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Friday Night Lights Out: Russell Davis has been called a "dork," a "pussy," a "gay," and a "nanny state liberal" who's "almost as krazy as Hillary" .... the reason Davis has attracted attention and ire is simple: he wants to eliminate public high school football.

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Last Chance U: the college that gives young players a final route to the NFL: "The tiny town of Scooba sits in Kemper County in the vast state of Mississippi. Its quiet streets are home to under a thousand permanent residents and there is little excitement to be found. An isolated Subway sandwich shop is the social hub. East Mississippi Community College stands incongruously in Scooba’s streets. The college houses some of the country’s finest student American football players who dream of making the NFL. They find themselves in sleepy Scooba for two reasons: their grades aren’t up to scratch or they need more playing time to prove themselves to larger colleges. For almost all of the players on the Lions’ playing roster, this is their last chance at football redemption." Their story is also a Netflix documentary.

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Wisconsin football fan dresses as Donald Trump, holds caricatured dummy of a lynched Barack Obama: The fan is not removed and the University defends his right to free speech.

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Video games are changing how professional soccer is played:: "Ibrahimovic said that he would “often spot solutions in the games that I then parlayed into real life” as a young player. Mats Hummels, the Bayern Munich and Germany defender, has suggested that “maybe some people use what they learn in FIFA when they find themselves on a pitch.”

posted by rumple to soccer at 12:32 PM on October 19 - 2 comments

The Great Sports Myth: the widespread assumption that sport is, inherently, a force of good—despite the fact that it can both empower and humiliate, build bonds and destroy them, blur boundaries and marginalize.

posted by rumple to culture at 06:07 PM on August 22 - 2 comments

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NFL Pick 'Em Week 13: No Tie for Gary Kubiak Edition

(Minnesota by 3)

Denver by 7

New Orleans by 7

Green Bay by 10

Atlanta by 6

New England by 17 LOCK

Baltimore by 6

Philadelphia by 10 LOCK

Chicago by 6

Oakland by 3

Pittsburgh by 11

San Diego by 14 LOCK

Arizona by 3

Seattle by 14 LOCK

New York Jets by 3

posted by rumple at 09:56 PM on December 03

Friday Night Lights Out

Brain imaging exams performed on high school football players after just one season revealed changes in both the gray and white matter that correlated with exposure to head impacts, according to a new study that will be presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

posted by rumple at 12:26 PM on December 03

NFL Pick 'Em Week 13: No Tie for Gary Kubiak Edition

Minnesota by 3

posted by rumple at 01:37 AM on December 01

NFL Pick 'Em Week 12: Friggin' Lasers Edition

(First 3 games above)

Atlanta by 10

Baltimore by 9

Buffalo by 14 LOCK

New Orleans by 10

New York Giants by 6

Houston by 7

Miami by 14 LOCK

Chicago by 3

Seattle by 10 LOCK

Oakland by 10

Denver by 3

New England by 17 LOCK

Philadelphia by 6

posted by rumple at 09:51 PM on November 26

NFL Pick 'Em Week 12: Friggin' Lasers Edition

It's not thanksgiving up here and I havent seen any scores if indeed the games have started. Still, feel free to disregard. And how the heck am I in third???

Minnesota by 7

Washington by 3

Indianapolis by 6

posted by rumple at 04:21 PM on November 24

NFL Pick 'Em Week 11: Blocked PAT for 2 Points Edition

Carolina by 7

Minnesota by 10

Dallas by 17 LOCK

Cincinnati by 10

Giants by 17

Detroit by 7

Pittsburgh by 3

Tampa Bay by 13

Indy by 6

LA by 10

New England by 17 LOCK

Seattle by 14 LOCK

Washington by 7

Oakland by 7

posted by rumple at 03:31 PM on November 17

Shohei Ohtani hits a ball out of a domed stadium.

