both genders, and god knows how many other support staff into an area where you are expected to bathe and change clothes as a precondition to employment has a certain element of harassment to it.

Andrew Whitworth had a few cogent thoughts on the matter.

posted by tahoemoj at 07:09 PM on October 20

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Or there could be no time difference between two nearby towns even though they might be in different time zones. Or the time difference in two towns might fluctuate by an hour depending on what time of year it was.

Growing up playing hockey in southwestern Ohio, the Indiana daylight savings clusterfuck arose on many occasions. Depending on the time of year, and the actual town to which we traveled from Cincinnati to play a game, we had about a 50/50 chance of arriving at the right time. Often, we would arrive at the rink to learn that we were very, very early. Others, we arrived after a 3 hour bus ride to find that we had just forfeited.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:06 PM on October 19

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 6: Mike Tomlin/Tom Osborne Edition

Atlanta by 13

Cincinnati by 7

Cleveland by 3

Chicago by 4

Miami by 6

Minnesota by 10

New York Jets by 10

Arizona by 3

Jacksonville by 9

Seattle by 17

Green Bay by 13

Baltimore by 10

New England by 20-this is my lock. There are many like this lock, but this one is mine.

Philadelphia by 7

posted by tahoemoj at 10:37 AM on October 15

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seventeen

Ottawa by 9

Toronto by 3

Edmonton by 10

Hamilton by 17

posted by tahoemoj at 10:33 AM on October 15

Tom Brady Calls Coca Cola 'Poison for Kids'

First, put me at the fringe of the Tom Brady "hater" camp. I respect the hell out of him as a quarterback, but his success has bred resentment. I personally would love for the NFL to produce a deflategate smoking gun that would tarnish his legacy forever. So, that said...

You just keep eating those things, and you keep wondering why we have just incredible rates of disease in our country. No one thinks it has anything to do with what we put in our body.

Is he wrong? I mean, he might be aligned with a questionable snake oil salesman (no, I don't mean his politics), and might even have a financial stake in the success of said snake oil salesman's products and regimen. But again, I agree completely with what he said about garbage processed food and soda. So I think I will wait for the inevitable next scandal to get back to bashing Brady.

posted by tahoemoj at 11:47 AM on October 13

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 5: Batted Ball Edition

I want back in! I want back in!

posted by tahoemoj at 12:28 AM on October 09

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 5: Batted Ball Edition

I want out, too.

Houston by 3

posted by tahoemoj at 07:40 PM on October 08

The NHL Season Begins Anew!

Little late to this party, but...

The Sharks narrowly edge out the Ducks to win the Pacific, beat the playoff doldrums to reach the Cup finals, and then trip over their dicks and get swept.. the Islanders.

Rookie of the year honors goes to the "field" rather than McDavid or Eichel. Let's say teenager Dylan Larkin by virtue of playing between Zetterberg and Abdelkader.

The Miami Redhawks men's hockey team will win the first national title in any sport for my 206-year old alma mater (flagrant homerism)

posted by tahoemoj at 11:10 AM on October 08

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 5: Batted Ball Edition

"I'm going for missile lock! Let's see if we can scare him out of here."

Gutsiest move I ever saw, Mav.

Indianapolis by 10

Atlanta by 17 - I'll take Atlanta for the lock please, Alex.

Cincinnati by 4

Green Bay by 16

Buffalo by 8

Kansas City by 3

New Orleans at Philadelphia (yeesh, what a stinker) New Orleans by 10?

Jacksonville at Tampa Bay (yeesh, what a stinker) Jacksonville by 13?

Baltimore by 17

Arizona by 3

New England by 24

Oakland by 6

New York Giants by 14

San Diego by 10

posted by tahoemoj at 10:56 AM on October 08

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 16

Toronto by 3

Hamilton by 10

Calgary by 13

BC by 13

Toronto by 8

posted by tahoemoj at 04:03 PM on October 06

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

It's his roundabout way of saying "Blonde with the breadstick is hot!".

Oh, I caught the joke, but that doesn't make it sound any less like a Crispin Glover fever dream.

posted by tahoemoj at 06:47 PM on October 02

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

If one must be reincarnated as an inanimate object...

I feel like someone has the obligation to address the 800 lb, and apparently very stoned, gorilla in the room.

posted by tahoemoj at 02:34 PM on October 02

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fifteen

Ottawa by 8

Hamilton by 10

Edmonton by 12

B.C. by 10

posted by tahoemoj at 03:34 PM on September 30

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 4: First-Place Jacksonville Edition

Baltimore by 13

New York Jets by 10

Atlanta by 16

Buffalo by 3

Oakland by 17

Cincinnati by 7

Indianapolis by 14

Carolina by 17

Philadelphia by 10

San Diego by 14

Minnesota by 6

Arizona by 13

Green Bay by 20 (Gimme an L!...Gimme an O!...Gimme a C!....Gimme a K! What's that spell?! Almost assuredly, Green Bay's first loss of the season!

