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My teams:
Ohio State Buckeyes
US Soccer
Washington Nationals
Tennessee Titans
Columbus Crew
Cleveland Indians
Vanderbilt Commodores
Washington Capitals
Nashville Predators

Significant sporting events I've attended:
1999 Cincinnati Bengals vs. Tennessee Titans (inaugural game for the Titans)
2001 and 2002 Memorial (golf) Tournaments
Ohio State vs. M*ch*g*n 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 (and many other Ohio State games)
2004 Fiesta Bowl Ohio State vs. Kansas State
2006 World Cup USA vs. Ghana
2007 BCS National Championship Game Ohio State vs. Florida
2010 Rose Bowl Ohio State vs. Oregon
2013 Dos a Cero IV USA vs. Mexico WCQ

Stadia I've been to:

Neyland Stadium (University of Tennessee)
Vanderbilt Stadium
Adelphia Coliseum (Tennessee Titans)
Memorial Stadium (University of Illinois)
Notre Dame Stadium
Ohio Stadium
Cleveland Browns Stadium
Paul Brown Stadium (Cincinnati Bengals)
Hall of Fame Stadium (Canton)
RCA Dome (Indianapolis Colts)
Michigan Stadium
Carter-Finley Stadium (NC State University)
Kinnick Stadium (University of Iowa)
Ryan Field (Northwestern University)
Ross Ade Stadium (Purdue University)
Spartan Stadium (Michigan State University)
Sun Devil Stadium (Arizona State University)
Nippert Stadium (University of Cincinnati)
Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome (University of Minnesota)
FedEx Field (Washington Redskins)
University of Phoenix Stadium (Arizona Cardinals)
Husky Stadium (University of Washington)
Beaver Stadium (Penn State University)
Scott Stadium (University of Virginia)
Rose Bowl (University of California-Los Angeles)
Byrd Stadium (University of Maryland)

Municipal Stadium (Cleveland Indians)
Greer Stadium (Nashville Sounds)
Fulton County Stadium (Atlanta Braves)
Hawkins Field (Vanderbilt University)
Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles)
Jacobs Field (Cleveland Indians)
Comiskey Park (Chicago White Sox)
Bobby Dodd Stadium (Ohio State University)
Cinergy Field (Cincinnati Reds)
Cooper Stadium (Columbus Clippers)
Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati Reds)
RFK Stadium (Washington Nationals)
Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks)
Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)
Nationals Park (Washington Nationals)

Memorial Gymnasium (Vanderbilt University)
Gaylord Entertainment Center (Nashville Predators)
Value City Arena (Ohio State University)
St. John Arena (Ohio State University)
Nationwide Arena (Columbus Blue Jackets)
Patriot Center (George Mason University)
Verizon Center (Washington Capitals)
Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Columbus Crew Stadium
Jesse Owens Stadium (Ohio State University)
RFK Stadium (DC United)
Frankenstadion (Nuernberg, Germany)
A. le Coq Arena (Tallinn, Estonia)

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Brady Hoke's Dangerous Incompetence So Bad ESPN Announcers Denounce It: Michigan quarterback Shane Morris took a nasty, and illegal, hit to the skull in the fourth quarter of last night's loss to Minnesota. Not only was Morris immediately re-inserted into the game, but Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke claimed " I didn't know if [Morris] had a concussion or not." Over-the-top deadspin headline aside, there is a growing demand to relieve Coach Hoke of his duties in Ann Arbor that isn't even based on the team's 2-3 start to the season. The university released a statement last night defending the team's handling of the situation, though not referencing the suspected head injury.

posted by bender to football at 12:39 PM on September 29 - 16 comments

Alex Rodriguez attorney accuses Yankees of hiding MRI results: Joseph Tacopina, the attorney representing Rodriguez in his appeal of a 211-game suspension for his involvement with Miami-based Biogenesis and performance enhancing drugs, said the Yankees hid MRI results from Rodriguez that showed a torn labrum in his hip in October 2012, an injury that would eventually require offseason surgery and sideline the third baseman for the first four months of the 2103 campaign. Rodriguez hit just .120 (3-for-25) during the 2012 playoffs for the Yankees, who lost the ALCS to the Tigers.

