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Game's Third team Upstaged Steelers, Seahawks

As a die hard steeler fan, i watched the game and on some of the calls i was somewhat surprised. But, these are the calls that the officials have made all year, correct or incorrect. And after listening to Michael "cokehead" Irvin, and Steve Young make their comments at the half, I thought, "to hell with them!" They wanted the hawks to win! Sure the calls MIGHT be wrong, but from the angle that the ref making the call had, it could be the correct call. Oh, and Ben's TD, it was a TD no doubt about it! We have endured the mark malones, bubby bristers, mike tomczak, and even with those guys they were competitive. Hasselbeck, quit crying! your tight end talked the talk, but did not walk the walk. The Steelers may have been outgained, outplayed, but as one person said earlier, THEY MADE THE PLAYS WHEN THEY HAD TO! The Steelers won because they had the stronger will to win. Not the refs. Bottom line

posted by blackdog68 at 09:41 PM on February 06