Dallas by 3

Seattle by 13

posted by tahoemoj at 03:32 PM on September 30

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

thankfully not chili-related

Being 2,000 miles removed from my beloved Skyline Chili, I am forced to make Cincy chili from scratch at home. Nowhere near as convenient as a jaunt to the corner Skalini's Spaghetti Palace (as the locals refer to it), but it does cut back on the streaking.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:55 PM on September 30

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fourteen

Calgary by 10 (who are these Winnioeg guys anyhow?)

Edmonton by 14

Toronto by 8

Montreal by 5

posted by tahoemoj at 04:55 PM on September 23

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 3: Indy's Bad Luck Edition

New York Giants by 10

Cleveland by 4

Atlanta by 16

Indianapolis by 13

Pittsburgh by 20

San Diego by 6

New England by 21 (tahoemoj in Foxboro with the lead pipe)

New York Jets by 10

Carolina by 14

Cincinnati by 3

Houston by 3

Arizona by 17

Buffalo by 14

Seattle by 24

Denver by 6

Green Bay by 14

posted by tahoemoj at 04:51 PM on September 23

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Well played on both of your parts, methinks.

posted by tahoemoj at 01:36 PM on September 22

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 2: Teddy Bridgewater Fail Mary Edition

I gladly sacrifice my lead pipe lock this week to see Baltimore drop to 0-2.

posted by tahoemoj at 08:14 PM on September 20

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 2: Teddy Bridgewater Fail Mary Edition

Kansas City by 8

Buffalo by 4

Arizona by 17

Cincinnati by 3

Tennessee by 4

Detroit by 3

New Orleans by 17

Atlanta by 8

Pittsburgh by 10

St. Louis by 13

Carolina by 10

Baltimore by 20 (Cuz Stone Cold Said So)

Miami by 6

Dallas by 13

Green Bay by 14

Indianapolis by 10

posted by tahoemoj at 06:02 PM on September 17

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen

Calgary by 16

Hamilton by 3

Ottawa by 17

Montreal by 10

posted by tahoemoj at 03:44 PM on September 16

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 1: Win One for the Duke

in case you were wondering how I could be such a diehard Jags fan and live in Ohio

First of all, anyone who leaves Ohio and is smart enough to abandon any vestiges of Bengals and/or Browns fanhood cannot be faulted. Not even a little bit. I have lived on the west coast for 21 years now, but am too stubborn (dumb?) to abandon my allegiance to the Bengals after living in Cincinnati for 20 years. When I think of how much more pleasant my last two decades would have been if I had just jumped on the Niners, Seahawks, Chargers, or even Raiders (ok, just kidding) bandwagon.

But then after being smart enough to jump ship, you pick the Jags?! And stick with them, even with the Bengals reaching the pinnacle of almost being competitive?! If you're ever in Santa Barbara, I'll buy you a drink.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:15 PM on September 11

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

"Maybe there's not. Maybe it's just an unwritten rule. We saw it on film, that the Patriots do that. They shift and slide and do stuff on the goal line, knowing that it's an itchy trigger finger-type down there.

Because any Steelers fan knows that on the goal line, only one of two plays is permitted: Line up with 3 tight ends and run straight at the defense, or line up with 3 tight ends, fake the run straight at the defense and throw to the tight end. Anything else is cheating.

I hate the Pats as much as the next guy (but not as much as the Steelers!), but Jebus, Ben. A guy who made his living playing in a Todd Haley offense complaining about any sort of trickery is just silly.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:09 PM on September 11

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 1: Win One for the Duke

In Bortles we trust.

In Blake Klingler O'Donnell Smith Mitchell Kitna Palmer Dalton we trust.


posted by tahoemoj at 05:12 PM on September 10

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twelve

Hamilton by 17

Saskatchewan by 4

Calgary by 10

B.C. by 13

posted by tahoemoj at 06:00 PM on September 09

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 1: Win One for the Duke

New England by 6

Indianapolis by 10

Green Bay by 17

Seattle by 3

N.Y. Jets by 6

Miami by 17

Carolina by 10

Kansas City by 13

Arizona by 6

Detroit by 10

Baltimore by 6

Cincinnati by 14 - stoney baloney ice cold lead pipe lock

Tampa Bay by 5

Dallas by 13

Philadelphia by 6

Minnesota by 13

posted by tahoemoj at 02:55 PM on September 08

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eleven

Montreal by 13

Saskatchewan by 10

Hamilton by 4

Calgary by 9

posted by tahoemoj at 11:51 AM on September 03

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Ten

Shhhhh. Nobody tell Reever and JPR about the score of last night's game.

