July 14, 2008

Brett Favre: Packers should let me play elsewhere : Brett Favre finally is speaking for himself: He wants to play but doesn't feel welcome in Green Bay, so he's asking to be released. The quarterback's first substantial comments on his latest retirement decision reversal...

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Favre made it clear he would not return to the Packers if he wasn't the starter. And while Favre said the Packers asked him for a list of teams to which he would accept a trade, he wants to be released to make sure he ends up on a competitive club. 1. Aren't the Packer's considered competitive after going to the NFC Championship game last year? 2. Does the team that signs him (if he is released) have to guarantee a starting job to get the ink? 3. If you can buyout coaches and player's contracts for their release, and fork over millions just to even negotiate with a foreign player, why can't Brett offer a lump sum (or extended contract) buyout offer to the Packers if he is so unhappy. He likes to be considered a leader, so I say let him lead us into a new era were players can spend some of the millions they have earned in the past to get out of situations they don't like now, just like teams. How about 10 million for the outright release, with a 2 million bonus clause for GB if the team he goes to makes the playoffs and he starts more than 10 games. He could also have the clause that if he gets hurt playing for another team, he can forego a prorated amount of the buyout based on the number of games played....or...he can stay retired. Why would GB release him and get nothing?

posted by knowsalittle at 06:56 PM on July 14

I'll leave the comments about "editorializing in an FPP is bad form" as well as the reminder that we already have a Favre discussion going on the front page to someone else. Oh, wait...

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I will not editorialize on a FPP again. Thanks for the input TheQ. However, I did not and will not FPP an issue that is already under discussion on the front page, or even within the last 10 postings. It seemed to me that the previous discussion ended with blame for the most recent furor placed on the media for trying to make Brett seem like the bad guy, and then in this article my perception is that Brett not only want to have his cake and eat it too, but pick the flavor and where it is served, after refusing cake only 4 months ago.

posted by knowsalittle at 10:24 PM on July 14

Don't sweat it...I'm not usually the policeman on those issues; I was just surprised that 8 others hadn't already jumped in. As for Favre, I agree with you.

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No editorializing on an FPP! AWWKK!! This thread is just a repeat of one on the front page! AWWKK! I'm just kidding. I think this thread is about the Packers decision and Favre's reaction. Or something. Green Bay should not release him. They also should start Rodgers. And Brett should buy out his contract if he wants to play someplace else. He seems to change his mind more on whether or not to play football than a high school girl does about what dress to wear to the prom.

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Wow- I came here expecting to be the lone voice of "Favre should suck it up- pressure schmessure, no one made him retire" but I'm pleased to see that's not the case. Then again, that last thread was pretty much unanimous in its "Really? Dude, friggin' stay retired; it didn't work for Michael Jordan either..." Favre is being ridiculous, and to act like GB must ditch their future plans and current starting QB because maybe he still wanted to play despite his stated '100%' certainty that he was retiring is simply unfair to that organization. They are put in the incredibly awkward position of having to stick by their rightful guns and risk angering some of the likely over-sentimental fans; they've been icing their starting QB for four years, and now were ready to get on with a new era this season when Primadonna Brett comes waltzing back expecting the red carpet treatment. Go gracefully, Brett, but GB doesn't owe you a free walk to another team since you chose to retire; as knowsalittle said, he should have to buy out his own contract just like the team would have had to buyout his had they wanted him gone for ineffective performance. Why should GB let you walk without any compensation to another team that they could very well face in the regular season or worse, playoffs? As an aside, I'd like to add as a from-day-one SpoFite, that this thread is perfectly reasonable; unlike Metafilter, where "doubles" are frowned upon because they are often links to specific sites that don't need to be relinked, sports is more news like and thus some similar stories will be revisited as new wrinkles come out.

posted by hincandenza at 10:17 PM on July 15

seems as though Brett is going to show up at the Packer's training camp. So, what happens if he outplays Rodgers? Bench him anyways? Start him and thus delay the Rodgers era another year? Trade him then? It's easy if Rodgers outplays Farve.

posted by dviking at 01:32 AM on July 16

You know, if Brett Favre goes to Packers training camp (as the Pack seem to want him to do if he's not going to retire) and outplays Rodgers, then Favre should start. Rodgers isn't the heir to the throne, he's a QB trying to get a starting job. Riding the pine in and of itself isn't enough to get your number called as a starter. If Rodgers doesn't like that, he should ask for a trade to a team that will give him more of a chance. My personal feeling is that Favre should stay retired. I have no personal need to see him strap on the helmet just one more time.

