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"A few weeks later, the team obtains Tyrone Nesby, who has an athlete's mind and a poet's body."

When I find Sports links, here's where I come. Thanks for the love.

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Darts - Sport or Not a Sport?

I'll say sport, not athletes.

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Abracadabra, you're screwed

Admin, please hope me.

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The next time you have to listen to how terrible Ron Artest is

See, what caught my attention was the MUSIC. I love the pissed Kobe giving dap to the fans while "rollin wit' THUGS" plays in the background. So classic.

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not a sport, that's for sure.

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Kobe Playing Mind Games?

If not VC, how about 'Sheed when he was blazerbound?

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Denver's postseason spot means it's gotta be a split. The NBA wouldn't dare skip over LeBron, not after he's lived up to his own level of hype.

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Kobe Playing Mind Games?

I really really really REALLY dislike the Lakers. The prior iteration of the team actually caused a serious riff between me and my father. I want these fuckers OUSTED, toot sweet.

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jg, I've been gone for a bit; how's YOUR ring looking?

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They look like Liberace's doorknobs.

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An apt pupil, no less.

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"How many points does a three point shot score?" I totally would've intentionally failed this test. "But coach, I thought you meant a three point shot from 1954..."

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Woods wins another match-play title ...

So with golf and tennis their concentration must be honed to a perfect edge but in every other sport it's okay to scream obscenities whenever you want? Never understood this.

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5 foot 9 inches, 38 years old, he's "been shooting around the last couple of months at the YMCA to get ready for the season. But can he handle the media?

Because I didn't read the post all the way through initially and shortly after posting, I noted a comment on said filter that it was a gag. Hence, "call off the dogs". and what dusted said.

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5 foot 9 inches, 38 years old, he's "been shooting around the last couple of months at the YMCA to get ready for the season. But can he handle the media?

via monkeyfilter. It's a joke! It's a joke! Call off the dogs!

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Poker Question?:

i like pancakes. who likes pancakes?

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I got my copy yesterday.

I'm not playing the "I'm Shocked...SHOCKED" card here, I'm wondering why softcore T+A continues to sell so ridiculously well when more salacious and erotic masturbatory material is so (you should excuse the pun) close to hand. Lord knows Skinemax, Maxim or (insert (again, excuse the pun) pornsite here) is more over the top and accessible 24-7. Why does this issue still hold sway over a drooling populace? Is it just tradition or is there something else going on?

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Googs and Giricek go to the Jazz.

well, probably not, but...

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Rasheed Traded to Pistons

well, i guess it IS over. I was getting excited at what was looking like a renewed Knicks East coast run after years of depressing teams and 'sheed might've been a lil' key. ah well.

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Rasheed Traded to Pistons

jg: Chucky's a journeyman. I always liked him and he could flare up like Kurt Thomas and post a good year. I think Hunter and the draft pick is the real quality for your team there. However, witness today's NYT: The only question regarding Rasheed Wallace's future with the Knicks is when he will join the team, not if he will, according to a person close to Wallace This may not be over yet.

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I got my copy yesterday.

and incidentally: Anna K looks TOO YOUNG in there. Or I'm getting too old. Maybe both.

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I got my copy yesterday.

rcade: long time subscriber. they send it whether I want it or not.

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They should just start bombing each other.


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Don't sleep on Pistol Pete's son.

beat me to it. great article.

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aw fuck. twenty minutes later, I just erased my rebuttal. nevermind. I give up too. jg, no one's calling you a liar; i was calling you to task for what I thought was a not so nice response to frazer's innocuous comment. Those quotes were unedited gary, i'm not sure what you mean by conveniently left out. the "myth of the red sox fan without a sense of humour" is not one that I'm aware of. It's just my perception based on the fans that I've met on here and in real life. Sorry if it jibes with some sort of unfair stereotype. and that's it.