posted by tahoemoj at 04:08 PM on August 28

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Ten

Hamilton by 18

Toronto by 3

Winnipeg by 6

Ottawa by 5 (I really, really want to pick Sask.--just can't do it.)

posted by tahoemoj at 12:06 PM on August 27

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Nine

BC by 4

Hamilton by 13

Calgary by 10

Toronto by 7

posted by tahoemoj at 12:06 PM on August 20

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eight

Edmonton by 8

Toronto by 6

Hamilton by 10

Ottawa by 4

posted by tahoemoj at 07:33 PM on August 13

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seven

Edmonton by 13

Montreal by 7

Toronto by 11

Hamilton by 8

posted by tahoemoj at 02:55 PM on August 05

How close are we to a London Jaguars NFL franchise?

The premise of the article is intriguing, at least to the extent that he is saying that because most Londoners have already chosen an NFL team to cheer for, the Jags would presumptively fill a niche as "everyone's secondary team." I think that can be equated to a certain degree to moving a bottom-tier Premiere League team to the States (nice segue, rcade). Lots of Americans have chosen a Premier League (or FA) team to cheer for, but how loyal would we remain if we suddenly had a hometown team? Rather than any sort of intelligent analysis of the question, I propose the following masturbatory exercise.

Who is your Premier League (or other FA) team? Which team moves across the pond to become your new hometown team? And do they become your default favorite (favourite), or do you remain loyal to your adopted Premier League (FA) team?

I cheer for Spurs, largely because I am always drawn to the team that is competitive, but never quite elite (Bengals, Sharks, etc.) I can see Stoke or QPR moving, based largely on attendance and relegation/promotion status. If they move to Santa Barbara and become the home team, I think I immediately jump on board as a fan, and Spurs move down a notch to #2, until I basically give up on them and just cheer for the home team. Anyone else?

posted by tahoemoj at 03:24 PM on August 04

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Six

Thursday grumble grumble.

Edmonton by 12

Calgary by 3

Hamilton by 8

posted by tahoemoj at 10:23 AM on July 31

There's something in the Olympic water in Rio...and it's not good.

Do IOC members get a special feces-free swim lane?

The maintenance crew at the Four Seasons assures me that yes, they will ensure that the pool will be kept clean. And the massage therapists will get their nails none. And the hookers will be de-loused.

posted by tahoemoj at 04:01 PM on July 30

Lou Lamoriello new Maple Leafs GM

and Lou moving behind the bench then getting blown out in the first round by the Sens.

The first round of what?

posted by tahoemoj at 12:57 PM on July 24

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Five

Whew! No Thursday game!

Calgary by 8

B.C. by 5

Edmonton by 7

Saskatchewan by 3

posted by tahoemoj at 10:46 AM on July 24

Lou Lamoriello new Maple Leafs GM

The new coach and GM are not walking into a situation where they taking over a squad with historical talent like they did in their previous successful years.

Don't conflate Babcock with Lamoriello--With the exception of Scott Stevens and arguably John MacLean, Lou inherited somewhere right around jack shit when he joined the Devils in '87. He drafted Shanahan, he drafted Brodeur, he drafted Elias, picked up an undrafted nobody named Rafalski, Sykora, traded for Arnott, and generally built a team from nothing that remained competitive for 25 years.

posted by tahoemoj at 10:42 AM on July 24

Lou Lamoriello new Maple Leafs GM

With Sweet Lou at the helm, the Leafs are now ideally suited to draft a competitive team for the 1998-99 season. Based on the Devils' performance since the lockout, 2012 aside, one might conclude that the game has passed Lou by.

Or it's possible that I'm a Devils fan and am worried that Lou was the only thing keeping them as competitive as they were on a limited budget. And eat shit, Ilya Kovalchuk.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:12 PM on July 23

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Four

I have limited time to follow the CFL.

Wait, are we supposed to be following these games?

Kidding. Have a great time Howard, and kudos on the work you are doing. Something tells me that you can pick right back up in three weeks and end up in the thick of things.

posted by tahoemoj at 11:21 AM on July 17

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Four

Hamilton by 4

Edmonton by 5

Saskatchewan by 7

Winnipeg by 6

posted by tahoemoj at 11:56 AM on July 16

What if we talked about NHL players the way the media talks about female athletes?

I think there should be a side argument: "What if we and the media treat female athletes like male athletes?"

I know, right? Women have been getting away with far too much for far too long to let that slide. Especially if they're going to get all uppity and ask people to appreciate their ability as athletes instead of commenting on whether or not we'd fuck them.

posted by tahoemoj at 06:36 PM on July 13