Shouldn't that be a ground rule double?

posted by rumple at 12:12 AM on November 14

NFL Pick 'Em Week 10: I Blame Bill Belichick Edition

Philadelphia by 3

Tampa Bay by 3

New Orleans by 3

Green Bay by 10

Jacksonville by 6

Carolina by 10

Los Angeles by 7

Minnesota by 6

San Diego by 9

Pittsburgh by 4

Arizona by 15 LOCK

Seattle by 3

Cincinnati by 10

posted by rumple at 01:40 AM on November 13

NFL Pick 'Em Week 10: I Blame Bill Belichick Edition

Baltimore by 17 LOCK

posted by rumple at 12:02 PM on November 10

NFL Pick 'Em Week 9: Concussion Protocol Edition

Atlanta by 6

Dallas by 16 LOCK

Minnesota by 14 LOCK

Kansas City by 10

Miami by 7

Philadelpia by 7

Pittsburgh by 6

Carolina by 10

New Orleans by 14 LOCK

Green Bay by 13

San Diego by 10

Denver by 7

Seattle by 12 LOCK

posted by rumple at 08:18 PM on November 02

NFL Pick 'Em Week 8: Farewell Arian Edition

Jacksonville by 3

Cincinatti by 10

Carolina by 6

Houston by 10 LOCK

Indianapolis by 3

New England by 7

New York Jets by 10

Oakland by 3

Seattle by 14 LOCK

Denver by 17 LOCK

Atlanta by 3

Dallas by 7

Minnesota by 7

posted by rumple at 07:37 PM on October 27

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Curt Schilling joins Breitbart for a "daily online radio show featuring political commentary and calls from listeners. The broadcast will eventually include a video livestream. The show marks Schilling's return to media six months after ESPN fired him for sharing an anti-transgender Facebook post with a message that read: "A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don't care what they are, who they sleep with, men's room was designed for the penis, women's not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic."

"He got kicked off ESPN for his conservative views. He's a really talented broadcaster," Breitbart editor in chief Alex Marlow said. "

posted by rumple at 12:21 PM on October 23

NFL Pick 'Em Week 7: Hoodie 1, Surface 0 Edition

Green Bay by 14 LOCK

New York Giants by 10

New York Jets by 3

Buffalo at Miami Miami by 3

Cincinnati by 2

Tennessee by 3

Philadelphia by 7

Kansas City by 9

Jacksonville by 7 LOCK because it's never been done before

Washington by 3

San Diego by 6

San Francisco by 3

New England by 6

Seattle by 10

Denver by 14 LOCK

posted by rumple at 03:51 PM on October 20

NFL Pick 'Em Week 6: Stand Up for Colin Kaepernick Edition

Denver at San Fr xxxx

Baltimore at New York Giants GIANTS BY 3

Carolina at New Orleans Carolina by 3

Cincinnati at New England NE BY 13

Cleveland at Tennessee Cleveland by 7

Jacksonville at Chicago (Sunday) Chicago by 10

Los Angeles at Detroit Detroit by 7

Philadelphia at Washington Philly by 7

Pittsburgh at Miami (Sunday) Miami by 3

San Francisco at Buffalo (Sunday) Buff by 9

Kansas City at Oakland (Sunday) Oak by 10

Atlanta at Seattle (Sunday) Seattle by 14 LOCK

Dallas at Green Bay (Sunday) GB by 13 LOCK

Indianapolis at Houston (Sunday)INDY BY 10 LOCK

New York Jets at Arizona (Monday) ARIZONA BY 17 LOCK

posted by rumple at 12:59 AM on October 16

NFL Pick 'Em Week 5: Touchdown John Kuhn Edition

Ok so I'm on a ferry in BC and just sailed into coverage. I'm ok if you disallow picks but cross my heart etc!

Indy by 6

Minnesota by 14 LOCK

NE by 6


Philly by 5

Miami by 10

Baltimore by 3

Denver by 7

LA by 3

Dallas by 5

Oakland by 6

Green Bay by 15 LOCK

Carolina by 9

posted by rumple at 02:26 PM on October 09