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Game's Third team Upstaged Steelers, Seahawks

I think everyone knows when he or she goes to sleep at night the officiating was questionable to horrible in this game on multiple occasions. Those occasions all favored one team. I am not trying to excite either fan base here, just ask yourself what you really think inside when you lay your head down on the pillow - And then, listen to what else I have to say. The officiating in Super Bowl XL will forever taint this Sunday’s game, and make it mean far less for the fans of the Steeler's. It in turn will forever make the Seahawk’s fans wonder what would have happened in that game if the chips didn't stack so high against them. No fan Steeler or Seahawks will ever know who was really superior that day. The question will always remain. Now, if anyone can point out another Super Bowl in which the official’s had such an impact, please let me know. I want to see it. There simply should not be that type of influence on a Super Bowl by Officials unless penalties are clearly present. The Players should decide the game. The Steelers team happened to have a Hollywood Ending Pre-Scripted. Bus, Bill C., H. Ward. The Steelers' team had 90% of a stadium and 75% for the country in their corner. The NFL wants Sales. The NFL does not want a Florida Marlin's Baseball Championship where only 15%-20% or the Fans are happy across the country. They want a Happy Hollywood Ending - the lovers go off into the sunset, the one really hot chic left alive kills the Horror Villain (and how the hell did her T-shirt get wet anyhow?), and the majority of people who come to the theater leave happy. We as fans need to understand that the NFL is a business. We are the customers and We need to demand “Fairness” over and above “Drama”, and “Entertainment”. Somewhere this season, the season before, or maybe the season before that a change has come to pass. People are more interested in seeing a dramatic & entertaining game then a fair one. Those people are the NFL executives, and maybe even some of us fans? Commish Paul T. was asked what he wanted to see in Super Bowl XL. His response was "Overtime". He wanted a show!! The first thing on his mind was "Entertainment". Unless the first thing on Paul T's mind is a "Fair Game", rather than "A entertaining game" the fans stand to be cheated of a pure football game. The priorities are backward. Sentiment that the NFL Executives "Desire Entertainment" rolls downhill to the league Officials. There is no doubt of late it has been showing. In the Colts vs. Steelers, the Troy P. “No Interception call” was the worst call I have seen in my memory, and possibly the worst call in the history of the instant replay era. It would have been an absolute travesty to have that call enable the Colts to victory. The Colts were a better “Hollywood Story” at that time, and the game was Entertaining when Colts had another shot to score and to win. The desire to entertain, and sell the best story clouded judgment down to the Officials on the field. Joey Porter was dead on when he stated the NFL was trying to swing that game back in favor of the Colts. For that, the NFL should be ashamed. The NFL should be equally ashamed with the mass of calls against the Seahawks, and the Official’s roll in that game. The Officials were just all too present in that contest. I just ask that we as fans demand a better product on the field. To me a "Good Game" is foremost a "Fair Game". A game as fair as possible, a game as safe as possible, and then 3rd - a game as entertaining as possible. The NFL needs to get its priorities straight because with the calls in the Colts vs. Steelers Playoff Game, and Super Bowl they turned me off as a fan. They made me less interested in the games and less interested in the NFL.

posted by Weedamon at 04:32 AM on February 07