August 29, 2005

Martinez Wins AL player of the week.: He may fly under the radar, but martinez has regained his form from last season. This is a guy who was batting in the .210-.220 range before the all-star break, now he's got his average up to .295.....So its no wonder he has the highest batting average since the break of any player in the majors.

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Victor is on fire lately, and it could not be at a more perfect time. Hopefully he and the rest of the bunch can keep it going and win the wild card. Their schedule sure looks like it would be the easiest of the wild card contenders. How about Grady this year!! He has done pretty awesome considering in spring training he was just an extra outfielder.

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Another great export from Venezuela. Go Martinez!

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not just sizmore, the most impressive player i've seen come up this year is peralta, he really looks like a guessing he'll be moved over to third once boone's contract is up so they can bring phillips up.

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They definitely have some scary talent. Do the Indians have decent pitching prospects?

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Boone signed a contract for next year at a reduced price with an option for 2007. I would hope that they would leave Jhonny right where he is, he is picking up right where Omar left off. Now do not get me wrong I loved Omar, and it will be hard as hell to just replace him, but at least now we do not have the media clowns screaming anymore about why did they get rid of him. Because Jhonny is doing great batting .297 with 20hr.

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Cliff lee is doing pretty good this year in the mlb.

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We have a new kid comming through A and AA this year he was drafted in 2004 named Jeremy Sowers he is 13-5 with a 2.46 era in 26 starts.

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Now the Indians can go out this off-season and sign a few veteran free agents to shore up the pitching staff - add a bat to the outfield (they seem to have a lot of the same kind of player - .280/15/70) or trade some of their prospects for proven clutch performers. Peralta, Sizemore, Martinez, Sabathia and Hafner are as good a bunch as any to build around. The Indians are now the organization of envy in the AL - with Oakland still churning out winners and Toronto (hometown shout out!) not far behind, there may be a changing of the guard in the next couple of seasons... Because the Yankees have to wait a few years before these young guys become free agents and they can overpay them.

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Because the Yankees have to wait a few years before these young guys become free agents and they can overpay them. Please, no, can we not speak of that yet?

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