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jg: Sorry, I gotta agree with fraze. The lady doth protest too much. This is nothing personal; you're awfully bright, write intelligently and insightfully and post good links... like this one ("IT'S ALIVE!") and this one (" Did you know yesterday was the first day of winter? I didn't. I can tell you that ARod is a Leo and hits .316 off Tom Gordon, though. ") and this one( "There just has to be more going on than what the media is reporting and all of it makes things exciting, scary and compelling [at least to me]. I feel like I am signing a mortgage on a really spectacular expensive house that everyone raves about...") and this one ("Would I love to see Rodriguez knocking them into the monster seats for the home team? Yes, indeedy. Hell, I'm sitting here all smiley just thinking about it. "). We ARE listening JG, and given the nature of past posts (and this one: "naturally, my first inclination was to punch myself in the face, repeatedly.") it's only NATURAL that we would think you would be disappointed by this turn of events, regardless of anything you would say to the contrary. As for the terrible onus of being a Sox fan: Personally, I've NEVER seen a team I've rooted for win a championship in my adult life (I was a Bulls fan with my dad during the Michael years, but that was more of a father/son bonding attempt). I am neither a knee jerk overdog or underdog fan. I'm a lifelong non-baseball fan from a non-baseball state (Tennessee); I have NO preconceptions of "how everyone (globally) wants Red Sox fans to be". Heck, truth be told, I've learned everything I've ever KNOWN about the Sox since I met you, JG but I gotta tell you, what I've discovered is that Sox fans (some of them at least) are rabid, diehard and have no sense of humour about their team. The first two are attributes to be admired, the last not so much so. A spectacular player was going to go to the good guys but ended up going to the bad guys. That's a shitty situation if you're the good guys and you have my somewhat snarky condolences. But commentary like "No, it'll be more fun this way. This way, when we do win it all, and you all are out there flipping birds back and forth with Yankee fans, you'll be smiling a whole lot wider." is just BEGGING to get lanced. I dig that this all adds "blood to the water" but when there's a frenzy, bystanders get bit. In closing, I live my life the way I do to keep you comin' back to me. Everything I do is for you, so what is it that you can't see? Sometimes I wish I could turn back time, impossible as it may seem; but I wish I could so bad. You better quit playin' games with my heart.

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girl, i think my butt gettin big OH!

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Isiah Thomas continues to shake things up.

On first read, I thought you meant he had dealt KURT Thomas and I was sure NY was gonna lynch him. Van Horn was a dumb trade to begin with and cleaning house makes perfect sense to me. I'm not sure that's fair value for either team, tho.

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somethings wrong with my grapes.

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What the hell was up with that Rookie Challenge?

C'mon, smithers, Allas plays OK.

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What the hell was up with that Rookie Challenge?

Asking again: did anyone other than me watch this? Seriously, I'm curious whether I _AM_ getting crotchety. I'm aware the NBA is a "hyper-macho, bonehead 'me-first' " slamfest these days and it doesn't normally bug me. Hell, I watch Slamball fr'crissakes. But the rookie game I watched represented a new low and I'm wondering if anybody else who watched that game from start to finish can tell me if I'm alone.

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Betrayed by the Game

I read Frey's _Last Shot_ in college. Great book and highly recommended. Very informative look at street ball, street dreams and Marbury.

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Front page of today's Post: Best Move Since Babe

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What the hell was up with that Rookie Challenge?

Did anybody bother to WATCH the damn thing? I did. It was marginally entertaining at first, but when players would dribble away from an unguarded basket so that they could get a running start to dunk, when Boozer felt the need to flex his arm and show off his grizzly bear tats (wha? is that hood, somehow?) after every slam, when I stopped counting the missed dunks (after twelve), after LeBron took FIVE of the rookie teams shots in a row without passing and after defending players stopped crossing halfcourt after the inbounds... Well, then it just got stupid. This was unfortunate to watch and NOT fun. Instead it was a reinforcement of the athlete as hyper-macho, bonehead "me-first" showoff. Glorification or acceptance or even "eh, so what" shrugoff of this kind of nonsense is, in my mind, tantamount to endorsement. Reducing the "all-star" game to "who can slam hardest/who has the biggest penis" is boring and sad. I wanted to watch some PLAY. This was nothing even RESEMBLING a game. More distressing, this is the future of the league, so excuse me if I sound a little crotchety.