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Doesn't feel welcome in Green Bay? He can't mean the fans because half the kids in that town are named Brett and the other half are named Four. I can understand it better if Brett is referring to the team, or specifically the coach and GM. Those guys can't be ecstatic about their plans for the coming season being thrown into jeopardy by an aging superstar who can't decide if he is retired or not. The last thing any coach or team wants is a QB controversy, and thats exactly what they will get if Brett shows up at camp. dviking makes an excellent point about a very possible scenario if the coach is stupid enough to allow it. Favre could easily win the job, but then what? You sit the Future of the Franchise on the bench for another year? Will Rodgers be willing to sit until Brett really retires? If I'm Rodgers, I don't make this easy for the Packers. Either play me or trade me, and if the Packers don't do either, I suddenly develop a condition that will keep me out of Green Bay for the season.

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Just another reason to hate Brett. Ok, maybe not hate but, after listening to Madden, Michaels, etal go on about him endlessly from their knees, just go away already.

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Whether or not Favre plays again now or not, his chance to go gracefully has come and gone. He says he doesn't feel wanted in Green Bay? The coach, GM, etc. are the ones who tried to convince him it was time to hang it up? Bullshit. He (Favre) was the one sitting their sobbing, saying he just didn't have the desire to keep putting in the time necessary to keep in shape and prepare for another season. If he wasn't ready to retire, then why did he? Is he really that much of a bumpkin that after all these years he can't speak what's really on his mind and lets others force him into a retirement he's not ready for? It's ridiculous, and now Aaron Rodgers will probably have to deal with that many more "What ifs" in the upcoming season every time he struggles. I wish Barry Sanders would go around and do seminars for pro football stars such as Brett who just can't seem to figure out the retirement thing. Barry hung it up at the top of his game and we, for the most part, never hear from him. He must actually have a life!

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Just saw on PTI on ESPN during an interview with Peter King who said that Brett is suffering from "revisionist recollection" with regards to be pushed into retirement by GB. King said that he has a three minute message recorded from Farve only three months ago where Farve specifically said that while the Packers were pressuring him for a final decision about retirement before the draft deadline, that there was absolutely no pressure from Thompson or any of the coaching staff to retire. All GB wanted was to know what to do with their draft picks, not 'push' anyone anywhere. Now Brett, in his interview, says he was chided to retire, and even more offensive to me as a (past) Farve fan, claims he might show up to camp 'just to call their bluff', knowing the media circus and disruption it would cause. Being a flip-flopping whiner is one thing, but a lying vindictive media whore is another. The comment about being paid $12 million to hold a clipboard was unnecessary. I also note that the crawler on ESPN today says that Brett isn't "too hot" on playing in Tampa Bay because he wants to play where it is cooler. Brett's fantasy team: 1. Team must be a current contender 2. Team is not GB, who is apparently picking on him and lying about circumstances 3. Team has full intentions of starting Brett, no matter their current QB scenario 4. Team must play in a convenient climate to Brett's liking Now let's rule out the teams within the division where GB would obviously not want to trade him. Minnesota, Detroit, Chicago. Is it just me or is the list of viable candidates getting smaller every day for Brett? Are the Jets, Ravens, Browns, Rams, Chiefs or Redskins contenders? Has he been to KC, St Louis, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York or Cleveland in August, September or even early October? It is freakin' hot as hell in these places for the first third of the season (although the Rams practice and play indoor). These places are not GB, where it starts cooling off the second week of Sept. dyams has it right. Brett should take a cue from Barry or even go back as far as Jim Brown who retired, got a life, and shut up about a football career.

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Q: What's Brett Favre's favourite breakfast hangout? A: Waffle House! Thanks, folks, I'll be here all week -- try the smothered and covered hash browns!

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Dude, smothered and covered is the only way to go.

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