July 07, 2003

Columnist critical of Dusty Baker's comments: I personally do not have issues with what he said, even if they are wrong, they play to somewhat prevailing stereotypes and the report said Baker was chuckling while speaking. But these comments reek of what Jimmy the Greek said in terms of playing up stereotypes and I can't believe this story has gotten so little attention. If a white manager had said it, I can't imagine it not being the lead story with widespread calling for his ouster.

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This feels too much like a politically correct witch-hunt. Even the writer in the article (who apparently is black) says he's writing about it because I don't want any of my previous or future condemnations of similarly foolish statements out of white mouths to be dismissed because I refrained from criticizing my own. OK, fine. You don't have a double standard. He said something ignorant, now give him a chance to say sorry and then move on. Baker has done too much good to call for his ouster because of a one-minute brain fart.

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This is one of those things that most people won't touch whether they agree or not. Sure, it will be argued in bars and some people will get all defensive about it, but it really doesn't matter. It's my guess that it will just die and not fester had John Rocker said it. The only news worthy part of this is how much the American public loves to play devil's advocate. Have you ever heard of more "news stories" come about by saying what if a white guy said it? Just another non-story during the dog days of summer.

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Reggie White's Comments. John Rocker's Comments should you care to compare them to Dusty's. Dusty's got some catching up to do. No, the comments themselves aren't newsworthy. And nothing will come from this. But I've a feeling that if, say, Jack McKeon said something similar -- that white players were better suited for the colder months than their latin and black counterparts due to their geneitc make up and cultural roots -- MLB probably would take some sort of action.

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Well, I was guessing Dusty would come out and say he was just goofing around ... but apparently not. I don't think Baker is a racist, but it's interesting that Harry Edwards himself brings up the Jimmy the Greek and Al Campanis angles. So, why isn't Baker taking the same heat (especially since he seems to think he's better suited for it)?

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i see nothing wrong with what dusty baker said. but face it america, you can say whatever you want if you are a person of color. if you are white the media goes through your words with a fine tooth comb. the biggest fear (and career ender) of a white coach, manager, or journalist is to be labeled a racist. guarantee you one thing, if a white manager had uttered those "racist" words he would be looking for a job.the emperor is naked..........wake up america !!!

posted by boss at 03:49 AM on July 10

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