posted by bender to baseball at 08:50 PM on August 18 - 12 comments

Sochi Athletes Subject to Anti-Gay Law: Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko warned Thursday that athletes and visitors to the Sochi Olympics will be subject to the country's laws against promoting homosexuality, contradicting a statement from the International Olympic Committee that the government had promised they would be exempt.

posted by bender to olympics at 08:49 AM on August 01 - 2 comments

Mark Cuban Working on His Own College Football Playoff: Mark Cuban wants to create a playoff for Division I-A college football, and he's willing to offer schools millions of dollars to make it happen. Hes formed a limited liability company called Radical Football.

posted by bender to football at 08:48 AM on February 21 - 5 comments

Big Ten Conference Reveals New Logo and Honors Football History with Division Names and Trophies: The Big Ten Conference today made several announcements that complete a series of decisions prompted by the upcoming addition of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln as the conference's 12th member school. The conference revealed a new logo to be used for all sports beginning with the 2011-12 academic year and also unveiled names for its two football divisions and a list of names for 18 trophies to honor coaches, teams and student-athletes starting with the 2011 football season. The LEGENDS Division will include Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Northwestern, and the LEADERS Division will include Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, and Wisconsin.

posted by bender to football at 02:08 PM on December 13 - 26 comments

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

I can't tell if he was pulling his hand up anyway, but it may have been his right knee that knocked his hand up into his face. In any event, it was an outstanding effort, and grum, the ball went harmlessly out of play for a goal kick.

posted by bender at 05:04 PM on May 18

SpoFi NBA Pick 'Em

Cleveland in 6
Golden State in 5
East points leader: LeBron
West points leader: Steph Curry
Blocks: LeBron
Steals: Steph Curry
Fouls out: Timofey Mozgov
Most Offensive Rebounds: Tristan Thompson
Highest Avg REB + AST: LeBron
Largest Margin of Victory: 23

posted by bender at 12:23 PM on May 18

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em, Round 3

Anaheim in 6
Tampa in 7
Goals: Stamkos
PP Goals: also Stamkos
Penalties: Hamonic
Goalie: Andersen

posted by bender at 11:21 AM on May 15

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Wow! that is an incredible throw! And those two plays were in the 10th and 11th innings.

posted by bender at 04:28 PM on May 14

NFL Announces Punishment for Patriots' Deflated Balls

I mean, if it didn't matter at all, QBs wouldn't have a preference or have pushed for ball prep control would they?

I'm neither saying that it doesn't make a difference nor that it doesn't matter. I'm simply suggesting that the league goes to the teams and says, "On gameday, it is your responsibility to give us X footballs for kicking and X footballs for your offensive plays. You may do whatever you want to them short of adding anything to them that is not air, but once you turn them over to us before the game, they are in our custody, and we will put them in play at the appropriate time." How simple is that?

If a team wants highly inflated balls or lowly inflated balls, that is their prerogative, and all teams would have the same opportunity to prepare them to their liking. As I understand it, that is fairly close to the rule as it is now except that there is a pressure range that the balls must be within. I just don't see why there needs to be one. If Tom Brady likes to throw a softer ball than one other qb, I haven't yet heard a good reason why he shouldn't be able to.

As for the punishment, I don't think that anyone is suggesting that they should not be punished; they did, after all, break a rule that was in the rule book. I do however believe that (1) the punishment handed down was excessive--even if the fact that it was a playoff game is reason enough to go beyond the prescribed $25k fine, and (2) the rule itself does not serve sufficient purpose that it shouldn't be stricken from the book.

posted by bender at 02:38 PM on May 12

NFL Announces Punishment for Patriots' Deflated Balls

I still think Goodell could have, on the Monday or Tuesday after the AFC Championship Game, used the deflated balls as evidence of a violation and punished the team $25,000 and possibly a mid- or late-round draft pick without ever getting into intent.