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Warner: coaches said Jesus hates touchdowns.

thenk yew. I will investigate o'er de veekend.

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Warner: coaches said Jesus hates touchdowns.

rederailing: i DO hotlink images quite a bit... where could I store my own pictures (or copies thereof) to link from? or am i stupid for not knowing this?

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It's gettin' snarky in herrre... so take off all your clothes... I am-gettin-so-snarky, I wanna take my clooooothes off.

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The American Experience: Seabiscuit


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NBA All-Star reserves announced.

Am I the only one somewhat surprised to find only two Lakers on these lists?

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I agree that it's foolish to screen out women from the PGA if they can compete. I agree that the double standard of "men can't play in women's events because they dominate" vs. "women should be able to compete anywhere they're competitive" is a logical boondoggle. Suggestion: How 'bout a separate inter-gender series of events between the LPGA and the PGA? Mixed doubles and gender blind competitions between the best from both sports? Bound to get attention and ratings if handled properly. Or is this already done?

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The American Experience: Seabiscuit

Obviously a blatant plug inviting you to weigh in on the discussion over here.

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Remember this guy?

Hiroshima Blues, anyone?

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Did anyone

Jg: comedy gold!

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New England outlasts Carolina to claim second Super Bowl title.

never mind, it's over there. I'm suffering from logorrhea lately...

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New England outlasts Carolina to claim second Super Bowl title.

now can anyone explain what happened with the streaker or is that in the janet jackson's booby thread?

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New England outlasts Carolina to claim second Super Bowl title.

i'll be damned. that was a good game.

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The Digital Superbowl

good post. Gameday is shite, by the by.

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The Jazz rip Karl a new one.

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Sam Cassell overlooked again

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Damn girl... yo' shit be up in my face! /ypsilanti all stars rule

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Dont' believe the hype!

I'm actually getting more excited by the NBA games on prior. God, I'm bitter.

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I just can't get enough of He Hate Me.

Catch the flavor!

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Country first, fatigue second.

Ditto. One wonders if there were a more pointed correlation betwixt advertising revenue and Olympic participation if T-Mac would have the same beef. Call me when you hear: "Oh, I don't know about the All-Star Game this year. I'm so tired already, I don't want to let down the team..."

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nets fire byron scott

Man, if Riley goes to Jersey/Brooklyn, Miami is gonna put a hit out on his ass. Seems unlikely to me, he dropped out to play desk games for awhile and I can't believe he's finished in that phase just yet. Given the INSANE turnover in the East, there really couldn't be a larger pool of legit names to pick from. Y'know, Spurrier's available. I hadn't heard that about Doc. If he can turn around Atlanta, he'll have a place as a coach reserved for the rest of his career. If not, he might flame out and end up in the booth. Odds?

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nets fire byron scott

I agree unreservedly with nemo. This is a sin, a shame and pointless on the level with tossing Doc outta Orlando. Blaming the coach for a slow patch is idiotic. Hell, (unfair comparison coming up) the Lakers are only about four games ahead of the Nets right now; is Jackson on HIS way out? Having said all that, Doc might be a likely candidate as well.

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Ready to be challenged?

"Australia is a land of sporting gods" gwuh?

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Strike three.

jg: i get the feeling you don't care much for Vin, yes?

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Flash Friday Fun:

And holy shit. My very first 593.5. I feel like the first time. I feel like the very first time.

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Flash Friday Fun:

A little followup on the Reinhold + Yeti graffito on the rock in the game's background.

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