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Four strikes and you're out: A study of more than one million pitches reveals "Umpires want to make the right call, but they also don't want to make the wrong call at the wrong time. Ironically, this prompts them to make bad calls more often." Illustrated with some nice heat maps.

posted by rumple to baseball at 10:21 PM on April 03 - 8 comments

Of all the Canadian coaches, he's the most Russian: Grantland profiles Mike Keenan as he coaches Metallurg Magnitogorsk in the KHL.

posted by rumple to hockey at 11:55 PM on March 27 - 0 comments

Why is the world's gayest sport stuck in the closet?: A perceptive long essay from buzzfeed examines sexuality and men's figure skating.

posted by rumple to olympics at 07:19 PM on February 06 - 2 comments

Cristiano Ronaldo wins the Ballon D'Or: Rob Smyth with an eloquent, measured assessment of Ronaldo's career. Sports writing at its finest.

posted by rumple to soccer at 11:01 PM on January 13 - 3 comments

Dennis Rodman is the third best player in NBA history: The multi-year, multi-part series has reached a finale. Includes a cool visualizer.

posted by rumple to basketball at 06:23 PM on December 19 - 1 comment

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NHL Playoff Pick 'Em, Round 1

I'll go against the teams that won or are leading, got in late...

Tampa in 7

CBJ in 7 (as if)

Dallas in 6

Chicago in 5

Kings in 7

Flyers (yuk) in 6

Detroit in 7 if there is a god

Avalanche in 5

posted by rumple at 12:35 AM on April 17

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

How much it costs to propose at every MLB stadium.

posted by rumple at 12:02 PM on April 01

Dodgers Set Record with $234 Million Payroll

Will the Dodgers be any good?

posted by rumple at 08:56 PM on March 31

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Some of the players identified themselves here.

Sounds like he is challenging the bench, drunk Bieksa style...

posted by rumple at 06:56 PM on March 31

Missouri All-American Defensive Lineman Michael Sam Announces He Is Gay

Comments from two Seahawks: (Does the "light-hearted" comment mean that Sam would be expected to suck up some homophobia, or laugh it off somehow?).

On how it would play out if they play on the same team as Michael Sam: Michael Robinson: "Honestly for me, it's really about what the guy does on the field. If he can help this football team win and he can be a force, that's my teammate. I'm really not concerned with what he does off the field or what he does in his personal life. Now, we may not be at the same bars together, but at the same time if he's a baller, he's my teammate. I'm with him."

Michael Bennett: "I agree. The guy is an explosive playerIf anything, it has to be about his skill level and not about his sexual preference. The guy is a good player and he should get his shot."

On how Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman being deaf played out in the locker room: Robinson: "I have so much respect for DC and how he goes about his business. But DC, he's deaf a little bit and he makes light of it; we crack jokes, we go back and forth, and I think it got to the point where it's not even an issue anymore. It's going to depend on how [Michael Sam] comes into the locker room and how he sees himself. If he comes in confident and it's light-hearted, he'll be fine."

On Michael Sam: Bennett: "The team that he has to go to has to be built with strong leaders. If it doesn't have strong leaders, this kind of stuff can tear a team apart. But I believe there are a lot of good people in the NFL that understand that times are changing and people are different. I hope that everybody accepts him."

posted by rumple at 07:08 PM on February 12

Sacre Bleu! Los Angeles Lakers Run Out of Players

Has a puck ever split in two? I guess it must have but ......

posted by rumple at 09:49 PM on February 08

Sacre Bleu! Los Angeles Lakers Run Out of Players

What happens when a puck splits in two?

posted by rumple at 07:20 PM on February 06

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

Someone up thread linked to a site where a geek with too much time documents every score combination ever and yeah according to that 43-8 had never happened before. I don't know if anyone knew that before the game, it'd make a good Vegas bet (odds the final score will be unique for the last 100 years).

I'm not sure about 8-43 though, for some reason the site doesn't list that as a separate outcome. grum, I thought you might have some insight into that?

Denver just really got manhandled, which is a remarkable thing to happen to an elite professional team, but it happened.

posted by rumple at 04:01 PM on February 03

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

Smith also recovered a fumble, I think. But really a game like this someone on the Seattle defence has to win it, right?

posted by rumple at 12:24 AM on February 03

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

This was the first game in NFL history to end with a score of 43-8.

posted by rumple at 11:01 PM on February 02

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Super Bowl-a-Geddon Edition

1. Seattle by 14 +1

2. Percy Harvin

3. Russel Wilson

4. Wilson

5. Wilson

6. Thomas

7. Bennet

8. Geico?

9. 45

posted by rumple at 01:19 AM on February 01

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Championship Games-a-Ganza Edition

Patriots by 3

Seahawks by 11 +1

Manning +1

D. Thomas +1



posted by rumple at 11:35 PM on January 17

Dodgers Drive Money Truck to Kershaw's House

What seven year (or similar) deals for pitchers have worked out? Obviously he is young and highly accomplished but it seems (anecdata) that pitching is very high risk.

posted by rumple at 08:34 PM on January 15

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Division Round-a-Go-Go Edition

1. Seattle by 15 +1

2. Patriots by 5 +1

3. Panthers by 3

4. Broncos by 18 +1

5. Golden Tate

6. Golden Tate (because I wish my name was "Golden")

7. Earl Thomas

Hey I have 1 point, I am pretty sure these selections will guarantee me that Costanza

posted by rumple at 06:56 PM on January 10

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Wild-Card-a-Palooza Edition

Chiefs by 6

Eagles by 3

Bengals by 5

Packers by 9

QB: Rivers

RB: Lacy (GB)

Sack: Jordan (Saints), +1

posted by rumple at 12:33 AM on January 04