I would have been satisfied with that punishment, though I suspect the cries of the league being soft on the Patriots would have been loud and unrelenting. Also, after the Ray Rice incident, I suspect Goodell was reluctant to penalize early, lest another shoe drop (even if it didn't matter if there were any more shoes).

It would have been great if the result of all of this was that in addition to letting the qbs prepare the balls prior to the game, the rule was changed so that they could inflate the balls to whatever level they like; it's not like they were going to knock they down to 5 psi and try to throw them half-flat. Unfortunately, this penalty leaves no chance of that.

What exactly is that reason? What is this a slippery slope to? Quarterbacks inflating the football to their liking leads to what, exactly?

Play one - a run. Team A subs a half-filled ball in which can be gripped with one hand and is next to impossible to strip from a runner.

Play two - a pass. Team A subs in a fully-filled ball that flies through the air better.

Play three - the kicking team inflates a ball to just below its explosion point before punting to encourage fumbles.

I'm not sure if you're being serious or facetious here, but I'll assume the former. With the exception of the separate balls for kicking, the team provides the referees with their balls, and they (the referees) throw them in for each play. The team doesn't get to pick a running ball or a throwing ball for each play.*

*Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that, but if I am, that would seem to be a very easy thing to fix.

posted by bender at 01:24 PM on May 12

The Cleveland Cavaliers catch heat for in-game promotional video.


posted by bender at 03:18 PM on May 07

SpoFi NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

Hmm, guess I have been outed as not watching the NBA playoffs. That guy looks like he's good for at least 3 boards a game, though.

posted by bender at 12:31 PM on May 04

SpoFi NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

Wow, that's a really quick turnaround from the first round to the second round. Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

Cleveland in 5
Washington in 7
Los Angeles Clippers in 6
Golden State in 5

Kevin Love on the glass
DeAndre Jordan on the other glass
Stephen Curry from downtown
7.8 assists

posted by bender at 11:11 AM on May 04

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em, Round 2

Chicago in 6 +1 (Toews)
Anaheim in 4 +1 (Silfverberg)
Montreal in 6 (Subban)
New York in 7 +2 (Brassard)
Lundqvist +1

posted by bender at 12:58 PM on April 30

Fan Hit in Head by Foul Ball Through Home-Plate Netting

Gotta disagree with this. Other than the debatable rudeness of squeezing in front of the other fans during an at bat (you can't wait a minute to block their view?) she's tight up against a mesh net with her back turned while someone throws fastballs at it.

I will grant that walking in front of other people during a pitch is a rude move on her part, but someone walking during a pitch (in front of someone or otherwise) is something that will definitely happen, and this should be taken into account in the design of the safety net.

posted by bender at 10:26 AM on April 22

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Did anybody catch the premiere of MLB Statcast for last night's Cards-Nats game? I watched the later innings of the game, but I don't have MLB Network, so I only saw the regular local feed.

posted by bender at 10:21 AM on April 22

Fan Hit in Head by Foul Ball Through Home-Plate Netting

I agree completely with grum (and, on edit, tahoe). The netting is there to perform precisely the function that it failed to do, because (as rcade implies) most people cannot react that quickly. The fact that she was hit while doing something completely reasonable for a ballgame attendee (as opposed to, say, putting her face right up in the net) shows that the net was either designed poorly or improperly installed or maintained.

posted by bender at 01:13 PM on April 21

U.S. Men Win 2-0 Over Mexico in San Antonio

It was his 3rd cap but his first start and first goal.

posted by bender at 08:39 PM on April 16

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

Atlanta in 5
Cleveland in 5
Chicago in 6
Washington in 6
Golden State in 4
Dallas in 7
LA Clippers in 7
Portland in 6

Steph Curry
Blake Griffin

posted by bender at 08:38 PM on April 16