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I have been a fan of the Denver Broncos since the mid 60's.

From about the same time, I have also been passionate about the Boston Red Sox.

In collegiate sports, I root for the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

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Trajedy at West Point: Maggie Dixon, 28, suffered an arrhythmia heart episode on Wednesday at West Point, leaving her in critical condition in the hospital's intensive care unit. Thursday night, she died at age 28. Maggie had just taken her women's basketball team to the NCAA tournament for the first time in the program's history. She was also half of the first brother-sister combo to coach teams in that tourney in the same year.

posted by Scottymac to basketball at 11:10 AM on April 07 - 5 comments

Talk about adulation!: It seems David Beckham has quite an international following.

posted by Scottymac to culture at 05:15 PM on June 18 - 10 comments

What is going on with the site that I get an error message, and have to delete my cookies every time I point my browser to Sportsfilter?

posted by Scottymac to bugs at 04:27 PM on June 03 - 10 comments

Every time I refresh the front page, the server logs me out. This renders it nearly impossible to comment. Win XP, Opera 7

posted by Scottymac to bugs at 03:40 PM on February 05 - 2 comments

Hawaii wins NCAA Men's Volleyball Championship!: Granted, it's an obscure sport to many, but this first men's NCAA championship has created a great deal of excitement here in the islands.

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Steinbrenner: We Don't Need Stephen Drew

When was the expansion?

posted by Scottymac at 06:43 PM on April 17

Was Michael Pineda caught cheating

Sometimes the toilet paper just isn't wide enough

Attempts to stifle juvenile giggle noting the author of the comment.

posted by Scottymac at 01:53 AM on April 13

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Looks like Captain Cheeseburger already has his career winding down.

posted by Scottymac at 10:40 AM on April 03

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Dayton and Harvard win. There goes my Billion.

posted by Scottymac at 09:35 PM on March 20

Teen Wrestler Loses State Title, Hugs Opponent's Dying Dad

I very much agree, a refreshing story to read.

posted by Scottymac at 05:23 PM on March 15

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Buffet's Billion Dollar Bracket signups begin today. Hurry, hurry, hurry! only 15 million entries accepted. They're going fast!

Perhaps somebody can setup a SpoFi challenge page as well.

posted by Scottymac at 08:32 AM on March 08

Eagles, Packers Advance to Playoffs

The thing I get a kick out of with the Dallas play in losses the last 3 years is that every other team in their division has beat them that way.

posted by Scottymac at 05:52 PM on December 30

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Seneca Wallace in for Green Bay. So much for that spread.

posted by Scottymac at 09:48 PM on November 04

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The Sox are sure having fun the first half of game 6. Hope it continues.

posted by Scottymac at 09:56 PM on October 30

Red Sox Win Game 5, Go Home to Fenway

Come a game 7, there is a formidable lineup in each bullpen.

posted by Scottymac at 10:57 AM on October 29

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Both mlb top seeds going home for the weekend with leads, despite the surfeit of articles I've seen this week regarding how much trouble each of them was in. Likely to see a familiar matchup in the fall classic. The first Sox Dodgers series since 1916 would be interesting though, given a recent trade.

posted by Scottymac at 10:55 AM on October 18

A laughing stock no more

I like that image, fatty. What paper is it from?

posted by Scottymac at 04:07 PM on October 11

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Not gonna look real graceful, but I'll try this:

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
A Prison Riot With A Ball
26 26-20
Karen Carpenter's Drums
24 24-22
24 24-22
Delicious Again Peter!
23 23-23
Rose Bush Renegades
23 23-23
23 23-23
Mornhinweg's Friends
23 23-23
I suck at these picks
22 22-24
Addai late Amendola short
22 22-24
22 22-24
21 21-25
Dirty Twerk
21 21-25
Maplewood Town
21 21-25
The Sport Futility Vehicle
20 20-26
No Danny No!
20 20-26
20 20-26
20 20-26
Tim's Unkind Cut
19 19-27
18 18-28
Hernandez's Angel Dust Fantasy
17 17-29
17 17-29
17 17-29
16 16-30
Etrigan's Demons
16 16-30
Soul on a Roll
16 16-30
15 15-31
7 7-39

Oops, lost the columns.

posted by Scottymac at 01:26 PM on September 24

Peyton Manning Throws 7 TDs, Broncos Rout Ravens

If you both love the game, both of you are correct.

posted by Scottymac at 08:22 AM on September 06

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

The streak is over. Pittsburgh Pirates post 81st win, guarantee non losing season after 20 of them in a row. Congrats, Bucs!

posted by Scottymac at 03:06 AM on September 04